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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Today is our last show of 2016 and we spent it going through the GOOD things of the past year! Sure, there has been a lot of crap. But don't let that overshadow the great things that happened. Thank you so much for being a part of our show. Thank you also to our wonderful sponsors Next Adventure and Worthy Brewing! Have a great and SAFE New Year's Eve!

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There is a new girlfriend in Greg's life and her name is Alexa. Also....she is a robot. She joins the show in clearly the most professional decision you could ever make in radio. In Sarah's World of Crazy: Employee Cruise, Pantsless Tarmac, Florida Woman, Potato Chip Wheelbarrow, Sasketchewan. Big thanks to WORTHY BREWING for our great Green Room!

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Has Greg inadvertently joined a cult? He went on another G&T's OPT adventure and believes that may be the case, after meeting "Mom" and drinking her tequila. (seriously, this happened). Who would make a better cult leader: Greg, or Sarah? Also, in World of Crazy: Thumbprint Pokemon, Locked in Star Wars, Tupac Hail Mary. Plus our fine sponsors NEXT ADVENTURE!

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We're back from Christmas! Greg received a free gift card and now wants to become a "warrior". Sarah was also a special child over Xmas and has the pajamas and tales to prove it. (paper plate heads of relatives?). Plus, Greg tries to guess the stories of all of the Lifetime movies that Sarah watched. Also, RIP Carrie Fisher aka Princess General Leia Organa. We are sad.

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Today Greg and Sarah are joined by Rick from Worthy Brewing to celebrate the new partnership of our Green Room and to talk about Beer! Not only that, Rick brought a secret guest....Reverend Nat! They fill us in on their new collaboration called Winter Venom and the release of the amazing Barrel Aged: Dark Muse. Plus we have some Xmas facts, Country Christmas and Bremerton tales!

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Santa Ken stopped by today to spread the magic of Xmas Cheer! In the beginning Greg talks about Santa and also, his bizarre dreams and how Sarah taunts him in them. Ken's segment talks about being an actual Mall Santa and all of the amazing things he does for people (it gets a little dusty in the studio).

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GUEST: DAN WEBER; Greg has a conundrum with a parking attendant, basically because he is too afraid to talk to him. In World of Crazy: Yakima Robbery, Irish Spring, $2000 Pizza. Then Dan Weber joins us to talk about Reading the bible with Dan, his show at Helium Comedy Club, living in Chicago and what kinds of soaps to use.

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Greg feels that he belong in warm weather, as a "Classic" Tropics guy. Mustaches are needed, unbuttoned shirts and delusions of grandeur. Also in World of Crazy: Dr. Phil; Baby Jesus; Positive Pregnancy Test; Boy Band. Don't forget to stop by NEXT ADVENTURE too!

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Everything is coming up Greg today, as he has a free burrito and then someone offered him "Street Yoghurt". Seriously, it was a box of yoghurt. He tries to convince Sarah to eat some of it. Also, Sarah made a new Bus Friend and in World of Crazy: Chairlift Dangler, Dumpster Fire, Stolen Money, BBQ Robbery. In Ball Talk, RIP Craig Sager.

Greg and Sarah want to thank everyone for coming out last night for the FER Bingo night! Thanks Worthy Brewing, Balvenie Scotch and Asylum!

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It's a Snowpocalypse in Portland today, but we are going to talk about the Tropics! In Tales from Kauai #2, we talk about the Catamaran Tour, swimming with turtles, Jurassic Park was a lie!, Lihue airport, Sarah and the metal, the angry woman on a plane and much more. Also, don't forget tonight is the FER BINGO NIGHT at LANDMARK SALOON with WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH, with prizes from ASYLUM!

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Greg and Sarah are back from Kauai, with tales to tell! Sarah had a secret about her Facebook video; Greg fell creates a Coconut friend, Waimea Canyon, Tsunami Warning to Winter Warning, Spilling Hamburger juice, Exotic fruit stand, Rambutans, Snorkeling etiquette, Going into caves of Ke'e. Don't forget FER Bingo Night is 12/15/16 at Landmark Saloon! Sponsors are WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH with prizes from ASYLUM!

