Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Video Game Emergency, AMAZON, Deer Hunter 2014, Fake Tigers, Breaking Another Phone, Being Caught, In The Middle Of Something, METRO PCS, Bathroom Incident, World of Crazy, Jasmine Tridevil, Fake Kidnapping, Black Eye, Summers At Large

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Spiral, Taking Lilly Home, Ice Skating, Aaron, Master P, Uhhh, Scooter Returned, Screech Stabbing, Chicken Fight, Eggnog Chugging, Crazy Meat, Ball Talk, Johnny Football, Temecula Twitter Fight, Snottie Drippen, SONIC SKETCHES

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Xmas Time In The NW, Sarah Traditions, OCD, Ringing Of The Bells, Someone Else's Dog, World OF Crazy, Steak Pants, Ball Talk Predictions, Chrstimas Rapping, Sponsors

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Powers Are Gone, ASYLUM, Self Doubt, Dog Bite, KARI, Date Night With Roger, Babbling About Wine, I Like Turtles, Elvis, Elf On A Shelf, Santa Claus, THANK YOU, Ball Talk, JSmoove, Nice Raider, Marshawn Thanks For Aksing, SONIC SKETCHES

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Floor War Champs, Sinbad?, The Update, Air BnB Neighbors, Pretend To Be Crazy, World Of Crazy, Faking It, Grandma Facebook, Dog Shot, KIELEN and KENDA, Sinbad?, Ball Talk, Mariota OSU, Bo Pelini, Bears Song, SONIC SKETCHES

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Chicken Strip Tizzy, AMAZON, Twitter Sinbad, Peanut M&Ms, Squatch Hair, Update, World Of Crazy World Trip, Sarah 2 Minute Recap Perfect Sisters, Squatch Watch Idaho State, ASYLUM

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GUEST: MAHK THE BRIT, Kids Snack Pack, Greg Is A Man, Juicy Juice, MAHK THE BRIT, Snowballs And Laughs, British Off, The Queen, Marrying Into Royalty, Nibs And Pips, Crackers, Snacking, Shame Chips, Worst UK Songs, METRO PCS

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GUEST: RYAN WHITE, Hole In Jeans, Mixing With Fancy Folks, Free Samples, Finding My People, RYAN WHITE Author of SPRINGSTEEN: ALBUM BY ALBUM, Writing An Incredibly Heavy Amazing Piece Of Artwork, Writing The Book, Bruce Stories, Ryan Rocks

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Greg Is Out, Aaron Duran Is In, Fancy Boats, Pirate Band, Samples, Vending Machines, Darwin Awards, MIT, Curling, World Of Warcraft, Scooter

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The Clapper, World Record Holder Greg, TV Watching, Longest Broadcast Ever, World Of Crazy, No Couples Allowed, Kilt Thief, Jon The Pervert, Victorias Secret Ad, Ball Talk, Hernandez, Texans Fans Plane Tickets, Johnny Football, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Still Awkward, The Lyrics And The Poem, FER Comedy Showcase, The Battle In Greg's Head, Pantaylor, Taylor Swift, World Of Crazy, Port St. Lucie, Drunk Rascal, Beer Battered Fish, Madison Bumgarner v Madison Bumgarner, SONIC SKETCHES

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A Band Called Super Douche, FER Comedy Showcase, The Secret Society, The Parrot From Aladdin, Iago, Horsecancered by Emily, Sorority Sisters Watching, World Of Crazy, The Other Sara X, The Creamers, Liquid Meth, New Words, Old Timey

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GUESTS: ZAK TOSCANI, MATT FROM THE SECRET SOCIETY, Mandalay Bay, Socks And Sandles, ZAK TOSCANI, Hair Dye, Catholic School, Comedy In Portland, Nibler or Nibbler, Shane The Bully, MATT from THE SECRET SOCIETY, Hot Dog Dylan, 7 in 5, Derby, The Bella Fayes, Oh Darling, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE

