Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

The Tea Incident, Greg Is Clumsy, Wet From Thigh On Up, Making An Announcement, WoC, Corpse Flower, Breadstick-gate, Time Travel, Already Married, Secret Shopper, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk Chip Kelly

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Greg Is Slippin, New Present Selfie Sticking, Lemmy From Motorhead, Metal Is Getting Older, Pantera CJ, WoC, Camera In Air BnB, Bad Bank Robber, Buckets Of U, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Lifetime Movie Recap Social Nightmare, BuddyMe

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Greg Gets Hacked, Holidays, Let Sarah Talk, Teen Swag, G & T's Old Portland Tour, Historical, Lady Bartender, WoC, Portland P**per Update, Owl Capone, Chickens Loose, Florida Woman, Best Day Ever, Meadowlark Lemon, Globetrotters, Peyton Loves Tom, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Holiday Traditions, The Church Singing Guy, Sarah Brings It Down, Pajamas, Walnut, WoC, Festivus, Star Wars Primer For Sarah, Planet With Ewoks, Who Fights The Force 

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Not A Grinch Nibler, Rules Of Xmas Shopping, No Touching, Short Shopper In A tall World, Bremerton Traditions, WoC, Flame Saber, Rich Bus Boy, Port St. Lucie, Stoner Sloth, Ball Talk, Groing Groin, Frisco Roughriders, Cam Newton, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Rich People Food, Drink A Lot Of Fancy Wine, Sommelier, Samples, Sarah Knows Wines, Xmas In The NW, WoC, Darth Vader, Last Xmas, Steve Harvey, Driver's Ed, Candace Hill, Sepp Blatter, Predictions, D LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY

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No Spoilers About Star Wars, The Barter System, Crack Or Meth, Air Freshener, Selling Chopsticks, WoC, Sarah's Audition, Popcorn & Werewolves, Crystal Palace, Mad Friday, Bieber Obsession, Ball Talk, Predictions, NEXT ADVENTURE

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STAR WARS DAY (no spoilers!), Greg Is Beyond Excited, Growing Up With It, Nerd Shaming, The Force, Explaining To Sarah, Space Ninjas, Space Pirate and a Bigfoot, WoC, Florida, Flakka, Bottled Air Genius, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, MC Chris

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Read The Martian, Space Expert, New Mixing Board Day, Mr. Kevin Buttons, NASA Opens Up Astronaut Applications, Space Quiz, WoC, Florida Man, Reindeer Beer, Peeping Tom, Squatch Watch, Cheetos, Squatcheeto, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY

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Raffle Winner, Holiday Party, Feeling Great, The Gambler, Crashing, Cater Waiter, Portland's Grinch, WoC, Port St. Lucie, Black Eye, Star Wars Everywhere, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Free Headphones, James Naismith Interview, Band Vs. Jimmy Stewart

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Real Portland, Touring Felony Flats, Sequined Suit, Vick Is Angry, Sting, Bathroom Key, WoC, Albuquerque Stew, Santa Nordic Obituary, Hipster Santa, GSW 24-0, Serena Cheats

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GUEST: KIELEN KING, Star Pilot, Nervous Guy, Thank You SMALL TOWN BREWERY, How To Be Cool, I'm A Boss, Sweaty, STAR PILOT'S DEMESNE, Album Release, Box Set, Event At Bridge City Comics, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUEST: ORNY ADAMS, Easter Bunny, Lodging Some Complaints, Wardrobe, ORNY ADAMS, Gluton, So Edgy, Changing The Channel, Paleo, Comedy, Teen Wolf, Flying To LA, Helium Comedy Club, FER Bingo, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, ASYLUM

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GUEST: TODD ARMSTRONG, A Couple And Few, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Bingo, ASYLUM, The Dollar Store Shopping Experience, Eye Contact, Neighbors Are Weird, TODD ARMSTRONG, Helium Comedy, Boy Hole Covers, Clumsy, Hawaii, Caves, Tacoma

