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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Sarah has been summoned! Greg decides to coach her on how to seem crazy. It's not that hard. Also, in World of Crazy: Borrowing Shrimp; HOA Dispute; $300 A Month; Staring Over Someone In A Sponge Bob Outfit. Don't forget the FER BINGO NIGHT at LANDMARK SALOON is on Feb 2nd.! REYKA VODKA is sponsoring with prizes by ASYLUM! Plus....a keytar competition.

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In the first report of the "exchanging of TV shows", Greg details what he hates about Sarah's choice for him; Gossip Girl. Also, Sarah works out a new "health plan" for herself and you can follow at home. It includes Hot Dogs! World of Crazy: Dog Music; Hamburger Collection; Rent-a-girlfrend; Yuan. Ball Talk: National Anthem; Snoop Dogg; Brady Song. FER Bingo Night is this Thursday at Landmark Saloon, with REYKA VODKA sponsoring!

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GUEST: ADAM FERRARA. Our friend Adam Ferrara came by the studio today! He is at Helium Comedy Club this weekend and we discussed Greg's selfish candy issues, Adam's upcoming projects and much more. Also, Sarah is back after her undetermined illness and had a bizarre experience at her apartment. Don't forget the FER Bingo Night is Feb 2nd at Landmark Saloon with REYKA VODKA! Plus..a Squatch Watch. Special thanks to our friends at H&R BLOCK!

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Today Sarah is out, but Greg is joined by Rick and Amanda from Worthy Brewing! The brewing process if fascinating and discussions include the creation of a new hop called Strata for their new IPA, Stratasphere! Plus Worthy Brewing has THEIR OWN OBSERVATORY that will be opening soon, called the HOPSERVATORY! 

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Sarah and Greg have found a way to "reach across the table" in a diplomatic fashion, by making each other watch one of their TV Shows. Will Greg have to watch Lifetime movies? Will Sarah watch UFO Hunters? Then, we are joined by Gilbert from our fine sponsor H&R Block! Finally, Sarah's work party has an event and Greg wants to help her plan for it.

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The Man In The High Castle is a Greg-type of show and Sarah is now fully into it. What does this mean for her future? Greg let's her know how to fall down the rabbit-hole that is his life, as she goes kicking and screaming. Also, we recap the Portland Women's March! In World of Crazy: Marbles, Fries, Watermelons, World Record. Ball Talk: NBA All Stars, Bowlo De Super, Tom Brady.

Don't forget our FER Bingo Night is Thursday, February 2nd at Landmark Saloon with Reyka Vodka as our special sponsor!

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GUEST: JEREMIAH COUGHLAN Today Greg revealed something he is terrified of, possibly happening in the walls of his house. What is making the noise? Could it be someone living in his walls? Also, we are joined by Jeremiah Coughlin! Jeremiah is hilarious and has his album recording on 1/23/17. Also...he used to give Ghost Tours in Portland.

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Sarah has a conundrum at her apartment building and it involves....crack. She has a harrowing saga of what happened to her, after a fellow tenant decided to take over the building. Plus, in World of Crazy: Florida Woman, Stolen Underpants, Too Pretty To Work. In Ball Talk: Beer Yoga, LA Chargers hate, Las Vegas Raiders.

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A new addiction has been plaguing Greg and it revolves around Orcs. What to do about it and how to stop it? Sarah provides the advice and listener's provide feedback. Then in World of Crazy: Lottery Ticket, Goat Store, Snake Pants, Shower Beer. Finally Greg has some advice on where and when you can go without shoes. Thanks to Worthy Brewing and Next Adventure for sponsoring our show!

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This special episode is brought to you live from Greg's house! Greg is broken and Portland is shut down due to the never ending storms. However, Sarah is here with cooking tips, Greg's new life as a shut-in and a very special guest. Thanks to Worthy Brewing and Next Adventure!

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