Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Candy For The Kids, ASYLUM, 15-Year Old With A Mustache, Trick Or Treat, WoC, Nutscape, Portland Thief, Glory, Ball Talk Predictions, Halloween Facts With Sarah, That Being Said, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY

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GUEST: TIM RILEY, The Road Incident, Road Rules, Flapping The Arms, Angry Driver, Crazy Old Lady, Sarah Is Cocktail Training, Blowing Fire, TIM RILEY, Tim is absolutely fantastic and his podcast is called TIM RILEY BREAKING NEWS, Left Alone, ASYLUM

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GUEST: NICK WILSON, Sensual Experience, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Fabric Store, The Line, Jon Snow, WoC, It Bit, FER BINGO NIGHT, Not Your Father's Root Beer, Not Your Grandma's Bingo, Ball Talk, National Treasure, Derek Jeter, Predictions


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GUEST: GREG DROBOT of Face Rock Creamery, Sarah Clashes With Kim, Halloween Costume Idea Taken, Phyllis Nefler, Riff Raff, WoC, Monopoly Fight, I'm A Bike, Curse Of The Haunted Curds Event, Poutine, Greg Drobot, NOT YOUR FATHER'S ROOT BEER, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUESTS: DERRICK LAMERE & BEN DUPRIS, Game Changer, D. LEONIDAS PHOTO CONTEST WINNER, Greg An Act For The Ages, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, FER BINGO NIGHT, WoC, Pumpkin Boats, Spear vs Sword, Expensive Sword, Hot Dogs, 7TH WAVE FILM, Native American Arts, Film Making, Nightmare At Niblers, Team Event Center

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GUESTS: LARRY CRANE & JENNA ZINE, Sarah's Old Lady Shoes, New Job, As A Tycoon, Eyes Wide Shut Parties, Mature, WoC, Secret Kisses, NY Rats, Tractor Love, LARRY & JENNA, Jackpot Recording, Mission Theater, Comedy In Space, Keep It Like A Secret, Gwyneth Paltrow, Larry and Jenna RAWK!, D. LEONIDAS

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Something's Missing, Mature Beige Sweater, Pants Issue, The Taco Cart Incident, Where Did It Go, WoC, Texas Is Crazy, Meat Loaf Rescues Puppy, Subway Measurements, Squatch Watch 3fer, D. LEONIDAS.

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Changes Are Here, What Are They Doing To My House, Meth, Back To The Future Facts And Trivia, Sarah Is Full Of Them, D. LEONIDAS Costume Contest, Ball Talk, Fantasy Action, Cubs

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GUESTS: ADAM PASI & JON WASHINGTON, Greg's Jam, Not A Foodie, Sparkly Water, Strange Dreams, Lego Guy, WoC, Squatting In A Mansion, Lisbon Airport, NEXT ADVENTURE, ADAM & JON, Old Guy Clown Makeup, Helium Comedy Club, Funny Humans vs. The Wheel, Butter Wrestling, Ball Talk Louisville

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Supreme Champion Sarah, D LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Retro Gaming Expo, Oregon Trail, Killer Instinct, What Do Greg's Dreams Mean, Drug Dealer, WoC, Billy The Kid, Aer Lingus Bite, Testicle Festival, Creepy Lyrics, Is Greg Eccentric, Ball Talk, Michigan Loss

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