Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Lady Gaga, Off A Bit, Eyebrows, AARON DURAN, Jury Duty Rules, Sarah Will Talk Too Much, Ball Talk, Krimson Tyde, Aaron Rodgers, KD Whole Life, World Of Crazy, Women Are Insand And Stabby

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Not Pink Eye, Zombie Sarah, Special Dog Or Special Greg, Propane Gun, Classy Santa Jacquie, Facebooking In Church, Crazy Priest, American Idol Kids, World Of Crazy, Stoddenm, Kesha Songs, Florida With Trees, Meth Pleasure

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GUEST: KENNY B, Delirious, New Xmas Song, Art, Peeping On Lives, Spotting People, Kenny B, Xmas Baby, Presents, Bestie Visit, Sarah Leaves, Someone Watching Greg, Don't Go Too Far, Nerd Facts vs. Science Facts

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GUEST: RYAN HAMILTON, Free Samples, Breaking Boot News, Insurance Lesson, Greg Is Not A Man, Rachel Package Update, Ball Talk, Boitano Shocker, World Of Crazy, McD Job Interview, Operation Happy Holidays, Ryan Hamilton, Helium Comedy Club, Airport Fiasco, Science Facts, Eggnog, Xmas Trees

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No Lifts, New Pics Thanks Kevin, Tired, Hitting The Mirror, The Poking, Rachel Mystery Continues, Dry Ice Package, Jon And M&Ms, Ball Talk, Joffrey, Russell Wilson, Snow Bowl, 49ers Troll, You're A Mean Jerry Jones, World Of Crazy, Florida Man, Alligator For Beer, Homemade Gun, Santa Claus, Willie Mitchell, Age Quiz

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GUEST: MATT FROM SECRET SOCIETY, Treasure Hunting, Dumpster Diving, Rachels Packages, Ball Talk, US Trolls Russia, Wilson Jerseys, Seahawks Songs, MATT, A Contest, Champagne Coups, Redemption, Marie Antoinette, Amazing Concerts, The Satin Chaps, Jeni Wren, Pete Krebs, New Years Day

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Everything Is Going To Be Fine, Helicopter Rich, ASYLUM, Runny Eggs, Prancer And The Terrible Girl, Ball Talk, St Jetersburg, Rodman And Kim Jong Un, World Cup Stadium, Linderful Tonight, World Of Crazy, Harold Camping, Santa Fights, Eating Necklaces, Smurfs 2, OFFICE BREAK GIFTS

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GUEST: RYAN MCCLUSKEY, AARON DURAN, Country Versus City, A Big Kirfuffle, That Poor Seal, Tami With An I, Uncomfortable Position, Ball Talk, Seahawks Cars, Mics Are Hot, Greg's Haunted House, Ryan's Tale Of The England Vicarage, Banshees, Calling Home

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GUEST: PHIL PALISOUL, Wooing The Pocketbook, Shelling Out Some Clams, Sugar Mamas, Old Timey Voice, Ball Talk, Germans Sound Weird, World Of Crazy, Public Joys, PHIL PALISOUL at HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Afghanistan, Great Person, Great Comedian

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GUEST: CHARLENE CONLEY, Dumpster Diving, Treasure Hunting, Taking The Rich People Stuff, Full Of Bodies, Attention Discovery Channel, World Of Crazy, Breakfast Sandwich Stabbing, Church Of Comedy, Charlene And The Wicker Chairs, Hitting On Post Office Ladies

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Mars Change Of Plans, Bad Dating Site, Dictator Of Mars, Outside Is Dangerous, Ball Talk, Prank Arrest, Rock Paper Scissors, Fire Questions, World Of Crazy, Beaverton Lipstick, Port St. Lucie Water Gun, Walmart Bathroom, McD's Incidents, Glued To Seat, Bad Pranks With Milk

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Episode 1000 part 1, A Grand Of Shows, Our Listeners Are Awesome, TIM RILEY, OFFICE BREAK GIFTS, Hot To Touch, It Grows In Your Hand, Tim Is Fantastic, Behind The Scenes At Back Fence PDX, Greg Telling Stories

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BIG LISTENER PARTY ANNOUNCEMENT, February 22nd 2014, Big Speech Day, Aaron Duran, M&Ms, Krampus The Legend, Ball Talk, Don't Say Suck, World Of Crazy, Tired Shopper, Swords For Tacos, Tomorrow Tim Riley, OFFICE BREAK GIFTS DOT COM