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GUEST: STEVEN WILBER, Forgettable Greg FER COMEDY SHOWCASE at THE SECRET SOCIETY, Santacon, Craig, Hector In North Portland, STEVEN WILBER, Cats and Rabbits, Portland's Funniest Person, Comedy, World Of Crazy, METRO PCS

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GUEST: GREG PROOPS, Santa Sarah, Xmas In The NW, Santacon, Hip With The Kids, Lingo Test, Fleek, GREG PROOPS, Proopcast, Smartest Man In The World, All Around Hilarious, Entertaining and Awesome, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Squatch Watch Britain, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk Predictions, THANK YOU

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GUEST: ADAM PASI, Eat The Hot Dog, Greatest Day Ever For Sarah, Bubba Gumping Hot Dogs, There She Goes, One Day Left Food, ADAM PASI, Cheesy Announcing, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE AT SECRET SOCIETY, Adam Equals Hilarious And Awesome,  LANDMARK SALOON

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Duped By The Internet, Faux Death Rumor, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE at THE SECRET SOCIETY, Journal Agreement, Greg's Crappy Lyrics, Horse Cancered, World Of Crazy, Santa Arrested, Chicken Sandwich, Booby Trap, METRO PCS

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Greg Is Ok, Still A Little Jumpy, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE SECRET SOCIETY, Houseboy, Journal, World Of Crazy, Thanksgiving Stabbing, Barbie Fight, Rascal Stealing, Hidden Tongue, SONIC SKETCHES

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The Journal, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Dang Beaver, The Epic Thanksgiving, A Terrible Bar, Bremelos, Sarah Dylan Journal, Ani DiFranco, World Of Crazy, CAH Bull, Driving In Circles, Bogota, Chocolate Smell, Sausage Thief, Sorority Of Lies

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What Have You Done To Your Hair, FER Comedy Showcase, Sarah's Big Wild Crazy Thanksgiving, Super, ASYLUM, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Pitino, Marshawn Yeah, Rivalry Predictions

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Cannot Describe, SECRET SOCIETY COMEDY SHOWCASE, Thank Doug, The Towing, Walking In The Rain, Inadequate Greg, The Tale Of The Gross Hippy Shirt

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Greg's Back, Robot Greg More Popular, SECRET SOCIETY COMEDY SHOWCASE, Too Many Chicken Strips, Like a Howard Hughes Gollum, Sneaking In Movies, Hunger Games, METRO PCS, World Of Crazy, Portland Juggalos, Mosquito Light, Joey Chestnut, Monopoly Fight, Doug's Birthday

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Nothing To See Here, Robo Greg Voice Messes Up, Kenny B, Laryngitis Still Sucks, Kenny B And Singularity Talk, Living In The Matrix, LANDMARK SALOON, Auditioning To Be Greg, Curtain Pulled, Whisper To The Pizza Guy, THE SECRET SOCIETY FER COMEDY SHOWCASE

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Sarah with Guest Co-Host Derrick, Gregnonymous Messages, Cousins Ben and Sal, Filmmaking, Doghouse, Plushies, Native American, Ghost Investigation, Shadows, Spirit Animals, Big Foot, Courage, Whispering, METRO PCS

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Greg Has Laryngitis, Guest Co-Host Tristan Mayer, Rip City Bad Boys, Single Guy, T-Time, LANDMARK SALOON, The Quiz, Cutting Deep, At The Club, World Of Crazy, Kodiak Update, Juggalo Invasion, The Chat, Ball Talk, Malice At The Palace, Jose Canseco Update, Outburst The Game Of Verbal Explosions

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Greg's Voice Is Gone, FER 5 Year Anniversary Recap, PBR, PABST, Thank You Sebastian, Derrick, Kielen, Chronicles, Rick Emerson, Volunteers, Listeners, Sponsors, Bossanova, World Of Crazy,  ET Video Game, Manson Wedding, Vacation Breasts, SONIC SKETCHES

