Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Lady Gaga, Off A Bit, Eyebrows, AARON DURAN, Jury Duty Rules, Sarah Will Talk Too Much, Ball Talk, Krimson Tyde, Aaron Rodgers, KD Whole Life, World Of Crazy, Women Are Insand And Stabby

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Not Pink Eye, Zombie Sarah, Special Dog Or Special Greg, Propane Gun, Classy Santa Jacquie, Facebooking In Church, Crazy Priest, American Idol Kids, World Of Crazy, Stoddenm, Kesha Songs, Florida With Trees, Meth Pleasure

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GUEST: KENNY B, Delirious, New Xmas Song, Art, Peeping On Lives, Spotting People, Kenny B, Xmas Baby, Presents, Bestie Visit, Sarah Leaves, Someone Watching Greg, Don't Go Too Far, Nerd Facts vs. Science Facts

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GUEST: RYAN HAMILTON, Free Samples, Breaking Boot News, Insurance Lesson, Greg Is Not A Man, Rachel Package Update, Ball Talk, Boitano Shocker, World Of Crazy, McD Job Interview, Operation Happy Holidays, Ryan Hamilton, Helium Comedy Club, Airport Fiasco, Science Facts, Eggnog, Xmas Trees

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No Lifts, New Pics Thanks Kevin, Tired, Hitting The Mirror, The Poking, Rachel Mystery Continues, Dry Ice Package, Jon And M&Ms, Ball Talk, Joffrey, Russell Wilson, Snow Bowl, 49ers Troll, You're A Mean Jerry Jones, World Of Crazy, Florida Man, Alligator For Beer, Homemade Gun, Santa Claus, Willie Mitchell, Age Quiz

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GUEST: MATT FROM SECRET SOCIETY, Treasure Hunting, Dumpster Diving, Rachels Packages, Ball Talk, US Trolls Russia, Wilson Jerseys, Seahawks Songs, MATT, A Contest, Champagne Coups, Redemption, Marie Antoinette, Amazing Concerts, The Satin Chaps, Jeni Wren, Pete Krebs, New Years Day

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Everything Is Going To Be Fine, Helicopter Rich, ASYLUM, Runny Eggs, Prancer And The Terrible Girl, Ball Talk, St Jetersburg, Rodman And Kim Jong Un, World Cup Stadium, Linderful Tonight, World Of Crazy, Harold Camping, Santa Fights, Eating Necklaces, Smurfs 2, OFFICE BREAK GIFTS

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GUEST: RYAN MCCLUSKEY, AARON DURAN, Country Versus City, A Big Kirfuffle, That Poor Seal, Tami With An I, Uncomfortable Position, Ball Talk, Seahawks Cars, Mics Are Hot, Greg's Haunted House, Ryan's Tale Of The England Vicarage, Banshees, Calling Home

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GUEST: PHIL PALISOUL, Wooing The Pocketbook, Shelling Out Some Clams, Sugar Mamas, Old Timey Voice, Ball Talk, Germans Sound Weird, World Of Crazy, Public Joys, PHIL PALISOUL at HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Afghanistan, Great Person, Great Comedian

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GUEST: CHARLENE CONLEY, Dumpster Diving, Treasure Hunting, Taking The Rich People Stuff, Full Of Bodies, Attention Discovery Channel, World Of Crazy, Breakfast Sandwich Stabbing, Church Of Comedy, Charlene And The Wicker Chairs, Hitting On Post Office Ladies

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Mars Change Of Plans, Bad Dating Site, Dictator Of Mars, Outside Is Dangerous, Ball Talk, Prank Arrest, Rock Paper Scissors, Fire Questions, World Of Crazy, Beaverton Lipstick, Port St. Lucie Water Gun, Walmart Bathroom, McD's Incidents, Glued To Seat, Bad Pranks With Milk

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Episode 1000 part 1, A Grand Of Shows, Our Listeners Are Awesome, TIM RILEY, OFFICE BREAK GIFTS, Hot To Touch, It Grows In Your Hand, Tim Is Fantastic, Behind The Scenes At Back Fence PDX, Greg Telling Stories

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BIG LISTENER PARTY ANNOUNCEMENT, February 22nd 2014, Big Speech Day, Aaron Duran, M&Ms, Krampus The Legend, Ball Talk, Don't Say Suck, World Of Crazy, Tired Shopper, Swords For Tacos, Tomorrow Tim Riley, OFFICE BREAK GIFTS DOT COM

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GUEST: JUDAH FRIEDLANDER, Snow, 30 Rock, Squatch vs. Bigfoot, 90210, Monster Project, Fitting In, Santaland Diaries, Fantastic Show, Greg Gets Rear-ended, SantaCon Debauchery, World Of Crazy, Victoria Secret Man Shopping, Moobs, Cheating Radiologist, Ball Talk, LeBron Movie, Predictions, Science Facts, Santa Cookies, Santacon Rapid Reload

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Tagalong, Moving On Up, Trading Places Greg, Citizens Arrest, Play Attire, Scotch, Fancy Duds, Kissing Hands, World Of Crazy, Dandelion Ear, Unicorns 4 Sale, Wife Swap Gone Wrong, Blunt Burger, Broken Glass, Knitting, Grenada, Patch, ASYLUM

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GUESTS: SARAH WAGENER, TUGGY, TRISTAN, Gregnog Is Out, Sweatshirts, Gorgeous, Hitting On Chicks, Dating Power, World Of Crazy, Dirty Birds, Mariner Facts, Hilarity Ensues

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GUESTS: BRI PRUETT, NICK WALKER, Swirly Fingers, New Job, Special, Deceitful, Back Fence Nerves, Two Cats, Cat Caller, Ball Talk, Seattle Eartquake, Refs, Bri and Nick, Funny Over Everything, Getting The Start, Open Mics, Power Suit Ladies, Hollywood Theatre

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Itching Toxic Bubbles Of Seattle, Bad Cream, Bad Beavers, Black Friday, Bambie The Maybe Serial Killer, Mother Or Daughter, Ball Talk, Alabama Auburn, Oh My Lord In Heaven, Hawk On, World Of Crazy, Oregon Wood, Taser Black Friday, Scarf Thief, Bathroom Dye, Nose Biter, October Lip, OFFICE BREAK GIFTS, Tim Riley

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