Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.
Funemployment Radio Episode 176

Crazy, Colt 45, Stripper Soup Sans Strippers, WWeek Party, Dancing, Auditions, PDX Bridge Festival, BILL OAKLEY, You Have To Listen, Ball Talk, Potpouri Of Balls, World Of Crazy, Smattering, BalMore,

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Funemployment Radio Episode 175

Sneezy, River, Dinner, Toddlers And Tiaras, Twins, Crazy Dreams, Hipster Talk, Ball Talk, Masoli, NFL Diva, Batt Fire, Lebron Jersey, B-SIDE, World Of Crazy, Leo Mel, Cheeseburger, Cheese Beer, Penis Piercing, Michael Lohan, Chat Roulette

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Funemployment Radio Episode 174

Nooo, Virus, Pool, Football, Auditions, Hipsters, Chat Roulette, Ball Talk, Rudy, CP, Derek Jeter, TO Ocho, Soccer, World Of Crazy, Michael Jackson, Female Flasher, Paul The Octopus, Comicon Stabbing, Poop Toothbrush, DJ Bran Flakes


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Funemployment Radio Episode 173

Power Outage, Weird Voice, Audition, Hipster Attire, Calvin Johnson, Obamarama, Ball Talk, Yao, Twin Ti**ies, Texas, Fixed Fight, World Of Crazy, Clown Pants, Overweight Kid, Justin Bieber, Alien Woman, Finger In Buttcrack Sparks Knife Fight, Flea Markets

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Funemployment Radio Episode 172

Weird Noise, Audition, Hot Sauce Beers, Cops, Kayak, Softball, Luau, Jailbait, David Caruso, AARON DURAN FROM GEEK IN THE CITY, Game, Ball Talk, Chris Paul, Stealing Stole Stolen, Wii Games, World Of Crazy, Paris Salute, Pregnant Man, Masturbator Extraordinaire, Fire Crotch

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Funemployment Radio Episode 171

Movie, Brewfest, Run-By Puking, Thanks for Donations, Prostitutes Or Escorts, KELLY CLARKE FROM WILLAMETTE WEEK, Whores, Ball Talk, Greg Loves Chris Paul, Winnipeg Jets, Streakers, French, Soccer, Brazil, Orioles, Best Of Willamette Week, World Of Crazy, Lindsay, Mel, C-Word

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Funemployment Radio Episode 170

Oops, Drinks With Tuggy, Weak Coffee, Brewfest, Shocking, Ball Talk, Jordan, USC, Bush, Streaker, Birthday From Chester, World Of Crazy, Mel, Lindsay, Michael, Underwear Bandit

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Funemployment Radio Episode 169

Mama X, Baby Noise, Park, OAB, Food Tour, Pronounciation, Courage, Gachupin, Tuggy, Drinking, Ghosts, Ball Talk, Small But Virile, Buck, Contusion, Jimmy Johnson, World Of Crazy, Mouth Babies, Al Gore, Black Panties, Flying Donkeys, Rainbow In The Dark, Demons

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Funemployment Radio Episode 168

Ear Problems, Dusty, Dirty Cars, Children, I-Dosing, True Blood, Pit Boss, Ball Talk, Dwyane Wade, NHL, Cycling Elitists, Tonya Harding, Tiger Cursing, Marlins And Bees, World Of Crazy, Lindsay Jail, Mel Gibson Crazy, Sandwich Down The Pants, AUDIBLE

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Funemployment Radio Episode 167

Good Enough, Weekends, Camping, Softball, Barbacking, AARON DURAN FROM GEEK IN THE CITY, Taiwan On, Ghosts, Ball Talk, NFL A-holes, Slowest Home Run Ever, Hearing Babies, World Of Crazy, Invisible Clowns, Mash Up

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Funemployment Radio Episode 166