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Greg and Sarah are back from their tropical studio. (Tech Note: the sound was a little echoey for part of the show. Our apologies) Today we talk about what not to do with the wildlife, the Bachelor and Bachelorete parties, Greg trying weird food and then embarrassing himself, bats in hair, Waimea Canyon and so much more! Don't forget to come to the FER Bingo Night at Landmark Saloon on 12/15, sponsored by WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH!

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We broadcast our show live Kauai today! From our new tropical studio, we talk about the flight, Sarah's violation of plane rules, the plethora of wild animals all over the island, how Greg wants to be "King of the Beach" and much more. Don't forget the FER Bingo Night is at Landmark Saloon on 12/15 with WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH!

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It's the final show in Portland, before Sarah and Greg are off to Hawaii! Sarah is terrified of flying and Greg has his "Flying Rules" to try to lessen the fear. Plus all-new Hawaii facts and the secrets of the elusive Hawaii Sasquatch! Don't forget FER Bingo Night is 12/15 at Landmark Saloon with WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH!

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Greg is taking Sarah with him to a fancy work party and needs her to talk him up. Being a professional Tattle-tale is not how he wants to be known. In World of Crazy, there is a new restaurant in London, a Florida Woman gets arrested and more. Don't forget about FER Bingo night with Worthy Brewing and Balvenie Scotch on 12/9!

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GUEST: ALEX FALCONE Our friend Alex Falcone has written a book! We talk about Unwrap My Heart, teen mummy love and so much more. Plus, Greg is fascinated with Exotic Fruits, Sarah gives us some World of Crazy and a big thank you to WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH! Our FER Bingo Night is December 15th!

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Today: Greg is going to play a dad in a commerical and at what point did he change into the commercial dad type, Hawaii is coming up soon and we are going to be doing video from there, punishment by Nickelback, Cards Against Humanity and the giant hole, noodles for drivers, and happy birthday Rick! Have a great day all!

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Greg is riled up about the latest TV reimagining series called Riverdale. What's next!? Plus the next FER Bingo Night at Landmark Saloon on 12/15 will feature Worthy Brewing, Balvenie Scotch and an Ugly Sweater Contest! In World of Crazy: Anthony Michael Hall, Reindeer Pizza, Ice Cream Breakfast, Weed Presents. Ball Talk: Go Beavers, Aretha Franklin, Florida Panthers, Canadian Football

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Today: Sarah and her weird family traditions, Thanksgiving in the country, special guest Finnegan and the trouble he gets into, Greg and the Presidential dream, old ships for scrap metal, pay what you feel, no tarantulas in Parliament, robot Jurassic Park, Greg's predictions, and more - have a wonderful holiday all! Also a BIG thank you to our fine sponsors at Next Adventure!

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Today we take a trip down Mickey's lane, as we revisit the origins of FER and drink Malt Liquor! Greg throw in some #HawaiiFacts and then we are joined by Wendy Weiss! Wendy's show is at Funhouse Lounge on Friday and she may be the soulmate of our show.

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Greg made a mistake and ruined the wedding! Ok, not really, but there was a flub. It was a wonderful weekend and we recap the wedding of Kersey and Travis and what a fantastic weekend it was! Plus, there is a new addition in Greg's neighborhood and he is fascinated by him. In World of Crazy: Dollar Store Fun; Lying Burrito; Fake Secret Service. Happy Birthday to Bryan from NEXT ADVENTURE!

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Sarah is NOT a Cool Cucumber as she calls it and avoids a near catastrophe at her side job. Then we rethink how to go about officiating the wedding this weekend, deciding a "folksy" approach may be the right way to go. WOC: Amityville House; Coke Selfie; Nacho Lady; Shortest Couple; NEXT ADVENTURE; Ball Talk; Kris Bryant, Predictions.

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Greg went clothes shopping and may have made....a mistake in a purchase. Plus Sarah and the saga of the tagged pants. World of Crazy: Axe Body Spray, Cat Rats, Cheeto Fire, Sugar Daddy. Ball Talk: Kate Upton.

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Sarah and Greg are officiating another wedding and they need to be classy! Accents are a must, but how do they maintain the classiness when in front of the crowd? Monologues and singing of course. Then in WOC: Walmart Stuffed Animal, Millions of Juggalos, Rodent Skirt, Coprolite Collection.