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Typecast, Who Is Trolling Greg, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, FER Bingo Night, D.LEONIDAS, Jon Snow, The Bane Off Finally Happens, A Bet, Close Vote, Barely Won, WoC, Major In Pizza, Stolen Wings, GPS, Tent, Ball Talk, Timbers, Manziel, ASYLUM

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Acting Debut, No Intimidation, Improv, Cater Waiter, Two Furs, Oops, I Split My Pants, WoC, Bud Wieser, Camper Van, Shoes, Ball Talk, CFP, Portland Timbers Champions Of MLS, SMALL TOWN BREWERY

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The Big Audition, Don't Mess Up, Glare At People, Head Shot, Slate, Squatch Watch, Woc, Lesser Intelligence, Inspirational Quotes, Port St. Lucie, Angry Squirrel, Ball Talk, Sad Lions And Browns, Coldplay, Bad Water, Battle Frog, SMALL TOWN BREWERY

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Update On The Finger Debacle, Oversharing, Silence, Finger Therapist, Greg Hit His Head A Lot, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Bingo Night With FER, The Crazy Dream, Zombies, Bears, Wolves, Old Lady Rollies, Callistos, WoC, Dating Site For Disney, Chips Dating

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GUESTS: NATHAN BRANNON, ED BLACK, JASON LAMB, Sarah's Broken Finger, One Of Us, The Stares, Need A Cool Story, Star Wars Opening Night, Fitting In, NATHAN, JASON, ED, Special Guest Rowan, Mics, BLACK LAUGHS MATTER BENEFIT, Gentrification, New Orleans Native, Portland White People

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GUEST: LONNIE BRUHN, Orange Sarah, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Betting, Bingo Landmark Saloon, Portland Jon Snow, Rules of Xmas, Gas Pumping Rules, LONNIE BRUHN, 25 Years In Standup at Harvey's Comedy Club, Life Lessons, Lonnie Is Awesome, WoC, 12 Days, Ghost Town, That Guy

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Eat Pizza And Stare, Cyber Mall, Bremelos In Bremerton, Malt Liquor Tradition, Garbage Can Deal, Jon Snow Pictures, Game Of Thrones, Spoiler, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, WoC, Buy Nothing, Ball Talk, Tyson, Timbers, Kobe

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GUEST: CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER, Nervous, Hodor!, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Modeling, Out Of His League, Seattle, WoC, Viral Internet, Black Friday Brawls, Adopting Animals, Ruin Thanksgiving, CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER, Weed Shopping, The Comedy Bull at Helium Comedy Club, Video Game Bullies, Bane, Johnny Benched

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No That's Not Going To Work, The Dream, Shirtless Greg, Sim City, North Or South, WoC, Sneeve, Bug, Pants, Cat Music, Doo Doo The Clown, Darth Vader Robbery, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, FER BINGO NIGHT 2, Ball Talk, Johnny Football Blues, Oliva Munn Off Market, Tom Brady Rex Ryan, The Texans

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Mystery Box, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Roommate Treasures, Purge of '15, Whose Shoes, Eraser Collections, WoC, Living In Internet Cafe, Silly Cops, Gold Kit Kat, Taco Bell Valet, Ball Talk, Celebrity QB, JR Swish, Cam Newton Furry, Australian Boy

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Burrito Olympics, Opposite Day, Not A Competition, Sarah's Mac Attack, WoC, Phone Case, Emojis, Grease Dumpster, Harry Potter Part, Ball Talk, Concerned Mother, Cam Newton, Predictions, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Shame Letter, Bumper Stumper Part 2, Bad Driver, Face Cream Survey, Shannon The Liar, Lab Rat, Sandwiches, WoC, Walmart In Florida, Pillow Flirt, Silverware Throwing, Ball Talk, Beer Mile, Olivia Munn, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Leaving A Note, Bumper Hit, Sleuthy Sarah & Country PI, Bumper Stumper, Mystery, WoC, Carly Simon, Selfie Stamps, Keep The Chickens Warm, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Rousey, Red Ryder, Seahawks Decline

