Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: MARK CURRY, Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, Surreal, Editing, Podcasts, Oops, Mr. Cooper, In Living Color, Whitney Houston, Topics

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GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, Issue, Body Problems, You Go Girl, Teachers, Arrowheads, NATHAN BRANNON, Book Of Nathan, Toilet Covers, Nathan's Bag, Men Are Dirty, OCD, Being A Comedian, Nathan Is Awesome

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Faster Than Light, Stars, Pluto, Nip Slip, Tot Mom, Crazy In Air, Police Scanner, Shark Toys, 31 Years Old, Costumes, BUY COSTUMES.COM, Ball Talk, Best Wishes Arvydas, Brooklyn, Wrigley Food, Mistaken Identity, Mountain Boy, Bartman, Jacoby

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So Bitter, Angry Ladies, GUEST: AARON DURAN, Alanis, Taylor, Greg's New Girlfriend, Wedding Stories, Gaga, Big Heads, Shirts Off Party, Handful, Spray Tan Fiasco, Pounds Of Foot Flesh, New Courtney

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GUESTS: KEVIN MCDONALD and SCOTT THOMPSON FROM KIDS IN THE HALL, Sans Sarah, What's FER, Schnitzel, Chinese Kid, Random, Naked Leather, Heat Stroke, Brain Candy, Rodney, Milton's Penis, SC TV, Money Python, Movie Usher, Nude Security Guard, Canadian Walk Of MFame, MF Fox's Mom, Booed, Liberals, Fuzzhead

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What Level, Customer Service, REM Pics, Wedding Planning, Creepy Guy In Corner, KITH, Ball Talk, PAC-12, Red Sox Papers, Japan Goalkeepers, Turkey, Bees, World Of Crazy, Courtney Reality, Facebook Makeover, Porn Dwarf, Lohan Mom, Birth Control, PETA Sucks

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Uplifting Song, Sarah Is Stressed, Greg Ruins A Story, Tacos, Hairball, Birdshot, GUEST: SHANROCK, Cheezit Controversy, BIG GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THURSDAY, KITH Talk, Syncing Periods, Charlie Sheen Roast, Amy Schumer Comments, Freaks And Geeks Trivia

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Greatest Day Ever, Congrats, Dave Attell Is The Greatest, Going Onstage, Backstage, Hanging With Eric, Centralia, Wedding Pictures, KIELEN KING, Geek In The City Awards, Thanks Jeff, Thank Everyone, Lord Of The Races, Food Ban, Locker Rooms, Nutfest, Congrats Pants, Duran Duran

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Crazy,, Bowling, Cornhole Awards, Toothpaste, Naked Old Men, Natural Musk, Sarah Has Good Gym, Never Nude, Meth Head Neighbors, Non-Emergency, Ball Talk, Duck Lips, Football Addiction, Predictions, BooYaa Awards, Birthdays, KENNY B AMAZING INTERVIEW

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GUEST: DAVE ATTELL, Nervousness, Behind The Scenes, Arrival, DAVE ATTELL, PDX, Smoking, Porn and everything incredible.  Dave Attell Rocks!, Get Tickets At

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