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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Gifts arrive from Australia and the most magical place in Florida, giving Greg and Sarah the classiest outfits of all time! Seriously, the are awesome. Also, Greg ruins the studio by cooking something gross, because he has no idea of how to act in an office. How many times can you sneeze in a row before it's too many? Plus get your tix to the PDX Podcast Festival and so much more!

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Sarah and the Macaroni and Cheese Festival may be a match made in heaven and Greg wants in on the action with "Sarah's Samples". (Mainly because he has a crippling fear of eating in front of people) In World of Crazy: A giant pizza in NY, you can be a cat lady as a job, don't eat Tide Pods (AGAIN), father vs. son vs. chainsaw vs. lawnmower, MLB update, and more - have a great afternoon! Huge thanks to PACIFIC PERKS COFFEE and their fine sponsorship of FER!

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GUEST: STEVE TREVINO. We were joined by the extremely interesting and very funny Steve Trevino who talked with us about everything from growing up in a small town, to being hired by a Saudi Prince to come and perform - it's a great talk, and he'll be performing toight & tomorrow at Helium Comedy Club! Have a fantastic weekend!

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GUESTS: Tristan and Natalie from PACIFIC PERKS. The show starts off with Greg admitting to childhood haggling at the expense of and ice cream company that donated to charity.... Then we are joined by Natalie and Tristan from PACIFIC PERKS! You all know Tristan of course (got to get the job done), but the history of Pacific Perks is fantastic. They want to find you a job! Check out the episode and huge thanks to them stepping on board as a sponsor.


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Our good buddy Kelsey the Flight Attendant joined us to talk all things flying, what they really think when you take off your shoes on the plane, and the best/worst story about the most nightmare passenger she has ever had - have a great night all! 

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Things are a bit topsy turvy in our world but by golly, we are going to keep on truckin', Sarah has turned 38 and what does that mean, Life numbers are weird, giant pumpkin, 1500-year-old sword, pot brownies for votes, and more - have a great evening all!

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Sarah X Dylan is in her last day of her 37th year, and she has come to a realization that she may be old enough to be called...a Spinster. Whatever the previously negative connotations, she is determined to take the word back! Also, Greg has a very big announcement about his work with Digital Trends. The question is though...what does he put in his cubicle? In Ball Talk: Dodgers, and a fight. Thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

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GUEST: Brad Williams. Today we were joined by Brad Williams, who is at Helium Comedy Club this weekend in Portland. Discussions range from a rock wrestling cruise, meeting famous wrestlers, Fred Durst, The Rock and a whole lot of amazing randomness. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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GUEST: B. Frayne Masters. Sarah has made a discovery regarding the mall and it seems to her, that times are changing. Also, was she complicit in a certain....crime when she was younger? Then we are joined by the incredible wonderful (and far more fashionable) B. Frayne Masters of Back Fence PDX! They have their 10th anniversary at Portland Center Stage, this Monday.

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Sarah has fallen down the rabbit hole of a random actor from a horror movie that she has discovered on YouTube. The movie is called Mirror, Mirror,'s horrible. But, were you aware of The Elevator Game? However, there is a cult following surrounding Rainbow Harvest and it's fascinating. In World of Crazy: 375 Goats, Musical DNA, Tattoos for Arby's. Thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

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Sarah's transformation into a 'rock girl/crystal lady' continues, with the latest addition to her collection. Apparently "spirits" will guide her... Also, Greg spent time on a boom lift and somehow didn't fall off...or do anything. In World of Crazy: Fortune Cookie Winner, Moose poop.

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GUEST: DAN CUMMINS. Our buddy Dan Cummins of the Timesuck Podcast and comedian at Helium Comedy Club, stopped by today! Talk included sad animal paintings, crazy lizard people conspiracies, cult leaders, monatomic gold and so, so, much more. Dan is just awesome!