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GUEST: JOEY "COCO" DIAZ, Getting Punched By A Vet, Kenny B, Heat, Monkey Meat, Norm and Katie From Texas, Artisian Toast, JOEY DIAZ, Comedy, Joey Is Awesome, Helium Comedy Club, Kardashians, SONIC SKETCHES, LANDMARK SALOON

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Hot Fish War Escalation, COURAGE Returns, Stone and Gavin, Murky and Billy Bob, The Back Story Of Sarah's Hall War, The Passive Aggressive Note, Ugh, To Fish Or Not Too Fish, Courage Promo, New Song, The Peter Situation, SONIC SKETCHES

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Too Old To Rawk, Veteran's Day, Nettie Pot, The Greg System, World Of Crazy, Chicken Tender Meal For Love, Inanimate Objects, Toilet Bears, Perkins Kings, Bieber Curse, Jameis, Napolean Complex Short Refs

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Models, SONIC SCKETCHES COURAGE, Aaron Duran, Paying Up A Bet, Nib, Fashion Shows, Baldwin, Crocodile Dundee Fashion, Cranberries Singer, Wine And Pie, Dewritos, Troll Hunter, Squatch Island

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Greg Is Trying At Twitter, SONIC SKETCHES COURAGE ANNOUNCEMENT, Sarah Reads Greg's Tweets, I Heart Crystal Meth Shirt, False Teeth, Ball Talk, LANDMARK SALOON, Greg's Epic Predictions

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Lady Vitamins, Video Contest Announcement, What Is The Difference, Flat Tire Sarah, World Of Crazy, Teeth Whitener, Subway Diet Anger, Naked Bandit, Lebron Kyrie Fight, Artie Lange, Queen For A Day, A-Rod Marks Territory, Bret Favre, ASYLUM

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Fuemployment Radio Five-Year Anniversary, Remembering The Start, Greg's Voice Is Cohen's, Rob Lowe Shy Bladder, DEEK AND MICHAEL from NEXT ADVENTURE, Paddle Sports Center, 18th Winter, Awesome Programs, Hips Don't Lie, The Video That Has Not Been Seen, Karaoke Returns, Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chance

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New Sexy Voice, New Career, VO Movie Guy, World Of Crazy, Eathing Breathalyzer, World Trip, Short Men Dementia, Fire Jets GM, Clowney Instagram, ARod Cousin, PABST BLUE RIBBON

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Foggy Noggin, Five-Year Anniversary, Greg Is Driving Or Something, Macho Man and The Wrestling Costumes, Poor Fred Flintstone, LANDMARK SALOON, Solid Yellow Line, The Submarine Dream, World Of Crazy, Stealing Chainsaws, Weatherman, Air For Sale, PHub Sponsorship, Cavs Song

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GUEST: SARAH COLONNA, Oh Yeah Brother Macho Man Education, Scary Sherri, Peach Fuzz Kids, SARAH COLONNA, At Helium Comedy Club, Lookin Good, Has Anyone Seen My Pants, Photo Shoot, Baldwin Dreams, Seahawks Games, Costume Crazy, LANDMARK SALOON, Predictions

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GUESTS: CHRIS MANCINI & GRAHAM ELWOOD, Bowling Ball, Greg And The Burrito Battle, Self Conscious, COMEDY FILM NERDS, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, World Of Crazy, Scream, Toe Squeeze, Fake Deaf, Walmart, ASYLUM, SONIC SKETCHES, Worst Presentation Ever

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GUEST: GABE DINGER, Sarah Is Out Of Sorts, Hugs, Recap Of 666 Park Avenue, Ball Talk, Barkley Is Big, Warriors Email, Canseco Finger, Dame Face, GABE DINGER, The Sickness, Portland Comedy, Touring, Gabe Dinger Is Hilarious

