Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: MARTIN CONNOLLY, Sous Chef Thieves, K2, KATU, Beardnets, Sarah's Creepiest Relatives, World Of Crazy, Wine Shortage, Beaverton Exposure, Astronaut Heckling, A Statement From Martin, Tips To Stop The Sous Chefs, Catmint, Northbest Comedy Competition

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Night Poems, Sweatshirts, The Happening In The House, Witness, Smoke Alarm Commands, Not Crazy Or Way Crazy, WoC, Carnie Trust, Winder Woman, Halloween Costumes Come To Life, New Health Drink, Ball Talk, Short Running Back, The Gronks, Squatch Watch

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Mean Mugging At The Drive-Thru, NSync Beard, AARON DURAN, Zombie Run Awesomeness, Willow Creek Bigfoot Movie, The Conjuring, Haunted Dolls, World Of Crazy, Saving Beer From A Fire, 121 Twinkies, Scenty Cell Phones

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GUEST: ANDY KINDLER, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Wrist Watch Network, Fair To Midland, Nybler And Dielan, Curling Iron Welding, Walking In On Ladies, Ball Talk, Name Change, Sharky On Halloween, Kenda, Science Facts, Fog, Birds, Age Reversal

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Goth Sarah, What Is It, Lights On The Car, Steps Up The Stairs, World Of Crazy, Sweden Love, 55 Year Old Homecoming Queen, Gas Filtering Underwear, BART Love, Ball Talk, Eagles Thief, Bullying Coach, 91-0, Drug Pigeons

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GUEST: MATT from THE SECRET SOCIETY, Wake-up Text, Burning, Stoves, She-Ra, Died In House, 3 Ladies, Very Portland Famous, MATT, 116 NE Russell, Zombies, Halloween Costumes, How To Act, Debating, The Saloon Ensemble, Midnight Serenaders, Nightmare Before, Secret Society Is Awesome

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GUESTS: FROM THE GUTTERS, Ryan McCluskey, Jamie Rich, Martin Vavra, Burner On, Memory Test For Greg, Halloween Costume Debate, Ball Talk, Ticket Deal, Kitty Bowl, Tebow, FROM THE GUTTERS.COM, Great Interviews, IGPAIN, The Beginnings, Dream Guests, Fantastic Show

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Seance, Table For Igpain, AARON DURAN, Exploring The Haunted, Ghost Peeping, Left Hand, No Man's Land, World Of Crazy, Died In House, Britney Spears Voice, Confrontation With The S Apples

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FER-RIES, Like A Real Job, LAfrica, Taking Awkward Pictures, Sarah's New Ringtone, Ball Talk, Predictions, What Does The Hawk Say, Science Facts, Microphone, Waterproof, Flu Shot

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GUEST: FRANK CALIENDO, World Famous, Morgan Freeman Narration, Start, Sarah Mustache, Nibler Name, Helium Comedy, TAJ Takeover, Stomach, Craigslist Email Reading, World Of Crazy, Medford Couple, Oreos, Train Flasher, Silicone Injections, Ball Talk, Sooner Show, Wheedon, Pink Uni, Squatch Watch

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GUEST: STACEY HALLAL and CHARLENE CONLEY, Curious Comedy Club and All Jane No Dick Festival, IGPAIN, Tagging, Athlete, Towel Thief, WOC, Cat Wine, DEA, Bad Restaurant, ALL JANE NO DICK, Female Comedians ROCK!

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GUEST: CHRISTOPHER PERRY, The Cheese Man, Big-Ass Sandwiches, Timbers, Strangest Phone Call Ever, Bye Or Die, World Of Crazy, Free Ranch, Stolen Jello, Crazy Airplane Lady, Chinese Food Song, Paying Up The Bet, Christopher, Oil Painting, Great Artwork, Sardines Are Delicious

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Sarah Out Aaron In, Slimy On The Outside, Chronicles of the Nerds, New Ringtone Development, Big-Ass Sandwiches, What Is A Quaker, Shadow Emotions, False Revelation, Paranormal News, The Comet Is A Ship, Investigation Of Greg's House, Stirring Them All Up, Lone Fir Cemetery.  All Around Awesomenes

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Goodbye Judy, ASYLUM, A Day In The Life, Working At Big-Ass Sandwiches, Hot Grease On The Hands, Ball Talk, Rivalry, Predictions, Another Bet, World Of Crazy, Yale Bandit, Mechafilia, Squatch Watch, Science Facts, Yeesss, Dog Humping

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GUEST: ALEX KOLL, Best In The Universe, Post Birthday, The Offer, Thick Ass Judy On Twitter, Winning The Day, Ball Talk, Sheryl Snitch Crow, Helmets for Soccer, Gold Coast Braveheart, LaCrystal Angry, Singletary Eye Stabbing, ALEX KOLL, Portland, Air Guitar Championships, Comedy

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GUEST: AMAI and LEAH from THE LOST AND FOUND, Sarah Birthday, Birthday Facts, Top Song, OMSI, Sherlock Holmes, 90's Quiz, Tuggy, Worst Idea Ever, Leah and Amai, The Lost and Found Drinks, Halloween Costumes, Pure Awesomeness

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A New Takeover, Getting Older, A 33rd Year Milestone, Organized Socks, TCP The New Threat, Going Undercover, Jumped In, Street Slang, Ball Talk, Hard Knocks, Giants Ladies, Kournikova Single, Portland Platypus, World Of Crazy, Bacon Bugs, Kidnapping Himself, Peggy Hill, Beaverton Library, Street Slang

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Birthday Week, Dishes Need Done, AARON DURAN, New Lifeforms, Queen Cover Band, A Haunting In The House, Gravity Review, World Of Crazy Bath Salts Back Alright, Jealous Of A Horse, Be Homeless For 2 Grand, Birthday Rules Section 1

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GUEST: LISA WOOD, Fish In The Studio, Art Show, Language, Ball Talk, Predictions, Rally Squirrel, World Of Crazy, Taco Day, Eye Doctor, Drinking Sweet Water, Science Facts, Dinosaurs, Clock Hands, Fans

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GUEST: GREG BEHRENDT, Going Raving, Nails Did, Reigning Monarchs, That Friend, A Skrillex, Walking The Room, Oprah, It's Just A Fucking Date, Helium Comedy Club, Cleaning Frenzy, Taking Things Apart, Squatch Watch, World Of Crazy, Cake Thief, Dinosaur Love

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GUEST: CHARLENE CONLEY, Magic Powers, Hearing Things, Falling, Oversharing With Neighbors, Ball Talk, Boston v. Chicago, NBA Jam Trolling, World Of Crazy, Weird Al, Taco Grande, Embarrassing, Mothers, Macarena, CHARLENE, Executive Producer Overlord of All Jane No Dick Festival, Curlers To School, Women In Comedy, Local Coverage

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Real Life Dreams, ASYLUM, Water Slides With Razor Blades, P.Diddy, Analyzing Dreams, Kitchen Spores, Fall, Mattresses, Washing Machines, Ball Talk, Government Shutdown, Conspiracy Theories, Ghost Guy, World Of Crazy, Bieber China, Coos Bay, Railroad Track Love, 111 year old Secrets, Pacu In Washington

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