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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Thank You Everybody, Cool Presents, Beer Thief, Little People, Yammering, AUSTIN RICH, CODY AUSTIN CODY, KPSU, Gifts From Cody, Radio Programming, Talkin Radio, The Nibler Show, Secrets, Brian, Ball Talk, Blazers Rule, Kings Hero, Shaq, UofO, Vick, Seattle Fans, World Of Crazy, Jem Earings, Ransom Lady, Big Gals, April, Strippers, Kenny B's Nerd Facts,

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No Music, Throwing Bodies Out The Window, Butters Concerns, Last Night, Tequila, DAN HARBISON, Who Is Dan, Radio,, A Competition, Greg And Sarah Fail, Greg Wins, Mom Fights, Monmouth-Independence, Ball Talk, Blazers, ThreeGoggles, Franchise, Ticket Scam, Fantasy Win, Sugar Cookie, Favre Fine, Moss Audio, World Of Crazy, Southern Racist Beer, Sarah Moving Party

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California, Old Oregon Sentiment, Old Videos, Attention Whores, Yay Sarah, Santa Clause, World Of Crazy, PE Kids, Fat Mom, Chubby Chasers, Eye Biting, You're Not A Man

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Presents, Feeling Old, Boxing, Bremerton, Monmouth, Church Talk, Parents, AARON DURAN, More Presents, La Brujeria, Ball Talk, LeBron Party, Shaq, Yao Done, Artest Ring, Laser Eyes, Ohio State Problems,, Sarah Smells Like Sugar Cookies

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Xmas Extravaganza, BarFly, Apartment, We Love Children, Audition, Gift Exchange, TIMBER JOEY, Salvation Army, Huge Billboard, Twas The Night Before Christmas with Old Lady and Chester Huntington III, Kenny B, Kelsey, Heather, Chapstick, Xmas Presents, Kenny B Las Vegas Stories, THANK YOU EVERYONE

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Roof Problems, Noise, Kids, Airplane Parents, Buffet, Homeless Meat, Playboy, Fancy Night In Vegas, Gregs Stripper Date, World Of Crazy, Fourteen Year Old Parents, Whizinator, Bear Scratch Band, Birthdays, Elvis

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Back From Vegas, Beer Pong, Adventures, Karaoke, Guitar Drink, Big Ass Sandwiches Party, Forgetting Band Name, Ball Talk, Blazers Good, Hitting Sideline, Worst Yankees Song, TSA Body Scanners, Mustaches

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GUEST: BILL OAKLEY, former Writer and Executive Producer of The Simpsons,  Bill reveals Sarah's swinger's club adventures, behind the scenes Conan info and a whole lot more!

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Annoying Songs, Viva Las Vegas, Little People, Peepin, Roller Coasters, Media Bowling, Podcast Awards, Big-Ass Sandwiches, Jets Confirmed, World Of Crazy, Dexter, NKOTBSB, Porn Priest, S**theads, Nipple Rip Off, Nerd Facts With Chapstick

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Santa, Tanning, Tornado, Crazy People, Meth, Lord Talk, Vegas, Ball Talk, Seattle Hornets, Redundant Names, FIFA, Capitols Dead Eyes, Address, World Of Crazy, Lotto, 4 Loko Thief, Naked Teacher, Naked Mailman, Double Rainbow Beer

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Falling Apart, Bathroom Blocking, Pant Leg, Compliments, Singing, Armpits, Botox, Ball Talk, Blazers, Not Dead, Texas Job, Bret Favre,, World Of Crazy, Polite Lotter, Slick Baby, Wendys Beating, Mice Chips

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Medford, Winery, Southern Oregon, Jets Overhead, Greg Crazy, HARI KONDABOLU, Almost Caught, Religious Statues, New Apartment, Ball Talk, Blazers, Timber Joey Ad, Iowa In Trouble, Vikings In Trouble, Jets Tripping, AUDIBLE, Keith Richards, Johnny Depp, Sarah Busted

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GUEST: AMY SCHUMER, Forgot Computer, Crazy Dream, People Eating Cows, Apartment Hunting, Kenny B Nose Hairs, AMY SCHUMER, RICK EMERSON, Kenny Nose Quarters, Wild Bill Gambling, Antler Head, Pink Panties, Nerd Facts, Mercury

