Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Spicy, Sweaty People, Meth Growths, Mean Mugging, Neil Diamond Genius Or Sleaze, Facts, Space Talk, Ball Talk, Crop, UFO, Kobe Shirtless Angry Vanessa, Angry Olympic Tweets, Lesbian Archers, Fencing, World Of Crazy, Bad McDonald's, Hair On Fire, Cutters Justice

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Massive Head Wound Sarah, Whiplash, Need A Helmet, AARON DURAN, Tooth Chunk, Nemesis, Big-Ass Sandwich, Water-Skiing, Eyes Popping, Meth Shack, FER Listener Party, Spicy News, Ball Talk, Glory Holes, London Police Lose Keys, Brazil Bronze, Kazakhstan

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GUESTS: LISA WOOD, SARAH W., Greg Is Out Waterskiing, So It's The All-Lady Show.  Featuring A Very Special Ball Talk And Much, Much More.

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GUEST: JEFF DYE, 666 Episode, Creepy, Sportlandia, Waterskiing, Playing The Game Of Line Cutting, JEFF DYE, Deceiving Intro, MTV, Starting In Comedy, Giggles, Sports, Kristen Stewart

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GUEST: KIELEN KING, Sarah Has A Revelation, Mold Babies, Bucket Girl, Star Pilot's Revenge, Birthdays, Ball Talk, Twitter Is An Athlete's Worst Enemy, World Of Crazy, Oregon Is Florida With Trees, Wash And A Scrub, THE WORST STORY EVER TOLD

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GUESTS: ADAM ROSKO & JESSE GRAFF of TREK IN THE PARK, Origins Of The Trek, Choosing A Script, Orange Crossdresser, Neil Diamond Tales, Sarah Is Flushed, Homemade Shirts, Seattle, Balltalk, Ichiro, Favre OC, Chad Ochocinco No More, Adrien Broner, August 4th Trek Starts, Listener Party

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GUESTS SCOTT DALLY & AARON DURAN, Diamond Ladies, Old Man Greg, 6 Hours In Vancouver, Toe Nail & Back, Wedding Crashing, Crashing A Reunion, Lets See What It Would Have Felt Like, Whatcha Filming, Country PI Methhead, Terrible Accident, SeaDogs & Gypsies, World Of Crazy With Scott, Road Squat, Leaving The Baby

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GUEST: HAL SPARKS, Let's Distract, Neil Diamond, Diamond Dames, Cherry Babies, HAL SPARKS, Busy Man, Queer As Folk, Lab Rats And Changing Fans, Behind The Scenes, Great Guy, Ball Talk, Bynum, Britt Dumb, Young MC Cutler Song, World Of Crazy, Republican Strippers, Facebook Stabbing, Cougar Life, Dirty Coffee

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  1. Neighborhood Gone Crazy, TUGGY, Breaking Greg, Their Territory, Lovely Young Officer, DMV, Ball Talk, Boxer DNA, Race, Olympic Facts, World Of Crazy, Women Calling 911, Bad Mugshot, Fred Willard, Rat Facts
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Screaming Mole Babies, Rat Hunter, Perimeter, No Man's Land, Locking Basement, Dawson's Creek Quiz, Ball Talk, Drama Queen, Dez Hits Mom, Lost Olympians, Jeremy That I Used To Know, COURAGE, World Of Crazy, Piranha Cousin

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