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Watching TV In The Bathroom, Thank You, Rich Living, Sarah Mystery House, Oregon Coast, WoC, Ladies, Tantalizing Storage Facility, Ball Talk, Peyton, Herniated

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GUEST: STEVE RANNAZZISI, Bingo Night Recap, Serious Business, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, NEXT ADVENTURE, LANDMARK, Pregnant Pause, STEVE RANNAZZISI The League, Helium Comedy Club, Nyquil Donuts, WoC, Friday The 13th, Selfie Defense, Ball Talk, Bills, Predictions, Loopy

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Sarah On SNL Dream, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Monologue, Gibberish, Bingo Night, WoC, Russian Bathroom Cafe, Radio, W.O.L.D., Face Cream, Cut Up Money, Coffee Cup, Ball Talk, Russel Wilson Ciara Scandal, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Pilgrims For When, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Super Secret Guest Aaron Duran, Bingo Trinkets, Serious Business, Corduroy, Pilgrim Costume, WoC, Portland Break-In, Hi There, Shoplifting, Luck Touchdown Truck, Swashbuckler's Ball

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Jesus Had An Eagle, Bus Ride Crazy Pete and Mitchell, 4-6 Foot Wings, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, WoC, Chained To A Water Park, Man Buns, Chinese Dolls, Rumbler, Storm Drain, BT, Star Wars Jersey, D LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Greg Records Himself Sleeping, You're Not Real

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Connection, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Bingo Night, Announcing, Sarah's Bingo Jokes, Free Space, Talking To A Wall, Dream Update, Bears, Wolves, Recording, WoC, Hillsboro Snow White, Starbucks Cup, Toothy Sea Creature, Stealing Candy, Cam Newton Packers Sign

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The Strange Man, Dreams, Grey Suit, Bibby, Sorority Of Lies, WoC, Xmas Lights, Snake, Withdrawal Slip, Teen Slang, Hip, Sorority, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Ball Talk, Coingate, Chinese Snoring, Panthers 6-1, NEXT ADVENTURE, Dr. Science Audition National Geographic

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GUEST: MYQ KAPLAN, 6 Years Of Funemployment Radio, Thank You Everyone, Remembering, Judy, Romancing, PC, MYQ KAPLAN, America's Got Talent, Bossanova, Clown Bus, Audience, Drugs

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Turn Them Into Entertainment, NEXT ADVENTURE, Working Events, The Game, Business Events, Bobs, Steves, Caroles, The Big Dog, Affairs, WoC, Zombies, Guinness Bladders, Toilet Paper, Gold Mine, Seahawks Petition, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Wedding Parties

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Soup Guy, Confusing Joke, Dentist Chatter, WoC, Saved By The Bell, I'm so excited, I'm so scared, Caffeine Pills, Kurt Cobain's Sweater, FER BINGO NIGHT, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Ball Talk, Protesters, Exciting Golf, Squatch Watch Education

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Winning Costume, FER BINGO SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Jon Snow, Phyllis Nefler, The 7th Wave Movie, WoC, Free Sandwiches, Petting Tiger, Toilet Paper, Ketchup Dance, Beaverton Superhero, The Rattler, White Lightning, Ball Talk, KC Royals, Fantasy Jinx

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Candy For The Kids, ASYLUM, 15-Year Old With A Mustache, Trick Or Treat, WoC, Nutscape, Portland Thief, Glory, Ball Talk Predictions, Halloween Facts With Sarah, That Being Said, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY

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GUEST: TIM RILEY, The Road Incident, Road Rules, Flapping The Arms, Angry Driver, Crazy Old Lady, Sarah Is Cocktail Training, Blowing Fire, TIM RILEY, Tim is absolutely fantastic and his podcast is called TIM RILEY BREAKING NEWS, Left Alone, ASYLUM

