Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.
Funemployment Radio Episode 75

New Website, Going Out, Picking Locks, Goodwill Call, Hockey Game, DVD Player, Ball Talk, Blazers, Scott Van Pelt, Olympics, Bobsled, Women's Hockey, US Hockey, Happy Birthday Benjamin, Signs, Entertainment News, Vancouver Talk, Karaoke Live And Let Die

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Funemployment Radio Episode 74

Magnetic Fields, Food Talk, Hoarding, Goodwill, RICK EMERSON, Outlook Portland, Entertainment News, Killer Whales, Bob Hope, Showgirls 2, Lost Talk with CHRIS PATYK, Ball Talk, Blazers, Straws, Bad Words, Admiral Ackbar, Olympics, Cell Phones, Bobsledding, Vonn v Mancuso, Ice Hockey

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Funemployment Radio Episode 73

Tired, Glasses, Purses, Hoarding, Surprises, Lost, Boyz In Tha Hood, Dump Run, Ball Talk, Nets, SA, ESPN Problems, Sausage Casing, Admiral Ackbar, Olympics, Hockey, Entertainment Talk, Hilary Duff Wedding Thank You, Bullet, Eazy E, Tattoos, Rain Driving, Karaoke GNR November Rain


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Funemployment Radio Episode 72

Spaying Kittens, Tara Reid, Water Aerobis, Gold Bond, Jersey Shore Sounder, Facebook Games, Farmville, Online Island, Lady GaGa, Ball Talk, Blazers, Wizards, Shot In They Eye With A Hot Dog, LT, Olympics, Platinum, American Bear, Homeless Poop, Entertainment News, Growing Pains, Break Dancing, Pole Dancing, Ronnie And Sammi Read Indiana Jones

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Funemployment Radio Episode 71

Brown, Magnetic Fields Concert, Friday Night, Tuggy Gets Nibler Drunk, Worst Service Ever, Butters Eats Things, Scooters, Aaron Duran From Geek In The City, Steel Reserve, Nose Rings, Piercings, Ball Talk, Blazers, U Of O, Facebook, Olympics Coverage, Songs, Entertainment News, Heidi Montag, Facebook Stabbing, Tila Tequila, Ghost Talk, Tuggy Investigation, Karaoke, Everything I'd Do

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Funemployment Radio Episode 70

High School, Nuns, Camp, Neighbors, Ponds, Nutrias, Weed, BILL OAKLEY, Simpsons, Ball Talk, Blazers, Olympics, Entertainment News, Sean Penn's Head, Slut Gene, Ronnie, Behind The Scenes, Celebrity Guests, Karaoke Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire

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Funemployment Radio Episode 69

Episode 69, Water Aerobics, Alarms, Video Games, Ball Talk, NBA Trades, Arrests, Olympics, Clerks, Entertainment News, Kevin Smith, Tila Tequila, We Are The World, Sunny, B-SIDE, Ronnie And Sammie Silence Of The Lambs, Bill Oakley Questions

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Funemployment Radio Episode 68

True Blood, Kevin Smith, Coffee, Lost Talk With Chris Patyk, Tuggy, Ball Talk, NBA, Blazers, Chad Ochocinco, Dog Show, Olympics, Tugboat Lore, Ghost Talk, Karaoke Lady GaGa


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Funemployment Radio Episode 67

Clean And Dirty, Big Guest Announcement, Olympics, Food Stamps, True Blood, Kevin Smith, Airplane Dirty, Burping, Ball Talk, Blazers Trade, John Daly, Olympics, Entertainment News, Ronnie Homophobe, Tila Tequila, Family Guy, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Ronne And Sammi Read Titanic


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Funemployment Radio Episode 66

Back In Action, McMinnville, Hotel Oregon, Tuggy, Crazy Weekend, Aaron Duran From Geek In The City, Ball Talk, NBA, Olympics, Ghost Molestor, Astral Projection, Carlsbad Ghosts, Karaoke My Way

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