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Today: A phenomenon that effects a lot of people whether it's in the country or in the city, where did you find it, Hawaii haunted stories and what to avoid, Rock for President, Mr. Black Friday, don't cut in line, Florida fake pills, Seattle is getting greedy, and have a great afternoon all!

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GUESTS: AARON DURAN and THE LOVELY JENN, 32 Hours; Greg gives Sarah some Hawaii Facts; World of Crazy: Ninja Burglar, Nutella Garlic, Attractive Garlic; AARON AND JENN, Just back from Tokyo, Toilet Restaurant, So many flavors of Kit-Kats, Battling Robot Restaurant, Alcatraz ER, 7-11, Twin Size Beds, Disney Metal, TOKYO SOUNDS AMAZING

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Greg totally screws up the intro to today's show, but we eventually get back on track. We have a recap of FER Bingo night, say goodbye to Leonard Cohen and then hear about Greg's latest bizarre dream. Who dreams of Solange Knowles?! In World of Crazy: Gumball Machine, Legos, Ebay Swede, Silly Sausage. Thanks again to LANDMARK SALOON, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, TULLAMORE DEW AND ASYLUM!

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That damn meddling time traveler! It's FER Bingo Night at the Landmark and Greg wants to become a Celebrity Bingo Announcer, complete with small talk with the audience. In World of Crazy: Port St. Lucie; Street Bras, Toy Hall of Fame, Drone Sausage, Stranger Wings. Thanks SMALL TOWN BREWERY and TULLAMORE DEW

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It'e Election Day in the United States of America, but we don't want to talk about the actual thing. The question of the day: What Fictional President would you elect? Also in World of Crazy: Snake on a Plane; Guinness World Record Dance; Frozen Zoo; Robin Hood; Mars Couch. Also, FER BINGO NIGHT AT LANDMARK SALOON, November 10th with SMALL TOWN BREWING & TULLAMORE DEW, Thanks ASYLUM FOR PRIZES

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Funemployment Radio is going to jump the shark! Today we announced our trip to Kauai in one month, where we'll be filming & broadcasting our show. What do we call it? That's where we need your help. Also, in World of Crazy: Octopus Legs, Nail Polish, China's Magical Monkey King, Scottish Fortune Telling Billy Goat, Mystery Ping. Ball Talk: Cubs eat a Goat; OKC Haunted Hotel. Thanks to SMALL TOWN BREWERY & TULLAMORE DEW for the FER Bingo Night this Thursday!

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GUESTS: KEVIN HEFFERNAN & STEVE LEMME from Broken Lizard; It's our 7-year anniversary show! To celebrate, we are joined by Kevin Heffernan & Steve Lemme to talk about Super Troopers 2, their tour at Helium Comedy Club, a new Comedy Central special and more. Plus we have are FER BINGO NIGHT coming up w/ Small Town Brewery and Tullamore Dew.

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The Cubs won the World Series! Which means....Greg's pre-season prediction was true. We will never hear the end of it. In World of Crazy: Chocolate body parts, Toe Eating, Stealing Pizza. Don't forget the FER BINGO NIGHT with SMALL TOWN BREWERY and TULLAMORE DEW is November 10th at LANDMARK SALOON.

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Sarah has stolen Greg's secret stash of M&M's, as he divulges more of his shameful secrets. The hidden hell room is Sarah's apartment complex is being turned into a "social" room. Greg explains what Being Human is really about without having ever seen it. World of Crazy: Kit Kat Bar, High Beams, 20 iPhones; Ball Talk: Cubs Facts

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Old man Greg likes kids, until he hates them. Halloween was both successful and frustrating as the neighborhood kids did something with the candy they were given. In World of Crazy: Florida Man, Glass Eyeball, Trick or Treating on an Airplane, Elevator Button Lies; Ball Talk: Greg's Bet, Brady and the Bills, Cubs, SMALL TOWN BREWERY & TULLAMORE DEW BINGO NIGHT

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Halloween is here and complete with another tale of people dressed like Flintstones characters, not liking Greg. Stories of the costume contests, the accordion grabbing and more. Details of the Untimely Deaths tour of the Lone Fir Cemetery, then we dig into Sarah's Halloween facts, which are actually....awesome! Thanks NEXT ADVENTURE

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Sarah has an amazing Halloween costume, but there is possibility she could be confused for Barb. This does NOT make her happy! Plus, Greg reveals his costume. Then we are joined by Jamie Lee! Jamie is wonderful, has a new book called Weddiculous and will be at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! In Ball Talk, we hit the 20-year-old playing kids football, The Russell Westbrook fan fight and Greg's Predictions. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for being our fine sponsor!