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Sarah Looks Great, Rumpleminz, Apartment Hunting, Sales Job, Napping, Kenny B, Anniversary, City Of Angels, Nick Cage, Jordan Jesse Go Spot, Ball Talk, NBA Soft, Greek Fans, Oregon Fans, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Breakfast Is Served, Tube Steak Joke, Strip Club

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Rainy, Rick Emerson Show, Funemployment Radio Bingo, Wow, Home Ownership, BRIAN AND LISA WOOD FROM BIG ASS SANDWICHES, Dirty Stories, Stink, Cuddling, Taco Burrito, Dirty Stories 2, Ball Talk, Blazers, Innapropriate Nicknames, Bucky, Wisconsin Roses, Scott Stapp, Big Ass Anniversary, World Of Crazy, St. Stabbingsburg, Nickelback Talk, Working In Radio,

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No Sleep, Wintery, Scotland, Madrid, Spanish Letters, Segue, Ice Hunk, Dog Painting, AUDIBLE, Voice Over, Ball Talk, Miller Hit, Super Drunk, Anthem, Sales Rep, World Of Crazy, Fat Uncle, Boob Thief, Tomorrow

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Amazing Weekend, Cort and Fatboy's Show, SantaCon, Accidents, AARON DURAN, BarFly Xmas Xtravaganza, Asian Movies, Coatings, CASSIDYS, Ball Talk, Blazers Bad, Strike, Oregon, Chip Kelly, Mascot Stolen, Mascot Arrested, Chomp, World Of Crazy, Dane Cook, Walmart Excitement, Brooklyn, Buttock Grabbing, Donations

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Honored, Thank You Listeners,, David Walker's Movie, Awesomeness, Butts, Cock Rings, Santa Con, Dan Cummins, Bar Fly, Jon and Kathleen Baker, Ducks, Longtime Listeners, Ball Talk, Boss Wife, Apple Cup, Civil War, Kenny B, Roomates, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, COURAGE

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Fun, DAN CUMMINS, Thief, fingers, small towns, GI Joes, Destro, She-Ra, Trivia Snobs, Cedar, Repressed Catholics, Sex Is Bad, Vanilla Ice Biography, Sexy Voice, Big Announcement Tomorrow

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Apartments, Nasty One, Bum Sex, Hautned, Rommates Suck, JEN LANE OF BARFLY FAME, NY, Mothball, Barfly Bus, Mustache Ride, Ball Talk, Blazers Crappy, LTPGA, Soccer 3D, Holograms, Quidditch, Side Boob, F**ktion, NASA Announcement, Nerding Out, World Of Crazy, Norfolk Demons, Big Underwear, Aussie Marriage, Period Bracelet, TSA Happy, Barfly Christmas Party

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Dentist, Bad Mouth, The Woods, Sanatacon, Deface Our Faces, Black Friday, Long Lines, Negative, Ball Talk, LeBron Chants, Take The Money, Timbers Jerseys, Derek Anderson Laugh, World Of Crazy, Alcohol and Cigarettes, Drunk Driving Not, Nicotine Fit, Hangover Helpers, Alcoholic Whipped Cream

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Songs, Thanksgiving Weekend, Scary Drive, Hand Cutting, Hitting On Heather, Hot Tubs, AARON DURAN, Bottle Blowing, Ball Talk, Blazers, Buffalo Bills, Thank God, Nebraska Snub, Predictions, Aaron Leaves, Geek In The City Comics, Paltrow Hot, Cee Lo Green Cool

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Fancy Pants, Pearl District, Nice Room, Cowboy Spritzers, Forum Talk, Gregs Looks, Flashers, Peepers, Ball Talk, Przybilla, LeBron, Predictions, Baseball Boogie, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Sword, Breast Implants, Plumber Clogs, Metal Underwear, Happy Story

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Icey, Missing Gloves, The Descent, Stigmata, Dressing Fancy, Monica, Diet, Ball Talk, NBA Strike, Roethlisberger Punch, Missouri Song, Tommy Wiseau Liner, World Of Crazy, Thai Hooker, Coffins, Clown Toilet, iTunes