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GUEST: JUDAH FRIEDLANDER, Snow, 30 Rock, Squatch vs. Bigfoot, 90210, Monster Project, Fitting In, Santaland Diaries, Fantastic Show, Greg Gets Rear-ended, SantaCon Debauchery, World Of Crazy, Victoria Secret Man Shopping, Moobs, Cheating Radiologist, Ball Talk, LeBron Movie, Predictions, Science Facts, Santa Cookies, Santacon Rapid Reload

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Tagalong, Moving On Up, Trading Places Greg, Citizens Arrest, Play Attire, Scotch, Fancy Duds, Kissing Hands, World Of Crazy, Dandelion Ear, Unicorns 4 Sale, Wife Swap Gone Wrong, Blunt Burger, Broken Glass, Knitting, Grenada, Patch, ASYLUM

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GUESTS: SARAH WAGENER, TUGGY, TRISTAN, Gregnog Is Out, Sweatshirts, Gorgeous, Hitting On Chicks, Dating Power, World Of Crazy, Dirty Birds, Mariner Facts, Hilarity Ensues

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GUESTS: BRI PRUETT, NICK WALKER, Swirly Fingers, New Job, Special, Deceitful, Back Fence Nerves, Two Cats, Cat Caller, Ball Talk, Seattle Eartquake, Refs, Bri and Nick, Funny Over Everything, Getting The Start, Open Mics, Power Suit Ladies, Hollywood Theatre

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Itching Toxic Bubbles Of Seattle, Bad Cream, Bad Beavers, Black Friday, Bambie The Maybe Serial Killer, Mother Or Daughter, Ball Talk, Alabama Auburn, Oh My Lord In Heaven, Hawk On, World Of Crazy, Oregon Wood, Taser Black Friday, Scarf Thief, Bathroom Dye, Nose Biter, October Lip, OFFICE BREAK GIFTS, Tim Riley

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Thanksgiving Show, Recovering, Conquered The Juice, Uncle Friends, Xmas Comes Early, Ball Talk Predictions, Sharky Poem, Dr. Science Thanksgiving Facts, Turkey Tired, Pilgrim Belts, Pop Up Turkey Timer

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Juicing, How Much Is Too Much, Sugar Rush, Treasures In The Car, An Anthology of Sarah, World of Crazy, Whor License Plate, Beth Davis In Walmart, Santa Fell, Goddess On Train, Ball Talk, Date With Derek, Mizzou Fans, Dating Advice For Kielen, Crashing

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GUESTS: AARON DURAN and LOVELY JENN, Holidays, Shame Foods, Hiding The M&Ms, Annoying Neighbors Legally, Auction Off The Bits, World Of Crazy, 50 Shades Of Gray, 13 Bottles, Dr. Conrad, Ball Talk, Rose, Kobayashi, Megatron Shoes, Outburst Verbal Explosions

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Speaking, Announcing Some News, Pretending To Be Prestigious, Lot Of People, Backfence PDX, Practicing The Read, World Of Crazy, Stodden and Old Dudes, Stealing Liquor, Jesus Toenails, Turban And High Heels, Ball Talk, Predictions, Fact Check, Science Facts, Snow, Toenails, Tadpoles and Frogs

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GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, Big Thing Can't Say, New Part-Time Job, Paid Peeper, Old Lady Sarah Jogging, World Of Crazy, Cotton Balls, Love Story Of Linda And Bruce, NATHAN BRANNON, Willamette Week Funny People, Nathan On Pandora, Hamster Village Returns, Nathan Is Awesome

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Sticky, Dumpster Chairs, Dressing Alike, New Graffiti, CTU, CTL, Meegug, Going Undercover, Street Wise, Dirt Roads, M-Town, World Of Crazy, Eminem Mathers, Door Knob Ban In Vancouver, Stealing Intimate Treasures, Goodwill Exposure, Skatomancer

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GUEST: CHARLENE CONLEY, Sasquatch Guide, Signs, Greg's List, LA Bound, Party Sailing, Cat Lady Hermit, World Of Crazy, Brittany Murphy, Woman Proof Car, Ball Talk, Eating The Goods, Jameis Winston, THE CALL OF THE LAUGHS, Comedyaoke, Cat In A Cooler

