Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: JACKIE KASHIAN, Day Old Soup, The Dork Forest, Dork Or Creepy, Porn PHD, Too Old To Rock, Larry Amtrak, Bungalow, World Of Crazy, Georgia Siblings, The Notebook, TJ, Ball Talk, Floyd No Read, Spammer Call, NFL Pick, SQUARESPACE

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Rap Career, Spittin' Rhymes, November 14th, World Of Crazy, Wasp Nest, Seattle Feet, Man Bra, Nightrobe, LANDMARK SALOON, METRO PCS, CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT, Cash Prizes, Ball Talk, Michael Sam Is Awesome, Thrusting, Horse Head, John Rocker Sucks, Tennis Grunts

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GUEST: SEAN JORDAN, The Great Hair Caper, Conspiracies, The Cucumber Man, How To Profit From Stolen Hair, SEAN JORDAN, Manly Men, South Dakota, Looking Rough, Crabfeast, Hollywood Theatre, Funny Over Everything, World Of Crazy, Fake Kidnapping, Methadone Underwear, Knee Defender, Brazilian Woman


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Big Announcement, Triple War Update, Floor Wars, Greg's List, Nutrition Expert, Sarah Twerk, Country Private Investigator Or Stalker, World Of Crazy, Lemonade Stand, Reality Show Sex Box, Hempfest, Snake Head, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Nigerian Wedding, Aaron Duran, Sarah Is Going Through The Change, Josh, Nigerian Ceremony, The Speech, The Anti-thesis, Like Stink On, World Of Crazy, Ice Bucket, Fingernails, Moth Ear, SONIC SKETCHES, ASYLUM

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GUEST: EMO PHILIPS, Big Day For Sarah, Don't Mess Up, Nigerian Greetings, 1000 Harlem Shake, World Of Crazy, Mozzerella Sticks, Most Expensive Hot Dog, Bridgetown Comedy Presents Emo Philips, BIKE GALLERY

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GUEST: DAVE FOLEY, Rhys And Dave, Kids In The Hall, Stand Up, Performing For Octogenarians, New Show, Greg Is In Love With Magic.Tiffany, Romancing The Spammer, Kenny B, Kenny Work, Trouble With Gregs Relationship, Nerd Facts, SQUARESPACE

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Life Changing Insanity Moment, Speaking In Parantheses, Greg Crosses The Boundary, Big Girl Shoes, Nigerian Wedding, Albino Michael Jackson, Hot Dog Proposal, 350 Stripper, Meath Thief, Johnny Football, Mo'ne Davis, BIKE GALLERY

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Sarah Is Suspicious, Makeup Staring, Not Stealing, Tent City Is Back, The Three Pronged Attack, World Of Crazy, Vandalism By Blood, Baseball Bat And One-Legged Man, Faking Death For No Marriage, SQUATCH WATCH, Gregan Or Meg-Nog, Let Him Throw, SONIC SKETCHES

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Secret Superpower, What Is A Hunty, World Of Crazy, Stolen Wine, Indian Cupboard, Jars Of Terrible, SARAH W. & MICHAEL FROM NEXT ADVENTURE, Kayaking, Rolling, How To Be Awesome, Ball Talk, Suing World Cup, Bird Mouth, Lil Wayne Freestyle, Aaron Jenn VW Reality

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