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New Liner, Cold, Snow, Weekend, Hot Chicks No, AARON DURAN, Potter Tag, Potter Porn, Clue, Ball Talk, Predictions, OSU, Bills, Silence Of The Lambs, A2M

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Eye Prong, Snowpocalypse, Plumbing Problems, Twitter, KELLY CLARKE FROM WILLAMETTE WEEK, Tweet, Hooty McBoobitty, Stud Goats, Costumes, Ball Talk, Oden, Rudy, Artest, Asian Games, NFL Porn, Science Facts Nerds

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Wow, Coffee, Plumbing Issues, HAL SPARKS, Helium, Twitter Giveaway, Kenny B Nerd Facts, Awkward Phone Calls, Interruptions

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Head Full, Coffee Kid, Sarah Angry, Bizarre Dream, Motorcycles, Phone Call, Feelin Better, Ball Talk, Blazers, Tony Parker, Shower Camera, Faking Injuries, World Of Crazy, Hollywood Publicist, Cowboy Bob, Vehicular Masturbation

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Remembering Songs, Dog Paintings, Butters, Dog Park, Ke$ha, AUDIBLE, Ball Talk, LeBron POY, Redskins, Eagles, Spitting, Jeff Reed, Floyd Mayweather, Soccer, Quiddich, Free Beer, World Of Crazy, Bed Bugs, Urinating On Police Car, Ring Swallowing, Podcast Awards

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The Weekend Bet, Shame, Victory, Cougars Beavers, Spotlight, AARON DURAN, Ball Talk, Blazers, Special Olympics, Bills, Predictions, CASSIDY'S RESTAURANT AND BAR, World Of Crazy, London, Bucket Of Urine, Terrible Video, Opening

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Just Make It Happen, Sickness, Napping, Tomei, Paying Up Bets, Ball Talk, OKC, Pierce Tweet, Bosh Sucks, Mississippi Coaches, Steelers Cops, Predictions, AUDIBLE, The Talisman, World Of Crazy, Curtis Got Slapped, Toothless Mugshot, Williamsburg Smokes, Excorcists, Raps, Eating Your Own Beard

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Making Friends, Coughing, Terrible Story, Fernet, Car Problems, Mechanic Friends, Snot Rockets, Stinky Kid, Friends, GREG BEHRENDT, Nerd Facts With Kenny B, Science Fact Nerds

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Hot, Sarah Sleep, Carrieres, Kelsey Date, Naughty Bingo, SOA, Ball Talk, Roy Problems, Tebow Sue, Sponsor Ad, World Of Crazy, Closet Masturbator, Cricket Testes, Sexy Drive Through, Mouse Man, Sandler Rules

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Facebook Comments, Nom Nom Nom, New Place, Discerning Judgement, Cosmo, Sex Poll, Ball Talk, Blazers, Seattle Fans, Murder Suspect, Diamond Encrusted Money Bag, Cam Newton, Washington Apology, Cowboys Website, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Testicles, Work Spanking, Vomit Testing, Sperm Hunter

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Wet And Cold, Friday Was Cool, Seaside, Pools, Happy Hour, Sunday Football, Dead Walkers, Screaming Girl, Gizmo Vs. ET, Ball Talk, Blazers, Betting, Lorne Green, Spitting, UO Court, TCU, Genitals, AUDIBLE, Coughing, World Of Crazy, Madonna, Hemherroids, Biggest News EVER

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1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW!  A whole bunch of stuff.

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GUEST: SKLAR BROTHERS Peter Brady Voice, Sickness, Forum, Nerd Facts With Kenny B, Voiceover Work, SKLAR BROTHERS, Hot, Portland, Fake Boobs, Sarah Voice, Stand-up, Nick Kroll, Bridgestone, Jon Hamm, St. Loius, Mr. T, Helium Comedy Club, Thanks Everyone

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Greg is out sick! But, in honor of our 1 year anniversary, here is our 100th episode!  Tech Issues, Cort And Fatboy, Big-Ass Sandwiches, Delicious, Favorite Memories, Aaron Duran Geek In The City, Custom Cosmo, Ball Talk, Brandon, Tiger, Santonio, Big Ben, Favorite Moments, Crotch Kick, Van Pelt, Entertainment News, Jesse James, Tila Tequila Rap, Karaoke Second Chance