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GUEST: NICK WILSON, Sensual Experience, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Fabric Store, The Line, Jon Snow, WoC, It Bit, FER BINGO NIGHT, Not Your Father's Root Beer, Not Your Grandma's Bingo, Ball Talk, National Treasure, Derek Jeter, Predictions


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GUEST: GREG DROBOT of Face Rock Creamery, Sarah Clashes With Kim, Halloween Costume Idea Taken, Phyllis Nefler, Riff Raff, WoC, Monopoly Fight, I'm A Bike, Curse Of The Haunted Curds Event, Poutine, Greg Drobot, NOT YOUR FATHER'S ROOT BEER, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUESTS: DERRICK LAMERE & BEN DUPRIS, Game Changer, D. LEONIDAS PHOTO CONTEST WINNER, Greg An Act For The Ages, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, FER BINGO NIGHT, WoC, Pumpkin Boats, Spear vs Sword, Expensive Sword, Hot Dogs, 7TH WAVE FILM, Native American Arts, Film Making, Nightmare At Niblers, Team Event Center

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GUESTS: LARRY CRANE & JENNA ZINE, Sarah's Old Lady Shoes, New Job, As A Tycoon, Eyes Wide Shut Parties, Mature, WoC, Secret Kisses, NY Rats, Tractor Love, LARRY & JENNA, Jackpot Recording, Mission Theater, Comedy In Space, Keep It Like A Secret, Gwyneth Paltrow, Larry and Jenna RAWK!, D. LEONIDAS

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Something's Missing, Mature Beige Sweater, Pants Issue, The Taco Cart Incident, Where Did It Go, WoC, Texas Is Crazy, Meat Loaf Rescues Puppy, Subway Measurements, Squatch Watch 3fer, D. LEONIDAS.

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Changes Are Here, What Are They Doing To My House, Meth, Back To The Future Facts And Trivia, Sarah Is Full Of Them, D. LEONIDAS Costume Contest, Ball Talk, Fantasy Action, Cubs

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1448.mp3
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GUESTS: ADAM PASI & JON WASHINGTON, Greg's Jam, Not A Foodie, Sparkly Water, Strange Dreams, Lego Guy, WoC, Squatting In A Mansion, Lisbon Airport, NEXT ADVENTURE, ADAM & JON, Old Guy Clown Makeup, Helium Comedy Club, Funny Humans vs. The Wheel, Butter Wrestling, Ball Talk Louisville

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1447.mp3
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Supreme Champion Sarah, D LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Retro Gaming Expo, Oregon Trail, Killer Instinct, What Do Greg's Dreams Mean, Drug Dealer, WoC, Billy The Kid, Aer Lingus Bite, Testicle Festival, Creepy Lyrics, Is Greg Eccentric, Ball Talk, Michigan Loss

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1446.mp3
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Parking Lot Creep, Kenny B, Exiting The Job, Radio Bias, Sarah Call It Out, Talk To The Pants, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, WoC, Target Sounds, ALL JANE COMEDY, Trolling Cardinals Fans, Cubs, ASYLUM

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1445.mp3
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Holding The Breath, Weird Relaxing, Dentist, Torturing Devices In Your Mouth, WoC, Mother Daughter Meth, 30 Pound Burrito, Black Coffee Pscyhopath, Alien Megastructure, Dyson Sphere, Ball Talk, Canada Thanks Greg, Predictions Dodgers Mets

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1444.mp3
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GUEST: ART SANTANA, Cemetery Dance, Squatch Watch, Sarah's Magazine Cover, Stephen King, Strange Dreams, Snoop, Pretend Pregnant Monster Ladies, WoC, North Pole, Subway Issues, ART from GROUND KONTROL, PDX RETRO GAMING EXPO, Video Game Awesomeness, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Tebow Lions, Cubs

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1443.mp3
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GUEST: KRISTINE LEVINE, End Of An Era, Through The Years, Barking at Dogs, Change For Greg, WoC, Playboy, Big Tip, Jersey Devil, KRISTINE LEVINE, All Jane Comedy, Revenge Stories, Fear And Respect Kristine, Hamster Village

