Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Greg Gets A Manicure, So Nervous, Record Stops, Where To Put The Hands, Sarah And The Bins, Zombies In A Store, Rubber Gloves, Clammy, Sweaty, Red, Mr. Burns, Hatchet Girl, Florida, Kindergarten Fight, Escaped Robot, Sausage Party, International Greg Day

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The Shirt Sarah Wore, thank you REV NATS & BTU, Cornhole Recap, Frogicide, The Poster, The Back, WoC, Cheetos, Crystal Pepsi Mr. Burger, Mayflies, Beer Pong, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, LeBron Opts Out Of Cleveland, Brazil, Iceland

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GUEST: ROD MAN, New Wrestling Career, Caw, The Raven Vs White Lightning, ROD MAN at Helium Comedy Club, WoC, Social Media, Walking On Coals, Cat Hostage, FER BREWER'S CUP CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT, The Shirt, The Shooting Gallery, REV NATS AND BTU

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Greg And His Earrings, AMAZON, Manicures, Terrified, Too Jerky, Sand Down The Nails, WoC, Settling, Chicken Charge, I'm A Chicken Man, Crack Cast, Frank Hot Dog Dylan, FER BREWERS CUP REV NATS BTU, Ball Talk, Ireland & Sweden 

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GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, Sarah Studies Cultures, Other Languages, What Kind Of Party, Greg's Hero, Grizzly Adams With Nunchucks, NATHAN BRANNON, Funhouse Lounge, Mix And Match, Comedy, FER BREWERS CUP, REV NATS, BTU, WoC, Security Cameras, Cheeto Museum, Cheeto Mac, Personals, Messi

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Embarrassingly Caught, Sexy Amazon, Acting Roles, FER BREWER'S CUP REV NATS & BTU, Sarah's Shirt, Bun In The Oven, M&M Thief, Looking Crazy At Work, WoC, David Bowie Hair, Shaving Cream Pie, 911, Stolen Sausage, Hunting Humans, Drunk Irish, Russians Banned, USA Messi Song

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Life As A Tallie, RC Beard & Moustache Recap, Rebecca Romijn, Brewer's Cup, REV NATS, BTU, What Shirt Will Sarah Wear?, WoC, Chewbacca Mom, Frozen Meat, Free Money, Mosquito TV, Cavs Are Champs, Please Stay LeBron

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GUEST: JON DORE Our great friend and personal show psychiatrist @TVsJonDore was on today! He is always one of our best interviews and he's at Helium Comedy Club 6/17 6/18 here in Portland. Topics range from Backyard Poopers to Sarah's unraveling and bizarre lifestyle. Jon is the best!

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Cheetos Emergency, Sarah Is A Food Bully, Work Place Thief, The Printer Turns On By Itself, The Faucet, WoC, Meat Loaf, Delicious Crash, Bathroom Hook Cameras, Drop Kicking Cake, Cat Wine, Russian Olympics, Calabro, Copa America, REV NATS & BTU

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The Non-Beardsman, Sarah's Dress Update, Rose City Mustache And Beard Competition, MCs, Pythons, Snake Arms, Rebecca, Stressing, Bow Staff, Summersault, Beard Jokes, WoC, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Craig Sager, Prediction REV NATS, BTU BREWING

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