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Jogging In The Rain, AARON DURAN, Dreams Of Terror, Becoming Meth, American Idiot The Musical, Demonstrating Songs, Lillith Fair, Ball Talk, Dave and Busters, Missing Dreads, Qatar Building, Jaguar Songs, World Of Crazy, Walmart Witches, Helping The Poor, Drive-time at the Drive-In, Accidental Housewives

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Chauffeur Sarah, Going To His Head, Bob Newhart Bus, What Is Happy, World Of Crazy, Free Donuts, Firehose Loving, Ball Talk, The Glove, Predictions, Dr. Science, Light Bulbs, Muscles, Alcohol

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GUEST: NEAL BRENNAN, Zombie Apocalypse, Local Comics Do Dirty, Comedy Practice, Chappelle, Helium Comedy Club, All The Coffee, Fancy Shoot, Oregon Trail, Meth Heads Follow, Ball Talk, Beard, Vandal, World Of Crazy, Manure Lover, Pandoras Box, Bigfoot Food

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GUESTS: LISA WOOD and AARON DURAN, Greg Is Out, What Goes On, Shenanigans, Literal Ball Talk, Hilarity Times 1000

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GUEST: DON CRAWLEY, On The Acting Bus, Friendliest Face, Ninja Magazine, Too Much Money, Ball Talk, thunder, Gronk-Tini, Michigan President, World Of Crazy, Clint Eastwood Poncho, Rent A Boyfriend, THE COMPASSIONATE GEEK, Sausages For Sarah, Bolo Ties, Customer Service For Everyone, Communicating With People, JACK LONDON BAR, Don Rocks!

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GUESTS: GHOST MINE'S LARRY AND STACIE OVERMAN from SYFY, Table Read, Clubbing, Krunk, AARON DURAN, Shame Run, OryCon,  World Of Crazy, Stodden, Raft Love, Waffle House v. IHOP, LARRY and STACIE, History Of The Mine, Stacie and Larry,

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10 Sausages, What Is A Muse, KENNY B, Throw Eggs, Dumbest Smart Person, A Calamity Of Errors, Wingers, Kelsey, Ball Talk Predictions, Science Facts, Baby Corn, Sausages, Science Juices

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GUEST: REX NAVARRETE, Eccentric Sarah, Sarahcising, Nature's Hose, Greg's List, Event Hosting, A Message For Squatch, World of Crazy, Chicks, Too Much Drinking, Baby Bullying, Devil Runner, Jumping Out Of Car, Running Over For McD's, ASYLUM, Ball Talk, Big Day, Ryan Lochte, REX NAVARETTE, Portland, Attack Roosters, All Around The World, Rex Rocks

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GUEST: BEN MUSHOLT, Hide The Sandwich, Thank you, Inspirational Speech, Inside Your Ears, World Of Crazy, Ninjas, Whooping Cough PDX, Art Bell No More, Brazilian Spiders, Ball Talk, Taser Bet, Rodgers, Bacon Basketball Wiggles Tomahawk, BEN MUSHOLT, Mad Skills, American Ninja Warrior, Thor Preview

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GUESTS: BILL OAKLEY, TUGGY, 4th Anniversary Drinking Show, Special Intro, Celebration, FER Encyclopedia, Tuggy, World Of Crazy 2009, Great Sponsors, Ball Talk 2009, BILL OAKLEY, Rich Legs, Simpsons, Day In The Life, Safe Way, Portlandia, Funemployment Radio Karaoke

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Tinder Time, Judging, AARON DURAN, Paying For Everything, The Secret Society Nightmare Before Christmas, Neighbor Riddle, World Of Crazy, New Full House, Courtney Stodden Single, Replacing Gay, Squatch Watch, Ball Talk, Usain Nuggets, Nuggets Falling, Richie Incognito Sucks

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Pee Wee Jealousy, Creepy Sarah, KENNY B, A Day In The Life, Becoming A Hermit, Jars Of Stuff, Have You Ever, Ball Talk, Bullying, Predictions, World Of Crazy, Stodden Single, Mashed Potato Fight, Weird Proposal, Curly Fries, Science Facts, Stars, Pumpkins, Glowsticks

