Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Car Changing, Dominatrix Or Eccentric, Neighbor Question, To Swing Or Not, World Of Crazy, George Lopez, 330 Pizza Roles, Wish Tree, Cosmic Microfood, METRO PCS, RICK EMERSON & TIM RILEY, ASYLUM, HR BLOCK

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GUESTS: STEVE-O & DANGER EHREN, Stand Up Comedy, Webcam Whores, Overcoming Addicitons, Veganism, Fing Clams Up, SHOW, New Crew, Early Person, SQUARESPACE, Rocky Walk, Lady Tips, WOC, Cheese Pizza, Spider Face, Furious, HR BLOCK, RAP BATTLE

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Shamrock Web Ad, HR BLOCK, Zero to 15k, Gregs List, Selling Your Stuff, Feet, World Of Crazy, Katy Perry Single, Gun Safety, Stolen Hot Dog, Beard Transplants, Squatch Watch, Evidence, Ball Talk, Michael Sam, Collins Jersey, DWTS, Draft Song

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Fresh Powder, Rap Boutique, Dream Of Ghost Family, Neighbor Conundrum, Ball Talk, Space Jam 2, Cupcake Felton, Fake Olympians, World Of Crazy, Trillion Dollar Bill, Nine Fun Fun, Rat Cake, Squatch Watch, Houston Hank, SARAH STAND UP COMEDY

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Network Party Recap, Rap Crown, Aaron Duran, Standup Dreams, We Are A Cult In Central Asia, Nerd Fight, Geek Tunes, The Night Was Incredible, Epic Rap Battle, MetroPCS, Audio changes have way through

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One Day To Party, Rap Battle, Scott Throw It Down, Stand Up Style, World Of Crazy, Clown Shortage, Free Pass To Heaven, Ball Talk, Canada Wins, Dwayne and Sebastian from Calgary Explain Canada, Science Facts, Canada Name, Canadian Geese, SQUARESPACE

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MC Kenny B, Hats, Mic Check, Troy Letter, Ball Talk, Canada US Hockey, Sociopath or Not, Squatch Watch Detroit Squatter, World Of Crazy, Allergic To Water, Sausages, METROPCS

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GUEST: B. FRAYN MASTERS, Life Changing, Mac N Cheese, Awkward Neighbor Situation, KT and Norm From Texas, Craziness, World Of Crazy, Barbi Lady, The Dumbening, Miley Cyrus, Clown Shortage, BACK FENCE PDX, Frayn NPR Voice, Storytelling, OCD Traits When Flying

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Greg Digs Deep, ASYLUM, Coffee In The Rain, Scaring Children, Sarah's Workout, Ball Talk, Olympics Whining, Jose Tweets, METRO PCS, BRAD BOYER THE CAR GUY, Fancy Cars, Carcierge, Driving Famous People, Stripper Pole, Lady Gaga, Insurance Advice, HR BLOCK

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Yo Yo, Rap Star, Stand Up Practice, AARON DURAN, Practicing, Coffe Shop Pickup Lines, Ball Talk, Olympics Protest, Jamaican Bob Sled Song, SQUARESPACE, World Of Crazy, Escape From Jail, Facebook Relationship, Snake Handler, HR BLOCK

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Valentine Bartender, Dog Portraits, SQUARESPACE, Role Play Of Sad Guy, VD Facts, Ball Talk, Olympic Scandal, Michael Sam, Jeter, World Of Crazy People, Science Facts, Heart Candy, Love, Kenny B, Squatch Watch, METRO PCS

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GUEST: JOHN LUKROFKA, Revenge Is Coming, METROPCS, The Text War, Little Stevie And Sharon, World Of Crazy, Missing Mermaid, Valentines Day Reservations, Kickstarter Burrito, 10 Dwarf, Juggalos, JOHN, Portland Trail Blazers, Life On The Road, Behind The Scenes, Rick Emerson Show Memories, NEP

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Curling Champion, Greg Wants To Be An Olympian, Crystal Pepsi, Human Food, Cat Surprise, Achy Breaky 2, OFFICE BREAK GIFTS, Marcus Smart, Tinder At The Olympics, ASYLUM, Valentine's Day, THE SECRET SOCIETY, Matt & Jesse, Dating Tips, DRINK CONTEST, They Are Awesome

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GUEST: BENJAMIN GORMAN, Shirley Temple Was Justin Bieber, OFFICE BREAK GIFTS, Sarah Stye Glasses, Greg Is Going Insane, Man Who Wasn't There, Ball Talk, Costas Pink Eye, Crack Vending, McGruff, SUM OF ALL GODS, Ben, Jesus At A Strip Club, Independence, Dream Analysis, H&R BLOCK

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Snow Driving Fail, Side Of Road, KIELEN KING, Rap Battle Explanations, Feeling Like Eminem, FER Network Party, Sarah Watches Bad TV So You Don't Have To, Woop Woop, Australia, Ball Talk, Gay Athlete, Sochi Olympics, Russian Snowboarder, SQUARESPACE, Birthdays

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Snowpocalypse vs. Snowdeo, OFFICE BREAK GIFTS, Hurt Putting On A Seatbelt, Ball Talk, Sochi Is A Mess, Shower Cams, Russian Culture Songs, World Of Crazy, Alamo, Toast Fight, Manequin Love, SQUARESPACE ROCKS, Science Facts

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Car Guy, Sarah Eye, Driving Fancy Cars, No Sleep, Walkers, METROPCS, The Great Phone Prank, Big D, World Of Crazy, Bath Salts In Florida, Bill Clinton Elizabeth Hurley, Squatch Watch Women Bait

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GUEST: TIM RILEY, The Plague, Disturbing Dreams, How Does Crazy Know Crazy, TIM RILEY, OFFICE BREAK GIFTS, Tim Is The Awesomest, Keep Portland Weird, World Of Crazy, App Mocks Fat, Cow Head, Screaming Pig, Ear Biting, Ball Talk, Records, China Pranks America

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Sounds Like A Man, Tipping At Bars, Officiating Beer Pong, METRO PCS, The Wet Phone Scandal, Ball Talk, Seahawks Congratulated, 911 Truther, Seahawks Song, Ash, World Of Crazy, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Deport Bieber, Lock Up Machinery, Squatch Watch, White Squatches

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