Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Languages, Sarah Is Crazy, Lincoln City Strippers, Sarah Says Talk Show, New Intros From Markus And Jonathon, Ball Talk, A-Rod, Boxer Problem, Wrong Carlsbad, Bikini Basketball, World Of Crazy, Road Kill, Krista Stodden, Medieval Axe, Starbucks Outlets, Poop Man, Butt Slasher

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GUEST: RICK EMERSON, Creepier, Burgerville, Running Shake, Cornholing, Challenge, Intro Contest, Mark And Brian, Rick Emerson, Fatter, Disturbing Videos, Who Is Creepier Contest, ZOMBIE ECONOMICS, Disturbing Stories

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