Sneaking Beer, Vodka Bra, Warped Tour, Old Punk, Blaming Friend, Sarah Is 70, Blind Muppet, China UFO, Ball Talk, Heat, Blazers, MLS, Stretchy, Priest Voice, World Of Crazy, BJ Girl, Male Prostitutes, Gibson, Oil Smearing

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Funemployment Radio Episode 165

Didn't Do It, Audition, Puppets, Haircut Tipping, Bus Riding, Camping, Ball Talk, Blazers, Tour De France Fighting, Girl Fight, B-SIDE, World Of Crazy, Carjacking BJ, Mel Gibson, Horns Guy, Porky Pig, Penis Bottle Opener, Eating A Snake, Sarahs Quirks

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Funemployment Radio Episode 164

Priest Singing, Nervous, Ghost, Air Hockey Shuffleboard Challenge, New Ringtone, Ball Talk, Ortiz Language, Big Ben Urinizer, Double Rainbow, BILL PLYMPTON, World Of Crazy, Beavis, Bristol, Bremerton, Soulmates, Mooning, Mel Gibson, Nail Poop

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Funemployment Radio Episode 163

Thats What She Said, Dreams, Ghost Guy, S.Darko, Timer, Always Sunny, Ball Talk, Steinbrenner, AllStar, Lacrosse, Dutch Punch, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Lindsay, Penis, Michael Jackson, Tila Tequila

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Funemployment Radio Episode 162

National News, Bites, Bike Riding, Estate Sales, World Cup, Softball, Returning Veterans, Longest Ball Talk Ever, LeBron, Jesse Jackson, World Cup Recap, World Of Crazy, Tila, Mel Gibson, Dueling Kermits

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Funemployment Radio Episode 161

Mosquitos, Strippers, Bikes, Date Night, Tacos, Crazy Dreams, Greg Is Shallow or Pathetic, Ball Talk, LeBron LeBron LeBron, Bike Fight, World Cup, Fatwa, World Of Crazy, Lindsey, Mel Gibson Audio, Penis, Trampoline Guy, B-SIDE, Sarah Search For A Soulmate

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Funemployment Radio Episode 160

The River, Trashy Folks, New Bike, Dating Site, Ball Talk, LeBron James Ego, Ugliest Soccer Player, CASSIDYS, World Of Crazy, Mel Gibson, Womens Work, Sarah Date

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Funemployment Radio Episode 159

Gourmet, Audition, Dating, Online, Naughty Bingo, Duggar Dreams, Ball Talk, LeBron James, Vuvuzela, World Cup BJs, Exes, World Of Crazy, All Lindsey, Twilight Kills, Japanese Orgy

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Funemployment Radio Episode 158

What, Timbers Game, Boobs And Beer, Seattle Stories, Drag Queens, 4th Of July, Fireworks, Dentist, Oral Surgery, Worst Story Ever, Ball Talk, NBA, JaMarcus, Purple Drank, Hot Dog Controversy, World Cup, Mildly Incorrect, Python, TANKER BAR, World Of Crazy, Lindsey Goes To Jail, Walmart Masterbator, Dead Relatives

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Funemployment Radio Episode 157

Birthday, Robert Wagner, Penis, Terrible Stories, Death Ray, Sarah Dream, Weekend, Timbers, Ball Talk, Phil, One Billion, Tiger, Hot Dog, Kreskin, World Cup, Brazil Fights, Prediction, World Of Crazy, Lindsay, Drugs, Leprechaun, Twilight Vibrator, Voodoo Master, Karaoke Country Roads

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Funemployment Radio Episode 156

Naseous, Timbers Game, Crazy Guy, Deported Friend, Penis Searching, BDay Present, A Problem, Ball Talk with Sarah, Drunk Driving, Vuvuzela, World Cup, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy with Greg Nibler, Gossip Girl, Drop Dead Diva, Chris Brown, Mel Gibson, Bed Bugs, Maggots, Forum Talk, Crazy Post

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