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Proud, Voting, Dog Painting, Teeth Dreams, Steve Mason, Ball Talk, Congrats SF, Blazers, Oden, Asbestos, Transgender, OSU Worries, Roethliscock, CASSIDYS, World Of Crazy, Candy, BB Guns, E-Smokes

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Rainy, Costumes, Halloween Recap, Candy Is Spendy, Ball Talk, Maurice Lucas, Blazers, Randy Moss Out, Deion Bathroom, Predictions, High School Crazy, World Of Crazy, Perry Brand, Taylor Swift, Lion Taunting Gone Awry, Testes Shot, THANK YOU, AUDIBLE

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Madness, Costumes, Kenny Pig, AARON DURAN FROM GEEK IN THE CITY, Sangria, Ball Talk, Heat, NFL, Bret Favre, World Of Crazy, Pery Brand, Awkward, Worst Radio Play Ever

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GUEST: NICK KROLL, Eyes, Mail, Breast, Wiseau Liners, Dreams Of Jay-Z, Costumes, Whiskey, Nerd Facts With Kenny B, NICK KROLL, Ball Talk, Blazers, Cavs, SF Weed, Predictions, Butters Is Nuts, World Of Crazy, Drinks And Blood, New Monkey, What Kind Of Costume Do You Have

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New Website, Blazer Game, Club Seats, Rude Woman, Binocs, Dancers, Bozyk Awesome, Alec Baldwin Alien, Greg Dragons, Ball Talk, NBA, SF Weed, Notre Dame Lose, Paul The Octopus Conspiracies, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Tila, Drunk Mailman, 28 Days Later, Library Ejac, Balloon Boy Dad Bear Scratch

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Smelly, Apologies, CASSIDY'S, Routers, Butters, Costumes, BUY COSTUMES.COM, Ball Talk, Cleveland Hates LeBron, Heat Bet, Ocho Deion, WSU, BCS Talk, Paul The Octopus Farewell, World Of Crazy, Testie Tear, Chen Marriage, Malik Seeks Love

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode232.mp3
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Eyes, Makeup, Auditions, Pizza, Warehouse, Mall Sucks, Stood Up, Rick Contest Winner, Happy Birthday, AARON DURAN, Ghost Investigation Recap, Creepy Sounds, Ball Talk, Bayless, Predictions, Penis

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Fight, POW, Satyricon, Drink Dumping, Old Cabbie, Weird Dreams, Phone Number, Teeth Falling Out, Ball Talk, Pistons, Colts, Pac-12, Caning, ASU Theives, Ochocinco, Bret Puppetry, Ducks, VO Audition, World Of Crazy, Stealing Food, Mullet Fest, Rick Contest, Butt Muscle

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode229.mp3
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Photo Shoot, Cornhole Off, Costumes, BUYCOSTUMES.COM, Obama, Bar Dude And Girl, POW, Rick Contest, DYLAN SUMMERS, MY LIFE IN BLACK AND WHITE, Ball Talk, Kicked Out Of Concerts, Poppin Pals, Shoes, Sonics, Diaz, OSU, Eyesight, Drunk Shirtless, Hard Hits, TO Celibate, Sarah Zodiac, World Of Crazy, Mel Gibson

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Recap, Historical Fun, Dexter, Photo Shoot, Hair Talk, Attack Ships On Fire Song, Rick Emerson Contest, Ball Talk, LeBron Poetry, Maverick Kidnapping, Manchester Ladies, Helmet To Helmet, Painted Fields, Duke Rap, Sarah Clips, World Of Crazy, Bieber No Autotune, Cheeto Thief, DARE Lecture

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode227.mp3
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Paranormal investigation at Oyster Bar, History Stories, Aaron Duran, Ball Talk, Predictions Mildly Incorrect, Lincecum, Ghostly Portland, Paranormal updates

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Cold Beer, Paranormal Activity, Mystery Sound, Happy Bday Kelsey and Luke, Wine Tasting, Bike Fixing, Butt Muscle, Ball Talk, Arenas Irony, Aussie Washer, Brady Bieber, Predictions, Nerd Facts With Kenny B, World Of Crazy, Oregon Hillsboro, Lap Dances, Top Gun, Naked Knife Toter