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Survived And Possessed, Slight Recap, Creepy, Is Aaron Duran Trying To Hunt Sarah, Is Sarah Hunting Aaron, Brain Scan, Pieces Coming Together, Al Capone House, Wicken Meth, Sexy Ebola, Ghost Cop, Embarrassing Shoplifting, Handicap Parking, Aaron Lewis Song, AMAZON

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Worst Stripper Ever, Nervous Breakdown Alert, Paranormal Haunting Facts, Ouija Board Facts, The Phone Incident, Ball Talk, Bad Day Bronco, Old Man Manning, Royals Unders, SONIC SKETCHES

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Is Greg A Mole, Paid Tattle Tail, Anxiety, Animal Dreams, The Plant, Wet Willies, New Words, Hammer, Zombies, NEXT ADVENTURE, Free Royals Tickets

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1213.mp3
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Hustle, Romance Rapping, Something Will Stick, Sarah Sexy Voice Over, LANDMARK SALOON, World Of Crazy, KFC Krazy, Wet Willies, Blanket Fight, Rolex, Timbers Owner, Griffin Slap, Giants Song All About The Bay, AMAZON

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Secret, Eggs Benedict, Greg Is A Troll, Feet, Spiders, The Bible, World Of Crazy, Pittsburgh Accent, Zombie Cabin, Invisible Friends, Extreme Shopping, Cyber Mall, JC, Haunted House, Ball Talk, KC Royals Addiction, Sung Woo, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Spider City, Courage Cards, AARON DURAN, Rundown Of The Ghost Investigation, Stirring Things Up, Not Happy, World Of Crazy, Toy Meth, Drive Thru Funeral, Chimney, Alien Love, Giants Bluegrass, SONIC SKETCHES

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1210.mp3
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GUESTS: APARNA NANCHERLA & PHOEBE ROBINSON, Nervous, The Ghost Is Happening, ALL JANE NO DICK COMEDY FESTIVAL, Getting Into Comedy, Weird Manager, Infatuation With Masters Of Sex, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk Predictions

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1209.mp3
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Huey In The Head, Am I Crazy, 90s Are Back, Kooky Aunt Sarah, The Quiz, World Of Crazy, Toilet Rat, Plastic Surgery, Lottery Disquise, Winning, Spider Stomach, SONIC SKETCHES

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1208.mp3
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Passing But Barely, Expert Pool Boy, Food Quiz For Sarah, Attitude, World Of Crazy, Balloon Boy, Fake Hooters, Google Glass Addiction, Horse Love, METRO PCS, Serbia Albania Drone, Stealing Cologne, Iggy/Swaggy vs. Snoop, Orioles Song

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1207.mp3
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Does Sarah Have True Blood Eyes, Greg's List, Crawl Vents, Other Fun Stuff, Madame Momma Dylan, Leisure Ladies, Thick Ass Judy, SONIC SKETCHES, Pickle Pills, Wasco Clown Comedy By Laughs, Port St. Lucie Hell Mission, Tayton, Military OR, METRO PCS

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1206.mp3
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See Through Dress, Greg Catches Anything, Pineapple, LANDMARK SALOON, Showing Off, Battle Ground, Small Towns, The Damned Children, Tow Head, NEXT ADVENTURE, David Bowie Rooster, Giant Crab, Angels, Nose Leech, Ball Talk, Suck For The Duck

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1205.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:52pm PDT

GUESTS: SKLAR BROS, NATE FRIDSON, Sarah Bought A Girdle, Corset, SKLAR BROS, NATE, Portland Goes Yellow, Neighbors Meth, Ladders, Cardinals, New Material, Helium Comedy Club, Sklars Are Awesome, Prediction, LANDMARK SALOON

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1204.mp3
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GUESTS: STACEY, CHARLENE, MAURA, Sarah's Birthday Day, October 9th Facts, Presents For The Kitchen, Magnets, Meeting Bill Cosby, ALL JANE NO DICK COMEDY FESTIVAL, Bangs, Great Comedians, Awesome Festival, Charlene Sexy Voice, Protest, Curious Comedy Festival