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GUEST: DAN CUMMINS, FrankenSarah, Scary Makeup, Pee Wee, Fire Alarm, NorthBest Comedy, Told To Be Mean, Sarah Jokes, Put A Turd On It, Ball Talk, Boston, What Did He Do, Dr. J Relaxes, World Of Crazy, Robbing Bikinis, Protection, A Great Offer, Sarah Standup, DAN CUMMINS, Writing For Reality, Helium Comedy Club, Dan Rocks

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GUEST: MARTIN CONNOLLY, Sous Chef Thieves, K2, KATU, Beardnets, Sarah's Creepiest Relatives, World Of Crazy, Wine Shortage, Beaverton Exposure, Astronaut Heckling, A Statement From Martin, Tips To Stop The Sous Chefs, Catmint, Northbest Comedy Competition

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Night Poems, Sweatshirts, The Happening In The House, Witness, Smoke Alarm Commands, Not Crazy Or Way Crazy, WoC, Carnie Trust, Winder Woman, Halloween Costumes Come To Life, New Health Drink, Ball Talk, Short Running Back, The Gronks, Squatch Watch

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Mean Mugging At The Drive-Thru, NSync Beard, AARON DURAN, Zombie Run Awesomeness, Willow Creek Bigfoot Movie, The Conjuring, Haunted Dolls, World Of Crazy, Saving Beer From A Fire, 121 Twinkies, Scenty Cell Phones

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GUEST: ANDY KINDLER, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Wrist Watch Network, Fair To Midland, Nybler And Dielan, Curling Iron Welding, Walking In On Ladies, Ball Talk, Name Change, Sharky On Halloween, Kenda, Science Facts, Fog, Birds, Age Reversal

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Goth Sarah, What Is It, Lights On The Car, Steps Up The Stairs, World Of Crazy, Sweden Love, 55 Year Old Homecoming Queen, Gas Filtering Underwear, BART Love, Ball Talk, Eagles Thief, Bullying Coach, 91-0, Drug Pigeons

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GUEST: MATT from THE SECRET SOCIETY, Wake-up Text, Burning, Stoves, She-Ra, Died In House, 3 Ladies, Very Portland Famous, MATT, 116 NE Russell, Zombies, Halloween Costumes, How To Act, Debating, The Saloon Ensemble, Midnight Serenaders, Nightmare Before, Secret Society Is Awesome

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode968.mp3
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GUESTS: FROM THE GUTTERS, Ryan McCluskey, Jamie Rich, Martin Vavra, Burner On, Memory Test For Greg, Halloween Costume Debate, Ball Talk, Ticket Deal, Kitty Bowl, Tebow, FROM THE GUTTERS.COM, Great Interviews, IGPAIN, The Beginnings, Dream Guests, Fantastic Show

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode967.mp3
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Seance, Table For Igpain, AARON DURAN, Exploring The Haunted, Ghost Peeping, Left Hand, No Man's Land, World Of Crazy, Died In House, Britney Spears Voice, Confrontation With The S Apples

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode966.mp3
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FER-RIES, Like A Real Job, LAfrica, Taking Awkward Pictures, Sarah's New Ringtone, Ball Talk, Predictions, What Does The Hawk Say, Science Facts, Microphone, Waterproof, Flu Shot

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode965.mp3
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GUEST: FRANK CALIENDO, World Famous, Morgan Freeman Narration, Start, Sarah Mustache, Nibler Name, Helium Comedy, TAJ Takeover, Stomach, Craigslist Email Reading, World Of Crazy, Medford Couple, Oreos, Train Flasher, Silicone Injections, Ball Talk, Sooner Show, Wheedon, Pink Uni, Squatch Watch

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode964.mp3
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GUEST: STACEY HALLAL and CHARLENE CONLEY, Curious Comedy Club and All Jane No Dick Festival, IGPAIN, Tagging, Athlete, Towel Thief, WOC, Cat Wine, DEA, Bad Restaurant, ALL JANE NO DICK, Female Comedians ROCK!