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1442.mp3
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GUEST: DAVID fom D.LEONIDAS, Mario Kart Pro, Keith and the Girl Saturday, Ground Kontrol, Anxiety, Beat Up By 15 Year Olds, Opening Up, Cracking On The Bus, WoC, Clowns, Florida Dog, Periscope, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Costume Contest, Variety, Celebrate Life With Photos

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1441.mp3
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GUEST: DAVID HUNTSBERGER & ANDIE MAIN, Princess, Getting Old, Sharpie Nails, Greg Gifts, ASYLUM, WoC, Florida Skull, Stolen Car, Fingernail Glue, DAVID & ANDIE, P Book, That Guy In Every Town, THE JUNK SHOW at CURIOUS COMEDY, Ball Talk Predictions, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1440.mp3
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GUEST: HARLAND WILLIAMS, Ma'am, Crab Legs, Harland Is Fantastic, Harland Highway Podcast, Burning Man, Fudgy, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioIntHarlandWilliams.mp3
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Last Days Of 34, Sarah Is Getting Older, Ma'am Territory, WoC, AI's, Sucking Up To Robots, Adult University, Lil Bub, Mac N Cheese, Meat Veggies, Ball Talk, OK Blue Jays, Royals, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1439.mp3
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The Saga Of Herbert The Chicken, Sarah's Tale, Alone On The Streets, Caring Too Much, Sweet Sweet Tammy, Herbert Wings, WoC, End Of World, Exercise Pill, Fire Ant Island, NEXT ADVENTURE, Cubs Steve Bartman

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1438.mp3
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Sarah's New Responsibility, Preferences, Dirt Clods Are Always Good, Stern Aunt or Crazy Auntie, WoC, New Doomsday, Pepsi Perfect, Walking Meth Lab, Skin Art, Jon Snow D LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST, Seahawks Scandal, CC, Astros Songs

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1437.mp3
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God Bless You Or Gesundheit, Greg Being The Rude Guy, Sneezing, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, HALLOWEEN COSTUME PHOTO CONTEST, Essence That Isn't There, WoC, No Pilot, Pizza Rat, Princess Leia, Ball Talk Predictions

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1436.mp3
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GUEST: DAVID KOECHNER, Reverend Greg, What Is Niblerism, Snack Based Religion, DAVID KOECHNER at Helium Comedy Club, Portland, Krampus, David Is Awesome, Peeple, Pigman, Ribfight, Robot Voice, NEXT ADVENTURE, Predictions

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1435.mp3
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GUEST: GABE DINGER, What If It Doesn't Happen, Sarah's Painting, Told Too Many People, WoC, Facebook Down, Stalking, GABE DINGER, Fat Mike, Conspiracy Theories, Nibler-Dinger, Art Bell, Haunted Houses, Mustaches, MISSION THEATER SPACE COMEDY, Ball Talk, Urinal Perp, Rodgers

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1434.mp3
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GUEST: KEITH and CHEMDA from KEITH AND THE GIRL, Sarah's Apartment Issues, Squealing On The Neighbors, Trumpet Guy, Revenge Or Flirt, KEITH and THE GIRL, Keith & Chemda will be at Curious Comedy Theater on Oct. 10th!, Don't Mess It Up, WoC, Black Bun, Toy Hall Of Fame, Spider Fire, Free Cheese, Chips HoF

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1433.mp3
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Being A Shopping Network Host, Bad Hashbrowns, Sample Show Excitement, Nibs and Bits, Jayla Siciliano From Bon Affair, Shark Tank, Marc Cuban, Andy Beach from Jammly, Amazing Jams, Jordan Craft Vapery

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1432.mp3
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Big Arms Sarah, ASYLUM, Sarah's Sad Day, Photo Shopping Arms, Portlandia Filming, Greg Therapy, Extras, Bossy Girl, Snack Bus, Smelly, There She Goes, Ball Talk Predictions, Happy Birthday Stone

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1431.mp3
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GUEST: CHRISTOPHER TITUS, We've known Titus for years now and it's so great to have him back.  We talk about his new tour, running for President and a million other things.  Go see him 9/25/15 and 9/26/15 at Helium Comedy Club, in Portland, OR!