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1203.mp3
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Note Left, Watching You, JW, Greg Will Write, World Of Crazy, Nickelback Hate, Braids, Spiders, Ear, The Clap, Ball Talk, Beckham Whiskey, Sad LeBron And Bosh, Rally Squirrel, METRO PCS Letter

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1202.mp3
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GUESTS: SHANE TORRES & SEAN JORDAN, Not A Manly Man, Laser Injection, Cheat Sheet To Cars, SHANE & SEAN, Crying Sarah, Leaving For NYC, Going Away Show, Elton John, Two Zeppelins, World Of Crazy, Pantsless Portland, Spreadable Beer, Angry Dwarf, SONIC SKETCHES, Squatch Watch

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1201.mp3
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Twin Peaks Lingo, Confused, AARON DURAN, New York City, Comic-Con, World Of Crazy, Crabs On A Plane, Potato, Ball Talk, Bengals, Green Laser, Poutine, Royals, NEXT ADVENTURE

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1200.mp3
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Drugging Greg, Anti Anxiety, Kenny B, Asthma Greg, High School Parties, Getting Busted, Pranking Scott, Kielen King Annoucement, Star Pilot, SQUATCH WATCH, Asylum, Ball Talk Predictions, Nerd Facts, Stars

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1199.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:00pm PDT

GUEST: LAURIE KILMARTIN, No To Ouija, Freaking Out, Not Real, LAURIE KILMARTIN, Bridgetown Comedy, 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad, Conan, Oprah, Sarah And The Book Of Shadows, Wicca, World Of Crazy, Smelly Oregon, Huggy Chair, Scroguard, Running Of Balls, Tix For Love, METRO PCS

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1198.mp3
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Birthday Month, Haunted Meth Lab, Operation Hot Courage, SONIC SKETCHES, Sarahs Neighbor Stalker, World Of Crazy, Stolen Donut Truck, Jail Escape, Hair Ball, Free Booze, Ball Talk, KC Royals, Lincecum

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1197.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:39pm PDT

GUEST: DELANEY DAVIDSON, Greg Is Crocodile Dun-G, Ghost Investigation Update, Terrified, Lifetime Move In 2 Minutes, WOC, Caffeine Leggings, Unfriendly Skies, Yoga Man, METRO PCS, Phelps, Dog, Royals, DELANEY DAVIDSON, LANDMARK SALOON, New Zealand, Touring, Live Song

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1196.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:33pm PDT

SPOOKY ANNOUNCEMENT, Old Guy At Concert, Accidental Hippy Dance, Tears For Fears, Violent Femmes, AARON DURAN, Picked On At The Arcade, Golden Axe, The Investigation Is Announced, Stipulations, Ouija Board, Amy's Baking, Real Newman, Fitness Swingers, Expired Beer, SQUARESPACE

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1195.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:27pm PDT

GUEST: HARI KONDABOLU, Parking Over The Top, Bizarre Rage, Apples On Rooves, An Acting Story, Witches, HARI KONDABOLU, 47 Year Olds, Differences With Aziz, Helium Comedy Club, Hari Is Just Plain Awesome, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, The Pandas Friend, Predictions

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1194.mp3
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Short Man On A Tiny Couch, Busted In Audition, Damn It Sarah, World Of Crazy, Pepper The Robot, Army, Potato Salad, Virgin Airlines, Eating A Seat, Not Arrested, Ball Talk, Jeter, Sacrificed In Ghana, COURAGE, SQUARESPACE, Stone Birthday

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1193.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:19pm PDT

GUEST: DAX JORDAN, Unnerved, The Silverfish Centipede, Horror Story, Almond Milk, Power Outage Turns To Walking Dead, METRO PCS, DAX JORDAN, Richland, Touring Comedy, Hanford Jokes, Writing For Courtney Love, Jackpot Records Album

