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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Today: Bowie is trying out for doggie daycare and I don't think I have EVER seen Greg this nervous, what to do if he doesn't make it and Sarah randomly knows the owner, petting a squirrel and rabies, and have a great day! :)

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Today: Sarah and her many treasures, tootsie roll pops and cut mouth, mowing someone's lawn without permission, pickle in a blanket and melted cheese, motherships are close, and food experiment tomorrow! Have a great day :)

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Today: Greg is super nervous because Bowie has an audition for day care, get paid to cuddle bears, don't go in the cave, a pet nutria named Nuety, time traveler has predictions, update on the Tournament of Champions, and have a great day all! 

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Today: We were joined by the delightful Billy Wayne Davis, who is going to be in Portland this weekend at Siren Theater - get your tickets here! We talked about his new special, filming in Denver, and much more - he's rad! Also today - the tournament of champions has begun! And Greg chose... Connecticut? Have a great day all!

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Today: Adjusting to a new schedule that starts IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT is hard, unwanted tips on being productive, man with the longest tongue is back, 622 grandchildren, and have a great day all! 

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Today: Greg had his first day at his new job and it was awesome, meeting new people and trying to not be weird, you gotta get down on Pi Day, Tournament of CHAMPIONS starts soon, happy birthday Kielen, and have a great day all! :)

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Today: We were joined by our good friend Gilbert Gleason of Block Advisors to talk all things taxes, what is new this year and the daunting 1099-K, how to properly file charitable donations, and much more - it is always so great to have him in! Also today, Greg finally makes his announcement about what his new opportunity is going to be :) Thanks so much for listening, and have a wonderful weekend all!

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Today: Greg has finally succeeded in most likely giving himself an ulcer, Sarah and the beer rejection, parents buy a billboard to get son a date, spiderman museum, three year world cruise, and have a great day!

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Today: Greg did his final show with KOIN for Tech Tuesday today, reason why soon!, Sarah and the Spotify 90s soft rock playlist, new snowplow names, conch shell contest, fear of ketchup, and the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS is back!!

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Today: Sarah is back from Bremerton with tales to tell, stopping at favorite food place and meeting the owner, couple in the bar and going to the casino, new tooth talk, Ball Talk updates, and have a great day all! :)

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Today: We were joined by our pal Rick Emerson to talk all things The Last of Us, creepy creatures and mushroom faces, chatfishing, and much more - it's a lot of fun :) Have a great day all! 

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Today: After 20 years, Sarah is finally ready to move on from a relationship she's been in - but can she do it? Also today, weird mouth stories, robot lips, and more - have a great day! :)

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Today: There are some weird side effects after Sarah had Covid, snowpocalypse 2023 got the better of Courage (but they are rescheduling!), four leaf clovers, West Virginia mountain mama, and have a great day! 

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Today: We were joined by the delightful and hilarios duo Frangela to talk about their Kill Rock Stars album recording happening THIS Saturday (2/25) at Curious Comedy Theater - get your tickets here! Also today - Sarah is on the tail end (hopefully) of the covid train, weird knick knacks and a floating head, food themed World of Crazy, and have an excellent day all!

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Today: It finally happened - one of us got Covid (it was Sarah, Sarah has covid), and Greg (does NOT have covid and) got to go and interview the Trailer Park Boys this weekend at FAN EXPO Portland!! Have a great day all! :)


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Today: We had comedian/magician/author Simon Taylor in-studio, it's his first time in Portland and where to go, touring the US and going to Seattle, writing a childrens book and shooting a gun in Texas, and more - have a great day all!

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Today: It's a bit of a short and weird one (JUST LIKE GREG) but we talk a whole lot about aliens; where they are, when they are, the before times, and being lured on board by cheeses, and have a great day friends!

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Today: Sarah went to the magical land of Camas yesterday for an appointment, huge thank you to Dr. Brady Smith of Tooth Docs for being awesome, Greg's Bowlo de Super predictions, and have an awesome weekend all!

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Today: Greg is getting ready for a thing tomorrow and needs to practice talking about random things in two minute increments, free chicken and Courage music, and have a great day friends!

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Today: Sarah watched a terrible movie last night and jeepers creepers it was awful, The Room and bad reviews, what is the difference between coyotes and wolves, and have a great day all! :) 

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Today: Greg is having some Jeeper problems, Sarah picking him up and listening to Bosch, people you know but don't know, dogs doing the conga, man rescued from stolen yacht after leaving fish at Goonies house, and have an amazing day!

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Today: Greg wants to make Bowie the next Paul the Octopus, and our friends Tristan (GOT TO GET THE JOB DONE) and Natalie joined us to talk about their business, starting a franchise, going to a conference, and more - have a great day!

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Today: Rick Emerson joined us to talk about fake ID's, going to shows and cursive being phased out, Oryx and Crake and book movie interpretations, and a whole lotta crazy - thanks for listening all, have a great day!

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Today: What would be in a mall if it was for 90s kids, going to a fancy dinner and it was amazing, Orange Julius and comfy chairs, and have an excellent day friends! :)

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Today: Our dear friend Andy has gifted us tickets to a super nice dinner tonight and what are we going to wear, conversation starters and unicycles, IKEA furniture and roll of the dice, and why would you want to go back to high school? Have a great day!

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Today: It's a bit of a shorter show because Greg is still super stuffed up and a bubble head, organizing a sock drawer and finding stolen cars, being a Dairy Dreamer and selling Disney water, and have a great day friends! :)

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Today we were joined by our friend Aaron Duran to talk about his new book (being released on 1/25/23!), going through a scary health issue, and what is the deal with the trashbags at Sarah's apartment? Also Aaron will be at Books with Pictures on Saturday January 28 from 3 to 5pm for a book signing, hope to see you there!

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Today: Greg is going out on a boy's trip out in Vancouver, what do you do out in Vancouver, burning German ghost train and world's largest pizza, and have a great weekend all!

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Today: Bowie is still up for becoming America's next top dog model, Sarah and the accidental peeping, Florida man and Netflix flight attendants, and multiple meddling time travelers - have a great day all! 

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Today: Sarah had a meeting with all of the zoom meeting types, Greg and the hair modeling, and don't forget to vote for Bowie for America's Favorite Pet - it would mean a lot to Gregnog :) Have a great day!

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Today: Greg has decided to go full force into trying to get Bowie to be America's Favorite dog, what to write in the description and Dean Koontz, Jim twins and Valentine's cockroaches, and have an amazing day all!

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Today: Horror movies and which ones do you like, Greg and his unpopular opinions about everything, Selena collection and a license to dance, woman who married a duvet is totally not crazy, and have a great weekend friends!

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Today: We are back and Sarah is feeling better, netipot and pressure on the eyes, Kiss a Ginger Day and have a romantic dinner at white castle, borrowing a metal detector and finding treasures, and have a great afternoon all! 

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Today: Greg got back from country Christmas with the family, barn wine and toy boxes, things flying off shelves and old CD cases, Greg's Superbowl prediction, don't go to a Rockwood flea market, and have a great afternoon all!

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Today: Greg has decided to become an EDM person and has a hook, going to the country for a late Christmas, new traditions and general stores, Willy Wonka and new baby names, Celine Dion protest, and have a wonderful weekend! :) 

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Today: Sarah is getting spammed by an advertiser she accidentally signed up for, oh dear lord what is happening today, cat is weird, Greek cake, ferris wheel nightmare, illegal names, and more - have an excellent day wonderful friends!

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