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Do Boy Bands have a "leader"? This is the hot button issue we tackle at the top of the show and turns out it's pretty divided! Then we get into Greg's eating shame, childhood bully girls and more. World of Crazy: Dog Tuxedo, Chizza, Baby Ball. Ball Talk, Johnny Returns?, Shwarber, Cubs Song.

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We start the show off with a discussion of what kind of Ghost we would be. Naturally there are rules involved. Greg would prank people to insanity, but Sarah finds out what kind of person she is. World of Crazy: dancers royale, cookie cereal, furious chicken lover. Ball Talk: Cubs oldest fans, awesome old lady, crabby old man.

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GUEST: LANE MOORE, Sarah is heading to Seattle for a 20 year reunion concert and Greg gives her some Mosh Pit advice. Then we are joined by Lane Moore! Lane is fantastic and is a PERFECT FIT with Sarah and Greg. Her show Tinder Live is at The Secret Society on Wednesday, October 26th!

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Greg has flashbacks of being a country kid at a city arcade; The Retro Gaming Festival and ditching Sarah; World of Crazy: Florida Man, Lobster Pants, Black Market Street Wires, A Call For Greg To Refill His Drugs; Ball Talk, Cubs Win, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Our friend W. Kamau Bell came by today, to talk about all of the amazing things he's doing! From CNN's United Shades of America, to Politically-reactive, to Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period, Kamau is really incredible!

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GUEST: MATTHEW BROUSSARD, Greg thinks he can be a star in Las Vegas and let's us know about his epic new stage show (it's not epic). Then we are joined by Matthew Broussard! His new album and Comedy Central special Pedantic comes out on October 21st! In World of Crazy: World's Largest Ouija Board, Skunklock, Expensive Potato Chips; Ball Talk: Cubs Rap, Predictions

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GUESTS: BRIAN HUSKEY and NANCY LENEHAN Today we are joined by Brian and Nancy from the new show People of Earth on TBS. Before that, we find out about the embarrassing phone call a 17-year-old Greg made to the National Guard. Huge thank you to our fine sponsors NEXT ADVENTURE!

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GUEST: JESSA REED & XTINA VK, Greg's Strange dreams; LL Logjam; Space Party of some kind; WOC: Boaty McBoatface, Conspiracy Theorists, Lemonade, Masked Dating, Eyes Wide Shut App; JESSA REED & XTINA VK, Falling Asleep On Airplanes, Big Sky Comedy Festival, Travel, FUNHOUSE LOUNGE ON WEDNESDAY

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Greg does not like getting rubbed; Circle K versus Plaid; Fake Greg walking around with is ID; Heading to the DMV Hell hole; Three rubs in 15 minutes; World of Crazy: Breaking TV's, Cheese Thief, Cheap to Fancy Wine, Clown videos; Ball Talk: Cheapskate Brady, Dak Prescott, Jay Cutler Smoking; Squatch Watch Indonesia

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GUEST: BOBBY LEE, We start the show off discussing the great storm of 2016. Then on to our friend Bobby Lee! Bobby is at Helium Comedy Club this weekend and has been a guest on our show for years. Today we discuss politics, Pauly Shore's penis, anxiety on television, his friend Sandy Danto, podcasts and much, much more.

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Greg took a Mystery Pill; Sarah's pledge for comedy; What the hell was at the bottom of the drawer?; Trouble sleeping, little doors; WoC: Walmart Baby, Wifi 911, Boat Mutiny, Sexy Ken Bone; Ball Talk: Kap, Tebow's miracle, Nationals

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GUEST: JENN ALVIN, Greg dreams in Portuguese Amazon for the Country; Brazilian sugarcane farm; Operation Hot Cousin-kind of; Cornbread; JENN ALVIN FROM SCRAP PDX, WOC: Clowns, Tattoos, Cop; Balltalk: Shower Fall, Kap, MMA

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GUEST: AHMED BHAROOCHA, Ken Bone is an international star; Spaceship for Y2K; AHMED BHAROOCHA, Comedy Central, New Album, Adult Swim; WOC: Bernie Tattoo, Cat Music, Snitches Note; Ball Talk: Ruth's Chris, Toledo, Dodgers; Cutting Cookies vs. Doing Doughnuts; NEXT ADVENTURE

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Happy Leif Erikson Day! Oh also, it's Sarah's birthday show... Greg gives Sarah some facts, songs and even some gifts. Then it's World of Crazy: snakes in pool, pantless stealing TVs, Sarah Squatch Watch, Greg makes predictions.

