Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Thanksgiving Show, Recovering, Conquered The Juice, Uncle Friends, Xmas Comes Early, Ball Talk Predictions, Sharky Poem, Dr. Science Thanksgiving Facts, Turkey Tired, Pilgrim Belts, Pop Up Turkey Timer

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Juicing, How Much Is Too Much, Sugar Rush, Treasures In The Car, An Anthology of Sarah, World of Crazy, Whor License Plate, Beth Davis In Walmart, Santa Fell, Goddess On Train, Ball Talk, Date With Derek, Mizzou Fans, Dating Advice For Kielen, Crashing

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GUESTS: AARON DURAN and LOVELY JENN, Holidays, Shame Foods, Hiding The M&Ms, Annoying Neighbors Legally, Auction Off The Bits, World Of Crazy, 50 Shades Of Gray, 13 Bottles, Dr. Conrad, Ball Talk, Rose, Kobayashi, Megatron Shoes, Outburst Verbal Explosions

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Speaking, Announcing Some News, Pretending To Be Prestigious, Lot Of People, Backfence PDX, Practicing The Read, World Of Crazy, Stodden and Old Dudes, Stealing Liquor, Jesus Toenails, Turban And High Heels, Ball Talk, Predictions, Fact Check, Science Facts, Snow, Toenails, Tadpoles and Frogs

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GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, Big Thing Can't Say, New Part-Time Job, Paid Peeper, Old Lady Sarah Jogging, World Of Crazy, Cotton Balls, Love Story Of Linda And Bruce, NATHAN BRANNON, Willamette Week Funny People, Nathan On Pandora, Hamster Village Returns, Nathan Is Awesome

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Sticky, Dumpster Chairs, Dressing Alike, New Graffiti, CTU, CTL, Meegug, Going Undercover, Street Wise, Dirt Roads, M-Town, World Of Crazy, Eminem Mathers, Door Knob Ban In Vancouver, Stealing Intimate Treasures, Goodwill Exposure, Skatomancer

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GUEST: CHARLENE CONLEY, Sasquatch Guide, Signs, Greg's List, LA Bound, Party Sailing, Cat Lady Hermit, World Of Crazy, Brittany Murphy, Woman Proof Car, Ball Talk, Eating The Goods, Jameis Winston, THE CALL OF THE LAUGHS, Comedyaoke, Cat In A Cooler

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Jogging In The Rain, AARON DURAN, Dreams Of Terror, Becoming Meth, American Idiot The Musical, Demonstrating Songs, Lillith Fair, Ball Talk, Dave and Busters, Missing Dreads, Qatar Building, Jaguar Songs, World Of Crazy, Walmart Witches, Helping The Poor, Drive-time at the Drive-In, Accidental Housewives

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Chauffeur Sarah, Going To His Head, Bob Newhart Bus, What Is Happy, World Of Crazy, Free Donuts, Firehose Loving, Ball Talk, The Glove, Predictions, Dr. Science, Light Bulbs, Muscles, Alcohol

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GUEST: NEAL BRENNAN, Zombie Apocalypse, Local Comics Do Dirty, Comedy Practice, Chappelle, Helium Comedy Club, All The Coffee, Fancy Shoot, Oregon Trail, Meth Heads Follow, Ball Talk, Beard, Vandal, World Of Crazy, Manure Lover, Pandoras Box, Bigfoot Food

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