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Almost like an episode of It's Always Sunny, Greg and Sarah realize that something they have dreamed about and been inspired by associated with free breakfast, may in fact make them terrible people. It's a heartwarming coming to reality moment, about free eggs and shampoo. Also in WOC: Dalton, Mac and Cheese Candy Canes. Thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES

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GUEST: LIZ STEWART. Greg has kept himself up at night, with a ridiculous question that is as perplexing, as it is....strange. What kind of food and drink would you live with, for the rest of your life, if you could have no other? Then we are joined by Liz Stewart, to talk about her new comedy album, I'm Crowning! In World of Crazy: Scrabble, Muffin Challenge, Oregon Woman. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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GUEST: RICK EMERSON. Our buddy Rick Emerson joined us today to discuss "What's Rick Emerson been up to?". Turns out this radio veteran has been staring a lot at a tree in his backyard, pondering the deep questions in life, such as: when does one become a shut-in, where to move to in the world, awkwardness at parties, pretending to be human, drug questions, and so, so much more. It's so good, we split it into two parts! Also, big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

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GUEST: RICK EMERSON. Our buddy Rick Emerson joined us today to discuss "What's Rick Emerson been up to?". Turns out this radio veteran has been staring a lot at a tree in his backyard, pondering the deep questions in life, such as: when does one become a shut-in, where to move to in the world, awkwardness at parties, pretending to be human, drug questions, and so, so much more. It's so good, we split it into two parts! Also, big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

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Today: Greg discovers his upcoming weekend adventures, Sarah and the horrible card game, ghost children singing in the wind, ugly shoes are in, Beyonce practices witchcraft, predictions, and more - have a wonderful weekend all!

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GUEST: KATRINA KAHL. Sarah is letting go of somethings that may or may not be important to her, how can you tell when you have too much stuff, the Cornhole Championships are tonight, and Katrina from The Brian Grant Foundation joined us to talk about charity work, Shake It Till We Make It, and Plates for Parkinson's, which is happening next Friday, September 28th! Have a great afternoon all!

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The continuing issue with Sarah's eye has expanded into a full blown crisis. What is causing it? Why won't it stop? Conspiracy theories abound! It's also, International Talk Like A Pirate Day and there are some 'truly fascinating' facts you'll need to know. Plus a brand new World of Crazy and in Ball Talk: FSU woes, Seattle Hockey Names, Greg's Bowlo De Super NFL prediction.

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GUEST: RICK NICKERSON of MERCHANT DU VIN. Sarah is having a disturbing issue with an eye twitch, that turns into a 'scientific' uncovering of what the superstitions surrounding it mean. Then we are joined by Rick! Rick is an old friend and works for Merchant Du Vin, an importer of beers from very old breweries in Europe. One of them is a 10th generation brewery, one is from Trappist monks and a lot more! It's educational'll probably want a beer afterward. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE, as well!

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From a tour of a prostitute museum, to a fight over pizza, our Alaskan Cruise Adventure was full of surprises! Today we'll cover everything that went down in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Victoria B.C., and so much more. Thanks for the time off, here's an extra long episode covering the highlights!

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On today's best of we replayed an interview with our pal Kamau, and Sarah tells us what life is like as a Bremelo!

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Today's best of involves Greg and his first encounter with the lady of his household... Eunice.

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On today's Best Of: GOT TO GET THE JOB DONE GOT TO GET THE JOB DONE GOT TO GET THE JOB DONE! The story of the bone in the basement, plus the live reaction to the launch of Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket as it happened!

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Greg once turned his passion for trolling trolls, into an epic, somewhat disturbing series of letters, that became an actual album. That album was called Romancing The Spammer. This is the true and torrid tale of the romance between Chester Huntington III & Anita!

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In this best of Greg admits to an addiction, and Sharky tells us all about the joys of Thanksgiving!

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 Greg should never fix anything & the tale of the guy that was mean to us in our bowling league - PIG FACE MAN BOY!

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Today's best-of regales you with the tale of the beginning of Butterman!

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GUEST: CALEB DENISON. A trip to the race track to ride in an Indy car is recapped by Greg today, as it was amazing and yet....he was a little out of his element. He also got to interview MARIO ANDRETTI! What's it like? He'll give you the details. Then Caleb Denison of Digital Trends joins! Freshly back from Germany, where he covered IFA for DT, Caleb fills Greg and Sarah in on how the cruise they will be going, actually works. What happens between workers and crew? Scandal with Bill Burr? A lot is covered.

