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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

The Last Jedi premieres tomorrow and Greg is excited to join the Nerd Herd and see it! Sarah, on the other hand, feels that she does not actually need to see any Star Wars movie, to know what the entire premise is about. Her synopsis is....troubling. And hilarious. 

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The Disaster Artist is becoming a hit movie and Sarah reminisces about her original love of The Room. Funemployment Radio interviewed the one and only Tommy Wiseau years ago, resulting in the strangest interview ever, some incredible liners and....Tommy trying to hit Greg in the head with a football. In World of Crazy: Uber Overcharge; Christmas Eyebrows; Bazooka Arms; Ghost Love. Congrats to NEXT ADVENTURE and their new Sandy location!

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Live from the 1st ever PDX Podcast Festival! It's Funemployment Radio, introduced by the one and only Kenny B. It was a wild night and we're already looking forward to the PDX Podcast Festival 2018!

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GUEST: STEVE HERNANDEZ. Sarah is on her way to a fancy 'rich-person' party and may be woefully unprepared. Greg walks her through his expert tips on how to blend in, in high society. Then we are joined by Steve Hernandez! He is a fantastic comedian from LA, in town to record his first album, Sex God. The conversation is wonderful and honestly, unlike any other that we have had on this show. 

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A parking attendant that Greg sees every day, thinks his name is something else. So, Johnny Goodtimes, Greg's new alternate persona has been born and he has....a very mixed past. Leather jackets and "polishing off sixers" are involved. In World of Crazy: Ren Fair; Cheese Glasses; Scrooge Squirrel. In Ball Talk: Coaches; Rhonda Rousey. NEXT ADVENTURE'S SOCK GIVEAWAY IS THIS WEEKEND!

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The wonderfully entertaining and informative people behind the Twitter account @PDXAlerts have remained a mystery for many years here in Portland. They have now broken their silence, but not their anonymity, by appearing on Funemployment Radio for their first interview ever! Jiles and Jeeves explain to us the origins of the account, how it all works, what some of their favorite tweets are and how they find a balance between being serious and finding the funny in what they report. It's incredibly intriguing and all an exclusive here on Funemployment Radio. Thanks @PDXALERTS!! 

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It's official, Portland now has it's own Podcast Festival! The 1st Annual Portland Podcast Festival #pdxpodfestival went down on Saturday night. We are so thankful to everyone that came. This show we discuss the behind the scenes of organizing something like this, what #itshisfault means and much more. Huge thanks to Small Town; Not Your Father's Mountain Ale; Not Your Mother's Iced Tea; Toko; Sweet Cannabis; Jayne; Guardian Games and Voodoo Dougnut for sponsoring!

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With all of the incredible feedback we've been receiving for the Portland Podcast Festival, there are always going to be some naysayers. The Willamette Week in Portland seemingly went out of their way to NOT mention Greg, Sarah, or Funemployment Radio. However, our good friend Jason Lamb of Minority Retort did receive some accolades, which leads to proclaim it Jason's Podcast Festival. Big thanks to Small Town Brewery, NYF's Mountain Ale, NYM's Iced Tea, Toko, Sweet Cannabis, Jayne, Guardian Games and Voodoo Doughnut. See you all tomorrow!

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As the PDX Podcast Festival gets ever closer, all the work that Greg and Sarah have put in is starting to take it's toll on their bodies. Now Sarah may have to take a drastic step after a rubber band incident. Plus a ridiculous list from Google. Big thanks to SMALL TOWN BREWERY, NYF MOUNTAIN ALE, NYM ICED TEA and TOKO STAGE PRESENTED BY JAYNE.

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In preparation for the PDX Pod Festival with sponsors Small Town Brewery and Toko/Jayne, Greg and Sarah were interviewed on a OPB! They discuss what it was like behind the scenes, how strange it was going back into a radio station and everything in between. In World of Crazy: Buddhist Temple; Upside Down Christmas Tree; Scrimps. Ball Talk: Eli Manning, Russians.

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