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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: TODD GLASS. We were joined by the delightful Todd Glass (who will be at Helium Comedy Club all this weekend - get your tickets here!) - we talked about his upcoming Netflix special, going on tour, and his Tour Bus Dreams which will soon become a reality - he's great! Have a wonderful weekend all, we love you and big announcement on Monday!

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A misplaced bag caused Greg to breakdown over the phone to his Gym. Now, he may be placed on the "that guy" list and needs to figure out how to handle his drama. In World Of Crazy: Russian Burger King; Marry Yourself; Cheeseburger Bandit; Poop School.

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Past Sarah has left Present Sarah many gifts over the years. Now however, Sarah is just discovering past technology and the world is a magical place in her mind! Also in World of Crazy: Dirty Cups; Cream Waffles; Eyes Wide Shut. Ball Talk; Pitino. Then we have the continuing saga of Squatch Confessions.

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Something sinister is afoot at Sarah's apartment complex, as the laundry room has become a battleground for righteousness. Also, Greg creeps out someone visiting his house....again. In World of Crazy: Spokesperson; Flat Earth Society. In Ball Talk: NCAA Basketball; Patriots Water; San Diego Tacos; Aaron Judge.

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A burned leg and a busted ankle are the returning issues after a weekend away for Greg and Sarah, but they survived both Ricketsfest and the trip to Yachats near "Newport Bay" (wherever that is). In World of Crazy: Gay Sea Lions; La Croix Champagne; Meeting A Lot Of Crazy Travelers; Slipping Down Stairs. Squatch Love. Thanks NEXT ADVENTURE!

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Today is the day that Greg heads to the woods for his ridiculous camping trip, where they throw rocks at things. Sarah is heading south along the Coast to Newport and will enjoy the new phenomenon of Trash Snacks. In WoC: Pumpkin Spice jumps the shark; Swedish Model; Christmas Tree; Showgirls Pt. St. Lucie. Ball Talk: Utah prank gone wrong; Westbrook clothes; Brady's balls. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for the fine support!!

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The crazy that has riddled Greg has broken like a fever and today we learn about the evolution of his career with a new teammate, lessons in cell phone use and the weirdest dream ever. In World of Crazy: Oktoberfest; Planet X; Amazon; Chocolate Spill. 

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GUEST: DAN WEBER. Today, Sarah gives a personal etiquette guide to fancy functions, from the standpoint of a cater waiter. Key points, samples are fine, glitter is NOT. Then we are joined by Dan Weber, to talk about Funny Humans vs. The Wheel at Helium Comedy Club! FIn World of Crazy: Taco Bell Bar; China Sharing; Rapture Weekend Ball Talk: KD Twitter; Marshawn dance. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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GUEST: JULIA SCOTTI. Greg has been having some strange stuff happening because duh it's fall and that's when stuff starts to get weird, it's probably a giant racoon, comedian Julia Scotti joined us to talk living in New Jersey, being glitter-bombed, and participating on America's Got Talent (she's great!), plus a giant vat of guacamole, and there is a new nuisance on the loose in Colorado - thanks for listening, and thank you SO much again to everyone who came out for our Brewer's Cup Cornhole Championship! Congratulations to 1st place: Lagunitas Brewing, 2nd Place: Founders Brewing, 3rd Place: Backwoods Brewing and the People's Choice Champion: Worthy Brewing! Also a huge thank you to Monkey Shoulder Scotch for sponsoring our FER Live Show!!

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The big day is Sunday and Greg and Sarah may have just found their calling as Academic Encouragement Troop. There is apparently a big market for it and Engaging The Machine might be the way to cash in on kids. Come out to the FER Live show with Monkey Shoulder Scotch and the FER Brewer's Cup with Elysian, Worthy, Rev Nats, Ninkasi, Occidental, Sierra Nevada, 10 Barrel, Backwoods, Lagunitas and Founders Breweries at the Landmark Saloon on 9/17/17!

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