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An opportunity has arisen for Greg, from his work with The Manual that involves Indy Cars, a sports legend, and a potentially awkward interview, given Greg's complete lack of understanding about what he's talking about. Sarah attempts to help.

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A night spent with Sarah's friend, leads her to some incredible insight into an entertainment ecosystem that was largely unfamiliar beforehand. With a startling recap and synopsis of the Real Housewives thing (trust me, it's not what you think), Sarah sheds light on something completely foreign to Greg. Complete with Sound Effects... Also, Greg is getting a shower speaker and it's really creepy. In WOC: Avocados All Day, Wet Willie, Samurai Swords. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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An informational segment about the horrors of the cruising lifestyle fill Sarah with dread, as Greg just 'tries to help'. Also, a dramatic reading of the worst bridesmaid in the history of the universe. Want to pay $1500? Plus big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

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GUEST: RYAN BRENTLEY from NINKASI. The FER Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament was a GIGANTIC success! Thanks to all the Brewers and everyone who came out, including enduring a bit of...drama... Then Sarah and Greg make a big announcement, after which we are joined by Ryan from Ninkasi! We talk all things their beers, do some sampling, and let you know about their great charity fundraising for FUNDS FOR FIREFIGHTERS! Thanks everyone!

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A trip to the Trophy Store has blown Sarah's mind! There is a trophy on hand at the store, it involves hot dogs, and she must find a way to 'win' it. Also, Greg once got a participation trophy for karate. The FER Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament is this Sunday with 16 Brewers on hand! It's going to be great and we can't wait to see you there!

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Sarah has discovered some treasures along her recent walks and wants to share her finds with the world. Will here "lily white hands" be dirty as she follows the cooking instructions? OR will she learn the best riffs ever? Also, we have FER Sunglasses available at the Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament this Sunday! In World of Crazy: Mini-horses, NASA Fight, Into the Void. Thanks to Next Adventure!

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After becoming a 'crystal lady', Sarah now is having strange apocalyptic dreams about ska concerts in Africa. Did she foretell of an impending disaster involving people hating the color red? she just weird. In World of Crazy: Snake Pants, Pokemon Cards, Fake Cop. Ball Talk: Spanish Soccer, Raiders Jail. The FER BREWER'S CUP is this SUNDAY AUGUST 26TH at LANDMARK SALOON! Also pick up tix to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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Greg has decided it may be time to join the Portland Culinary Community, with his own restaurant targeted toward people with more simple tastes. He feels sauces are the scourge of food and believes others may agree with his refined pallet choices. In World of Crazy: Mexico, Dog Ice Cream, Future Sarah. Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

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GUEST: ZAK TOSCANI. Before Zak joins us, Greg admits to a relapse into his potentially troubling video game obsessions that have now....upset animals. Then Zak hops on to talk about life in LA, headlining Helium Comedy Club, and recapping how his Twitter posts lead to Patton Oswalt, Jake Tapper, and about 600,000 other people to follow his thread. Big thanks to ROSE CITY COMIC CON, and don't forget to join us for the FER BREWER'S CUP!

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Greg tries to explain the obsession with Ween, KFC launches a clothing line, nug life, chicken nugget pants, Michigan woman named Donna, stolen hot dogs, and more - have a wonderful weekend friends!

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GUESTS: Ben Harkins, Steven Wilber, Jason Lamb. Today: No, we did NOT have Matt Damon in-studio, however Sarah had a dream about him and it was really weird, then Jason Lamb, Ben Harkins, and Steven Wilber joined us to talk about comedy, karaoke, and their event Fake it til you Make It, happening tomorrow night at the Ape Theater! Then more weird Matt Damon stuff. Have a great day!

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What is the policy on how much to eat at a restaurant and how much requires a box? It is the conundrum that Greg finds himself in, as he may have offended an establishment during Burger Week because he didn't finish his meal. It's annoying. We need your help. In World of Crazy: Stolen Ramen, Pooperintendent, Opera. Ball Talk: Baseball, Eagles Troll, Babestation. Thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES and ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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Sarah is leaning into what she is ultimately going to be come as a "Crystal Lady". Then, we were joined today by Jason from Portland Adult Soapbox Derby to chat all things soapbox, Mt. Tabor, racing, and more - it's a lot of fun! Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES, as well!

