Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER, Sarah Goth Dylan, Obsessions, Mausoleum, The Creepy Chair, WoC, Prison Bae, Apartment Facebook, Hot Dog Condiments, CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER, Stealing Sunglasses, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, The Shopping Book, Caitlin Rocks!

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GUEST: NARIKO OTT, Sarah Stops A Robbery Kind Of, Staring At Strangers, NARIKO OTT Appearances At BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, The Mug That Greg Is Obsessed With, LA Tour, WoC, TMNT, Air BnB, Meth Loan, Guy Fieri Ted Cruz Porn Reading

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GUEST: JAY CHANDRASEKHAR, Today we are joined by the Super Troopers, Slammin Salmon, Beerfest, Club Dread superstar! He's at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! Plus WoC, Florida With Trees, Crazy Sheep, Honey Bun, Bologna Sandwich, OKC Warriors

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GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, Where Is Wisconsin, Sarah And Geography, Groundbreaking Radio, Geo Quiz, Prez Not State, NATHAN BRANNON, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY, Kill Rockstars, Shrimp, Performances, On The Road, We Got Cheese, WoC, Meth Burritos, Pup Pals, Shrimp Peeling, NEXT ADVENTURE

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FER Prom Planning, Theme Suggestions, Tycoon Ball, Under The Sea, Sopranos, The Neighbor Conundrum, WoC, Stolen Meat, Fog Vodka, Twisted Sister, Ball Talk, Green, Raptors Song, League Of Legends

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GUEST: JOANN SCHINDERLE, The Dreams Should Come True, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Pet Lions, Becoming That Guy, The Exotic Life Of Greg Nibler Reality Show, Black Leather, Pond Pets, JOANN SCHINDERLE, Wisconsin, Control Yourself, It's Not Me, It's Me, Analog, WoC, Video Toothbrush, Stodden, Reporter Problem, Draymond Green

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We had our buddy Dan Cummins in studio, to talk about anything and everything! From American Horror Story, Deadwood, 1932's Freak, Playboy Radio, Rose Festival, Trailer Park Boys, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB.

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Today we have the one and only Myq Kaplan on the show! We talk about everything form Cranberries, to Comedy, to Friends! Myq is one of our favorites and he is at Revolution Hall PDX Tonight!

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Stealing Greg's Lies, Uniting Not Dividing, Sarah Had Strep, Soft Snacks, Roger Kroger, Bobby Powell, Joey Division, Bob Willamette, Slight Amount Of Fear, WoC, Catterbox, Diaper, Man Curls, Year Of Greg, Boob Fight, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUEST: MARK GEARY, Old Lady Sarah, Robo-Sarah, Authentic, Sandpaper Throat, The Dutch Bros People, Diabetes, Three Equals, Poppers, MARK GEARY, Musician from Ireland, Traveling Via Bus, Cherry Blossom, Writing Songs, New York Bartending, The Strange People, LIVE SONG FROM MARK, Mark Rawks, AM:PM PR

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