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1430.mp3
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Sarah is out today, but Scott Dally majestically fills in!  He regales us with how he met his favorite band of all-time, Duran Duran, the night before!  It's seriously an awesome story.  Did he cry?  Listen to find out!

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1429.mp3
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GUEST: STEVEN WILBER, Scary For Greg, Snooping Sarah, The Find, Don't Break The Baby, Not An It, Stolen Property, STEVEN HOLLYWOOD WILBER heading to LA, DC, Moving Out, Steven Is Fantastic, Yogi Berra, WoC, Sampling

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1428.mp3
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GUEST: ANDIE MAIN, Greg's Shameful Secret, Enablers, The Leavings In The Tent, Mad At The Machine, WoC, Selfies Dangerous, Evil Left Hands, Special Straw, 2Pac, Bloodmoon, ANDIE MAIN, Hurricane Andie, PDX COMEDY MIXTAPE, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1427.mp3
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Surviving The Forest, Ricketsfest 2015, NEXT ADVENTURE, Bug Bite Issues, Camping G-Spots, WoC, Sexy Trump, Grown Up, Selfie Spoon, Slide Love, Black Mirror Piggate, Ball Talk, 100 Percent, Crying Alabama, Squatch Watch, Bigfoot Baby

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1426.mp3
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GUEST: BOBBY LEE, Ricketsfest Cometh, Just Three Dudes, Mouth Is The Cup, Rose City Comicon, BOBBY LEE, Helium Comedy Club, There is truly no summarizing Bobby, it's just pure magic.  ASYLUM

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1425.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:13pm PDT

Eye Lasers, That Hum, Lost Magnifying Glass, Discount Eye Service, Pink Eye Girl, Ambulance Shows, Snooping On Backgrounds, Searching Sarahs, WoC, 3500 Knives, Stolen Cell Phone, iPhone6, Meow, Sizzl Dating App, Super Bowl Predicition, ASYLUM

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1424.mp3
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Studio Mystery, Who Recorded It, Mr. Sandman Dreamland Trials Musical By Greg Nibler, Sleep Shepherd, Spaceship, WoC, Florida Sniffer, Portland Pooper, Steak Shirt, Selfie Record, Actor Stabbing, Cleveland Fireworks, NEXT ADVENTURE

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1423.mp3
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Stealing, Victoria, Canada Is Awesome, Atractive Women, Not All Canadians Are Nice, Hey Buddy, Big Bad Johns, WHALE, Old People, World Of Crazy, Brisquet Fight, Mariota, Birthdays, Steve and Alex, Nottingham, Sherwood, Bears

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1422.mp3
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GUEST: JESSIMAE PELUSO, Jessimae is absolutely one of our people!  Topics, Sharp Tongue, Good Deals, Grey Beards, Punchy Face, John Stamos, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Dumpster Humping, The Missing Shoe, Good Beak

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1421.mp3
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Purple Hot Dogs, Cape Cod, Gavin, Party In The Woods, Hammocks, Poop Can, Vanagon, Butcher Baker, Matanuska, Stuffed Musk Ox, Ate Reindeer, Creepy Guy No Wife, Anchorage, ChilKootCharlies, Bird House, Girdwood, Crow Creek A Frame, Bears On Bears, Hope Seaview, Cole Gillespie, NEXT ADVENTURE

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1420.mp3
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Live From Anchorage, Alaska, Gavin Intro, Arriving At The Airport, Crazy Guy, Car Turned Over and The Stabbin Cabin, Cape Cods Lady, Touring The Sites, Sewage Pipe Graffiti, Flying In, Nature Pictures, No Moose, Reindeer Sausage, Cheese Bar, Darwins Theory, Family Friendly Entertainment