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode225.mp3
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Bus Rides, Scratch Fights, Bloody Knuckles, OCD, Weird Traditions, Church Talk, Mary's Daughters, Ball Talk, Blazers, Fantasy Basketball, Rebel Black Bear, BCS Lesson, World Of Crazy, Greg Picks A Story, McNuptials, AUDIBLE

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Sarah Anger, Ladies With Strollers, Greg Project, Miners, Listener Emails, Copper, Ball Talk, Ron Artest Day, Arena Injury, Cleveland Calendar, Drunk Rangers, NCAA Scandal, Jwoww TNA, Crying Kid, World Of Crazy, Ohio Labor, Donut Steal, Battery And Vodka, Rwandan Hip Hop, Skin Buns, BUYCOSTUMES.COM

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Trucks, Creepy Night, Internets Out, Mafia Quiz, Ball Talk, Oden, Maloof, Allen Iverson, Rodman, 500, Pac-12, Rodgers, Wazzu Weed, Commonwealth Cobras, World Of Crazy, Celeb Breakups, Arquette, Eating Crackpipe, Penis Cutting, One-legged Goose, BUYCOSTUMES.COM

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Hearing, Birthday Talk, Boardwalk, AARON DURAN, Saturday, Shy, Investigation Plan, Ball Talk, Pryzbilla, Georgia, Hokies Pinky, OSU, UO, PREDICTIONS, Favre Dong, World Of Crazy, Coker Cox, Batman Secret, Mushroom Kisses, Secret Closet Spy, Investigations, Weird Noises On Show

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Sarah's Birthday!!, Kenny B, Kelsey, Presents, Shirt, Computer Problems, Ball Talk, Randomness, Sarahs Twentysomething Advice, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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GUEST: NICK THUNE, Bike Challenge, Cheap Apts, AUDIBLE, Talking Dolls Dream, Alien Invasion, Karaoke To Live, NICK THUNE, Ball Talk, No-Hitter, Ochocinco, Artest, Alomar SEx, Tiger Sex Tape, Bret Favre Dong, World Of Crazy, Chelsea 50, Fat Sex, Public Masturbation, Naked Man Police Station, Florida Justin Bieber

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Sarah Hair, New Beverage, Commercial Work, Set Screwups, HEATHER, Manicures, Ball Talk, Randy Moss, Danica Comic, Tiger Sex, Three Kings, Rudy Scoop, Peeper, World Of Crazy, Demi Threesome, Weezer, Blondes, Heather And Sarah Easter

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 Sarah Hair, New Beverage, Commercial Work, Set Screwups, HEATHER, Manicures, Ball Talk, Randy Moss, Danica Comic, Tiger Sex, Three Kings, Rudy Scoop, Peeper, World Of Crazy, Demi Threesome, Weezer, Blondes, Heather And Sarah Holiday

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Black Keys, CASSIDYS, Awesome, Domesticated, Weird Dreams, Britney, Clinton, Odd Conversations, Ball Talk, Blazers, The Bird, Hit In The Head, Hockey Shot, World Of Crazy, Chelsea 50, Clown For President, Girlfriend Rats Boyfriend, Naked With Mud, Courtney Love Gaga

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Twin Bums, Aussie Football, Camping Creepiness, Hot Gun, AARON DURAN, Mead, Thanks Jason, Ball Talk, Boozer Hand, Bad Bets, Ahmad, Tiger Vids, Predictions, Return Of The Quack, Sarah Car Story, World Of Crazy, Boy Vending Machine, Penis Pictures, Harry Potter, Greatest Plan Ever


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Dirty Sink, Glee, Hot, Cooking, Tile, Stripper Soup, Aussies, Arcade Fire, Pint Of Vodka, Good Shows, BIG JIM, Sunny D And Rum, Ball Talk, Nate, Rudy, Twins, Reds Smoking, Predictions, McNabb, Big Ben Hit, BIG JIM, World Of Crazy, Sister Wives, Naked Cop, Strip Club Arrest, Cocaine Pooper

