Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Drivers Are Crazy, Hoofes, Pregnancy Project, Dead Smells, Sarah Logic Tips, International Country Eyes, Ball Talk, Super Game, Peyton Please Go To Tennessee, Rally Squirrel, Happy Horse Trainer, SORELS, World Of Crazy, Light Saber Attack, Parasitic Twin, Female Visitor, Types Of Beds, SQUIRESELECTRIC.COM

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NETWORK LAUNCH!!  GUEST: AARON DURAN, The Gord Is Rotting, Jem = Kesha, Master P, Morning TV, UHF, Aaron Gift Of Smoking Jacket, Midnight Marauder, The Chub, Ball Talk, Mike Tyson HOF, Screaming Ladies, SB Beer Facts, SQUIRES ELECTRIC, Hum Heard 'Round The World, World Of Crazy, Millionaire, Twitter Destruction, Big Baby, Bremerton Drunk Man, SOREL'S

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Backup, Don't Let Greg Be Happy, Early Riser, Exciting Weekend, FER Mid-Days, Calendar Talk With Midnight Marauder, Kenny Bringin It Down, Ball Talk, Firing Twitter, Manning Out, Ravens Make Fun Of Kicker, Don't Fight Hackers, World Of Crazy, No More Astronauts

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GUEST: GREG FITZSIMMONS, 14 Hours, BIG JIM, Rick Emerson Show, Confidence, Pacts, MARK (HENTY) THE BRIT, Gifts From Mark, Sheeps Blood, Children Candy, Thrown Up Orange Juice, Mark's American Accent, GREG FITZSIMMONS INTERVIEW, World Of Crazy, Cristina, Sarah Takes The Last Mickey's

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Great Mood, Ghost Whisperer Crusher, Shiny, Spoilers, Jiggles, In Love, Jessco, Tech Fun, World Of Crazy, Foxy Knoxy, Northern Territory, Controlling Naked, 80-Year Old Flashing, Positive Mom, Brother Fight, Ball Talk, SQUIERS ELECTRIC, Ochocinco, Kim Tebow, Courtney Vs. Sarah

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And We're Live, Blazers Game, Making Greg Mad, Bowling, PFMB, The Story, Special Announcement, Bowling Bathroom Incident, Wide Stance, Turn And Zip, Ball Talk, 50 Cent, Houston Houstonians, Courtney Posts, Shooting Whip Cream

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Greg's New Girlfriend, Greasing Up, Greg Breaks Up, Portland Music Awards, Montoya, Greg Still Mad, What Up DB, Tommy Tutone Loves Sarah, Light Bulb Fiasco, Ball Talk, Kelly Leaving, Jay Knocks Up Kristin, Zodiac Signs, Metal Monkey And Fire Snake

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Well Rested, Hot Pockets, Food Pills, Shame Chips, Chicken Nugget Master, Kenny's Metabolism Sucks, Eta James, Ball Talk, Rob Lowe Football Insider, Tea Bagging, Predictions, Creepy Karaoke, Nerd Fact Confessions, Country PI

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Mystery Pills, Surprise Guest BILL OAKLEY!!!, Portlandia, Courthouse, Traffic Officer, Reduced Rates, Jury Nullification, Ball Talk, Bill Oakley Baltimore Representative, Flacco Skateboard, Meat And Fibre Chairwoman, Sheep Shearing, Cougars Banned, Packers Lady Crying, SQUIER'S ELECTRIC

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Yay Microphones, SOPA, PRESS RELEASE, Snowball Fight, Birthday Greeting, GUEST: KIELEN KING, Interview, Car Crash, Methhead Bomb, Country Detective, Paper Thief, Ball Talk, Philly Slander, Lincecum, F Yeah, Star Pilot's Lament, SQUIER'S ELECTRIC

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