Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Cup President, Nerd Awards, Fancy Condo, Kenny B, Oh, Kenny B, Nerd Facts, AUDIBLE, Ball Talk, AA Wins, Prom, Tiki Barber, Bad News Bills, World Of Crazy, Aarow For Cell Phone, Watermelon Face, Body Inflated, Urine Perfume

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GUEST: BOBBY LEE, Confessions, Behind The Scenes, Curb Your Enthusiasm, MAD TV, Drug Addiction, Feeling Yourself and What A Woman's Smile Says About Her.  Seriously Amazing Interview!

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Patty Rules, College Campuses, Bobcat Hunting, Country, Reality TV Is Weird, Tyler is Creepy, Dreams Of Racing Cows, Tabor, Romancing The Spammer, Ball Talk, Laker Coach, Matrix Reality Show, Noodling, OSU Gambler, KIELEN KING STAR PILOT'S LAMENT, Are You Gay?, ROMANCING THE SPAMMER SAMPLE

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Smart And Stuff, Actor Party, Kid Adults, Muppets Are Back, He-Man vs. She-Ra, Going Home, Frog Sticks, Dog Painting, World Of Crazy, Casino Fleas, London Eye, Mouth Things

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Hacked, Sportlandia, Cougars, Cornhole, Car Accidents, Letters, AARON DURAN, La Brujeria, Ball Talk, Barkley, Qatar, Live Mistake, Special guest Jeff, World Of Crazy, Apocalypse, Naked Condoms, Fleshy Scabbard, Blugugugugugug

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RIP Macho Man, End Of The World, Saved, Ball Talk, LeBron Nike China, Tony Longoria, Bike Dope, Bruins Signs, KENNY B, Costa Rican Tales, Updates, Nerd Facts With Kenny B

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GUEST: DOV DAVIDOFF, Levels, Doomsday, Morning DJ's, Aliens, Meat On Her Bones, AUDIBLE, Ball Talk, LeBron Rich, Raiders Cuts, Candlestick Bowling, DOV DAVIDOFF, World Of Crazy, Kid Fire, Hidden Camera, Drugs For Salads, Obama Birthers, Frozen Urine, Man Baby

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Hot, Happy Hour, AUDIBLE, One Legged Bird, Jack In Box, Tainted, Roll On Columbia, Song About Mt. St. Helens, Harry Truman, Ball Talk, Dirk, Rigged, Barkley, Kareem Snubbed, Human Heat-ipede, Humblest Apologies, Birthdays, World Of Crazy, Planking, Twitter Celebs, Surprise!

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Kenny Is Poisoning Us, Working On The Set, Craft Services, Sarah Day, Bridesmaids, Wiig, WP, May 21st End, Terrible Beer, Ozujsko, Ball Talk, NBA Draft, Barkley, Steinbrenner FBI, Cowherd, Nympho, Snow Days

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Coffee Amount, Messiah Complex, Cult, Sportlandia,, Washers, Bike Riding, Crazy Karaoke, Baby Showers, AARON DURAN, Aarons Sister, Podcasting, Ball Talk, OKC, Suns President, Gasol Woman, Bonilla Money, Hayden, Hey Bulls, Prison Talk, Blue Denim, Don't Talk To Them, Dog Facts, Aaron Secrets

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GUEST: BRUCE BRUCE Friday The 13th, Nightmare, Reasons To Watch, Japanese Forest, BRUCE BRUCE,, Ball Talk, Jackson NY, Alabama Reporter, Larry  Bird Super Fan, World Of Crazy, Ashton Kutcher, Manners, Woman Seat, Woman Cleared For Pleasure

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Excited For Rick, Anonymous Tab Man, Stolen or Not,KENNY B from Costa Rica, Loudest Background Noise Ever, Defending Comments, KIELEN, Ball Talk, Congrats Aldridge, Bynum, Oprah, Pole Dancing, AUDIBLE, Andy Dick, Plastic Surgery, Yes, Airplane Doors, Bad Seat

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Hair, Blood Sugar, Half Off Toothpaste, RICK EMERSON, ZOMBIE ECONOMICS.COM, Book signing tomorrow, Rick reads a passage

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Sometimes Offend, The Story That Wasn't Told, Car Accident, Fighting In The Streets, Dukes Up, Ball Talk, Memphis, Dwight Don't Go, Benny, Tampa Arrests, Rodman Retired, World Of Crazy, Arnold Single, Whitney Crack, Open Plane Door, Handcuffs, Snoop Charlie Song, HALE MEDNICK, Director of MESSIAH COMPLEX

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KYD, Crazy Weekend, Portland Meadows Awesome, Gamblers, Sportlandia, Locker Room, Hats, Cornhole, Thanks To Listeners, Backyard Party, Washers, Bremerton, Accidents, Greg Is Old Person, Allergies, KIELEN, Plasma Shells, Space Captain, Love Seeking, Kielen's Profile, Ball Talk, Mavs Win, Lakers Collapse, Cubs Announcer, Pirate Lady, Fearsome Pirates

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So Excited, So Scared, Allergy Night, Dance Contest, Eastbound And Down, Bum or Hobo, Ball Talk, Mavs Lakers, Bad Tweet, Space Coach, Singing Boxer, PORTLAND MEADOWS KENTUCKY DERBY PARTY, Pick Your Horse, Home Alone House, British Accent, Gun In Privates, KIELEN SINGLE

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Holiday, 4th, Jazz Music, Roomate Night, Timbers Game, Lisa Rocks, Stand-Up Night, Pennies, Humping Stools, Andy Kindler On Tomorrow, TIMBER JOEY, Shaving Heads For Charity,, Ball Talk, Derrick Rose, Axl Brother, Canuck Friday, PORTLAND MEADOWS KENTUCKY DERBY PARTY, Mark, British Slang

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Falling Down, Sarah Helmet, Movie Night, Game Of Thrones, Graphic, Eastbound, Kenny Powers, Gym People, Scream Lady, Naked Dude, Crazy Cat Lady, Ball Talk, Mavericks Beat Lakers, Jameer Nelson Smack Talk, Mendenhall Comments, Youth Bets, Tyson Tat, Crazy Coach, PORTLAND MEADOWS KENTUCKY DERBY PARTY, Different Horses, World Of Crazy, Beard, Lady Cheese, Spotsylvania, Ka-ching

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Osama Gone, Where Were You, Backyard, Rat Nest, Wood Chipper, BBQ, PORTLAND MEADOWS KENTUCKY DERBY, Cornhole Toss, Ladies Hat Contest, AARON DURAN, Comic Books, Superman Shows, Ball Talk, Metal Detectors, Lebron Cheating, Draft Mistake, Hockey Cards, Kronum League, Creepy Things Said To Greg, Nerd Facts In Homage To Kenny B

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