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode215.mp3
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Diamond Day, Dress Like David Bowie, No Sleep, Vampire Diaries, Frenchie, Whipits, Little Person Marilyn Manson, Bike, MATT BAUNGER, Ball Talk, CLAUDIAS, Kenny B Hitting On, Gold Coast, Tour De France, LeBron, Ochocinco, Kid Bronc, World Of Crazy, Snookie

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode214.mp3
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Biking, Cornholing, Scott From Vegas, Sleeping In, Dead Things, Dexter, Ball Talk, Oden Drinking, Expensive Dinner, Playoffs, Moose, World Of Crazy, Sister Wives, True Blood Gay, Pumpkin Porn, Police Station DUI, Christmas In Jail, Wooden Phalice, Acorn Condoms, Happy Birthday

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode213.mp3
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Sleep, Counterstrike, Dreams, Pink Gloves, Free Sunglasses, NKOTB Cards, Funky, Boy Bands, Ball Talk, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Samurai Swords, Junk Grabbing, Larger Monkeys, World Of Crazy, Sex Toy Hotel, Mouth Son, Bongo Jesus, Penis Fire, BUY COSTUMES.COM

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode212.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:35am PDT

Ooooh, Aussie Rules, Cougar Hunt, Motorcycle Party, AARON DURAN, Sunny D And Rum Yum Yum, Rats, Ball Talk, Rudy, JJ Rap, MLS Mario, Predictions, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Titanic Lady, Peeing In Lightsock, Cheese And Underwear, Alien Ambassador, Paranormal Kit

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode211.mp3
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Dirty Dress, Puzzles, U8A22, LDS In D, KATU, Pizza Dream, Drivebys, BEN FROM BAGDAD, Ball Talk, Carmelo, NBA Tech, MLB Record, iPhone App, Tampa Blackout, WSU, Sunny D And Rum, World Of Crazy, Lilo In Jail, Exploding Sandwich, Dental Undressing, Twilight Sucking, PA, Preacher Man

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode210.mp3
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New Job, Special TV, Cornhole, Strip Clubs, Bar Dancing, Mystery Video, U8A22, Ball Talk, CLAUDIAS AUSSIE RULES FOOTBALL, Pac-12, Jersey Shore Athletes, Predictions, World Of Crazy, Drunk Tweets, Finger And Flash, Cell Phone Hoax, Cheap Boobs Explode

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode209.mp3
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Sarah From New York, Cornhole Palace, Naughty Bingo, Kiss On The Mouth, Leonard Skinner, Greatest Lady Ever, Ball Talk, Poor Mo, Stealing From Kids, Big Gay Larry, Joe Torre, Blue Field, Poison, World Of Crazy, Kutcher, Facebooking, Mail, Yoga Ticket, Red Sky

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode208.mp3
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Surpise, Feet, Sores, Legs, Aussies, Presents, Ball Talk, Carmelo, Shaq, Common Wealth, PAC-10, Braylon DUI, Fantasy, Rams Song, World Of Crazy, Lindsay, Crack Cocaine, Mac N Cheese, Skulls, Banks, Worm Eye, Out

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode207.mp3
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Torture, OSU, Beavers Game, Avery Park, Worlds Collide, Bowlers, Campus, Seattle, Wii, Rain, NPR, AUDIBLE, AARON DURAN, Magic Stick, Vista Bridge, Ball Talk, Shaq, Heart Attack, Bed Bugs, Predictions, World Of Crazy, Alien Insurance, Humping And Driving, Swiffer Attack, Cop Whiz, Recycling Mayhem

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode206.mp3
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Great Thing, Cornhole, KELLY CLARKE, MFNW, Ball Talk, Bret Magic, Pee Wee Exposure, Lions Cheer Leaders, NFL, Fantasy, NCAA Predictions, Cougars, Beavers, Shirts, World Of Crazy, Breaking News, Maggots, Naked McPoyle, Feet Stink, Tow Truck, Happy Birthdays, BUYCOSTUMES.COM

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode205.mp3
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Dooshy, Kid, Mad Hatter, Jets, Kenny B, Chops, CHRISTIAN FINNEGAN, Crazy Dreams, Africa, Celebrity, Ball Talk, TWolves, China, Bret Hair, Shannon Sharpe, Togo Fake, Boats, Boats, Boats