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After a weekend at the Reservoir, Sarah and Greg discuss the mystery filming project that they were a part of. They had some unlikely visitors that were next to them, offering advice, warnings, and a whole lot of confusion, in addition to a drowned drone. Plus in World of Crazy: scooter hate, Paris bathrooms. Ball Talk: Fake Steelers player, Tiger is back. Thanks to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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GUEST: CHRIS PORTER. Chris is in town at Helium Comedy Club this weekend and he leads a fascinating life. From stories of performing on Kid Rock's cruise ship, to hanging out with Wayne Gretzky and Justin Verlander, it's a great interview. Go see him! Also, Greg plans on trying to get someone to let him on their boat, while camping this weekend. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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After a day spent 'acting', Sarah realizes that she is still the weird kid she was 20 years ago, sitting in the corner listening to her audio books. Also, Greg accidentally left the YouTube channel streaming. He is also returning to the site of his glory of youth, when he became the king of the dock. In WoC: Uncle Pokemon, Don't Try Too Hard. In Ball Talk: Gridiron Burger. Big thanks to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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Sarah has a big role tomorrow, but it's one she's a little unfamiliar with. Her skill of always getting camera time has her worried about becoming a meme because of her...odd style of clapping hands. In World of Crazy: German Metal, Giant Spider, Haunted Asylum. Ghost Baby. Ball Talk: Diamond Tooth. Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

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The Soulful Giving Blanket Concert was amazing, but an interaction with former Portland Trail Blazers, Brian Grant could be what really stood out from the last weekend. Sarah did the most Sarah thing ever and we all got to witness it. Plus a limo ride, and Pergolatory is now a thing. In WOC: Amish Uber, Great Wall, Grilling Officer, Toothpaste. Ball Talk: DJ fight. The FER BREWER'S CUP is AUGUST 26TH! Also MAKER'S MARK is the fine sponsor of the PORTLAND PODCAST FESTIVAL!

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GUESTS: TREVOR MOORE, SAM BROWN, DARREN TRUMETER. 3 of the 5 members of The Whitest Kids U' Know joined us today! They are in town for Helium Comedy Club and we talked about everything from the show, which boy band member they would be, David Bowie's diet and what the future of the group is. Then we discuss the impending limo ride that Sarah and Greg will be taking for the Soulful Giving Foundation and what roles they should be playing for it. Thanks for listening and to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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A "controversial" Instagram post by Sarah X Dylan has resulted in some backlash online from the bird community. Was her bird shaming post a just and proper scolding of a Portland group, or is she about to face the backlash that she didn't see coming? We need your thoughts! Plus, she has a burrito in a mason jar. In World of Crazy: Space Needle, Leftovers, Rick & Morty. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!


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A late night discovery by Greg leads to some nightmares and a history lesson regarding the Aztecs. Seriously, it's weird! In World of Crazy: Port St. Lucie, Twins, Costco, cutting, Sasquatch. Big thanks to Rose City Comic Con and Black's Pest Services!

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The saga continues today, as more is revealed about the history and inevitable decline of Wall Man, the person Greg believes to be living in the walls of Sarah's apartment complex. There are some dark turns today, as the paintings that have been appearing in the basement have revealed. Greg just insane. Also, a man tells Sarah that world is ending, outside of the grocery store. Thanks to Rose City Comic Con for sponsoring today's episode!