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode963.mp3
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GUEST: CHRISTOPHER PERRY, The Cheese Man, Big-Ass Sandwiches, Timbers, Strangest Phone Call Ever, Bye Or Die, World Of Crazy, Free Ranch, Stolen Jello, Crazy Airplane Lady, Chinese Food Song, Paying Up The Bet, Christopher, Oil Painting, Great Artwork, Sardines Are Delicious

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode962.mp3
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Sarah Out Aaron In, Slimy On The Outside, Chronicles of the Nerds, New Ringtone Development, Big-Ass Sandwiches, What Is A Quaker, Shadow Emotions, False Revelation, Paranormal News, The Comet Is A Ship, Investigation Of Greg's House, Stirring Them All Up, Lone Fir Cemetery.  All Around Awesomenes

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode961.mp3
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Goodbye Judy, ASYLUM, A Day In The Life, Working At Big-Ass Sandwiches, Hot Grease On The Hands, Ball Talk, Rivalry, Predictions, Another Bet, World Of Crazy, Yale Bandit, Mechafilia, Squatch Watch, Science Facts, Yeesss, Dog Humping

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode960.mp3
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GUEST: ALEX KOLL, Best In The Universe, Post Birthday, The Offer, Thick Ass Judy On Twitter, Winning The Day, Ball Talk, Sheryl Snitch Crow, Helmets for Soccer, Gold Coast Braveheart, LaCrystal Angry, Singletary Eye Stabbing, ALEX KOLL, Portland, Air Guitar Championships, Comedy

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode959.mp3
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GUEST: AMAI and LEAH from THE LOST AND FOUND, Sarah Birthday, Birthday Facts, Top Song, OMSI, Sherlock Holmes, 90's Quiz, Tuggy, Worst Idea Ever, Leah and Amai, The Lost and Found Drinks, Halloween Costumes, Pure Awesomeness

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode958.mp3
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A New Takeover, Getting Older, A 33rd Year Milestone, Organized Socks, TCP The New Threat, Going Undercover, Jumped In, Street Slang, Ball Talk, Hard Knocks, Giants Ladies, Kournikova Single, Portland Platypus, World Of Crazy, Bacon Bugs, Kidnapping Himself, Peggy Hill, Beaverton Library, Street Slang

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode957.mp3
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Birthday Week, Dishes Need Done, AARON DURAN, New Lifeforms, Queen Cover Band, A Haunting In The House, Gravity Review, World Of Crazy Bath Salts Back Alright, Jealous Of A Horse, Be Homeless For 2 Grand, Birthday Rules Section 1

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode956.mp3
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GUEST: LISA WOOD, Fish In The Studio, Art Show, Language, Ball Talk, Predictions, Rally Squirrel, World Of Crazy, Taco Day, Eye Doctor, Drinking Sweet Water, Science Facts, Dinosaurs, Clock Hands, Fans

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode955.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:56pm PDT

GUEST: GREG BEHRENDT, Going Raving, Nails Did, Reigning Monarchs, That Friend, A Skrillex, Walking The Room, Oprah, It's Just A Fucking Date, Helium Comedy Club, Cleaning Frenzy, Taking Things Apart, Squatch Watch, World Of Crazy, Cake Thief, Dinosaur Love

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode954.mp3
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GUEST: CHARLENE CONLEY, Magic Powers, Hearing Things, Falling, Oversharing With Neighbors, Ball Talk, Boston v. Chicago, NBA Jam Trolling, World Of Crazy, Weird Al, Taco Grande, Embarrassing, Mothers, Macarena, CHARLENE, Executive Producer Overlord of All Jane No Dick Festival, Curlers To School, Women In Comedy, Local Coverage

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode953.mp3
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Real Life Dreams, ASYLUM, Water Slides With Razor Blades, P.Diddy, Analyzing Dreams, Kitchen Spores, Fall, Mattresses, Washing Machines, Ball Talk, Government Shutdown, Conspiracy Theories, Ghost Guy, World Of Crazy, Bieber China, Coos Bay, Railroad Track Love, 111 year old Secrets, Pacu In Washington

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode952.mp3
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The Storm Gives Them Power, AMAZON, Power Outage, Make Peace or Flee, AARON DURAN, Peeping In The Apartments, Horror Movies, Greg's Taste In Movies, Drag Me To Hell, Ball Talk, Tebow Why Not, Peyton Ad, Kiffen Is Gone, Art Show for James

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode951.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:25pm PDT

Free Samples, Making A Scene, Cookie Thief, Falling Down, Mustaches, Angry Lady, Unfurled, Haunted Heather, Ball Talk, Predictions, NEXT ADVENTURE, World Of Crazy, OJ Steals Cookies, Nursing Home Fight, Seattle Juggalo, Science Facts, Nose Blowing, Hair Loss, Seasons

