Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Accidentally Stood Up By DonkeyLips, Salute Your Shorts, Preparing The Interviews, World Of Crazy, The Vapors, Florida Man Robs Pawn Shop, Bingo Fight, Mercedes In The Old Folks Home, Squatch Watch, Ball Talk, Trolling, Cleveland Song, Find ASYLUM

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GUEST: ARNEZ J, Let's Talk About Your Big Butt, Sarah Has a Complex, Haunches, Awkwardness, ARNEZ J, Penny Haraway, Truckus Rex, Prince In The Eyes, Flight Attendant, Taking Liquor Money, Philosophy On Life, Analyzing Greg, Helium Comedy NEXT ADVENTURE, Fifa Crazy Prediction

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GUEST: ART SANTANA, Dreaming Too Far, Don Frost Is An Alien, Sarah and The Pig, Meth Pig, Throwing Bottles, World Of Crazy, Three Crazy Women, ART SANTANA, Lil Bub, Salute Your Shorts Reunion, Andrew WK, Hollywood Theatre, BIKE GALLERY

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Sarah Eats Burritos, Funempradio on Periscope, Greg Eating Phobias, Hipster Gone Wrong, Huskie, Clowning Scott Dally, WoC, Dead Man Alive, Brick Throwing Twins, Hand Babies, NEXT ADVENTURE, Curry, Dellavadova Villain

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Something to Worry About, Prison Names, Krusty Kielen, Gravedigger Greg, Saucy Sarah, On The Lamb, WoC, Teddy Ruxpin, Golf Cart, Jersey Name, Scrabble Words, Bactine Benson, Hot Dog Pizza, LeBron, BIKE GALLERY

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GUEST: ALLIE GOERTZ, Greg Figures It Out, The System, Wolf Blitzer For Some Reason, Terrify Then Hook, BIKE GALLERY, Jerks Are Everywhere, ALLIE GOERTZ, No Pun Intendo, Mississippi Studios, Chatroulette, WoC, Stuffed Owl, Crowbar, Naked Airport

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Wooden Bullets, Solving Problems, Phantom of the Opera Review, Short People Jeans, Canadian Tuxedo, WoC, Tired Burglar, Ant Gin, Pastor on Grindr, Epicenter, Ball Talk, Curry, Draft, ASYLUM

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Ruining Sarah's Night, Phantom Janitor, Greg Goes To The Opera, Rocky Horror, Talking Back, Gasping At The Shock, World Of Crazy, Mac Salad, 17 Girlfriends, URBAN TIMBER, Step Curry Song

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Pirates With Whips, Cornhole Tournament Recap, Thank You Everyone, Greg Is The Heel, Whip Video, ASYLUM, Microphone Smell, World Of Crazy, Florida Man, Spider Sky, Ball Talk, Putin, Gronk Dating Tips, Brady Song

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, Sarah's Voice Now, FER Cornhole Tournament Pabst & Next Adventure at Landmark Saloon, AARON DURAN, Welcome To Grizzlydale Book, Publishers, Bridge City Comics, World Of Crazy, Red Dead Redemption, Bremerton, Alan Thicke Gross, Breakup Service, Skin Milk

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