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New developments at Sarah's apartment complex, have lead to a resurgence in the theory of The Wall Man! Is he communicating again? The paintings lead us to believe so and the story is sad, yet inspiring. Or something. Part 2 is tomorrow! In WOC: Japanese Ads, McDonald's Money, Pooperintendent. Ball Talk: Lawson Craddock. Thanks to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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GUEST: BOBBY LEE. Today we had our long time friend, Mr. Bobby Lee in studio! Bobby is funny, successful, weird and all of the things we love. He's gives us secret information, takes a call and so much more. Seriously...he's awesome. Check him on Splitting Up Together and this weekend at Helium Comedy Club! Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES and ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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After a day off, Greg and Sarah recount the excitement and dangers of floating down a river. Greg also believes he has a superior stroking technique, compared to Sarah's 'front stroke'. In World of Crazy: Stink Sack, Toad Lick, Judgement Free Zone. Ball Talk: Vince Carter. Also, follow a strange personal drama that unfolded on Facebook (not us). Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE, BLACK'S PEST SERVICES, and ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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GUESTS: LINDA YOSHIDA and STACI SIGALA. We are joined by Linda and Staci at the top of the show, to talk about the Soulful Giving Foundation! It's an incredible event with 100% of the proceeds going to help fight cancer. Plus....drinking on an estate, so it's magical! Then, Sarah receives some SHOCKING news. She's had an identity to herself, her entire life. But now...she finds out she isn't exactly who she thought she was. Will she have to change her diet and holidays?

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Sarah is imploring Greg to take a break, because he's stressing out too much. What that means is she wants him to go to a pool to doesn't work for him. Also, a contest has begun! Details are in the show, but we NEED YOUR HELP. In World of Crazy: Blood Moon, Cat Mayor, Spaghetti Bandit. Ball Talk: LeBron DMV. Big thanks to Rose City Comic Con!

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Today: Greg fell off of the juice wagon today and was in full juice effect, Sarah is working a wedding and Greg wants to try to go, faking bartending, Costco sausages, Godsister is confusing, anchor in a chicken fight, and more - have a great weekend all!

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Sarah is super duper excited to maybe meet Kyle Maclachlan again today at a wine tasting, how do you act and what do you call him, being an extra and an actor, Powerball win, Brady Bunch house, interesting coffin, got yer nose, NBA soap opera, and more - have a great afternoon! Also a huge thank you to our new sponsor, Rose City Comic Con!

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GUESTS: BERNARD and DEREK. Sarah starts the show off celebrating her very special occasion: National Hot Dog Day! She delivers a plethora of Hot Dog Facts to celebrate with. Then we are joined by Bernard and Derek of BLACK'S PEST SERVICES! They are our wonderful new sponsor, who explain the fascinating world of ants, the gross world of rats, the incredible world of pats and are all around awesome people!

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After seeing a posting on Nextdoor, Greg is convinced that he has what it takes to join forces with a neighborhood superhero group. Would The Raven make an excellent vigilante addition? Or is her more peeper, than helper? In WOC: Arizona Man, Squirrel Burglar, Heat makes you dumb. Our new sponsor BLACK'S PEST SERVICE is announced as well!

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GUEST: JAY LARSON. After a recap of Sarah's first day at Tropical Summer X: Return to Stripper Soup and the shocking way she snitched on herself, we are joined by Jay Larson! You know Jay from his standup comedy, The Crabfeast podcast, and his TV and movie appearances. He's at Helium Comedy Club this weekend, so get your tix now! 

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Sarah is excited about the 10-year anniversary of her fake-living at an apartment complex! From Stripper Soup to Douchebag Stew, we cover the depths and history of the infamous Tropical Summer pool. Will she finally get caught? We run through some scenarios of how she can maintain her ultimate grift.

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A change at Greg's house means he's either having a crisis, or a new era has begun. A name will be needed for his new shed thing that will define who he his. Will it be The Nib-Hole? Las Gregas? Ratio? We'll see. Also, Greg and Sarah apologize for eating the Mediterranean plate last night.... In WOC: Nature's Bag. Ball Talk: LeBron Pizza Party.

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A day off at the Oregon Coast has given Greg some insight into what has and hasn't changed. Coasties are the same, but what crime DID the guy commit?!? Also, a stop in Astoria leads to a visit to the Flavel House Mansion in Astoria. The museum itself is fascinating, but what Greg can do with the person is a whole different deal. We'll be judges for Portland's Funniest Person competition at Helium Comedy Club tonight, as well! Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE, our fine sponsor!

