Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Canadian Adventure, Learning The Accent, Chesterfield, Craigslist Dater, Gold Digger or Prostitute, World Of Crazy, Jenner Tape, Surgery For The Perfect Woman, Ball Talk, CFB Predictions, Science Facts, Banana Peels, Microwaves, Canadians

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GUEST: JOHN HEFFRON, Greg Anxiety, Writing The Wrong Thing, Kenny B, Messing With Marvel, Meow, Are You A Jerk, Napping At Work, Kenny B Speech, World Of Crazy, Ambitious Young Lady, Singles Band, Metal Cruise, JOHN HEFFRON, Problems In Carl's Village, New Book, Trying Broccoli, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB

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JETS, Pretending To Be Star Trek, AARON DURAN, Warp Drive Noise, Dragon Con, Craigs List Posts For Love, Burning Man, World Of Crazy, New Dictionary Words, Sour Toe Shot, Tami Jo Pirkle, Ball Talk, OSU Chainsaw Song, Frankenstein On Mars

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GUEST: ADAM CAROLLA, Tarp City, BIKE GALLERY, Methumentary, Prior To Hood to Coast, Methuzula, Methette, ADAM CAROLLA, Murder Of Crows, World Of Crazy, Peeper, Bath Salts, Gnome Homes, Spin And Jerk, Ball Talk, Big Walker, Johnny Football

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HOOD TO COAST RECAP, So Sore, LOST AND FOUND, Nike Pre Party, Pretty People, Timblerine Lodge, Nightmares, Pebble, Murder Bathtub, Jon and Kathleen, Pool, The Blister, Sh*t Apples, Coyotes And Hobo Fires, Sleeping In Rain, Squatch Thoughts, Seaside, Awesome Experience

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Hood To Coast, Kenny B, Punchable Face, Pickpockets, Mt. Hood, Morning Zoo Type Thing, Kicking Idiots, First Step Of Meth Head, SCIENCE FACTS, Runners High, Falling Off Mountains, Adam No, Nike Etiquette, Sharky Comes Out

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GUEST: LEAH & AMAI from THE LOST AND FOUND, Guessing Game, Nervousness, The Killing, Haircutting Nightmare, World Of Crazy, Airplane Door, Log Truck, Dislocated Jaw, Backrub, Liquid Lapdance Pants, Ball Talk, Siri OSU, THE LOST AND FOUND, Boozecicles, Turkish Prison, Funemployment Drink, NEW SPONSOR

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GUEST: DANIELLE ATE THE SANDWICH, National Geographic Special, BIKE GALLERY UPDATE, Meth Heads In The Wild, World Of Crazy, Canned Shrimp, Eating A Tapeworm, Terry Boyd, Ghost, Ball Talk, LeBron Cops, Sugarpova, MCKAY USED BOOKS, DANIELLE, Awesomeness

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GUEST: ANTON from SORELS, Shiny Shorts, AARON DURAN, Susanville Tales, Prison Ladies, Ball Talk, Paint Dry, Chestnut Goes Down, MLB Soap Opera, ANTON, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

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One Week H2C, Stinky Van, Kicked Out Of Track Meet, SORELS, World Of Crazy, Lindsay Lohan Fan, Lion Dogs, Serial Flasher, Saw, T Time, Ball Talk, Streaker, LA KISS, Troll Fight, A-Roid, Ichiro Song, Dr. Science, Rocks, Wood, Steroids

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