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Greg really needs to stop posting random things on Social Media; Neighbors and the Nog Champa Floor Wars; What on Earth is Facebook recommending to Greg?; World of Crazy: Sausage thieves, Italian Mafia, Put a mattress in it, Taco Bell Butler, The Storage unit, Lazy Male Squirrels; Ball Talk: Baseball Predictions

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Sarah goes to Luke's Diner, Fictional locations that you'd like to hang out in, The Bada Bing, Halloween Costumers, World of Crazy: Self-lacing Shoes, Mac Candle, Chuck E. Cheese, Clowns, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Bye Bye Baby, Meet The Mets

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Greg is hiding shame snacks in the studio; Sarah talks about her potentially stolen pants and how to get rid of the tag she wore to work; WoC: Rick James robbery, Portapotty, New Orleans, Portland Clowns; Ball Talk: Washington trademark, Cubs going to win.

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1664.mp3
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GUEST: SAM MORRIL, The Great Fry Debate, Sarah and Greg state their cases regarding spillage fries, Sneaky Sarah, Greedy Greg, SAM MORRIL at Helium Comedy Club, America's Got Talent, Knicks, Ball Talk, Halftime Performer, Predictions

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1663.mp3
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You'll have to change the party, Greg wants a drone, legal peeping, Sarah consults for Birthday Rules, Housewarming Party, World of Crazy, Florida Man, Self-driving chair, Ricky the Rooster, Creepy Clowns, Ball Talk, Cubs

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1662.mp3
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Greg's strange dream, Shopping during this election season, Really skinny person with a pet, "Hello", Marmot Cat, What is a Marmot, World of Crazy: Scary Creeper Peeper, Witch Doctor, Enchilda Ear, Dinosaur Erotica, Big Papi

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1661.mp3
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GUEST: DAVE from ELYSIAN BREWING, PPAP, What Is It? Viral Songs, WoC, Greasy Jersey, Hospital Robot, Don't Do Drugs, DAVE FROM ELYSIAN, Pumpkin Beers, Wonderful Brewery, The Great Pimpkin, Gary Laser Eyes, Dayglo

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1660.mp3
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Greg returns from Ricketsfest, Full of bug bites, Nicknames, Sarah and the coffee ordeal, Walking around Seattle, Getting hit on by the old men, Bremerton Hot, The Bremelos, Hotter than you are, Ball Talk, Jose Fernandez

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1659.mp3
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Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1658.mp3
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Sarah's CaterWaitor tales expand to the story of Mama Bear, Mary and Linda. Cape Cods and Mary pours unite for the most awkward company event ever! Plus, in World of Crazy; No new Zodiac signs, Hamdog, Cuddling Kittens, Spider Car Crash, Golden Puck. Plus NEXT ADVENTURE!!

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1657.mp3
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Sarah may or may not be in distress, The saga of the ripped pants, The K Word, The B Word and The T Word, Trying it out, Sarah X Dylan's City Bike, Birthday Rules explained.

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1656.mp3
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GUEST: GABE DINGER, FER Brewer's Cup Recap, Thanks Ninkasi, BridgePort, Worthy, Elysian, BTU, Reverend Nat's, A Change in the Zodiac, No Longer Skittely, GABE DINGER, Last Portland Show at Secret Society, Changing Portland, Paranormal Pals, Berzerk!, Ball Talk, Inspiring Speech

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1655.mp3
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Making A Musical, FER BREWER'S CUP THIS SUNDAY, Naming The Brackets, World Of Crazy: Don't Kiss The Damn Chickens, Catfish From The Sky, Tearing Up A Wendies, Strong Smells in Japan, Ball Talk, Drone Racing, Tom Brady Scandal, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE EXPLAINED