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The plot is rapidly thickening regarding the neighbor issues. Is there a bigger conspiracy at work? Who is behind the madness and should Greg pursue this any further? All this is discussed and we need your help, as the story of the Rat Trap unfolds!

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A shocking revelation from a new law in the UK has Greg under the impression that his "incredible" idea for snitch tickets has been stolen! It's obvious and only a phone call from the Queen and some kind of Duke or Knight title will suffice. Sarah also discusses her strange past of sweat remedies. In WOC: Fireworks, Hot Dog Record, Time Warp. Ball Talk: Joey Chestnut, World Cup. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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Happy International Greg Day!'s Greg's birthday. Other than that, we give a complete wrap-up of what it's like to experience Bremerton as an outsider! From malt liquor in cars, famous twins, to attending Sarah's 20-year High School Reunion, it's pretty insane. Big thanks to Next Adventure for sponsoring FER!

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GUEST: MOSES STORM. Greg is getting ready to head to the rough streets of Bremerton, Washington and needs some hints on how to act. Does he need a jean jacket? Switchblade? Sarah helps out with tips on how to "Talk like a Bremelo". Also, we are joined by Moses Storm! Moses is at Helium Comedy Club and has some great stories about his amazing career.

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A new heel has arisen in the Cornhole League that Sarah and Greg are a part of and he must get a name. Oh boy, does he get one. Also, how do you handle bullies? Plus and update on the 'Rat Field' that Greg s dealing with. In WOC: Sarah has an INCREDIBLE idea to speed up Fast Food orders. In Ball Talk: Uruguay and the Beavers are winning.

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With a 20-year High School Reunion on the horizon, Sarah must prepare herself to be 'glamorous' and is going to get eyelashes put on by a friend...for free. Greg has his own home beauty products to offer, plus would like to bring a cape and cane to the party, in addition to a pep up speech. It's going to be AMAZING!

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GUESTS: JEREMIAH COUGHLAN and JAKE SILBERMAN. Greg may have further added to the file that he assuredly has at his gym. He swears he is NOT a 'starer guy', but isn't that what someone who is, says? Then we are joined by Jeremiah and Jake, hosts of Brine Time, a podcast about the Portland Pickles! The Pickles are a baseball team here and we have a great talk about what they do. Thanks for tuning in!

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A recap of our extremely Portland weekend of Hump Festival and then emceeing the Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition is on tap to start the day off! Both were great and huge thanks to the Portland Beardsmen for bringing us on board for a 3rd year! Then we discuss the instances of a specific kind of mustache and what it might mean... Then in World of Crazy: International Tag, Hot Dog Water, Snake Noodle. Ball Talk: Uruguay, OSU Baseball. Huge thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE too!

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Sarah is starting to worry about her upcoming High School reunion and realizes that her public perception on Facebook may be oriented towards....being a food monster. Pizzaburger hotdog. In World of Crazy: World Record, Dog Driving, Florida Man. Thanks everyone for listening!

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A documentary about chickens has captured Greg's attention and we think it will for you too. Chicken People is both great and.....sad? It's great. Sarah is also back to watching horrifying Lifetime movies. In World of Crazy: Nickelodeon, Dog Mayor, Don't Take An AC. Ball Talk: OSUBB, World Cup BK on VK, Russian Beer, Team Japan. Plus, our brand new "Summer Sale" ad, that you'll have to hear to believe....there's a camel involved.

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GUEST: Bri from Portland Mercury. We start off today with discussion of Greg and Sarah emceeing the Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition. As it is their third year in a row, the opening 'ceremonies' need to be discussed. This year's potential theme: Adventure! Then we are joined by Bri Brey from the Portland Mercury to discuss the Hump! Film Festival. This magnificent event is this weekend here and Bri tells us all about what goes into it, some of the films and some of the history. Get your tix to both!

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GUEST: AARON DURAN. Direct from Geek In The City, Aaron joins us for today's episode! Talk ranges from a recap of the FER Experience this weekend and a summation of the "Rat Diagram" that Greg presented. There is a new possible monster next door and it's creepier than ever. In World of Crazy: Body Worlds, Florida Man, Bothell Hell House. Ball Talk: World Cup, Mystic Marcus. Go see Aaron at Nerd Communion, also thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE! 