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1192.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:24pm PDT

GUEST: AMY MILLER, Doctor Greg, Greg's List, Oral Surgery, Slimed, Sarah And Makeup, SONIC SKETCHES, AMY MILLER, Adorable, Comedy In Portland, PDX Men, Midnight Mass, Amy Is Awesome

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1191.mp3
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Ferrets, Listener Party, Ricketsfest Recap, Salt In The Wound, Hot Dogs, METRO PCS, Sarah And The Show That Still Goes, Dog Paintings, SQUARESPACE, Biography Channel, World Of Crazy, Fake Cop, Cuddlr, Three Breasts, Life Doll, Squatch Watch

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1190.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:43pm PDT

Awkward, Greg Is Discombobulated, Rickets, Rose City Comic Con, ASYLUM, World Of Crazy, Panties, Loaning A Girlfriend, Ball Talk, Jameis Is Dumb, Predictions, SONIC SKETCHES

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1189.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:03pm PDT

The Royal Rickets Grounds, SQUARESPACE, The Origins, Rocks At Cans, Boys Not Men, World Of Crazy, Mayonnaise In Hair, MATT from SECRET SOCIETY, Sarah LOVES Eggs, Gravity Free, Summer Shower, Karaoke From Hell, Things Left In The Bathroom, Sarah Vs Deviled Eggs, Ukeladies

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1188.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:06pm PDT

BRYAN from NEXT ADVENTURE, CHLOE, Country Vs. Rap, MC Cheetah, Dropping Beats, World Of Crazy, Undercover Cop, Jorts Yoga, Spoonful Of Hamburger, BRYAN, CHLOE, DOUG, Portland Boulder Rally, Bouldering, Vodka, Awesome Fun


Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1187.mp3
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GUESTS: DAVID WALKER & JASON LAMB, Less Of A Man Than A 14 Year Old Girl, Thank You Andy, Oil, COURAGE, SQUARESPACE, Cutting Hair, Bus Lady, Surge, Texting Lane, Bad Pizza, DAVID & JASON, SHAFT, Dynamite Entertainment, Movies In Black and White, Hollywood Theater, Do The Right Thing

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1186.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:34pm PDT

GUESTS: JAMIE RICH and RYAN McCLUSKEY, New Scooter, Sunny, AARON DURAN, Scooter Gang, No Mopeds Allowed, Landmark Saloon, Metro PCS Cornhole Recap, Rose City Comic Con, Cos Play Contest, GitC & Disney, RYAN AND JAMIE, FROM THE GUTTERS Panel At RCCC, MMA Fight, Lurkers, Go See Them

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1185.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:27pm PDT

Direct download: FER_Courage_111414_playable.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:52pm PDT

Giddy, FER BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, The Return, Cornhole Tournament, METRO PCS, Served, Sarah Is Front Desk Lady, Hugging Guy, World Of Crazy, Angry Lady, Dumb Bumper Stickers, Creepy Video Game, Donkey Kong, Predictions, SONIC SKETCHES

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1184.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:44pm PDT

The Guy People Make Fun Of, Acting, Kenny B, The Yard Sale, NICK FROM LANDMARK SALOON, Cornhole Tournament, The Landmark Special, Trolling Campers, World Of Crazy, Plane Groping, Gummy Candy, Dog Purse, Poptart Crack, Kenny Bs Recap Mindhole

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1183.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:15pm PDT

GUEST: JESSE GRAFF, Greg Is Out, Red Light Is On, 30 Pages, Floor Wars, Trek In The Park, LA Adventures

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1182.mp3
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Not A Gnome, LISTENER PARTY, Greg's List, SQUARESPACE, Research Gold Tycoon, Clean Gnome, Bikini Shoot, Cyber Affair 2 Minute Recap, World Of Crazy, Ball Roll, Zombie Game, Meatballs, Motorcycle, Pizza Twitter, E-Sports, Jeter, LISTENER PARTY