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1654.mp3
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GUEST: DANIEL T WEBER, Need to get out of the country, Federal phone calls, Sarah never checks messages, Greg is STILL obsessed with Eyes Wide Shut parties, DAN WEBER, Dan is leaving Portland for Chicago!, There are parties like that here, Bar of the Gods, Back patio comedy, Dan is AWESOME

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1653.mp3
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Sarah is a poor sport that needs to pay up on bets, Alternative choices, Skanking for 5 minutes, Tales from cater waitering, Rich person speed-dating, Eyes Wide Shut parties, Throwing up in a Vase, Ball Talk: Paralympics Medals, Big Papi, NEXT ADVENTURE, Squatch Watch: Skamania  County

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1652.mp3
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GUESTS: NICK and SAM from BRIDGEPORT BREWING, The Master of Ceremonies, FER BREWER'S CUP FINALE, Fire and Horses, Flaming Bow & Arrow, Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Noon 30, NICK AND SAM, Totem, Getting Started, Radio Voices, Morning Show, Ball Talk, Greatest Call Ever, Ceremony Auditions

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1651.mp3
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GUEST: RICK NICKERSON from WORTHY BREWING, Greg found a secret in the thicket, FER BREWER'S CUP FINALE, The House in SE Portland, No Man's Land, The Compound, The Thicket, A Weapon, Something Metal, RICK from WORTHY BREWING, History of the Beer, Pre-Funk, KarmaCitrus, Landmark Saloon, Golfing, WoC, Stealing Fries, Fake Clowns, New Italy Rule, Australian Standoff, Country PI

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GUEST: ALEX FALCONE, Greg tries to bring back Swass, Alex Falcone enters the last season of Late Nite Action and you should totally go!, World Of Crazy; Drivin' Truck, Coffee Throws Coffee, Clown on Clown Economic Shambles, Old Slang terms are being taken away and need to be brought back.

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GUESTS: Daniel Falconer & Warren Dion Smith from Weta Workshop; Greg is nervous about his costume, semi-Loki, Favorite Costume ever, Greg's G.I. Joe Character, World of Crazy: Super Troopers 2, Portland Skiing, Exercise and Alcohol, ROSE CITY COMIC CON

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GUEST: SHANE TORRES, Sarah concurs the Twin Peaks, Being the Cool Kid, Starting up a rip-off tour, World of Crazy: Warning About The Ball-Eating Chair, Burning Cars, Going to Jail; Shane Torres, Life in NY, Returning to Portland, Bikini Baristas, The Liquor Store

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1647.mp3
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GUEST: ADAM CONOVER; Today we are joined by special guest, Adam Conover, of Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV. Sarah is also nervous about her first meet up with a Twin Peaks group, worrying about what they are called and if she's too nervous to do it. In World of Crazy we find out about; Florida Man, Wolf Boy, Karate Bear, 1000 pounds and Ghost Busty. For Ball Talk, Greg makes his first prediction.

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Cedric's Last Stand, Greg needs his dreams analyzed, The Crazy One with Molly Shannon, The invisible man doesn't like you, World of Crazy: Monk Lottery, Taco Truck on Every Corner, Potato Shooter, Sexy News, Stolen Candy, Ball Talk: Kaepernick

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Sarah has a new roommate, Cedric says hello, Get the stuff with bleach, Fun facts about her new friend, WoC: Vladimir Putin, Holla Man, Pokemon Go, Snorlax, Flamin' Hot Cheetos Fire, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk; Cricket Dog, Kaepernick, Lochte Dancing

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GUEST: THE FABULOUS MISS WENDY, Greg wants to be the Sauna guy, Free robes, Sarah visits her abusive coffee shop one last time, Shirtless guy, World of Crazy: Florida woman, Hickey Death, Clowns in the woods, Angry Elves, MISS WENDY, New Album and Tour, Performing in Iraq, Ball Talk: Kaepernick

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GUESTS: Christian & Jess from PDX BROADSIDES, The Secret Word, PROJECT PABST, Andrew WK, Ice Cube & Duran Duran, The Upside Down Flag, Distress Word from Greg, Tutti Frutti, PDX BROADSIDES, New Album, Topics For Songs, Nerd Rock, A SONG FROM THE PDX BROADSIDES, WoC, Gotcha Hiding Mail, Porta Potty Phone, Fake Psychic 