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What starts out as Greg's professed love for something he used to be addicted to (a video game, that is basically all of his dreams in one) turns into a debate about what would happened if a Ghost Town is purchased. Lone Pine is for sale, but Greg and Sarah have competing views on what should happen. It's Niblerburg vs. Dylanshire!

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The past few weeks have added up and now Greg believes he needs to take a new direction in his life. From dealing with the "rat neighbors" to getting rear-ended in an accident, it's time for something drastic...cameras. Everywhere, cameras. In Ball Talk: World Cup fever has taken over, but it's a cat named Achilles that is the star! Also, how many Gregs are in a mile?

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GUEST: MARK GEARY. The day starts of with a harrowing tale of survival and terror, that Greg experienced the previous night. While merely going about a relaxing task, he was confronted with.....the rat. Will he ever recover, or is he a giant baby? Then we are joined by the fantastic musician and friend of the show, Mark Geary! Mark is incredible, plays us a song, and even gives us some World Cup advice. Then Sarah comes back with....#ratfacts. Ew. 

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GUESTS: Portland Beardsmen, Danny and Maddie. Sarah was invited to join a very exclusive club recently, but she's not sure if it's really an exciting thing, or...not. The Big Butt Club is apparently real and she may be an elder stateswoman in it. Then we are joined by Danny and Maddie from the Portland Beardsmen to talk about the 4th Annual Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition! Greg and Sarah will once again be emceeing this fantastic event for charity!

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Today: Is Greg projecting about his life through his yardwork, filling in the holes, having a green thumb and what does it represent, pizza bouquets and flowers, don't wear bright orange to a robbery, Lebron is on the loose, and more - have a great day all!

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Sarah may have found a new career as a Flee Market Lady, however, her skills at haggling are severely lacking. How would she dress and what would she sell, or even be able to sell? Also, we take a moment to say goodbye to Anthony Bourdain, one of Greg's favorites. If you even need help, please reach out. In World of Crazy: Canada Woman, Pawn Shop, Eyeballs. Congrats on the Capitals for winning the Stanley Cup.

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A wonderful methy present showed up outside of Greg's door this morning and he had no idea, he might become famous because of it! Well, actually, this person is already famous on Reddit. The Orange Van is a sight to be seen and you'll need to check out the pictures to get the whole portrait of what is going on. What is in the bags? Is a Machete involved? All will be revealed!

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A band has stolen the name of Greg's and ordinarily he would know what to do but unfortunately....there is a twist. Also a big change has happened in his life. It was an awkward experience, it involved going somewhere he doesn't go, but in the end it was one of most exciting things ever and he gets to hunt wholly mammoths! In WOC: Australian Man, Ball Talk: Mexican World Cup. Pick up your tix for the FER EXPERIENCE on June 17th now!

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From involvement in a hit and run (receiving end), to disturbing the new restaurant neighbors, Greg has been busy. Other discussions include, which would you rather have as a pet/friend? A Mogwai, an Ewok, or an E.T.? In World of Crazy: Free Roaming Chicken, Oyster Contest, Kit-Kat being eaten wrong. It's a wild show today!

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A highly disturbing find from Sarah's past, reveals ever so much about her childhood. With her friends Tickles, Big Sarah and Big Heather, she apparently learned how to dance with dolls. This sounds made up, but seriously....she really did all of that. In WOC: 30 year-old movies out, Canadian Peacocks, Time Traveler. Ball Talk: LeBron Mad, Russell Wilson to Portland. Thanks all!

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Sarah's favorite show of all time Twin Peaks is the topic, as she explains to non-Twin Peaks fans (Greg) what the show is actually about. She is VERY passionate about the show and is even visiting some of the locations this weekend. In Ball Talk: JR Smith screws up, and Russell Wilson is in for Portland Baseball.

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Greg has a strange experience and decided to write about it, the child and the resort and the magical pictures, what does water mean, unbearable body odor, meat candles that you can buy, the mystery of the Loch Ness monster gets closer to being solved, and more - have a great afternoon friends! Don't forget to check out our amazing friends, Next Adventure, this Sunday at the 8th Annual Summer Splash!