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode950.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:06pm PDT

Clean Up Good, Fall Facts, NEXT ADVENTURE, Wedding Days, Sister Gimp Room, Country, Class, Sinatra Nibler, Dog Email From Trudy, World Of Crazy, Port St. Lucie, Britney Spears, English Accents, iPhone Digital Trends, Kiss The Bride

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode949.mp3
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Powers Return, Wooing Animals, NEXT ADVENTURE, Singing To The Cats, Burning Batteries, Photoshoot, PrepH Nose, Ball Talk, Mariano Bobblehead, Whizzinator, Cyrus Mayweather, Flag Football Speech, World Of Crazy, Pool Float Guy, Bear In A Bar, Firefighter Vandals, Pacu

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode948.mp3
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90s Sarah, Flannel Is Back, Gregs Neighborly Impression, Shirtless And Scratchy, Sarah Is Fodder For Peepers, Dumb And Dumber Two, Ball Talk, Coddling Kids, Real Life GTA, Nicknames For NBA, Happy Guy, World Of Crazy, Chic Baby Schools, Lotto Winners, We Love You

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode947.mp3
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Coverd In Bumps, Photo Shoot, The Ballad Of Ricketsfest, Kenny Is A Meth Head, World Of Crazy, Emmys, Miley, Fate Song, Gigante, Ball Talk, Tebow Russia, Missing Finger, Fake Test, Mayweather Bet

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode946.mp3
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GUEST: HEATHER MCDONALD, Hit Record, Going Glamping, Squatch Watch, World Of Crazy, Cops GTAV, One Direction Tickets, Girl Scout Conspiracy, Ball Talk Predictions, Dr. Science, Socks, Bigfoot, Insect Bites

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode945.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:38pm PDT

GUESTS: BARBARA HOLM, SEAN JORDAN, MATT from THE SECRET SOCIETY, Nervousness Sets In, The Tenants Of Stage Fright, World Of Crazy, SEAN JORDAN and BARBARA HOLM, MATT, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Catholic Dilemma, Citrus Calm, Tonight We Rawk

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode944.mp3
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Coffee Spores, Staircase Candy, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Sarah Freezing On Stage, Acting, Leo Is A Star, Ball Talk, Kevin Ware Rocks, Shaq Boom, Bo Pelini Huskers, World Of Crazy, ICP, Best Obituary, Wanda, Pregnant Toronto, Gumming, Juggalo Lifetime Movie

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode943.mp3
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GUEST: AARON DURAN, Sarah Is An Actor, Portlandia Set, KBOO Keynote Speakers, Upset Lady, Ball Talk, 12th Man Noise, Stripper Pregame, Terry Bradshaw Audio, Pantsless Boats, Bad Cousin Date, Northhampton Clown, Clown Catcher

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode942.mp3
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GUEST: TODD ARMSTRONG, Nervous Sarah, Portlandia, Twerk, Miley Cyrus FCC Complaints, Ball Talk, Undercover, Predictions, Science Facts, Tides, Bath Salts, TODD, FER Comedy Showcase, Bobby, New Year's Resolution, Hecklers, Todd Is Awesome

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode941.mp3
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GUEST: BRAD WILLIAMS, Mystery of Kenny, Explorer Bugs, Off The Bridge, Murder Spasms, Fence In Leg, Kenny Reveals The Issue, Stage Names, Bible Quiz, BRAD WILLIAMS, Little People Protest, Roloffs, Reachers, Bucket List For Chicks, Mencia, About Last Night, Helium Comedy Club

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode940.mp3
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GUESTS: ANDREW W.K. and RANDY MENDEZ, Cropping Out Greg, Almost Carollad, Green Room, Hair Down, ANDREW W.K. INTERVIEW, Resume Rodeo With Nick, RANDY MENDEZ, Being A Dad, FUNEMPLOYMENT RADIO COMEDY SHOWCASE, Randy Is Awesome

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode939.mp3
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Attack Of The Computers, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Sand In Cracks, Tech, Bugs and The Connection, Toddler Thief, Murder Spasms, Ball Talk, Wisconsin Golf Course, Jets Kid, Chip Don't Go, World Of Crazy, Mars One, Japanese Town, Poking And Squishing Rampage, Sorcerer Lover, Squatch Watch

