Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Starting Off Right, Feeling Fine, FRIDAY, Kenny B, Bikini Girls, Miss Nepal, Options, Chat Roulette, Stumptown Comic Fest, Sampling, Wicked, Musicals, Ashland, Camping, Ball Talk, Draft, Mean Prank, Carmello Song, World Of Crazy, Spider Mites, Sea Creatures, Confederates, Vandalize, Kenny Kid Stories

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Montana Rocks, Drinks Poker And Guns, Ring The Bell, Frank Rocks, Screaming Kid, Butters Destroys Kitchen, Skinny Summer, Thanks And Awesome Offer, Ball Talk, Artest Sucks, Bad Hockey Fans, Jose Rocks, Franchise Rap, World Of Crazy, Fake Cop, Sun Diet, Facebook Fight, Vigorous Love, Hail

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Rules Of The Road, Sarah Gets Embarrassed, Helpful Honker, White Square Thing, Sarah Go Braless, Nickel Allergies, AMAZON, Artest Suspension, Bad News Good News Jose, Shaming Stalker, Million Dollar Offer, Draft Proposition, World Of Crazy, Dull And Boring, Hand Sanetizer, Fake Cancer, Darcy Cow, Girlfriend St. Lucie, Grilled Heart Attack, Mom Prom

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Ouch, Greg Is Happy, Very Badly Burned, Working Out In Jeans, Locker Talk, Dog Guy, Leashes, Fraternities, Kitchen Gross, Ball Talk, Artest Sucks, Tapping Wires, Yankee Smell, NFL Accountant, Caroline Song, Autotune, Bike Smut

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Breathing Metal Is Bad, GUEST: AARON DURAN, La Brujeria Issue 3, Methadone Clinics, Greg Talks To The Kids, Vomit Door, Motorboating, Park Is Portlandia, Bathroom Stripper, Cat Leashes, Letterboxing, Geo Cache, Riddles, Sailing On The Columbia, Half Alantean, Sarah Is Sunburned, Pageant Moms

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GUEST: MARC MARON, Emily Dylan, Bruising Easily, Fish Smells, Greg Smells, Three Second Rule, MARC MARON, WTF Podcast, Sarah W, Tatas, Girls Too Hot, World Of Crazy, Stealing Penguins, Plane Flasher, Naked Bike Riding, David's Awesome Gift, Cornhole, Tuggy

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Small Change, Rick Strikes Again, NBA Game, Sarah Is A Morning Person, Mystery Garbage, Dumping TVs, GUEST: JAMES SINCLAIR, La Brujeria, Behind The Scenes Fascinating Comic Book Info, Coloring, Never Meet Your Heros, Ball Talk, Soccer Love, Jose Canseco Insanity, Is It Courtney Or Is It Sarah

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600 EPISODES!, Big Announcements, GUEST: SCOTT DALLY, Sarah Is Clumsy, Crimson Mist, Sayricon Fights, Dick Clark, Seacrest Will Rule All, Hair, Making Scott Cry, Self-Entitled Parents, Ball Talk, 50 Points, Liberal Bee Jays, Jose Canseco Is Crazy, Haters, World Of Crazy, Facebook Idiots, Gas Guzzler, Dog Cam, F-ing Austria, Robo Hoes

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Sarah's High Res Pics, Tye Died Tights, Spittin On Chicks, Kenny Gets Creepy, Locked Door, We Are Not Young, Ball Talk, Texas, Tebow, Maloofs, Dead Keith Moon, Rally Squirrel, Paul, Dead Tupac Dancing, Kidney Ipod, Exploding Cows, Circuimcision, Rich Jerks, Titanic

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GUESTS: AARON DURAN, RICK EMERSON, DAN FROM BURGERVILLE, Crazy Weekend, Kenny B Is In Trouble, Drinking Myself Awesome, Burgerville Tastings, Bag Of Cheese, Return Of The Crimson Mist

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GUEST: BARON VAUGHN, What Day Is It, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Farmers Almanac, Food Covered Mouth, Expensive Tea, BARON VAUGHN, Fairly Legal, Japanese Horror Movies, Crazy Stalkers, Rapping, Alternative Lifestyles, Kenny Gets In Trouble

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Sarah Is Too Nice, What Makes A Meme Viral, All Busines All The Time, Phones Suck, Titanic Amazingness, Save The Babies, Interpretative Dance, Biz, Ball Talk, Sports, Batman Streaker, Olympics Bucks, Swallowing Weed Bags, 89 Bags Of Drugs, Thorough Detective Work

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GUEST: JAMES ADOMIAN, Awkward Photos, Greg Nibler Memes, Dressing Like a 12 Year Old, GUEST: JAMES ADOMIAN, Todd Glass, Homo-American, Awkward Conversations, Recording Album At Helium Comedy Club, Jesse Ventura, Impressions, Ball Talk, Ozzie, Cuba, Wall Hit, Is Chess A Sport, Skip Called Out

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Titanic Day, Sarah Is Nervous, Kenny Saddens Things Up, Large Meth Heads, Greg's New Magazine, GUESTS: CHARLENE and SARAH, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Andy Dick, Running The Festival, Dungeon Parties, Bingo Breakfast, Pati-oh Pationo, Winter Patios, Updates, Not Pregnant, Worst Pickup Lines, Titanic Quiz

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Sarah Is Excited, Crying Childrens, Titanic Enthusiast AARON DURAN, Moms. Sarah Is Joffrey, Scott Dominates Poker, Condiment Rules, Domestic Deer, Drive By Molesting, Impressive, Easter Egg Fight, GOT, Chili Rules, Aaron's Big Announcement

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GUEST: BEN BAILEY, Half Of China, Adrian Granier, Kenny B Is Twitchy, Hating Girls, Old Tech, Staycation, Juggalo Philosphical Analysis, Deep, BEN BAILEY, China, Parking Problems, Happiness, Hair, Jersey, Triathlons, Cheating, Giant Spiders, Road Rage And Accidental Ornithology, Who's Still Standing, Israel, Sarah And Kenny Annoy Greg

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Sarah's Greatest Prank, Concerned Roommates, Blazer Game, Butters Is Sick, SCOTT DALLY, Geek In The City Poker Circuit At Jack London Bar, Sara and Gregg, World Of Crazy, Kim And Kanye, Pants Down In Restaurant, Willie Warmers, ITP, Cheeseburgers For Love, Sarah Reads Raps

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Amazing Find, Glasses, Agate Hunting, Gamblers, Breakfast, Doomsday Prep, Going For The Millers, Y2K, Tornadoes Are Scary, Ball Talk, HR BLOCK, Lions Arrest, Food Poisoning, Orioles Lose, National Anthem Debacle, Uh-Oh, World Of Crazy, Alicia Silverstone Mouth Food, Priest And A Potato, Boy Eggs

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It's Going To Be Like That, Number 1 Stabbing Suspect, President Lists, Cat Lady Missing, Lougar, Retirement Home Scandals, First Jobs, Marketing Scams, Door To Door, AMAZON, Ball Talk, Jose Update, Maam, Webster, Leaf, Taco Thief, UK Beats KU, Reporting Mistake

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Sunny, Hiking Feet, Single With Dogs, Screwtop Saturday, AARON DURAN, Nibleristan, GOT, Amazing, Emerald City Comic Con, Nerdery, Drogo, Celebrity Sightings, Cream Eggs, Hot Chicks Are Scary, April Fools Pranks, Titanic Cruise, Jets Over Portland, Billy Zane

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