Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Thank You Everybody, Cool Presents, Beer Thief, Little People, Yammering, AUSTIN RICH, CODY AUSTIN CODY, KPSU, Gifts From Cody, Radio Programming, Talkin Radio, The Nibler Show, Secrets, Brian, Ball Talk, Blazers Rule, Kings Hero, Shaq, UofO, Vick, Seattle Fans, World Of Crazy, Jem Earings, Ransom Lady, Big Gals, April, Strippers, Kenny B's Nerd Facts,

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No Music, Throwing Bodies Out The Window, Butters Concerns, Last Night, Tequila, DAN HARBISON, Who Is Dan, Radio,, A Competition, Greg And Sarah Fail, Greg Wins, Mom Fights, Monmouth-Independence, Ball Talk, Blazers, ThreeGoggles, Franchise, Ticket Scam, Fantasy Win, Sugar Cookie, Favre Fine, Moss Audio, World Of Crazy, Southern Racist Beer, Sarah Moving Party

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California, Old Oregon Sentiment, Old Videos, Attention Whores, Yay Sarah, Santa Clause, World Of Crazy, PE Kids, Fat Mom, Chubby Chasers, Eye Biting, You're Not A Man

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Presents, Feeling Old, Boxing, Bremerton, Monmouth, Church Talk, Parents, AARON DURAN, More Presents, La Brujeria, Ball Talk, LeBron Party, Shaq, Yao Done, Artest Ring, Laser Eyes, Ohio State Problems,, Sarah Smells Like Sugar Cookies

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Xmas Extravaganza, BarFly, Apartment, We Love Children, Audition, Gift Exchange, TIMBER JOEY, Salvation Army, Huge Billboard, Twas The Night Before Christmas with Old Lady and Chester Huntington III, Kenny B, Kelsey, Heather, Chapstick, Xmas Presents, Kenny B Las Vegas Stories, THANK YOU EVERYONE

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Roof Problems, Noise, Kids, Airplane Parents, Buffet, Homeless Meat, Playboy, Fancy Night In Vegas, Gregs Stripper Date, World Of Crazy, Fourteen Year Old Parents, Whizinator, Bear Scratch Band, Birthdays, Elvis

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Back From Vegas, Beer Pong, Adventures, Karaoke, Guitar Drink, Big Ass Sandwiches Party, Forgetting Band Name, Ball Talk, Blazers Good, Hitting Sideline, Worst Yankees Song, TSA Body Scanners, Mustaches

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GUEST: BILL OAKLEY, former Writer and Executive Producer of The Simpsons,  Bill reveals Sarah's swinger's club adventures, behind the scenes Conan info and a whole lot more!

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Annoying Songs, Viva Las Vegas, Little People, Peepin, Roller Coasters, Media Bowling, Podcast Awards, Big-Ass Sandwiches, Jets Confirmed, World Of Crazy, Dexter, NKOTBSB, Porn Priest, S**theads, Nipple Rip Off, Nerd Facts With Chapstick

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Santa, Tanning, Tornado, Crazy People, Meth, Lord Talk, Vegas, Ball Talk, Seattle Hornets, Redundant Names, FIFA, Capitols Dead Eyes, Address, World Of Crazy, Lotto, 4 Loko Thief, Naked Teacher, Naked Mailman, Double Rainbow Beer

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Falling Apart, Bathroom Blocking, Pant Leg, Compliments, Singing, Armpits, Botox, Ball Talk, Blazers, Not Dead, Texas Job, Bret Favre,, World Of Crazy, Polite Lotter, Slick Baby, Wendys Beating, Mice Chips

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Medford, Winery, Southern Oregon, Jets Overhead, Greg Crazy, HARI KONDABOLU, Almost Caught, Religious Statues, New Apartment, Ball Talk, Blazers, Timber Joey Ad, Iowa In Trouble, Vikings In Trouble, Jets Tripping, AUDIBLE, Keith Richards, Johnny Depp, Sarah Busted

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GUEST: AMY SCHUMER, Forgot Computer, Crazy Dream, People Eating Cows, Apartment Hunting, Kenny B Nose Hairs, AMY SCHUMER, RICK EMERSON, Kenny Nose Quarters, Wild Bill Gambling, Antler Head, Pink Panties, Nerd Facts, Mercury

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Sarah Looks Great, Rumpleminz, Apartment Hunting, Sales Job, Napping, Kenny B, Anniversary, City Of Angels, Nick Cage, Jordan Jesse Go Spot, Ball Talk, NBA Soft, Greek Fans, Oregon Fans, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Breakfast Is Served, Tube Steak Joke, Strip Club

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Rainy, Rick Emerson Show, Funemployment Radio Bingo, Wow, Home Ownership, BRIAN AND LISA WOOD FROM BIG ASS SANDWICHES, Dirty Stories, Stink, Cuddling, Taco Burrito, Dirty Stories 2, Ball Talk, Blazers, Innapropriate Nicknames, Bucky, Wisconsin Roses, Scott Stapp, Big Ass Anniversary, World Of Crazy, St. Stabbingsburg, Nickelback Talk, Working In Radio,

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No Sleep, Wintery, Scotland, Madrid, Spanish Letters, Segue, Ice Hunk, Dog Painting, AUDIBLE, Voice Over, Ball Talk, Miller Hit, Super Drunk, Anthem, Sales Rep, World Of Crazy, Fat Uncle, Boob Thief, Tomorrow

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Amazing Weekend, Cort and Fatboy's Show, SantaCon, Accidents, AARON DURAN, BarFly Xmas Xtravaganza, Asian Movies, Coatings, CASSIDYS, Ball Talk, Blazers Bad, Strike, Oregon, Chip Kelly, Mascot Stolen, Mascot Arrested, Chomp, World Of Crazy, Dane Cook, Walmart Excitement, Brooklyn, Buttock Grabbing, Donations

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Honored, Thank You Listeners,, David Walker's Movie, Awesomeness, Butts, Cock Rings, Santa Con, Dan Cummins, Bar Fly, Jon and Kathleen Baker, Ducks, Longtime Listeners, Ball Talk, Boss Wife, Apple Cup, Civil War, Kenny B, Roomates, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, COURAGE

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Fun, DAN CUMMINS, Thief, fingers, small towns, GI Joes, Destro, She-Ra, Trivia Snobs, Cedar, Repressed Catholics, Sex Is Bad, Vanilla Ice Biography, Sexy Voice, Big Announcement Tomorrow

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Apartments, Nasty One, Bum Sex, Hautned, Rommates Suck, JEN LANE OF BARFLY FAME, NY, Mothball, Barfly Bus, Mustache Ride, Ball Talk, Blazers Crappy, LTPGA, Soccer 3D, Holograms, Quidditch, Side Boob, F**ktion, NASA Announcement, Nerding Out, World Of Crazy, Norfolk Demons, Big Underwear, Aussie Marriage, Period Bracelet, TSA Happy, Barfly Christmas Party

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