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode938.mp3
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GUEST: DAVID HUNTSBERGER, Speaking Russian, Cannon Beach Busy Body, Ol Blue Eyes, Meth Shed, Clean Dishes, DAVID, Appearing At Mississippi Studios, Portland Is Good, Raining Money, Portland Guy, Podcast Crowds

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Stair Food, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Cornhole Champs, Michael Brian, KIELEN KING, Dating Advice, Inconsiderate, Unrecognizable Signals, BALL TALK, College and Pro Predictions, SCIENCE FACTS, Caterpillar, Multiple Stomachs, Brother Science

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GUEST: CHRIS FAIRBANKS, Delicate Situation, LOST AND FOUND LOUNGE, Nice Hair, Ex-Boyfriend, Nineties Time Stamp Songs, Therapist For Greg, Soul Asylum Misery, World Of Crazy, Showgirls 2, Sleep Texting, Phone Stealing, Blurred Lines Ladies, Rodman North Korea, Ticos Angry, Seahawks Song, CHRIS FAIRBANKS, World's Dumbest, Skating, Unitards

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Tarp City Mystery, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Lunkhead & Gorilla, AARON DURAN, BC Sounds, The Blurp, Science Mysteries,  World Of Crazy, Shampoo On A Bus, Man Smearer, Crack Pipes, Money Crevice, Ball Talk, Alouettes, Tebow Band, T-Shirt Gun, Danes Only, Costas Rap

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GUEST: GREG JAMES of STAR DRUNK, Canada Eh, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Nice People, Wee Britain, Thanks Obama, Bremerton Peepers, World Of Crazy, Drill In Skull, Yolo, Masonic Temple Love, GREG JAMES, The Story Of Star Drunk, The Controversy, Great Fun, Great Actors, Japanese Television, Going Viral

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Canadian Adventure, Learning The Accent, Chesterfield, Craigslist Dater, Gold Digger or Prostitute, World Of Crazy, Jenner Tape, Surgery For The Perfect Woman, Ball Talk, CFB Predictions, Science Facts, Banana Peels, Microwaves, Canadians

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GUEST: JOHN HEFFRON, Greg Anxiety, Writing The Wrong Thing, Kenny B, Messing With Marvel, Meow, Are You A Jerk, Napping At Work, Kenny B Speech, World Of Crazy, Ambitious Young Lady, Singles Band, Metal Cruise, JOHN HEFFRON, Problems In Carl's Village, New Book, Trying Broccoli, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB

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JETS, Pretending To Be Star Trek, AARON DURAN, Warp Drive Noise, Dragon Con, Craigs List Posts For Love, Burning Man, World Of Crazy, New Dictionary Words, Sour Toe Shot, Tami Jo Pirkle, Ball Talk, OSU Chainsaw Song, Frankenstein On Mars

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GUEST: ADAM CAROLLA, Tarp City, BIKE GALLERY, Methumentary, Prior To Hood to Coast, Methuzula, Methette, ADAM CAROLLA, Murder Of Crows, World Of Crazy, Peeper, Bath Salts, Gnome Homes, Spin And Jerk, Ball Talk, Big Walker, Johnny Football

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HOOD TO COAST RECAP, So Sore, LOST AND FOUND, Nike Pre Party, Pretty People, Timblerine Lodge, Nightmares, Pebble, Murder Bathtub, Jon and Kathleen, Pool, The Blister, Sh*t Apples, Coyotes And Hobo Fires, Sleeping In Rain, Squatch Thoughts, Seaside, Awesome Experience

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Hood To Coast, Kenny B, Punchable Face, Pickpockets, Mt. Hood, Morning Zoo Type Thing, Kicking Idiots, First Step Of Meth Head, SCIENCE FACTS, Runners High, Falling Off Mountains, Adam No, Nike Etiquette, Sharky Comes Out

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GUEST: LEAH & AMAI from THE LOST AND FOUND, Guessing Game, Nervousness, The Killing, Haircutting Nightmare, World Of Crazy, Airplane Door, Log Truck, Dislocated Jaw, Backrub, Liquid Lapdance Pants, Ball Talk, Siri OSU, THE LOST AND FOUND, Boozecicles, Turkish Prison, Funemployment Drink, NEW SPONSOR

