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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Today: Greg is going to play a dad in a commerical and at what point did he change into the commercial dad type, Hawaii is coming up soon and we are going to be doing video from there, punishment by Nickelback, Cards Against Humanity and the giant hole, noodles for drivers, and happy birthday Rick! Have a great day all!

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Greg is riled up about the latest TV reimagining series called Riverdale. What's next!? Plus the next FER Bingo Night at Landmark Saloon on 12/15 will feature Worthy Brewing, Balvenie Scotch and an Ugly Sweater Contest! In World of Crazy: Anthony Michael Hall, Reindeer Pizza, Ice Cream Breakfast, Weed Presents. Ball Talk: Go Beavers, Aretha Franklin, Florida Panthers, Canadian Football

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Today: Sarah and her weird family traditions, Thanksgiving in the country, special guest Finnegan and the trouble he gets into, Greg and the Presidential dream, old ships for scrap metal, pay what you feel, no tarantulas in Parliament, robot Jurassic Park, Greg's predictions, and more - have a wonderful holiday all! Also a BIG thank you to our fine sponsors at Next Adventure!

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Today we take a trip down Mickey's lane, as we revisit the origins of FER and drink Malt Liquor! Greg throw in some #HawaiiFacts and then we are joined by Wendy Weiss! Wendy's show is at Funhouse Lounge on Friday and she may be the soulmate of our show.

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Greg made a mistake and ruined the wedding! Ok, not really, but there was a flub. It was a wonderful weekend and we recap the wedding of Kersey and Travis and what a fantastic weekend it was! Plus, there is a new addition in Greg's neighborhood and he is fascinated by him. In World of Crazy: Dollar Store Fun; Lying Burrito; Fake Secret Service. Happy Birthday to Bryan from NEXT ADVENTURE!

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Sarah is NOT a Cool Cucumber as she calls it and avoids a near catastrophe at her side job. Then we rethink how to go about officiating the wedding this weekend, deciding a "folksy" approach may be the right way to go. WOC: Amityville House; Coke Selfie; Nacho Lady; Shortest Couple; NEXT ADVENTURE; Ball Talk; Kris Bryant, Predictions.

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Greg went clothes shopping and may have made....a mistake in a purchase. Plus Sarah and the saga of the tagged pants. World of Crazy: Axe Body Spray, Cat Rats, Cheeto Fire, Sugar Daddy. Ball Talk: Kate Upton.

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Sarah and Greg are officiating another wedding and they need to be classy! Accents are a must, but how do they maintain the classiness when in front of the crowd? Monologues and singing of course. Then in WOC: Walmart Stuffed Animal, Millions of Juggalos, Rodent Skirt, Coprolite Collection.

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Today: A phenomenon that effects a lot of people whether it's in the country or in the city, where did you find it, Hawaii haunted stories and what to avoid, Rock for President, Mr. Black Friday, don't cut in line, Florida fake pills, Seattle is getting greedy, and have a great afternoon all!

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GUESTS: AARON DURAN and THE LOVELY JENN, 32 Hours; Greg gives Sarah some Hawaii Facts; World of Crazy: Ninja Burglar, Nutella Garlic, Attractive Garlic; AARON AND JENN, Just back from Tokyo, Toilet Restaurant, So many flavors of Kit-Kats, Battling Robot Restaurant, Alcatraz ER, 7-11, Twin Size Beds, Disney Metal, TOKYO SOUNDS AMAZING

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