Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

We are joined by the wonderful Kevin Allison of Risk!

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Greg Spoiler Trolls Sarah, Not True But A Stabbing Could Happen, The Most Portland Hipster Ever, Not Into Possessions, An Electric Guitar, WoC, Pizza Box Pizza, Bellybutton Beer, Chicken Wing Fight, Time-traveling President, Young Obama, Draft Scandal, Conquering The Canadians, Blazers, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUEST: JEN KIRKMAN, The Party Reveal, Step By Step, Fully Clothed, Standing And Staring, What Are Rich People Like, Alaska, JEN KIRKMAN, New Book, I Know What I'm Doing And Other Lies I Tell Myself, Hollywood Theater, WoC, Stealing Signs, Chicken Rings, Chicken Shells, Stolen Signs, Potato Messages, WORTHY & ELYSIAN

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GUEST: Helen from Bridgetown Comedy, Another Greg Among Us, What Did He Do, The Niblers Of Germany, Caribou Island, Sarah Lost Her Phone, HELEN from BRIDGETOWN COMEDY, Volunteer for the Festival now, WORTHY BREWING, ELYSIAN BREWING

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GUEST: Chris from Megathruster, Two Days In A Row, Amazon, They Mystery Room, What Was In There, Sarah's Apartment, Who Let It Out, The Dumbwaiter, FER BREWER'S CUP CORNHOLE ANNOUNCEMENT, CHRIS WAFFLE FROM MEGATHRUSTER, Watching Minecraft, Guardian Shield,

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Talking To Strangers, Amazon, Sarah Bartender Fraternity Party, Stereotypes Good And Bad, Excuse Me Maam, May I Have Some Water, Exclusive Party, Eyes Wide Shut, WoC, Lady Ted Cruz, Florida With Trees, Bush Baby, Ball Talk, Las Vegas Raiders, Deflategate Back

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GUEST: STEVE BYRNE, They Love Greg, Dumb Ass, Guy Popping The Hood, Hair Pulling In A Bad Way, Naples, STEVE BYRNE at Helium Comedy Club, Coffee, Hockey, Prince, WoC, Naked Restaurant, Steak Chase, Meth Bonus, Ball Talk, Brazil

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We Try To Be A Happy Show, But RIP Prince, Prince Out There Doing Prince Stuff, What's Living In The Shed, Worms, 80s Villains, On The Record, WoC, WalMart Royal Tweeter, Baby Names Fee, 30 Year Old Ball Player, UFC 2

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Bad At Texting, Infomercial Guy, Break Them Down, Build Them Up, Sent To Wrong Person, Feeling Fat, Embarrassing Text, WoC, Boatie McBoatface, Cheetos Puffs, Conspiracy Theorist, Secureteam 10, 4 Years In Future, Ball Talk, Messing Up UFC, Kardashian Kryptonite Kat Nip, Charlie Villanueva Westbrook

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Pizza Week Is An Exciting Week, Sarah Is The Pizza Queen, Eating It Weird, The Methhead Run In Felony Flats, Card Tables, The RV Running, Meth Trap For Stealing Cars, Up To No Good, WoC, White Paint, Dollar Plate, French Statue, Skunk Ape

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So Excited Fateful Findings, YouTube Gem, Sarah Watches Movies So You Don't Have To, No More Books, Author, Writer, Director, Star, Magic Bracelet, Black Rock, The Shed Findings, WoC, Smelly Can, Bowl Woman, Donor, Ball Talk, Kobe Air, NHL Smack

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Who Would Be The Killer, Grave Enthusiast, Greg Is Bothered By Charmin Bears, WoC, Selfie Bench, Drone Peepin, 70k Whale Vomit, Stealing Chicken Strips On A Rascal, Jen Kirkman Hollywood Theater Giveaway, Ball Talk, Mic Drop, Gala Recap, Crazy Ride

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Greg Is In An 80s Movie, Developers Moving In, Goonies, Methhead Stories, Porsche, Muffy, Chadwicks & Gregorys, WoC, Buzz Lightyear, 94 Hours Of TV, Sweatpants Bus, Florida Man, Ball Talk, Black Magic, Kobe Last Game

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Ray Summers At Large, The Ducks Lady Judy, Greg & Old Mrs. Withersby, Boston Dynamics Robot Sympathizer, Picking On Robots, WoC, Hot Dog, Stolen Ring, UFOs, Ball Talk, Political Ads, Kobe Last Game, Warriors And The Record, NHL Stanley Cup Champs

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What To Wear To Prom, July 22nd, Finally A Prom For Everyone Solo To Groups, Monocles, Puffy Dresses, Lawnmower Issues, Yelling A Lot, Giving Money to Strangers, Schmuck, WoC, Hamburglar Update, Potato Diet, Sausage Spill Party, Florida Man

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Everyone Has A National Day, Amazon, Cheese Fondue Day, Ferrets, Greg vs. Greggs, National Greg Day, WoC, Hamburglar, German Casino, Help On Island, Ball Talk, Jordan Speith, Johnny Football Meltdown, Warriors Basketball, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUEST: ESTHER POVITSKY, Greg's Dreams Do Come True, Epic Speech, GNFNR, Summer Of Greg, Monacles, ESTHER POVITSKY, Boxed Water, Alone Together, Weird Adults, Going To The Fancy Party, Black and Gold, Monacles and Canes, WOC

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GUEST: ALEX FALCONE, Upset Sarah, What You Buy, Festival Clothes, The Australian Dream, Obscure References, Tricking Your Own Mind, The Lady Is Back, ALEX FALCONE, Late Night Action, Classy Man Takes Showers, Belts, Finger Belt, Cheese, Bees, Politics, Kobe Last Day

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Code Green, Amazon, Old Men At A Concert, Methy McGee, Get Off The Stairs, Testing The Limits, Thank You Matt, Dead Moon, WoC, Dahmer House, Stripper, Crab Legs, Ball Talk, Congrats Ginny Champion

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GUESTS: EMMA HILL & BRYAN DASTE, Felon Love Recap, The Dickies, Cool Karl, Chew & Guns, Pinching, Sweet In It's Own Way, EMMA HILL & BRYAN DASTE at Kay's Bar, Alaska, Touring Europe, Denali, Ellie Goulding Concert, Drunk Blonde Girls, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUEST: BIG JIM WILLIG, A Surprise Wedding, THANKS RAINIER & LANDMARK & ASYLUM, The Vows, Sarah Is In Control, A Felon, Weapons Charges, Joining A Gang, NEXT ADVENTURE, BIG JIM WILLIG, Jim Is Heading To PA, Prison Weddings, Jim Is Just F'ing Awesome, MLB Prediction

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