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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: JOE MACHI. Sarah has a very special new purchase from Amazon in order to "improve" her skin and she is calling it....a skin wand. Then we are joined by our friend Joe Machi! Joe is fantastic and we talk about everything from Battlestar Galactica, to a new resort we created called Garbage Island. In Ball Talk, Greg makes a prediction and we here the latest Jusuf Nurkic fan song. Thanks to WORTHY BREWING for sponsoring our wonderful Green Room!

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Today Sarah called Greg out on something he has been reticent to ever admit publicly and the backlash has been HARSH. Does his stance on Prosciutto make him a pariah, or does it make him brave? In World of Crazy: Florida Doctor Jail; Shrimp Pants; Taquito Bandito. Ball Talk: Yahoo speaks to Greg; MLB Official Hot Dog. Thank you to Worthy Brewing for being the official sponsor of the FER Green Room!

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Sarah is back from the Coast with big plans on making the move. Is she ready to go full Coastie though? Greg then dishes out advice on how to handle company parties, how not to be the 'drunk' one and many other valuable lessons. In Ball Talk: Jusuf Nurkic; Las Vegas Raiders; Brother or Bordello?; Tournament of Champions.


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Sarah is Coast-bound tomorrow and has decided to embrace her inner 70-year old and go....Antiquing. There are lots of questions to ask and strategy must be planned on how to trick other people out of buying the creepy clown dolls. In World of Crazy: Glitter; TV in Pants; Counterfeit Goods. Ball Talk: Las Vegas Raiders; Tournament of Champions. SQUATCH WATCH Idaho.

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GUESTS: RANDY SKLAR, JASON SKLAR, DANIEL VAN KIRK. Today we were joined by our friends, the Sklar Brothers who brought along Daniel Van Kirk! They are absolutely amazing and are all at Heilum Comedy Club in Portland, tonight and tomorrow. Also, a star was born last night, as Sarah X Dylan debuted as "Keytara". Big thanks to BRIDGEPORT and TULLAMORE DEW for FER Bingo Night! Also, thanks to WORTHY BREWING and our Green Room sponsorship!

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Sarah was invited to go on set to an exclusive commercial shoot today and it has gone straight to her head. Greg tries to walk her through what she'll be doing and what possible scenarios she could encounter on the set. Hint....could be the "before" in a "before and after"...  In World Of Crazy: Florida Man, Florida Woman, Hamburger fight, Hot Dog fight. FER Bingo Night is tonight at LANDMARK SALOON with BridgePort Brewing and Tullamore Dew Whiskey! Plus, the Next Adventure spring warehouse sale is this weekend!

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The FER Bingo Night is coming up and Greg has an idea for a bet! Well, a few ideas, but we have to determine what kind of a performance shall be in store for the loser. Also, we work out some more details for the potential FER Murder Mystery. Who would be the first one murdered? Greg. In World of Crazy: Bud Light spill, Hangover Heaven, Phone TP, Facial Recognition, Rap Video. Don't forget the FER Bingo Night is this Thursday with BridgePort Brewing and Tullamore Dew Whiskey! Also the NEXT ADVENTURE Spring Warehouse sale is this weekend!! 

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We had a minor technical issue with the start of today's show, but fear not, the best part was saved! We had our friend Royal in today, to talk about his trips to Disney World, his time with Greg in Las Vegas and much more! Don't forget our FER Bingo Night is March 23rd, with BridgePort Brewing and Tullamore Dew Whiskey!

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GUEST: TODD ARMSTRONG. Sarah had her cater waiter job this weekend and it was a murder mystery, what being an outside witness is like and making fake cocktails, and comedian (and friend) Todd Armstrong joined us to talk about touring the country, living in Spokane and staying in a Yurt, and much more - have a great day friends! Don't forget that our Funemployment Radio Bingo Night (or "Springo", as Sarah calls it) is this Thursday, March 23rd at Landmark Saloon with BridgePort Brewing and Tullamore Dew Whiskey!

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Tis' the grandest day of all and time to bust out the worst accents ever, with some "Irish facts"! Plus, Greg has one of the most embarrassing stories of all time at the gym, to followup with yesterday's content. In World of Crazy: weed donated to Goodwill, toilet to tap beer, escorts in a video game parlor, Samantha in family mode. In Ball Talk: an update to the FER Tournament of Champions (insanity of the month before April). Don't forget FER Bingo Night is March 23rd, with BridgePort Brewery and Tullamore Dew whiskey!

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