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GUEST: DANIELLE ATE THE SANDWICH, National Geographic Special, BIKE GALLERY UPDATE, Meth Heads In The Wild, World Of Crazy, Canned Shrimp, Eating A Tapeworm, Terry Boyd, Ghost, Ball Talk, LeBron Cops, Sugarpova, MCKAY USED BOOKS, DANIELLE, Awesomeness

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GUEST: ANTON from SORELS, Shiny Shorts, AARON DURAN, Susanville Tales, Prison Ladies, Ball Talk, Paint Dry, Chestnut Goes Down, MLB Soap Opera, ANTON, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

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One Week H2C, Stinky Van, Kicked Out Of Track Meet, SORELS, World Of Crazy, Lindsay Lohan Fan, Lion Dogs, Serial Flasher, Saw, T Time, Ball Talk, Streaker, LA KISS, Troll Fight, A-Roid, Ichiro Song, Dr. Science, Rocks, Wood, Steroids

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GUEST: BOBBY LEE, Kenny Gets A Hundred, Artforms, Too Much Power, Deal With It, Arrested Development, Thailand, Communicating With Crazy, Yelling Woman, Rhubarb Lady, Alarm Scare, Kenny B, Scrap Metal Fight, ASMR, Braingasm, World Of Crazy, Ear Biting Port St. Lucie

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GUEST: MATT from THE SECRET SOCIETY, BFF LBJ, A Big Mistake In Line, Horrible Person, World Of Crazy, Obama Adopted Son, Cat Fighting Leagues, Eaten By Cats, Ball Talk, Baba Booey, SECRET SOCIETY, FER SHOWCASE ANNOUNCEMENT, Vintage Shows, Industry Night, Aperol

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Fancy Acting, Bike Gallery Challenge, Purpling Yourself, Jets Conspiracy, World Of Crazy, Cop Car Relief, Machete In Italy, Don't Slide Off Of A Boat, Adventures Of Walter Juan Pablo

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Lake Owner, Billy Chinook, 4 Dude Wrestling, Pyramid Sarah, Shooting Arrows, We Are Those People, Noodle Battle Champion 2013, Silent Rock, World Of Crazy, Sinkholes In Florida, Forrest Gump-y, Monster Fish, Squatch Watch

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Roughing It, Snipes, Flight Attendant Talk, Inside Lingo, Dinosaurs, Shoes Or No Shoes, World Of Crazy, GB Party, Wendy, Dog Kisses, Peepin Saves Lives, Love Plane, Weird Texts, How To Kiss A Girl 1912 Style

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GUEST: IAN KARMEL and FRIENDS, Exclusive audio from Lisa's show, a sendoff for Ian as he moves to LA

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GUEST: RHYS DARBY, Kiwi Accent, Novelist, Spaceships, Climbing Kilimanjaro, Ducks, Finding Bigfoot, Real Zombies, Shamed By Mailmen, Dog Attack, Shamed By Old Man, Kenny B, Mail Hoarding, Swinger Neighbors, World Of Crazy, Java Juggs, Kesha, Ghost Hunting, Keith The Nerd, Dr. Science, Sunburn, Sticky Notes, Dark Matter

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Bed Push, I'm Not Crazy There's No Ghost, Stolen Tags, Ladder Bikini, Bloody Mary, World Of Crazy, 911 Seatbelt, Headbutt Airport, Gestures, Ball Talk, Pool Phelps, City Gent, Royals Fountain Lady

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Postal Discussion, Bike Gallery Bike Challenge, Mystery RV, Courage Sorels, Resume Rodeo, World Of Crazy, Kesha Jewelry, McDonalds 911, Rescue Dog, Hair Thief, Ball Talk, West Germans, Bull Run, Manning Rap, Baseball Proposal, Sharky Hates Shark Week

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Respect, Spritzers, Horf, Hitting The Buffet, AARON DURAN, Trek In The Park, Sun Hating, Sorels, Ball Talk, Free Stuff, A-Rod, World Of Crazy, Bird Cream, Homemade Things, Meth Super Villians

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GUEST: ROBBIE RIST, Ones And Twos, Sharknado Interview, Death By Sign, Red Carpet, Robbie Rocks, DJ Power, Forward Promote, Ball Talk, Bad Dog, A-Rod, Science Facts, Heartburn, Water Insects

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