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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Sarah worked her side job last night and was tipped in the most bizarre way possible. Now she must decide what it means for her appearance, what the procedure would be like and whether or not she should use it/how it works. Along the way, she destroys Greg and makes him look like the villainous monster he is. Don't forget to vote for FER in the Willamette Week Reader's Poll!

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Greg and Sarah are kind of confused as to why a royal wedding is a big deal, what it means and how British people see it, weird branded items for the occasion, parrot fight, NYC spaceship condo, free butler, Michael Jordan, and more - have a great afternoon friends! 

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Yes it's the latest internet phenomenon, but we have to delve into it as clearly something is wrong either Greg, or Sarah's hearing. The debate is intense, but let us know what you think! In World of Crazy: VW Sausages, Spicy Whiskey, Snake Pants, Tim Hortons...issues. Ball Talk: Baseball Fingers. Also, thank for nominating us for Best of Portland Podcast for Willamette Week! Please vote, it's much appreciated.

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Getting ready for a Reddit AMA is hard work and Sarah gets a crash course in answering rapid fire questions, courtesy of Greg and listeners! Also....apparently someone wants to watch her eat Hebrew National Hot Dogs. Then a surprise guest appearance from Greg's brother, Jeff!

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Did Greg have an imaginary friend that no one else remembers? We've discussed the case of 'Damien' before, but the plot thickens, when he decided to visit the house where it all supposedly happened...and it'll have to listen to find out. Greg is haunted, or something. Also, in World of Crazy: Beer Fest, Found Feet, Laundry Sniffer.

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Greg is challenging Sarah about her love for robots, what do the new robots sound like, Sarah could be a robot, garlic sauce in a giant jug, legless fugitive on the run, 65,000 text messages does not get you true love, and we just announced that we'll be doing an AMA on the Portland subreddit on Tuesday, May 22nd at 10am! Thanks for your support all, and have a wonderful weekend!

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Do you know what Mukbang is? Sarah didn't either, but Greg thinks it's going to be a great way for them both to make a profit, with her 'new line' of videos eating hot dogs. It's a whole thing and we hope you'll want to watch it.... Plus, in WOC: Road Dimes, Microwave, Fancy Socks, Space Suits. Ball Talk: LaMarcus to Damian. Happy Birthday to Ace and Pick!

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GUEST: Barbara Gray. Today: Greg is accusing Sarah of potentially spoiling a book that they are both listening too. However, what she said included absolutely no details.... Then we are joined by Barbara Gray! Barbara is a fantastic comedian in PDX for the week, then recording her debut album in SLC, in two weeks. Finally Sarah takes a test to see if she is a "Fight or Flight" person. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for their fine sponsorship!

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It's Teacher Appreciation Day and we discuss whether or not Greg and Sarah would make good, or terrible teachers. Greg recounts his 4th Grade Teacher that let him make arrowheads in class, while Sarah remembers her most embarrassing moment ever. In World of Crazy: Cheetos, Zombies, Ham Ice Cream. Plus watching This Is America from Donald Glover/Childish Gambino, and strange dreams.

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A comment on YouTube leads to a discussion of what the proper way to say the year 2018 is, along with other variations in pronunciations. Do you call it a "Soda", or a "Pop"? A "Sofa" or a "Couch"? In World of Crazy a world record is set for Big Mac eating. Plus...we scored during the Kentucky Derby!

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