Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Secret Out, Greg Is A Troll, Leaving Random Comments, World Of Crazy, Treasure Map, Meat In Pants, Potholes, No Kristine But See Her At Dantes, Ball Talk Jameis Marcus, A Gronking Gets Sued, BIKE GALLERY, BRIDGETOWN

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Musical Predictable, Cornhole, Horse Carriage, Phantom Of The Opera Spoiler, Greg Explains Les Miserable, Gladiator, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, WOC, Stodden, Special Urn, JEDIDIAH & CLINT, THE PORTLAND BEARDSMEN, Mothers Day, Ball Talk, Mariota Song, BRIDGETOWN

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No Plaid Pants, Cornhole Tournament, Skanking The Night Away, Ska Names, Reel Big Fish, Skadcast, WOC, Diamond Park, Burned Mac & Cheese, Skarkansas, JEREMY WAGNER from URBAN TIMBER TREE, Climbing Trees, Awesome New Sponsor, Ball Talk, He's Jameis, BRIDGETOWN

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Headbanging Too Much, Clutch and Mastodon, Old People Line, Aaron Duran, Old Rock, Wrestling, World Of Crazy, Drone Parents, Lawn Mower, Twins, Noodles, Puppets, CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT, LANDMARK, PABST, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Lamarcus, BRIDGETOWN

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Sarah Two Cheeseburgers Dylan, The Drive-Thru Guy, Slide Whistle, Old Man Greg Going To The Rock Show, Skanking At The Concert, World Of Crazy, ASYLUM, Ball Talk, Russell Wilson & Ciara, BRIDGETOWN

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Offended By The Lady, BIKE GALLERY, You Peep What You Get, House In SE, Boxers, Naked Sarah In The Window, World Of Crazy, Pat Robertsons Posessed Clothes, Dunkin Donuts, Bacon On Burger, Lightning, SONIC SKETCHES, Ball Talk, Blazers, Snakes, Lob City, BRIDGETOWN

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The Mole People, Could I Be One, So Comfortable, Under New York City, Rats, Hoboing On The Train, NEXT ADVENTURE, World Of Crazy, Eaten By Pigs, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Ball Talk, Tebowmania, Pacquiao Sings

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King of Roses, The Battle Of Neighborhood Gangs, Bow Down, Game Of Thrones Portland, World Of Crazy, Kylie Jenner Face, Beer Bags, Augustina, An Adult Evening Of Shel Silverstein, SONIC SKETCHES, Blazers Spanish, Lebron Vs. MJ, Licking Cars, BRIDGETOWN

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Kooky Train, Aaron Duran, BIKE GALLERY, Rainbow Gloves and A Fanny Pack, Welcome To Grizzlydale, World of Crazy, Blue Jellyfish, Underwater Cities, Old Man On A Bus, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY, Ball Talk, NBA Playoffs, Clippers Dude, Tebow Back

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The Hall Monitor, Open Officers, Pop Ins, Staring Too Much, Guardian of the Halls, Tearing Down The Walls, Crazy Week, World Of Crazy, Bees, Fake Dentist, Kim Jong Un, Bigamist, Lifetime Movie, Ball Talk, BIKE GALLERY, Ice Bucket Wife Bucket

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