Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

No One Told Greg, That Guy, Sweaty, Next Door Busybodies, Yelp Reviews Of Friends, World Of Crazy, Not Disney Movie, Mud Run, Fishcake, Hair Eating, Ball Talk, US Germany, FIFA Movie, Please Stay LaMarcus

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Birthday Week, The Rules, Pee-Wee Herman Shirt, Metal Detector Guy, Chips Party, WoC, NASA UFO, Beaver Dam, Florida Man, Handsome Gorilla, Ball Talk, Soccer, Guy Trolls NBA Draft, BIKE GALLERY

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Pillow Fight, Heading To Lincoln City, Crashing The Girls Party, Greg Gets His Birthday Present Early, METAL DETECTOR, WoC, Dustin Diamond, Mall, Neighbors, Ball Talk, Mason Plumlee, BIKE GALLERY

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Periscope Invasive, Sarah At Big-Ass Sandwiches On TV, Greg And The OLCC Permit, Just Dumb, Minority Celebrities, Where Did Liquor Start, WoC, Gross Pool, Ma Pencil Stabbing, Naked With Pizza, Ball Talk, Batum, Curry, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Sarah Doppleganger Strikes, You Look Like Him, The No Tip Girl, What Do You Do, Ball Talk, Lil Daddy Puffy, World Of Crazy, Old Meat, Goat Beauty, Wedding Fight, Toad Licking, Lifetime Movie Recap A Deadly Adoption Drinking Game

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GUESTS: XUA & GINA, Year Round Xmas Podcast, Swahili, Bremerton, Sarah & Xmas, World of Crazy, Undo Emails, 92 Year Old, Skinny Jeans, British Dwarf, Implants, BLADE RUNNER BALL at HOLOCENE, Xua and Gina, Great Night on Sunday, Swahili, Talkative, ASYLUM

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Did Greg Win, Sarah Is Out, Scott Dally, National Geographic Guide To Meth-Heads, The Meth Pendulum, Methleen, S Apple Sr. & Jr., World Of Crazy, Love Neighbors, Space Crazy, Mystery Spot, Orem Owlz, Pete Rose

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Light Saber Man, Looking Through A Window Into The Park Blocks, Head Meth Lady, Stick, Peter Panhandler, Double Saber, Rascal Lady, WoC, Wikipedia Book, 131 pairs of Underwear, Carrot Bear, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Got Jebbed, Lashing Out, Who Did It, The Revelation, Did Trump Say It, WoC, 35k, Laying In Bed For 70 Days, Cat Videos, Bowling Ball, Cement Eating, Warriors, Timbers Sounders Fight

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StyeCommunity, Sarah And Her Issue, Calling Out A Friend, Patriotic Right To Not Wear Shoes, Greg Speech, World Of Crazy, Blood Moon, Trump, Motorcycle Theft Coverup, Iced T, Lifetime 90210, Astros Cardinals Scandal, Warriors Splash Brothers

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It's Not Peeping If It's Your Window, Meeting The Neighbors, Hands Up, Harry Stories, Big Bottom Sandwiches, World Of Crazy, Trending Deaths, Magic Cheese, My Little Pony Bronies, Screams

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GUEST: TODD GLASS, Gothic Greg, Todd Glass, Adam, Multiple Shows, Hipsters, Todd Glass Show, Radio Guy, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Subaru, Subabru, NEXT ADVENTURE, WoC, Rachel Dolezal, Robot Dolls

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Age Appropriate Concerts, Sarah Too Old Or Too Young, Taylor, KITT for Greg, Trans Am, WoC, Undercover Cops, Daniel Ott, Mistaken Identity, Prisoner Costume, Fake Cop, Pepperspray Burrito, Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire, Friends Tattoo

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Sarah And Her Sister, Bremelos, Bad Girls, Greg Is A Coach, Greg's List, Singing Proposal, Hoarder Apartment, World Of Crazy, R2D2 Mini Fridge, Sued For Staring, Hamburger, Moon Spaceship, Ghost Mirror, Dellavedova Metal, ASYLUM

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GUEST: KELLY from BIKE GALLERY, Greg and His Paranormal Dates, Sasquatch, The Polybius Game Rumors, KELLY, BIKE GALLERY, TREK CONDUIT, World Of Crazy, Pizza Rules, Scissor And Spaghetti Fight, Japan, Ball Talk, Fifa Movie Failure

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Accidental Peeper, Greg Is That Neighbor, Bringing Pie Is Creepy, Rabbit Girl Roommate, World Of Crazy, Big Muscles 911, Minnie Vs. Kitty, Psychic Bridge, Riteaid Chargers, NEXT ADVENTURE, Triple Crown, American Pharoah, Hope Solo, Cavs, 26 Burger

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GUEST: YURI KAGAN, Greg Was a Jerk To Sarah In A Dream, Ozzy, World Of Crazy, Meat Thieves, Myrtle Creek, Raining Eels In Fairbanks, YURI, Vodka and Limelight 

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, No Such Thing As Portland Birthday, Head Exploding, Birthday Rules Recap, Equal Fun For Everyone, Belarus Email, WoC, Dancing Vampires, NEXT ADVENTURE, Squatchin', Ball Talk, Jack Warner is Clay Davis, Iman Shumpert, Hooters For Guys, Tallywhackers, Last Picked

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Yo-Yo Man, Canaan, Stealing Stuff, Bus Documentary, Secrets Of The Yo-Yo, Malichai, Neighborhood Guy, World Of Crazy, Coke Challenge Awareness, House Barter, Hooters Ducks, Paranormal Dating, BIKE GALLERY, Ball Talk, Caitlyn, Gronking To Remember Reading

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Country PI Pro, Old Timey Gams, Wet Footprint Theories, Basement Freak, World Of Crazy, Florida Man, Butt Injections, Vampire Hooters, Kidney, Squatch Watch Painting, Ball Talk, Sepp Blatter, Nightmare At Nibler's

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GUEST: LIL BUB & MIKE, Hot Dog vs. Pad Thai, Portland Saturday, Meeting A Cat, MIKE & LIL BUB, Charity, World Of Crazy, Memory Borrowing, Lying, Cat Eyeball, Dirty Towel, Ball Talk, Johnny Football, Greg And The Country Club

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