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GUEST: NATE from BTU BRASSERIE, Sarah is going through changes, Old Lady hair, Blue-hairds, Greg and the parking attendants, forgotten names, BTU BRASSERIE, Chinese Food and Beer, starting BTU, BREWER'S CUP CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT, BTUPdx, WoC: Beer Pong, Giant Pearl, Insurance Scam, Ball Talk: Hide and Seek, Dwight Howard, RGIII new lady

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A Calling Card From The Wallman, Sarah's Apartment Recap, The Uncovered Room, Big Brother Is Watching, Carlos, The Shaft, An Interruption, The Goldfish Tunnel, WoC, Stuck Between The Buildings, Breaking Rocks, Pokemon Go Parliament, Farmers Invading, Gorilla Man

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GUEST: ARMAIN from PABST, Hugging Ice Cube, Project Pabst in Portland, Ton Of Bands, Duran Duran, Ticket Giveaway, World of Crazy: Virginia Playground, Stolen Ambulance, Young Old Man, Chicken Sunscreen

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GUEST: SEAN WHITE, Sarah Has A Roommate, The Bug, Freaking Out, Coffee Friends, SEAN WHITE, performing at Secret Society, Star Trek Talk, The Tattoo, Worf, TNG, TOS, Stewart Unhappy, 4 Different Episodes Of Trek, Dead And Gone Album

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GUEST: MARK NORMAND, Greg Can't Sleep and Ponders His Embarrassing Past Jobs, Cheese Sample Guy, Country Club, Sarah And The College Friend, MARK NORMAND at Helium Comedy Club, Dumpster Tales, New Orleans, Conan, New Suit, WoC, Meine Wurst, German Sausage, Monkeys and Hair, Worst Best Man, Lochte Sucks

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Sarah The Traffic Reporter, Ponytail, No Showers At 4 AM, Heat Wave, Greg And The Metal Detector Gang, Doubloon, Backyard Camera, WoC, Pot Brownies, Pizza Music Box, Postal Worker, Dumpster, Van Love

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Reheated Coffee: Safe or Disgusting? Resourceful or Lazy? This is the epic debate of the day, as we ask the listeners to become our own HR Department/Judge & Jury. Also, World of Crazy: Chork, Portapot, Bremerton Lady, Port St. Lucie. Plus our fine sponsors at NEXT ADVENTURE!

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Greg Was Freaked Out, The Train Story Continues, Seattle In August, Big City, Stepped In It, The Bar, Century Link Field, Alice In Chains, Guns N Roses, Axl, Hitting Up Seattle, Pike Place, Piroshky, Merchant Cafe, Ghost Tour, Olympics Recap, Leg, Good Things

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GUEST: BILLY WAYNE DAVIS, Caught Red-Handed, Guns N Roses, Taking The Train, Beer On Board, Controversy, Having Someones Back, BILLY WAYNE DAVIS, Dante's, See-through Shirts, Idaho, Going To Jail In Lewiston, Ill-fitting leg cuffs, Marijuana, GO SEE BILLY, FER Cornhole Tournament

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GUEST: TODD GLASS, Greg Is Freaking Out About GnR, Dressing Up, Suite Tix Ruined, Shimmy, TODD GLASS, Camping With Todd, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Standup Special, Podcast and Band, CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT

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Return Of Larry Amtrak, Heir, Guns N Roses, Show Deference, Spread The Word, The Rich Side, Soap Coffee, Ring The Bell, WoC, Bug Torch, Derailed, Burger King, Angry Birds, Meth Lab, CORNHOLE, Dirty Water, Phelps, Judo

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GUEST: BEN PARRISH OF KILL ROCK STARS, Greg Truman Show, The Peephole Debate, Wallman Is To Blame, The Secret Life Of Wall People, Stealing Muffins, BEN PARRISH of KILL ROCK STARS, Many Titles, Past Jobs, Alligator Man, The Ball Pit Love, Comedy Albums, The Wimps, WoC, Whopperito, Tunnels, Vampire, Sucky McBloodenstein, Scarlet Von Sharp