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode204.mp3
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Starting, The Show, Jell-o, Salad, VIP, Falling, Bees, Tuggy Recap, Ball Talk, Reggie, Pittsburgh Drunk, UO, Azteca Ines, Shaq, Pushups, World Of Crazy, Casey, Joaquin, Drunk Woman Pigs Feet, Kim K, Porn Assembly, Joaquin Rap, Ronnie And Sammi True Blood

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Forums, Cornhole Injuries, Bad Service, D.A.R.E., Assemblies, Central Rap, Hepatitis, Ball Talk, Texting, Pole Dancing, VolleyZou, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Chelsea Handler, Hilton Coke, Aliens, Penis Heads, Birthdays

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode202.mp3
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Ok, Beards, Family Reunion, The Gories, Punk Show, Stripper Soup, Giant Beachball, Hiking, AARON DURAN, Romulan Ale, Ball Talk, Artest, China, LJ, Defecate, Timbers Awesomeness, Predictions, Super Bowl Champ, World Of Crazy, Lindsay, Four Loko, Klingon Opera, Worst Story Ever, Greg House

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Kielan Song, 200, Greg Proops, Book, DAWN TAYLOR, RICK EMERSON, and the debauchery continues from there.

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Greg Proops of Whose Line Is It Anyway and a billion other things joins Funemployment Radio for a discussion about anything and everything

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  • Weird, Car Ride, Gas, One Finger Wave, Being Erica, Porch Whistler, Dreams, SOA, Butters Growling, Bumble Bee Cave, Naked Methheads, Water Bugs, Plantimal, Ball Talk, Rodman Sex, The Anvil, Lacy Thongs, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Britney, Sister Wives, Cow Urine, BC Children
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Ominous, Frozen, Stripper Soup, Football, Hunting For Dead Things, Bumble Bees, Fantasy Football Party, Tuggy Shots, Hippies, Methhead Tales, Ball Talk, Shaq, T.Ocho, Mildly Incorrect, Lingerie Footbal, Aaron Rodgers, World Of Crazy, Closet, Butthole, Naked Car, Nipples

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GUEST: TODD GLASS, Results, Methheads, Dead Things, Jenny, Ball Talk, Predictions, Big Ben, TODD GLASS, World Of Crazy, Randomness, Guns In Pockets, Fishing Reel In Pants

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Happy 90210 Day, Malt Liquor, Quiz, Twilight, Dentist, Annoying Chick, Worst Audio Ever, Yoko, Ball Talk, Twitter Problems, Stalking, Lakers, Steve News, Timbers, College Football Starting, Random Lawsuits, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy 90210 Day, Pubes For Breakfast, Road Modeling, Doll Girlfriend, Smoking Baby, Florida With Trees, 90210 Quiz

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Free Coffee, Special Stuff, Crazy People, Private Number, Laughing Boy, Facebook Unfriending, Ball Talk, Golf Fire, Masoli, Drunk Lion, Browns Gun, Manny, World Of Crazy, Parole, Baboons, Incest Is Best, Wiffle Ball Beating, Calf Milk

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Acquaintance, Sub Captain, True Blood Dreams, Accents, Too Loud, Angry Neighbors, Mailman, Ball Talk, Troy Hair, EWU, Jordans, Sex Roulette, Doll Race, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Paris Purse, Facebook Guilt, Florida With Trees, Mooning, C**k Sock

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Headphones, Floor Thing, Busker, Gresham Adventures, Wind River, Dylan, Edgefield, Public Urination, AARON DURAN FROM GEEK IN THE CITY, Greg House, Weird Connections, Disturbances, Ball Talk, U of O, Bengals Cheerleader, Overage Player, Russian Soccer, Kahlua, World Of Crazy, Paris Coke, Yard Sale Etiquette, Kissing, Giant Animals, Penis Cut

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Portland Timbers, Road Sodas, Hellraiser, 7th Sign, Bites, MRSSA, Greg's Casting Couch, Governator, Toys, Ball Talk; Carmello, John Mcenroe, Notre Dame, Old Man, "Heeeee, World of Crazy; Steaks, Pomegranite, Vaseline, Vagina Tree, Bremmelows, Shoplifting, Porn and Driving, 90201/Pee Wee Quizes, Ghosts, Whistling.

