Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Foggy Noggin, Greg Is Sick Again, FER Comedy Showcase, Movies In Black And White, History Quiz, World Of Crazy, 50 Shades, Bar Tab, Non Stinky Onions, Salsa Stabbing, SONIC SKETCHES, Wrestling Obsession, Ball Talk, Tournament Money

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Greg Sick, Kenny And Greg's Public Problem, Fly Problem, Over The Fence Or Through The Door, Girls Pick On Greg, Vinegar, The Tale Of Kenny's Thumb, Kielen King, Nerd Facts Star Trek, LANDMARK SALOON

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GUEST: CURTIS COOK, Wallet Chains, Apology, NEXT ADVENTURE, Greg Is Back, 90s, Tickle Creek, Big Mac Clothes, Night Vision, Tim The Tree, CURTIS COOK, FER Comedy Showcase, Other Curtis's, Curtis Is Awesome, Curtis, Ball Talk, Nigel, Sarah At LANDMARK SALOON

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GUESTS: ANDIE MAIN and NEXT ADVENTURE, Non Text Returning Jerks, Comedy Showcase, ANDIE, Forgiving Greg and Sarah, Catholicing,  Comedy Mixtape, Brian and Mike, NEXT ADVENTURE SPRING WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE, Falling In The Water, Safety Sarah

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Long Haul Man, Greg Being A Cool Trucker, Jean Jacket, Kitchen Update, Drunk Micropig, Cardboard Cutout, Snapchat, Port St. Lucie Walmart, KELLY from BIKE GALLERY, Riding a Leg At Tour De France, Sunday Parkways, 6 locations, Winery Rides, KELLY ROCKS

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Admitting There Is A Problem, Juicing, Bag Of Cheetos, Chip Hole, Neighbor Wars, Greg Is That Guy, Sarah And The Passive Agressive Notes, World Of Crazy, Micropig, Orange Juice, Haunted Dolls, Bathroom Simulator

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Jon Dore Special Message, Sarah's Apt., Nooks and Crannies, Sentient, Aaron Duran, House Sitting, Maid Discussion, Clean Sheets, Greg The Villain, Japanese Ghost Story, WoC, Coffee, Hiding Under A Bed, Poison Smoothie Mars One, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, WVU Song 

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GUEST: MICHAEL McDONALD, Comedy Showcase, The Fitbit Rash, Sarah's Kitchen, There Is A Problem, Video Game Issue, Pirates, MICHAEL MCDONALD at Helium Comedy Club, WOC, Carpet Marshal, Adult Preschool, Dr. Pepper, Toilet Babies, LANDMARK SALOON

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Hold Your Breath, Treat Yourself, Caught Orange Handed, Going Through Change, Parenthood, Breaking Bad, World of Crazy, Robert Durst Not Fred, Eclipse Apocalypse, 68 Driving, Jog Punching, Minivan Fight, ASYLUM is Awesome, Ball Talk, Phelps, Shockers, Zags Rap

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Sarah's Cheesetooth, HR BLOCK, The Great Mac And Cheese Blight, 48 Boxes, Greg Infomercials Earrings, World Of Crazy, Over Under, Leprechaun Search, Face Tattoo, Mars Colonies, Ball Talk, Duke Kentucky Songs, BIKE GALLERY

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GUEST: ALEX REYMUNDO, Shin Weevils, FER Comedy Showcase, Sarah's Ailments, St. Patrick's Day, Green Results, ALEX REYMUNDO, Bossanova Ballroom, SXSW, Tequila, Ticket Giveaway, World Of Crazy, AHS, Bill & Ted, Mac N' Cheese, IKEA, Mariah Carey, Beer Fight, Ball Talk, Sneezing, Puerto Rico Ironman

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Runners Feet, FER Comedy Showcase, Shamrock Recap, Bad Breakfast, Girl Nemesis, AARON DURAN, Honey Bucket Surprise, BIKE GALLERY, World Of Crazy, Terror Owl, Paint, Mobile Meth Lab, Airplane, Ball Talk TOC, Meow

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GUEST: CHRIS GETHARD, Rapping Greg, KIELEN KING, 8-bit Ships, THE CHRIS GETHARD SHOW, Chat Rooms, Public Access, Helium Comedy Club, Weird US, Haunted Places, Video Game Quiz, Happy Birthday Kielen

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Comedy Showcase Announcement, Secret Society, The Broken Bench, Need To Work Out More, World Of Crazy, Donut Hot Dog, Naked Pledge, Stealing A Goat, Sheep Guy, Are You A Cop, Poopetrator, LeBron's Fault, Ball Talk, A-Rod, Funny Humans Vs. HORSE

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GUESTS: ALEX FALCONE and ANTHONY LOPEZ, Rapper For Children, Kids Have Phones, Mr. T Is Cool, Kickstand Comedy, Funny Humans vs. Horse, World Of Crazy, 9000$ underwear, Chuck E Cheese fight, rent a husband, buy a wife, ALEX and ANTHONY, Late Night Action

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Shamrock Run Coming Up, Peppy, Sweaty Money And Spandex, LANDMARK SALOON, Shaming Of Greg, 15K Facts, World Of Crazy, Rome, Drug Loophole, Fake Nurse, Distracted Creative, Greg's List, Leprechaun, Ball Talk, Tebow Back

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The Dirt-Side Of The Basement, Where Nightmares Come From, AARON DURAN, Releasing The Fly, Old People Partying, World Of Crazy, Car Thief 1st Date, Facebook, The Meat Man, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Sarah The Spoiler, Dog Portraits, Her 50 Shades Of Grey Review, Playroom Is Creepy, World Of Crazy, British People, Comfort Station Coordinator, Lady Pillow, Vice, Reflective Paint, Ball Talk, Sager Returns, NEXT ADVENTURE rocks, Greg's Commercial

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Fish People, the Plane Channel, Old Greg, Conspiracy About Crazy Guys, All In On It, World Of Crazy, Port St. Lucie Magic, Praying Over Fajitas, Paul McCartney Conspiracy, Bad Restaurant

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Clowns Are Money, BACKBLAZE, Need Names, Hand Over Fist, Clown Dollars, Milky, Creamy and Sugar, Filming Greg, Sarah Wants A Cut, World Of Crazy, Oregon City Man, Oldest Woman, Facebook Taunting, Joke Cake, BB, NEXT ADVENTURE, Schilling, DeLorean, Nick Young

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Mr. High Five Guy, LANDMARK SALOON, There Is A Difference, World Of Crazy, Hot Con, Mt. Everest, Terror Owl, Wal-mart Rubbing, Wine Glass, ADAM PASI and SCOOT HERRING, Hosts of The McMahon Hour, WWE, Fish Tacos, The Nerdery of Wrestling, Macho Man, New show on the Funemployment Radio Network

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Lack Of Phone, Reliving The Moment, Aaron Duran, Seattle Ghost Bars, Hidden Bar, Girls Opinion, World Of Crazy, Grateful Dead, Darkstar Orchestra Does Not Work For Greg, Selling Snow, Russian Blonde, Birthday Rules, HR BLOCK

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