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Nervous Greg, Soulful Giving Blanket Concert, Riding The Prison Bus, Yoshida, Being Eccentric Guy, Sandy River, Brian Grant Meeting, WoC, Superman Comic, Pizza ATM, Turtle Burger, Cargo Shorts, Defending Cargo, Shiny Shorts, Phelps, A-Rod, Ichiro

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GUESTS: JON RUDNITSKY & JAKE NORDWIND, Sarah's Neighborhood Insanity, Simple Solution, Become The Stick Lady, JON and JAKE, The Morning Show, Traffic On The 10, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Types Of Guy, Ball Talk, Olympics

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GUEST: TOM SNYDER, Tour Guide Greg, G&T OPT, Make The City Pay For It, Show Them Real Portland, Show On The Go, Tom Snyder, Is Anyone Alright?, Audio Musical, Dr. Katz, WoC, Florida Woman, Super Bus, 90 Year Old Man, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUESTS: SMALL SOULS, Sarah's Affront, Shirtless Guy, Raccoon Head Guy & Dog Rope Guy, The Coffee Shop, Face Tattoos, Greg And The Boy In The Store, SMALL SOULS, Brian and Bryan, Alaska Ghost Story, Unheard, Unseen, WoC, Brandy, Creepy Clowns, Robot Dancers

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Only Person Left, Apocalyptic Dream, Snooping On Everyone, NEXT ADVENTURE, WoC, Dolly Update, Corpse Flower, Online Date, Themed Restaurant, Ball Talk, Tony Romo Cupcake, Olympics Water

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Random Celebrity Encounter, Spread It Around, Peeping On A Star, Guess Who, Living In The Bushes, Crack Pipe, Who Is There, Sarah And The Wall Man, Secret Passageways, Baxter, WoC, Donkey Cheese, Corpse Flowers, Florida Woman, Machete Ghosts, Brazil Olympics

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Bonfire, Weird Al Recap, Dolly Parton's Arms And Tattoos, The Neighbors, Too Nice, Tough Guy, Pauly Walnuts, WoC, Cheese Judging, Norwegian Golf Mystery, Cow Patties, NEXT ADVENTURE, Andrew Luck Doesn't Shower

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Weird Al Day, Changed Greg And Sarah's Childhoods, Ok To Be Weird, Biggest Ball Of Twine, Dare To Be Stupid, Summer Of Greg, WoC, Seattle Batarang, Glave, Florida Man, Miss Krimlen, Shipwreck Cheese, Sweden Dream

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GUEST: REVEREND NAT, Tropical Summer VIII, Stripper Soup, The Pool Rules, Which Apartment Are You In, Security, REVEREND NAT, Hard Cider, Starting From A Basement, Yeast, So Many Flavors, FER Brewers Cup, WoC, Underarm Fan, Beer Spill, Cans, Lotto Meth, NEXT ADVENTURE, Patagonia, Ball Talk, Olympics, KG Jr.

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Pablo Honey, FER Prom Recap, PABST BLUE RIBBON, The Sweating, The Dances, Purging of the Poetry, Teddy Is Pablo, Missing Dog, FER Brewers Cup, NINKASI, BRIDGEPORT, The Greg Sarah Bet, Double Or Nothing, Sugar Daddies On Lifetime Recap, Tom Peterson

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The Worry Stone, FER PROM presented by PABST BLUE RIBBON, Nerves Setting In, Foreign Exchange Students, The Creepy Dance, Purging of the Poetry, Fixing Hair, The Nightmare Dream, WoC, Bike Stations, Pokemon Dating, FER BREWERS CUP, NINKASI and BRIDGEPORT, Thanks Craig and April!

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The Outfits, Gregged By The Bell, Brandon Hair, 90s Music Fight, FER PROM, PABST BLUE RIBBON, WoC, Mayo Spill, Marilyn Monroe Hair, Soiled, Dog Pills, Florida With Trees In Corvallis, Ball Talk, Russian Cheating, NINKASI and BRIDGEPORT CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT

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Greg Goes Country, The Pale Moonlight, FER PROM with PABST, POETRY PURGE, Aaron Duran Goth Poetry, Sarah Steals Mail, Kit-Kats From Japan, Sampling, Canadian Greetings, Australian Greetings, WOC, Drunk Pilots, Pokemon Go Police, Maroon Pants, Propane, NINKASI and BRIDGEPORT BREWING, Chips Diet

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