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An incident at the movie theater, has convinced Greg he righted a wrong. However, it could more like he's a jerk to children... Also, Weird Al is awesome! In World of Crazy: Cheese Roll, Spam Recall, Snoop Dogg, Florida Man Florida Woman. In Ball Talk: Vegas Golden Knights fever, Colangelo Twitter. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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We are so excited to announce that Greg and Sarah have narrated an audio book for Cemetery Dance Publications, that is not on sale in Audible and Amazon! From Brian Freeman and Glenn Chadbourne, it's a children's zombie book and currently number one! Also, Greg is going to see his hero, Weird Al tonight and Sarah has a cheese-filled World of Crazy. Thanks for listening!

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GUESTS: ISAAC PENDERGRASS and MARTIN LENDAHLS. Sarah is paranoid that people are trying to peak into her apartment, from outside. However, is it because of something she is doing and why do her neighbors seem annoyed with her? Then we are joined by Isaac and Martin to talk about 'Wait...What?', their new Comedy Game Show at Helium Comedy Club tonight! In WOC: Cheeto Fight, Mayo, Which chips do you bring to a BBQ?

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A political run may be in the future for Greg, according to him, with his platforms of snitch tickets now being expanded upon. While real work would be delegated, Sarah needs to question him about all of the myriad potential scandals that may pop up due to his sordid past (no shoes on a plane). In World of Crazy: Shoplifting Cop, 30-Year-Old won't leave home. Also, we'll be hosting the 4th Annual Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition!

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Greg and Sarah just finished their first ever Reddit AMA for the Portland subreddit and it was....awesome! We'll go over some of our answers from it, including whether Sarah told the truth about the 'taco question'. So much fun though, thanks to everyone who joined in! Also in World of Crazy: Rubber Chicken, After Hours Club, Cake Trouble, Hot Dogs. Thanks everyone!

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On Friday night, Greg met a rapper that he used to listen to on the bus, as a kid. From rural Oregon, to a strip club in Portland, it's Greg's Bushwick Bill journey! in WOC: iPhone Dumbbell, Salty Playdough, Florida Woman. Join us for our Reddit AMA on Tuesday May 22nd at 10am PDT!

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Sarah worked her side job last night and was tipped in the most bizarre way possible. Now she must decide what it means for her appearance, what the procedure would be like and whether or not she should use it/how it works. Along the way, she destroys Greg and makes him look like the villainous monster he is. Don't forget to vote for FER in the Willamette Week Reader's Poll!

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Greg and Sarah are kind of confused as to why a royal wedding is a big deal, what it means and how British people see it, weird branded items for the occasion, parrot fight, NYC spaceship condo, free butler, Michael Jordan, and more - have a great afternoon friends! 

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Yes it's the latest internet phenomenon, but we have to delve into it as clearly something is wrong either Greg, or Sarah's hearing. The debate is intense, but let us know what you think! In World of Crazy: VW Sausages, Spicy Whiskey, Snake Pants, Tim Hortons...issues. Ball Talk: Baseball Fingers. Also, thank for nominating us for Best of Portland Podcast for Willamette Week! Please vote, it's much appreciated.

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Getting ready for a Reddit AMA is hard work and Sarah gets a crash course in answering rapid fire questions, courtesy of Greg and listeners! Also....apparently someone wants to watch her eat Hebrew National Hot Dogs. Then a surprise guest appearance from Greg's brother, Jeff!

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Did Greg have an imaginary friend that no one else remembers? We've discussed the case of 'Damien' before, but the plot thickens, when he decided to visit the house where it all supposedly happened...and it'll have to listen to find out. Greg is haunted, or something. Also, in World of Crazy: Beer Fest, Found Feet, Laundry Sniffer.

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Greg is challenging Sarah about her love for robots, what do the new robots sound like, Sarah could be a robot, garlic sauce in a giant jug, legless fugitive on the run, 65,000 text messages does not get you true love, and we just announced that we'll be doing an AMA on the Portland subreddit on Tuesday, May 22nd at 10am! Thanks for your support all, and have a wonderful weekend!

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