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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

A strange incident at Greg's house involving smoke alarms, combined with a yard that needs work, leaves him in fear of being labeled by neighborhood kids as "The Dandelion Man". What that means? It's complicated, but basically he's a weirdo. In World of Crazy: Short Shorts, Plastic Key, Underachiever Race, Cheetos. Thanks to all who tune in and check out the Funemployment Radio Supporters Club for more content!

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Figurative shiny objects are constantly distracting Sarah and her latest record has her contemplating a continuation of her own brand of exercise. The Jazzercise record is both entertaining and very.....suggestive. In World of Crazy: 3-ces, Ex Felon. Ball Talk: Baker Mayfield, Vegas Golden Knights. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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GUEST: J. KEITH VAN STRAATEN. Sarah has a new plan to bring back 1998, with her new exercise routine based upon her previous Tae Bow fandom. We are also joined by J. Keith Van Straaten, who has a new podcast called Go Fact Yourself. 

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Did a ghost just yell profanity at us? We go further in depth with Bob's video from the Buckner Building in Whittier Alaska and there are more discoveries that are seriously messed up. Unless someone is messing with us. Before that we discuss the fact that Greg is inadvertently inviting everyone to play pool and now he looks like a creep. In World Of Crazy: World Ending, Kids and Clocks, Hugging a non-pregnant woman. Big thanks to Next Adventure!

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We're back and we have some tales to tell! From the epic Courage show, the people of Alaska and how grateful we are to all who came up and followed along, to a VERY BIZARRE recording that our friend Bob got in Whittier, there is a lot to discuss. Did a ghost get captured on camera!? You'll need to listen to find out. Also, in World of Crazy: Motorcycle Intern, Snake Bear Shark, Stolen Fajitas. Thanks everyone!!

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As part of the FER Alaska Adventure, we are live at Levi's Lounge, a very exclusive bar! (it's at Gavin's house). From a recap of our epic bar tour, to the most exciting prostitute fight ever witnessed, we are so excited to be here. Special Guest, Gavin (aka Billy Bob Courage) joins us as well, to discuss Courage inside jokes, the neighbor debacles of Anchorage and much more.

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Recorded live at the Landmark Saloon on 04/14/18, this is our latest FER Experience show! The theme was Alaska, as that this is where we are right now. Preparations for flying, 'rules' of travel, Bigfoot, Otter Man and so much more is discussed. Plus a very special and awkward guest joins us! Big thanks to NOT YOUR FATHER'S MOUNTAIN ALE!

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The trip to the Great North begins tomorrow, as FER heads to Alaska! We'll talk about Sarah's flying anxiety, Greg's plans to 'look cool' and what he needs to do to get ready for Courage. Sarah also thinks she'll be eaten by a bear. In World of Crazy: Plane Love. Ball Talk: MLB to PDX. New shows this week, all from Anchorage, Alaska!

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Something is happening in a neighborhood in Portland and it's time for Greg to get on the case...or is he the perp? It's hard to say, but the 'pooping bandit' is at it and theories abound. We also take a moment to acknowledge the passing of Art Bell. In World of Crazy: Guinness Book eating challenge, Hand Dryers, Cardboard Plate, Spider Burger. Thanks to Next Adventure for being a fine sponsor!

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Greg has discovered his mission in life and it has to do (shockingly) with cheetos and video games, Bingo is tomorrow and we are super excited (!!), world's largest cinnamon roll is in Medford, winning the lottery from a dream, who is going to get the Stanley Cup, and more - have a great weekend, and we hope to see you tomorrow at Landmark Saloon for Bingo, brought to you by NYF Mountain Ale!!

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