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1181.mp3
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Naked Statues, AARON DURAN, Meat Party, Wild Game, Best Band Shows, World Of Crazy, $12 Fundraiser, Taco Bell Biscuit, Professor X, Mars Hill, Accent Quiz, Amazon

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1180.mp3
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Tropical Summer 6, Lexicon, Murky Water, Angry Smiling, World Of Crazy, Cherries Waffles Tennis, Sexist Sharks, Bad Birthday, No Ketchup, Ball Talk, Seahawks Expensive, Jon In Boring Oregon Prediction, Dr. Science, Murky Water, Canadian Sasquatch, SQUARESPACE

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1179.mp3
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Greg Comes Clean, Magic Tiffany Debacle, Do People Think I'm That Dumb, World Of Crazy, 43 Socks, Don't Light A Fire, Bad Coffee, China Phones, Smells, Greg Breaks Down, METRO PCS

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1178.mp3
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Magic Tiffany Love Affair, Griffany, Tiffanegg, LISTENER PARTY ANNOUNCEMENT, Greg's Free Starlick Gift From Sarah, Flea Bass, World Of Crazy, Malaysian Bucket List, SQUATCH WATCH, SQUARESPACE website, Ball Talk, Sam WWE, Welker Drink

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1177.mp3
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Greg Is A Man Or Not, CORNHOLE Sounder Rules, Train Stare, Bee Fright, World Of Crazy, Wrong Mushroom, Flirting Groom, Reclining Chairs, Taco Bell Touching, Florida Comeback, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUEST: JACKIE KASHIAN, Day Old Soup, The Dork Forest, Dork Or Creepy, Porn PHD, Too Old To Rock, Larry Amtrak, Bungalow, World Of Crazy, Georgia Siblings, The Notebook, TJ, Ball Talk, Floyd No Read, Spammer Call, NFL Pick, SQUARESPACE

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Rap Career, Spittin' Rhymes, November 14th, World Of Crazy, Wasp Nest, Seattle Feet, Man Bra, Nightrobe, LANDMARK SALOON, METRO PCS, CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT, Cash Prizes, Ball Talk, Michael Sam Is Awesome, Thrusting, Horse Head, John Rocker Sucks, Tennis Grunts

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GUEST: SEAN JORDAN, The Great Hair Caper, Conspiracies, The Cucumber Man, How To Profit From Stolen Hair, SEAN JORDAN, Manly Men, South Dakota, Looking Rough, Crabfeast, Hollywood Theatre, Funny Over Everything, World Of Crazy, Fake Kidnapping, Methadone Underwear, Knee Defender, Brazilian Woman


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Big Announcement, Triple War Update, Floor Wars, Greg's List, Nutrition Expert, Sarah Twerk, Country Private Investigator Or Stalker, World Of Crazy, Lemonade Stand, Reality Show Sex Box, Hempfest, Snake Head, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Nigerian Wedding, Aaron Duran, Sarah Is Going Through The Change, Josh, Nigerian Ceremony, The Speech, The Anti-thesis, Like Stink On, World Of Crazy, Ice Bucket, Fingernails, Moth Ear, SONIC SKETCHES, ASYLUM

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GUEST: EMO PHILIPS, Big Day For Sarah, Don't Mess Up, Nigerian Greetings, 1000 Harlem Shake, World Of Crazy, Mozzerella Sticks, Most Expensive Hot Dog, Bridgetown Comedy Presents Emo Philips, BIKE GALLERY

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GUEST: DAVE FOLEY, Rhys And Dave, Kids In The Hall, Stand Up, Performing For Octogenarians, New Show, Greg Is In Love With Magic.Tiffany, Romancing The Spammer, Kenny B, Kenny Work, Trouble With Gregs Relationship, Nerd Facts, SQUARESPACE

