Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Today: It's a little off the rails but it is indeed glorious because we were joined by our pal Rick Emerson! We talk about the tik toks, being to old to say certain phrases, and a whole slew of other topics :) Also today - we are SO excited to announce our new sponsor - our friends at Horror Movie Talk! They are going to be hosting the Kiggins Cult of Horror at Kiggins Theatre in Vancouver, and will be screening one classic horror movie each month, kicking off the series with The Exorcist on March 25! Get your tickets here, and have a great day!

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