Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

What Have You Done To Your Hair, FER Comedy Showcase, Sarah's Big Wild Crazy Thanksgiving, Super, ASYLUM, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Pitino, Marshawn Yeah, Rivalry Predictions

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Cannot Describe, SECRET SOCIETY COMEDY SHOWCASE, Thank Doug, The Towing, Walking In The Rain, Inadequate Greg, The Tale Of The Gross Hippy Shirt

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Greg's Back, Robot Greg More Popular, SECRET SOCIETY COMEDY SHOWCASE, Too Many Chicken Strips, Like a Howard Hughes Gollum, Sneaking In Movies, Hunger Games, METRO PCS, World Of Crazy, Portland Juggalos, Mosquito Light, Joey Chestnut, Monopoly Fight, Doug's Birthday

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Nothing To See Here, Robo Greg Voice Messes Up, Kenny B, Laryngitis Still Sucks, Kenny B And Singularity Talk, Living In The Matrix, LANDMARK SALOON, Auditioning To Be Greg, Curtain Pulled, Whisper To The Pizza Guy, THE SECRET SOCIETY FER COMEDY SHOWCASE

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Sarah with Guest Co-Host Derrick, Gregnonymous Messages, Cousins Ben and Sal, Filmmaking, Doghouse, Plushies, Native American, Ghost Investigation, Shadows, Spirit Animals, Big Foot, Courage, Whispering, METRO PCS

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Greg Has Laryngitis, Guest Co-Host Tristan Mayer, Rip City Bad Boys, Single Guy, T-Time, LANDMARK SALOON, The Quiz, Cutting Deep, At The Club, World Of Crazy, Kodiak Update, Juggalo Invasion, The Chat, Ball Talk, Malice At The Palace, Jose Canseco Update, Outburst The Game Of Verbal Explosions

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Greg's Voice Is Gone, FER 5 Year Anniversary Recap, PBR, PABST, Thank You Sebastian, Derrick, Kielen, Chronicles, Rick Emerson, Volunteers, Listeners, Sponsors, Bossanova, World Of Crazy,  ET Video Game, Manson Wedding, Vacation Breasts, SONIC SKETCHES

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GUEST: JOEY "COCO" DIAZ, Getting Punched By A Vet, Kenny B, Heat, Monkey Meat, Norm and Katie From Texas, Artisian Toast, JOEY DIAZ, Comedy, Joey Is Awesome, Helium Comedy Club, Kardashians, SONIC SKETCHES, LANDMARK SALOON

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Hot Fish War Escalation, COURAGE Returns, Stone and Gavin, Murky and Billy Bob, The Back Story Of Sarah's Hall War, The Passive Aggressive Note, Ugh, To Fish Or Not Too Fish, Courage Promo, New Song, The Peter Situation, SONIC SKETCHES

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Too Old To Rawk, Veteran's Day, Nettie Pot, The Greg System, World Of Crazy, Chicken Tender Meal For Love, Inanimate Objects, Toilet Bears, Perkins Kings, Bieber Curse, Jameis, Napolean Complex Short Refs

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