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1419.mp3
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GUEST: BROOKS WHEELAN, Iceberg vs. Glacier, Getting Ready To Fly, Gavin, Alaska Facts, Bear Attrition, DOA, Airplane Rules, BROOKS WHEELAN at Helium Comedy Club, Mrs. Beavers Cornballs

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A Day In Court, Bad Boy, AARON DURAN, A New Version Of Chips, Grey Waters, Welcome To Grizzlydale, Dark Anna, Rose City ComicCon, Nighmare On Elm Street, Alaska, Pretentious, Napoleon Dynamite, Alaska Quiz, Denali, Squatch Watch, Not A Squatch Watch, Golden Girls 3X

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Filibuster, Court Room, Tickets, Greg Looks Like A Serial Killer, Portland Pooper Update, Strange Noise Outside Sarah's, WoC, Backed Up, Special Websites, No Clothes, 87 Years Old, Dame, Neck Kiss, Taiwan Trash Bags, RGIII, ASYLUM

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The Weird Animal Guy, Riding Buffalo, Riding Moose, Alaska, Owning A Monkey, World Of Crazy, Portland Pooper, Catching The Criminal, Boat Selfie, Destiny Boise, Drone Munition, Rattlesnake, Sidewinder, Greg Is A Snake Guy Now, Ponytail, Eye Patch, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Wind Storms, Forest Wives & Temper Tantrums, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Hood To Coast 2015 Recap, Stinky Shorts, Living In A Van, Sleep, Sarah And The Mountain, Silent Rock, Dryer Delivery, Tip Or Not, Sarah Running Through The City, Greg Temper Tantrum, Hill People, White Moths, Watch Me Whip, Lightning Run, Blown Away

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Rolling Down The Hill, Hamster Ball, Hood To Coast Day Before, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Wear An FER Shirt, Other Runners, Mixing Up Everything, Overalls, Hobo Greg, Stinky, Dryer Issues, False Promises, WoC, Dogs Over People, Yellowstone Bears, Dictionary Words Are Terrible, BIKE GALLERY

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Nervous Hair Dying, Angry Questions, BIKE GALLERY, Greg Babies, Did Damien Exist, Rocks And Horses, WoC, Port St. Lucie, McWhopper, Chips, 3, Ball Talk, Brady Gisele Problems

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Dangers Of The Forest People, AMAZON, FERPBRHTC, The Hills, Bandage Man, Bigfoot, Snipe Packs, WoC, Gorst, Portland Pooper, Cloak, Cognac, Bionic, Ball Talk, Metta World Peace, BIKE GALLERY

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Cheap Doesn't Mean Good, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Hood To Coast, Greg And The Glutes, Foot Massage, 82nd Avenue, Luke Is Magic, WoC, Stranger Shower, Pothole Prayers, Sheet Rope, Chip Argument, Ball Talk, Fall Guy, Sarkisian Drunk, BIKE GALLERY

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Nervous To Be Touched, Hurt Back, Greg Goes To Get A Massage, Awkward, No Touching, Tip Or No Tip, Crotch Hole, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Thank You For Sponsored Legs, WoC, Fake Kidnapping, Taxi Getaway, Klump Vs. Gooch, Pants Dance, Diff'rent Strokes, Greg Is Crazy, Trump Or True Detective, BIKE GALLERY

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I Don't Need Help, Awkward Greg Watch Me Whip, Stanky Leg, Advice Book, Don't Be Lonely And You'll Get Friends, To Have Friends Is To Be Friendly, WoC, Deez Nuts, Psychopath Yawn, 420, Tokyo Curry, Squatch Watch, PABST HOOD TO COAST, Ball Talk, Tom Brady, Thank Jezz, Ruby & Rick, FREE TOM BRADY, ASYLUM

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GUESTS: DAN HALSTED, JASON LAMB, JOHNNY USELDINGER, Running With Rich People, Hood To Coast, Felony Flats, Heavy Breathing And Smiling, SPONSOR A LEG FOR SARAH AND GREG, Legs For Sale, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, Movies In Black And White At Hollywood Theatre, WoC, Hacker Hack, Goonies, Cheese Gang, BIKE GALLERY

