Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: THE FABULOUS MISS WENDY, Greg wants to be the Sauna guy, Free robes, Sarah visits her abusive coffee shop one last time, Shirtless guy, World of Crazy: Florida woman, Hickey Death, Clowns in the woods, Angry Elves, MISS WENDY, New Album and Tour, Performing in Iraq, Ball Talk: Kaepernick

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GUESTS: Christian & Jess from PDX BROADSIDES, The Secret Word, PROJECT PABST, Andrew WK, Ice Cube & Duran Duran, The Upside Down Flag, Distress Word from Greg, Tutti Frutti, PDX BROADSIDES, New Album, Topics For Songs, Nerd Rock, A SONG FROM THE PDX BROADSIDES, WoC, Gotcha Hiding Mail, Porta Potty Phone, Fake Psychic 

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GUEST: NATE from BTU BRASSERIE, Sarah is going through changes, Old Lady hair, Blue-hairds, Greg and the parking attendants, forgotten names, BTU BRASSERIE, Chinese Food and Beer, starting BTU, BREWER'S CUP CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT, BTUPdx, WoC: Beer Pong, Giant Pearl, Insurance Scam, Ball Talk: Hide and Seek, Dwight Howard, RGIII new lady

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A Calling Card From The Wallman, Sarah's Apartment Recap, The Uncovered Room, Big Brother Is Watching, Carlos, The Shaft, An Interruption, The Goldfish Tunnel, WoC, Stuck Between The Buildings, Breaking Rocks, Pokemon Go Parliament, Farmers Invading, Gorilla Man

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GUEST: ARMAIN from PABST, Hugging Ice Cube, Project Pabst in Portland, Ton Of Bands, Duran Duran, Ticket Giveaway, World of Crazy: Virginia Playground, Stolen Ambulance, Young Old Man, Chicken Sunscreen

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GUEST: SEAN WHITE, Sarah Has A Roommate, The Bug, Freaking Out, Coffee Friends, SEAN WHITE, performing at Secret Society, Star Trek Talk, The Tattoo, Worf, TNG, TOS, Stewart Unhappy, 4 Different Episodes Of Trek, Dead And Gone Album

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GUEST: MARK NORMAND, Greg Can't Sleep and Ponders His Embarrassing Past Jobs, Cheese Sample Guy, Country Club, Sarah And The College Friend, MARK NORMAND at Helium Comedy Club, Dumpster Tales, New Orleans, Conan, New Suit, WoC, Meine Wurst, German Sausage, Monkeys and Hair, Worst Best Man, Lochte Sucks

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Sarah The Traffic Reporter, Ponytail, No Showers At 4 AM, Heat Wave, Greg And The Metal Detector Gang, Doubloon, Backyard Camera, WoC, Pot Brownies, Pizza Music Box, Postal Worker, Dumpster, Van Love

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Reheated Coffee: Safe or Disgusting? Resourceful or Lazy? This is the epic debate of the day, as we ask the listeners to become our own HR Department/Judge & Jury. Also, World of Crazy: Chork, Portapot, Bremerton Lady, Port St. Lucie. Plus our fine sponsors at NEXT ADVENTURE!

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Greg Was Freaked Out, The Train Story Continues, Seattle In August, Big City, Stepped In It, The Bar, Century Link Field, Alice In Chains, Guns N Roses, Axl, Hitting Up Seattle, Pike Place, Piroshky, Merchant Cafe, Ghost Tour, Olympics Recap, Leg, Good Things

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GUEST: BILLY WAYNE DAVIS, Caught Red-Handed, Guns N Roses, Taking The Train, Beer On Board, Controversy, Having Someones Back, BILLY WAYNE DAVIS, Dante's, See-through Shirts, Idaho, Going To Jail In Lewiston, Ill-fitting leg cuffs, Marijuana, GO SEE BILLY, FER Cornhole Tournament

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GUEST: TODD GLASS, Greg Is Freaking Out About GnR, Dressing Up, Suite Tix Ruined, Shimmy, TODD GLASS, Camping With Todd, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Standup Special, Podcast and Band, CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT

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Return Of Larry Amtrak, Heir, Guns N Roses, Show Deference, Spread The Word, The Rich Side, Soap Coffee, Ring The Bell, WoC, Bug Torch, Derailed, Burger King, Angry Birds, Meth Lab, CORNHOLE, Dirty Water, Phelps, Judo

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GUEST: BEN PARRISH OF KILL ROCK STARS, Greg Truman Show, The Peephole Debate, Wallman Is To Blame, The Secret Life Of Wall People, Stealing Muffins, BEN PARRISH of KILL ROCK STARS, Many Titles, Past Jobs, Alligator Man, The Ball Pit Love, Comedy Albums, The Wimps, WoC, Whopperito, Tunnels, Vampire, Sucky McBloodenstein, Scarlet Von Sharp

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Nervous Greg, Soulful Giving Blanket Concert, Riding The Prison Bus, Yoshida, Being Eccentric Guy, Sandy River, Brian Grant Meeting, WoC, Superman Comic, Pizza ATM, Turtle Burger, Cargo Shorts, Defending Cargo, Shiny Shorts, Phelps, A-Rod, Ichiro

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GUESTS: JON RUDNITSKY & JAKE NORDWIND, Sarah's Neighborhood Insanity, Simple Solution, Become The Stick Lady, JON and JAKE, The Morning Show, Traffic On The 10, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Types Of Guy, Ball Talk, Olympics

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GUEST: TOM SNYDER, Tour Guide Greg, G&T OPT, Make The City Pay For It, Show Them Real Portland, Show On The Go, Tom Snyder, Is Anyone Alright?, Audio Musical, Dr. Katz, WoC, Florida Woman, Super Bus, 90 Year Old Man, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUESTS: SMALL SOULS, Sarah's Affront, Shirtless Guy, Raccoon Head Guy & Dog Rope Guy, The Coffee Shop, Face Tattoos, Greg And The Boy In The Store, SMALL SOULS, Brian and Bryan, Alaska Ghost Story, Unheard, Unseen, WoC, Brandy, Creepy Clowns, Robot Dancers

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Only Person Left, Apocalyptic Dream, Snooping On Everyone, NEXT ADVENTURE, WoC, Dolly Update, Corpse Flower, Online Date, Themed Restaurant, Ball Talk, Tony Romo Cupcake, Olympics Water

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Random Celebrity Encounter, Spread It Around, Peeping On A Star, Guess Who, Living In The Bushes, Crack Pipe, Who Is There, Sarah And The Wall Man, Secret Passageways, Baxter, WoC, Donkey Cheese, Corpse Flowers, Florida Woman, Machete Ghosts, Brazil Olympics

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