Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

In preparation for the PDX Pod Festival with sponsors Small Town Brewery and Toko/Jayne, Greg and Sarah were interviewed on a OPB! They discuss what it was like behind the scenes, how strange it was going back into a radio station and everything in between. In World of Crazy: Buddhist Temple; Upside Down Christmas Tree; Scrimps. Ball Talk: Eli Manning, Russians.

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After watching a documentary on Ventriloquists, Greg is now convinced that third "character" is needed for the show. Sarah reminds him that she is already the resident ventriloquist, bringing up a terrible memory from the history of the show. In World of Crazy: Japan Bus; Skunk Pet; Florida Fireball; NASA Record. Ball Talk: Conor Gangster; Stolen Canadian Truck. Thanks to SMALL TOWN BREWERY for their support for the PDX PODCAST FESTIVAL!

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Bremerton, WA is a special place and Sarah may now be it's honorary Godmother after a bizarre comment at a local bar. Greg imagines it as a fairy tale style 80's movie, while the reality is...a bit different. In World of Crazy: Olive Garden; Spaghetti Burrito; Rocket. Ball Talk: Shania Canada; Steve 'Snapper' Jones. Get tix to the PDX Podcast Festival! Thanks to SMALL TOWN BREWERY and TOKO/JAYNE!

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Special Guests, Kielen King and Scott Dally join today, while Sarah is on her way to Bremerton! In this exclusive episode, we delve behind the music of the infamous Butterman and Mr. Pancakes aka Flap JACK! Along the way, Scott gets a nickname, we get grossed out and a massive 'bit failure' occurs live on the show. Get your tix now for the PDX Pod Festival!

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A potentially awkward Thanksgiving situation awaits Sarah this weekend and we attempt to figure out the best way to either exacerbate and deflect, or simply bore the participants into a lull. In World of Crazy: Air Travel; Cheeto Turkey; Loch Ness. Ball Talk: Predictions; Bol Bol. Big thanks to MOUNTAIN ALE and to TOKO/SWEET CANNABIS and JAYNE PDX for sponsoring the PDX POD FESTIVAL!

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The signs are pointing more and more to the possibility of a Cult moving into Greg's neighborhood and his paranoia is at an all time high! Or he is imagining things and they are perfectly normal. You decide! For World of Crazy: David Plowie; Investigation; Big thanks to GUARDIAN GAMES, joining the list of sponsors for the PORTLAND PODCAST FESTIVAL!

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With the PDX Podcast Festival about 2 weeks away, Greg has just now decided to get into shape for Courage! However, the stress is not doing well for him, but leading to entertaining results for everyone else, with his weird old man in the attic dreams. In World of Crazy: Invisible Bagpipes; Meatball Road Florida Toothbrush; Navy Sky. Ball Talk: Predictions! We also introduced our new PDX Podfestival Sponsors, JAYNE PDX, SWEET CANNABIS and TOKO!

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The world is full of wonder for Sarah X Dylan and while shiny things are not the object of her obsessions today, the sense of amazement is still there. Chili is not the object of fascination and her and Greg are attending a Chili Jamboree this weekend. Naturally, Greg needs to figure out a way to take advantage of the situation. In World of Crazy: Car Wash; Cop vs. Cop; Stolen Pizza; Coolio. Get your tix to the PDX Pod Festival and your free beer from Mountain Ale!

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It's finally happened, Sarah is now on Greg's level of being marked at Gym for her behavior. We'll discuss what she did and how they are now both probably on "the list". In World of Crazy: Clean Your Fridge Day; Cards Against Humanity; Sticker Ball; VR Theme Park; Greg's Snapper. Ball Talk Music; Loser World Cup; Shocking Tom Brady Lame Confessions. Get your tix to the PDX Pod Festival and a FREE BEER from Small Town Brewery!

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Is Greg an old person, or is the slang used these days going too far? Defo brill convo on the sitch. In World of Crazy: Scrimps; Thanksgiving Pants; Fake License Plate. Ball Talk: Bills Game Shock; Jerry Jones; Hockey Love; Phoenix Mascot. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and be sure to get your tix to the PORTLAND PODCAST FESTIVAL!

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