Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

In The Mic, Birthday Rules, Gracious Man, Religious Facebook People, Pagan Society, Breaking News Katie Holmes, Scientology, Ball Talk, NBA Draft, Unibrow, Tyson Ear, Stray Bullets, World Of Crazy, Fighting Angry, WILLIE NELSON TICKETS

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Willie, Knife Hair, Country Excitement In Nibler Town, Butters Gets Revenge, 30 Whacks, Taking A Break, Pool Ladies, Ball Talk, Lions Arrest, Soccer Chicks, Beckham Is Old, World Of Crazy, Reefer Madness, Lip Biting

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GUESTS: RON FUNCHES, IAN KARMEL, SEAN JORDAN, SHANE TORRES, Stove On, Ehrrmaguud, Felicity, All Good Things, Russian Prisons, SEAN JORDAN, Joe Sibb, Mom And Manson, RON, IAN, SHANE, Funny Over Everything, Moving To LA, Portland Comedy, Hollywood Theatre, Mustaches, Touring, WILLIE NELSON TIX

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Willie, Felicity Astounds Sarah, Traveling In Time, TV Show Theme Songs, Make Facebook Private, Thick Ass Judy, Ball Talk, Terrel Owens Pics, Jello Wrestling, Trademark Unibrow, Tennis Grunts, Kenny Ball Pics, World Of Crazy, Big Beth, Exploding Chest,

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WE'VE GOT WILLIE NELSON TICKETS, Put A Braid On It, AARON DURAN, Julio, Pirates In Rockaway, Can't Out Party, Gizzards On Sticks, Karaoke Regular, Big-Ass Sandwiches Tales, Lisa Is A Queen, Stealing Knives, Kielen Is A Teddy Bear, Crazy Ladies, Ball Talk, Leave Them Kids Alone, Soccer Exhaustion, Cleveland News Reporter, World Of Crazy, Trebek, Facebook Genius

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GUESTS: RON LYNCH & J. ELVIS WEINSTEIN, MST3G, Waking Up Champs, Greg's Euro Tale, Pretentious, Sarah Is Working At Big-Ass Sandwiches, Add-On, RON LYNCH & J. ELVIS WEINSTEIN, Portland In A Nutshell, Getting Started In Comedy, Origins Of MST3G, Ball Talk, Blobbity, Kardashians In Eugene, Opening A Brothel, Kenny's Pagan Tales

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I Am Human, Spray Tans, Portland's Snookie, Stripper Soup, DBag Corner, Sandwich Wrangling, Whiskey Business Tricks, Ball Talk, Miami OKC, Humphries Reveals, Ozzie Presidente, Tractor Pulling, Jacobs Is Cool, World Of Crazy, Florida Cannibal, Leprechaun Beating, Fat Gym, Octo Loan

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GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, Websites, Scootin Around, Lady In The Lockerroom, Confusing Bathrooms, Bikini Pregnant, NATHAN BRANNON, Portland's Funniest Person, New Found Fame Or Not, Kirsta Keeps Him In Check, NY v. LA, Naked Bike Rides

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Turn It Up To 11, Window Shaking, Clumsy, Real World Portland, Wide Receiver, Short And Fleshy, Knives, Ball Talk, Ibaka Crazy, Floyd Rich, Danish Underwear, Kid Hates Miami, World Of Crazy, Naked On A Car, Spanish Sarah, French Sarah, Hooters Peeper, Ultimate Question

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Ban On Coffee, Greg Not Suave, Bremerton, Lawn Mower, Terrifying PSA, 1812, Canadian Contributions, Weddings, SOREL'S, Ball Talk, Dreads Are Bad, Bi Trees, Rooster Man, World Of Crazy, Gross Remotes, Haunted Titanic Replica, Teddy Bear Love, Dwarf Surprise

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