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Life Changing Insanity Moment, Speaking In Parantheses, Greg Crosses The Boundary, Big Girl Shoes, Nigerian Wedding, Albino Michael Jackson, Hot Dog Proposal, 350 Stripper, Meath Thief, Johnny Football, Mo'ne Davis, BIKE GALLERY

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Sarah Is Suspicious, Makeup Staring, Not Stealing, Tent City Is Back, The Three Pronged Attack, World Of Crazy, Vandalism By Blood, Baseball Bat And One-Legged Man, Faking Death For No Marriage, SQUATCH WATCH, Gregan Or Meg-Nog, Let Him Throw, SONIC SKETCHES

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Secret Superpower, What Is A Hunty, World Of Crazy, Stolen Wine, Indian Cupboard, Jars Of Terrible, SARAH W. & MICHAEL FROM NEXT ADVENTURE, Kayaking, Rolling, How To Be Awesome, Ball Talk, Suing World Cup, Bird Mouth, Lil Wayne Freestyle, Aaron Jenn VW Reality

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Attack On Every Side, New Type Of Meth Head, Barrel Clown, Rat Attack, What's He Building In There, Sarah Compliment, World Of Crazy, ASYLUM, SONIC SKETCHES

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Messing With Wrong Person, The Floor Wars, Sweaty Sarah Secrets, SQUARESPACE, World Of Crazy, Fake Arm Flight, Diaper In Restaurant, Lawn Chair Love, Logging

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GUEST: JAY PHAROAH, Hitting On A Chick, Exclusive From The EP, What's App, Catfished, SNL, Helium Comedy Club, Jay Pharoah Is AWESOME

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The Laundry Caper, RuningThe Facts, What Happened To The Clothes, Spots On Shirt, Call Girl and Attorney, Nanny Cam, World Of Crazy, Alone In Walmart, Sellwood Bridge Sale, Chicken, Fingers, SONIC SKETCHES, Ball Talk, Manning Song, Williams Sports

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Told You So, 1984 Shirt, R.I.P. Robin Williams, Alaska Hiking, Not Being Scared, Alaskan Lexicon, Ruining A Shelter, Glennallen, Copper River, NEXT ADVENTURE, World Of Crazy, Courtney Stodden, Driveway Love, Spider Fire, Stuffed Sausage, Keith Birthday

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Karma Patrol, The Fall, Bunk Bed Ear, AARON DURAN, Airport Articles, Greg's New Friend Brian From Spokane, Lookin Real Good, What's That Tell Ya, AMAZON

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Leaving On A Jet Plane, Alaska Bound, Adventures, Thridiots, METRO PCS, World Of Crazy, Bear Attacks, Crazy People, Dr. Science, Bears, Alaska Sun, Forest Wife To Sasquatch, BIKE GALLERY

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GUESTS: SEAN JORDAN & STEVEN WILBER, The Eagle Will Soar, New Persona, Alaskan Women, SEAN & STEVEN At Hollywood Theater, Funny Over Everything, World Of Crazy, Logheads, Kenny Loggins, New Words, Chillax, Public Mast, SONIC SKETCHES

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GUEST: RICK EMERSON, No Dad Roles, Getting Old, Morbid Quick, The Death App, Dun Dun Dunnn, Eaten By Bears, World Of Crazy, Donut Vandalizers, SQUARESPACE

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GUEST: IAN BAGG, Soap In The Coffee, IAN BAGG, Helium Comedy Club, Canada V US Audiences, Uber, Ian Bagg Show, Nate, Alaska, Bear Safety, Idiots In The Wild, Micro Machine Audition, METRO PCS, Petting Sea Lions

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Sarah The Star, Portlandia Set, The Talker, Cat Lady, FER Game Night, Secret Trolling Question, World Of Crazy, German Members, Naked And Sleeping, SONIC SKETCHES, Ball Talk, FSU Rap, SQUARESPACE

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