Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

No Cure, Making Sacrifices, Scary, Sportlandia, Fright Town Rules, Haunted Houses, Bus Fights, Kudos Sir, GUESTS: JON and RACHEL aka VAN COUPLE, Jon Meyer, Rachel Sharkeye, VAN LIFE, Meeting, This Vans Rocking, Making Movies, They Rock, KENNY B, Nerd Facts Alchohol, GENIES, GENIESDIVISION.COM

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GUEST: HANNIBAL BURESS, Hot Dogs, Quandry, Goth Chicks, Juggalo Life, Neighbor Bomb, HANNIBAL BURESS, Juggalo Festival, SNL, A Week In The Life, Lorne, Conceptually Adventurous, Ball Talk, TO, All ALone, Cliff Harris, Angry Coach Discussion

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O Tannenbaum, Multi-linguist, Kelsey, Portal 2, Video Games, Sharkey And Pinchy, Greatest Text Ever, Politely Ask, Wolf Hood, Rules Of Furries, Halloween Costumes, Juggalo vs. Robert Smith, Rules Of Jugging, Lette, Kelsey's Favorite Video Games, Slang

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Great News, Lindsay, Excitement In The Air, Auditions, Pantomime Mixing, Fake Wife, Lindsay Father, Crazy Hitting Himself, World Of Crazy, Ryanair, Duct Tape Window, Wedding Objecction, TSA Note, Remains Found In Freezing, 26 Boxes Of Condoms

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Hair Talk, Colorist, Khalisi, AARON DURAN, La Brujeria Release Party, Creepy, Shuktada, MIGUEL, Tamales, Being Unemployed, Bikes, Moving Stories From Aaron, Hand Carts, Ball Talk, Meat Loaf Theme, Pujols, Fantasy Money, Groin Kick, BGSU Song, BUY COSTUMES

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Kenny's Obsession, Hugs, Dan Hill Doppleganger, Sportlandia, No Hiccups, Cameron Diaz Rant Courtesy Of Sarah, KENNY B, Sexual Harassment, Balls, Sarcasm, Greg And Nate, Roomate Nate, Secret Fantasies, Ball Talk Predictions, Greg Sarah Bet, Nerd Facts Torture Devices

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GUEST: TOM GREEN, Woo Woo, Juggalos, Costumes, TOM GREEN, Portland Shows, Scotland, Afghanistan, Speaking French, Occupy Portland, STand-up, Dogs, Live Show, Tweeting, Facebook, Juggalos, ICP, Tila Tequila, Hecklers, Old Stuff, Clubs, Stand-up

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GENIES CAFE, Tuggy Night, Roller Bladers, Guest TUGGY, Guest BIG J FROM GENIES CAFE, GENIESDIVISION.COM, Cocktails Morning Til Evening, Mimosa, Story Of J, Coffee Drink, Tall Bikes Suck, Blinkers People, Cucumber Vodka, Intervention, Protection From Women, Apple Whiskey, Topics, Lindsay Lohan, Cocktail Extraordinaire, Shitshow

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Blood, Apple Slicer Torture, Talons, White People Problems, Ball Talk, Drunk Soccer, Beer Prices, Sikh In The City, PODCASTAWARDS.COM, Harold Camping End Of World, Gen-X Quiz

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I'm Not Crazy, You're Crazy, Is Sharkie Dead, Sarah Picks Up Garbage, GUEST: AARON DURAN, Preggo Food, Zombie Food, Geography Quiz, Ouija Board Session, Halloween Costumes, Explanation, Ball Talk, Angry Coaches, Harbaugh, Schwartz, Payton, Kelly, World Of Crazy, Cupcake Throwing, Mr. Grinch Underwear, Man Amputation, Cancer Perfume, Special Ed Students, Rubber Sidewalks, Scissor Penis, Aaron Duran La Brujeria Issue 2

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GUESTS: SKLAR BROTHERS, Free Drinks, Kings Of, Greg Breaks Up With Girlfriend, KENNY B, Muted, Clacker Toys, Reptile Guy, Turtles, Snakes In The Room, SKLAR BROTHERS, Ball Talk, NCAA Football Predictions, Long Talk, Matt Brauner Interview, Sarah Presents, LISTENERS RAWK!!!!

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Fat, Excercise Routine, Creeping Stare, Angry Ladies, Oppress, Ball Talk, Tiger Dog, Booty Bus, Chiefs Cornhole, Own Packers, Marathon Cheater, Rally Squirrel, Throwing Hot Dogs, Rules To Relationships

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GUESTS: CHRISTINE LEVINE and BIG JIM, Bus People, Lady Yellers, Harrassing People, Telemarketing Genius, Guests Christine and Big Jim, Van Sex, Pornstore Stories, Dead Bodies, Getting To Know Customers, Comedy, Christian Comedians

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GUEST: SCOTT DALLY, Sarah's Seattle Trip, Behind The Scenes, Drive To Seattle, Road Rage Incident, Honking, Rules Of Greg, SCOTT DALLY, Why Hasn't He Been On, Revisiting, Duran Duran, Twin Peaks, Carnivale, American Horror Story, Buy, Podcast Awards

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Allergies, Wheezy Kid, Pricks, Hit 4 Times, Occupy Portland, Worst Bar Bathroom Story Ever, So Much Blood, Ball Talk, Cleansing, Al Davis, Tiger Hot Dog, NCAA Prediction Results, A&M Manure, Brewers Need Media Lessons, Sarah's Big Day

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Happy B-Day Sarah, NKOTB, Rought Time In Italy, Canadian, Sportlandia, Spanish Coffee, Big Ass Sandwhich, KENNY-B, Elvis Post-Coital, Hookers, How Much, Ball Cupper, Presents, Ball Talk, Predictions, I Just Blue Myself, World Of Crazy, Snakes In Vaginas

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GUEST: ANTHONY JESELNIK, All My Ladies, Geek In The City, Elvis Picture, Poem Time, Not Fat Just Smart, Ball Talk, 911, Hank Jr., World Of Crazy, Ashton, McNutt, Boning

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GUESTS: TRES SHANNON from VOODOO DOUGHNUT, PORTLAND ELVIS, JEN LANE, JED AKER, Offbeat, Thanks, The DMV, Crackhead Schizophrenic, Occupy Portland, Direction, Insanity Occurs, Elvis Birthday, Hooker, Hot Tubs, Mayhem

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Flip You, Random Quotes, Kitchen Cleansing, Mold Lungs, Old Finds, Free Lapdance, Noises In The Night, Dog Problems, Kielen Call, Ball Talk, Superdome, Tasing Tractor, Hank Williams Jr., Skateboarding, Booty Lounge, World Of Crazy, Amanda Knox Denied

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Master Vs. King, Sharky Poster, AARON DURAN, Arrested Development, Dexter, Your List, Mark Curry Rocks, Knox Trial, Ball Talk, Mom Ruins Career On Facebook, Cincinnati Fan, Yankees Beer Vendor, Madonna, World Of Crazy, Masturbating In McDonalds, Boob Knife, Model Cannibal, Eyeballs, Birthdays

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Upstairs,, Hauntings, Sharky's Back, Repairs, KENNY B, Sharky Buddies, Kenny's Guest Juan, Learning Bad English, Learning Bad Spanish, Greg's Predictions, Sharky Is Back Damn It.

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