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GUEST: ANDIE MAIN, Bobblehead Greg And Sarah, Thanks To Jason From Blog Of Chevron, Hood To Coast, Longest Leg, Heat Stroke, World Of Crazy, ANDIE, Operation Unicorn for Veronica Heath, Art, Comedy Mixtape, ANDIEMAIN.COM

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Greg's Nightmare, Stuck In The Hair, Will Haunt Forever, The Wedding Recap, We Didn't F It Up, The Bar And The Angry Lady, Face In The Sunglasses, WoC, Wizard Gorilla, Break Into Jail, Moon Burial, McDonald's Goddess, Matt Barnes Rihanna, Tebow Back, NEXT ADVENTURE

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The Sandwich, Violated, Intrusive, Greg And The Sandwich Lady, The Date, Wedding Officiants, Fill 5 Minutes, Bow Staff, Metal Detecting, Sarah Does Standup, WoC, Octopus Aliens, People Beaters, Bear Costume Treasure Hunting, POPINA SWIMWEAR, Water Socks

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Mentoring Babies, Messing With Sarah, Lil Greg, Greg Nibler Life Shepard, Solving Problems, Cereals, No Mayo, WoC, Wheaties Beer, Clown Big Mac Fight, Ferarri, Online Strippers, More Advice

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Brie Skin Is Poison, The Wedding Officiants, Making It Memorable, Sarah Can't Freeze, Greg's Big Show, Hype Man, Wedding Jokes, WoC, Drunk Flight, Old Man In Lake, Sunburn Art, Haunted Puppet, Michigan Trolling, NEXT ADVENTURE, Wedding Duo 

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GUEST: DON FROST, Sarah's Baby News, Crazy Aunt Sarah, The Quiz, WoC, Marijuana Bible, Axe Wielding Clown, Thanks Obama, POPINA SWIMWEAR, DON FROST, Helium Comedy Club, Tall Tales With Don, Sneaky, Creeping a Woman Out, Chuck E Cheese, Cursing

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Greg's High School Reunion, Amazon, Hollywood, Independence, Nervousness, 20 Years, Old People, P-38, Filming, Kid Actors, World Of Crazy, Underwire, Mayonnaise, Wine Sushi, Combat, Ronda Rousey, Running Sucks, POPINA, Shame Chips

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Special Guest, Sarah On Portlandia, Greg On a Shoot With Kids, High School Reunion, Nervous, What Character, Hollywood Greg, WoC, Kim Kardashian Selfish, Crack Cocaine, Taco Bell Meth, Bob Mary Amber, Tire Thrown, Squatch Greg

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Crawdads, Water Bug Meal, Swingers Hitting On Servers, Old Soul, Berenstein Bears, Berenstain Bears, Universes Colliding Nerd Voice, WoC, Meddling Time Traveler, Drug Drone, Fingers, High Life, Fuzzie Bear, Ball Talk, Spend A Day With Jose

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Tacoma Bound, The Amtrak Ride, Magical Or Not, Two Old Ladies, A Crazy Lady, Sarah, SeaFair, Blue Angels, Speed Boats, World of Crazy, Armadillo, Meth Cup, Pat Robertson, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Rowdy Ronda Rousey, Rowdy Roddy Piper, BABY GREG

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Experienced Train Rider, High Class, Grifting, Larry Amtrak Rides Again, Heir To The Amtrak Fortune, Like The Common People, SeaFair, World Of Crazy, Dr. Tom Tom, Beaten With A Meat Tenderizer, Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich, Ball Talk, Russell Wilson, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Too Much Cheese On A Hot Day, Sarah Brie, Obsession, Line Cutting, VICTORY, The Truck Debacle Closed, WoC, ATM Bag, What Would You Do, Chicken Bones, Scissor Cake, Rattlesnake, BIKE GALLERY

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