Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

TNG, Holadeck Napolean, Kenny B, Listener Party Recap, Meth Head Cops, Frisking, Holiday In Cambodia, New Dad, World Of Crazy, Kesha Ghost, Virgin Airs, B-Chugging, Ball Talk, Croatian Beer, Eva And Mark, Reporter Mishap

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GUEST: DANA GOULD, Big Announcement, New Schedule Of Life, Greg Regrets, Tagging Meth Heads, The Cleaner, Sarah Is The Crazy Lady, World Of Crazy, Rob Is Dumb, SOA Problem, Doll Drowning, DANA GOULD, Dana Gould Podcast, Preparing A Special, Kids And Halloween, The Shoe Conundrum

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Escalation Of The Cooler, Hanging With Brooklyn Brothers, Stabby Homeless Lady, Scott Accusation, The Princess Bride Facts, Dark Black Heart, Ball Talk, Referee Deal, Cowboys Website, Bad Song, Birthdays, World Of Crazy, Khaleesi McFarland, Relations With A Couch, McFury, McRib And Yoga Mat, French Maid, Jealous Short Man

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GUESTS: RYAN O'NAN and MICHAEL WESTON, The Shoe Plot Thickens, SCOTT DALLY, Getting Riled Up, Revenge, Ball Talk, Seattle Green Bay Debacle, LFL Refs, Blow The Whistle, BROOKLYN BROTHERS BEAT THE BEST, Portland Food Carts, Dreams Come True, Old Married Couple, Actual Record, Very Cool

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GUEST: DANIEL SIMPSON, THANK YOU, Listener Party Awesomeness, Special Shots, Day Of Pipes, Country PI Case Closed, Sarah And The Shoes, DANIEL SIMPSON, A Rough Guide To The Dark Side, Serbian Mafia, Fantastic Story

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GUEST: PAUL REISER GUEST: COURAGE, Kenny B, Day Before Listener Party, Double Stroller, Tanning Bed Issues, PAUL REISER, Awesomeness, COURAGE, Billy Bob Courage Russel Spanker III, Murky Bongwater, Live Song In Studio

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Phantom, Country PI Is On The Case, Blackout, Meth Head Rebellion, Starting A Cult, World Of Crazy, I Am Jack Sparrow, Public Pleasure, Tender Crispy Treat

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Stone A Comin', Courage Practice, Fake Tall Shoes, Accentuate The Butt, Sacramone, Creepy Emails To Sarah, Stashing Pictures In Other Items, World Of Crazy, Talk Like A Pirate, Twilight Reunion, Chunk Of Member, Bathroom Baby Test, Special Kind Of Cook

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Voice Advise, Destroying Things Around Greg, New Song, Parking Cars Is Hard, Interviewing Gymnasts, Spider Baby's, I Hate You, Professional Soup, Deena Lohan, Ball Talk, Bad Refs, Baseball Love, Stephen A Smith Angry, Bad Sports Songs, Patch On Bars

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Covered In Bites, The Greg Nibler Story, Big-Ass Sandwiches And Timbers, Aaron Duran, Falling Down The Geek Well, Walken Dead Zone, Ball Talk, Small Balls, Lockouts, World Of Crazy, Amanda Bynes Is Crazy, Stay Away From Seattle, Accidental Stabbing

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