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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

To end our week of best-ofs we have a couple of clips for your listening pleasure! First up we have Kenny and the tale of the present, and afterward Nibler does his own rendition of 'WICKED' - ugh. :) Have a great day!!

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Today we replay our episode where we are joined by our pal Tuggy (who is actually currently in Mexico with us!) - have a great afternoon all!

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Today we replay the episode where we are getting ready to do Hood to Coast! We talk about running through the woods, coastal folklore and hill people, and more - have a great day all! Also, dont forget to get a Bike from Bike Gallery to escape the Bandage Man! Use the code "Funemployment" and get 10% off!

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On today's best-of we address an issue that Greg has with juicing, plus the tale of the sandwich and how to make a wedding memorable :) Have a great afternoon!

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On today's best-of we play our interview with the one and only Bert Kreischer, aka The Machine! Thanks for listening and have a great day all! : 

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Greg and Sarah are heading out to Mexico with friends next week and in the meantime, they are worried that Greg may have booked them into...a swinger's resort. Also, flying is Sarah's worst nightmare, while Greg obnoxiously loves it. The first ever FER Experience is this Sunday at LANDMARK SALOON with fine sponsors NOT YOUR MOM'S ICED TEA and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH! Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE as well for all of their support of FER. Best ofs start next week!

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Sarah may have inadvertently cursed Greg with her bizarre dream and then he reveals something terrifying that has been happening to him at his house. We are then joined by Jason Pollard, host of the new Funemployment Radio Network podcast, The Well Adjusted Gamer! We discuss games and more! Be sure to come down Sunday, June 18th to LANDMARK SALOON for FER BINGO with SMALL TOWN'S NOT YOUR MOM'S ICED TEA and MONKEY SHOULD SCOTCH, with prizes not limited to Aaron Duran's book!!

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With pollen in the area, Greg claims to have "Allegra" on the brain, which means his mind is particularly off today. The Great Mexico Vacation is a week away and Sarah is starting to get nervous about a number of things. Greg attempts to assuage her concerns with advice, that fails miserably. In World of Crazy: 911 Chicken Nuggets; Drug Burrito; Children Mail; Fubbing. Ball Talk: Warriors and Rat Tails. The FER Summer Bingo Event is at LANDMARK SALOON on 6/18/17! With Small Town Brewery and Monkey Shoulder Scotch as the fine sponsors and BIKE GALLERY providing some prizes!

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Today: Greg is slowly trying to figure out how that Instagram contraption works and he's just ending up looking creepy, how to properly use it and what you should do, THE GREAT GARBAGE CAN DOG POOP DEBATE OF 2017, Disneyland geese, sand angels, always check your screenshots, Sarah's Squatch Watch, NBA Finals and raw seafood, and have a great afternoon all! Don't forget that our FER Afternoon Bingo Event is this Sunday at 3pm at Landmark Saloon, with Not Your Mother's Iced Tea from Small Town Brewery and Monkey Shoulder Scotch as the fine sponsors!

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GUEST: KEVIN ALLISON. Today Kevin Allison from the Risk! Podcast (and SO much more) joined us! We spoke of storytelling, the art of it, Portland, possibly prostitution and many other things. Kevin is at Revolution Hall on June 9th, get your tickets!

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