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Coffee, Bite, Sauvie Island, Frogs, Adventureland, Softball, Oregon Vortex, AUDIBLE.COM, PGE, Trains, Happy Birthday

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Seriously, K Falls, Sarah Dude, Butters River, Kenny G, Ball Talk, Tebow, Bosh, BREAKING NEWS, Hawktimus Prime, CASSIDYS, World Of Crazy, Lindsay, Shot In Head, Bike Argument, Harry The Crocodile, Trolololo

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Phone Dialing, Out Of Gas, Shoe Mill, Deer Louse, BIG THING, Ball Talk, Shaq, Olympics Slang, Pinella, Arm Wrestling, FFL, World Of Crazy, Angry Wife, Florida Peeing, Eating Glasses, Male Model, Port Angeles, ANDY WOOD, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Helium Club, Andy Loves John Mayer

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We're Back, Soap Box, Sweaty, Almost Arrested, Road Trip, Shasta, Deer, Bears, Bugs, AARON DURAN FROM GEEK IN THE CITY, Ball Talk, Rudy Little Bitch, Brett, Pete, Shasta BJ, OSU Threepoint, World Of Crazy, 90210, Sookie And Bill, Heidi Montag, Maternity Groping, Tila Feces, Feces Pool Smearing

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Lisa and Brian Wood from BIG-ASS SANDWICHES in-studio, Listener party stories to Lisa's favorite people to work with, food cart tales, beer drinkin, terribly inappropriate ideas for band names, and all-around awesomeness.

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Funemployment Radio Vacation 10

BEST OF- includes such hits as Sarah’s embarrassing admission that she is obsessed with Titanic, Greg and Sarah do Ronnie and Sammi, Barry Sobel – comedian extraordinaire, Greg sings Kermit the Frog Karaoke geniusly, Rick Emerson talks about a whale that killed it’s captor, Bob Hope and his whores, Billy Starship and Bob Johnson take over the world.  Thanks for listening!

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Funemployment Radio Vacation 9

Kelly Clarke from Willamette Week joins us and we get to know new Funemployment Radio Intern Kenny B a lot more....including something creepy.

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BEST OF-The show includes: the infamous ‘poops on poops’, Brandon from Dublin Down & his hooker stories, Tugboat lore with the infamous Tuggy, Kelly Clarke and an addition of Romancing the Spammer, Drive-by flasher and trampoline masturbator, our interview with Meat Loaf, and one of the most embarrassing karaoke songs ever.  We love you long time.

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Funemployment Radio Vacation 7

Aaron Duran from Geek In The City joins us for a discussion of Greg's Ghosts, Sarah's World Of Crazy Story and a Dating Conundrum that Sarah finds herself in.

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Muff, Rooftop, Boot Story, Soapbox, Knife, Kenny B, BIG JIM, Kenny Talk, Kenny Sutra

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MuuMuu, Laundry Stories, Microwave, Soapbox Derby, Camping, Suggestions, Ball Talk, Wife Beating, King James, Beckham, Randy Johnson, Father-in-law Beating, Pete Rose, AUDIBLE.COM, World Of Crazy, George Michael, Semen Squirter, Donald Duck Groper, Toad Kissing

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Anita, Bus, Traffic, Indian Food, Tanning Guy, Boot People, Greg Quotes, Sarah Karaoke Clip, Ball Talk, Nets, Rabbi, Lawn Bowling Penis, True Blood, Baseball Fight, CASSIDYS, KELLY CLARKE OF WILLAMETTE WEEK, World Of Crazy, Tila News, Pees In Lungs

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Mexican Casserole, Breakfast, Coffee, Chicken Crowns, BumbleBee Nest, Video Game People, True Blood, Ball Talk, Sheed, Little Bitches, Internet People, MC Hammer, World Of Crazy, Train Makes Crazy, Stripper Church, Nugget Madness, County Law

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Flat, Shout out, Camping, Cuts, Bremerton, Bumble Bees, Ball Talk, Isaiah, NCAA Poll, Tebow, Disheveled And Soiled, Romo Bitch, Sauna, Swallow, World Of Crazy, Gibson Dad, Britney, Alive Baby, Feces, AARON DURAN FROM GEEK IN THE CITY

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