Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

An attempt to tell "scary stories" on today's show, leads to a contest between Greg and Sarah. Also, Greg has to decide whether to be the "cool neighbor" or the one that lectures children, when they show up at his house. In WoC: Diagon Alley; Suing; Beanie Babies.

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A great debate has erupted on FER, over what the greatest sitcom theme song of all time is. Greg knows the answer, Sarah disputes it. Also, a shocking rumor has circulated that Greg must address, over whether he is a big baby. In World of Crazy: Penguin Costumes; Mannequin Meth Heads; Beer Cooler; GOT Burgers; Florida Man. Ball Talk: Astros vs. Dodgers; Home run thief. Get tix to the PDXPodfestival!

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A video has surfaced of a reporter interviewing a robot, that is incredibly creepy. Greg decides to make his stand against "the robots" and will clearly be marked for destruction when they take over. The concept of a Robot Dog, may change his mind... In WOC: Alien Ranch; Deer Signs; Flight Concerts. In Ball Talk: Nationals were robbed; Predictions.

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GLOP has started to take off and now it's actually going to happen! Well, people are going to dress up. Will Betty Blush actually wrestle America's Sweetheart? Also, Old Lady Perfume has taken over the FER Studios. We discuss this, Greg's Halloween costume and how often you should wash your pants. In WOC: Blue Burger; Free Whopper; Grilled Cheese.

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What do you read before you go to bed? What you probably shouldn't read about are aliens, earthquakes and men in black, but Greg doesn't seem to realize that. Sarah also fills us in on her new obsession of a New Zealand show called Filthy Rich. In WoC: Nun Chainsaw; Laundry Issue; Wedding Crasher. Ball Talk: Colin; Video Games; Squirrel. Get your tix to the #PDXPodFestival Now!

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After scoring great tickets to Depeche Mode, Greg is now convinced that the universe is trying to tell him something. Or he is going crazy. Or maybe it's both? In World Of Crazy: CC Music Factory; Chocodilla; Vaseline; Alien Ranch. Squatch Confessions continues with another round. Also big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!!

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A heartfelt public service announcement is made by Greg, concerning his issues with a certain breakfast food and how long they should be in the refrigerator. Also, it's been 8 years to the day since we were "let go" from Commercial Radio! A crazy religious leader is sending more gifts to FER, as well. In Ball Talk: Congrats Thorns, Timbers; Bills Parties. Also, get tix to the #PDXPodFestival!

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An obsession has taken over for Greg, as he cannot get a phrase out of his head, meanwhile torturing Sarah with his new found energy. In World of Crazy: Trainy McTrainface. Ball Talk: False Marathon; Lonzo Fails; Predictions. A DOUBLE Squatch Watch! Also....tix are on sale for the #PDXPODFEST!

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GUESTS: PORTLAND AT THE MOVIES. Today, Greg is less sick, but more crazy, as he re-visits his plan to make Portland better with Snitch Tickets. Then we are joined by Todd the Corpse, Brian the Nuclear Physicist and Brian the Unipiper of the FER Network podcast, Portland At The Movies! They have an incredibly vast amount of knowledge regarding movies that were filmed in the Portland area and also...they're a lot of fun. Check our their podcast and seem them live at the #PDXPodFestival on 

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The fog is starting to clear from Greg's sickness, but his way of relaxing...needs work. A spreadsheet has been created to apparently keep track of the former felons from his house and neighborhood... In World of Crazy: Pizza Shoes; Spider Fire; Drone Burritos; Fake Plane. Ball Talk: Gordon; Baseball to Portland; Beer Cheese Poutine. PDX Podcast Festival

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