Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Smelly, Lincoln City, Death Trap Car, Hitting Deer, Room Of Ladies, Woodstock, Yellers, Bus People, KENNY B, Costa Rica, Pregnancy Rumors, JAY PHOTOGRAPHER, Courage Photos, Ball Talk, Blazers New Orleans, LeBron Entitled, Supercross Cops, Longoria AK-47, Purdue Scolding, VCU Shaka, Romancing The Spammer Album

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Building A Mystery, The Coast, Crazy Guy, Pirate Jim, Secret Doorway, 101, Hiring, Ball Talk, Spurs Head Games, Ochocinco, Cam Newton Negatives, UMiami Player, VCU Bet, Audible, World Of Crazy, Facebook Depression, Mom Axe, Do It Yourself Tattoos, Mashed Potato Crotch

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Oozing, Friday Awesome, 24 Hour Massages, Definition Of Terms, AARON DURAN, GEEK IN THE CITY, Greg Out Of Context, MSOG, Special Gifts, Skull Bottle, Reaper, Tequilas, Ball Talk, Blazers Rulish, Secrets Of The Sixteenth Hole, Jose Switch, Final Four, AUDIBLE, Is Kenny B Pregnant

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Friday, Creepy Dude, Roller Derby Chicks, Sportlandia, Mood Music, Ball Talk, Blazers Spurs, Ochocinco Sporting, Tiger Woods Ladyfriend, Tournament Update, ROMANCING THE SPAMMER ALBUM, World Of Crazy, Kebab, Hot Dogs, Jars Of Feces, Pornstar School Worker, AUDIBLE

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Bless You, Argumentative, KUFO Gathering, Reunions, Soundtrack, Harmonica Man, Bus Announcer Guy, Friday Song, Kids, Boyz II Men, High School Dance Awkwardness, Boner Tease, Uncomfortable Dances, Exchange Girls, HR BLOCK, Snowball Dance, Ball Talk, LA Donations, Dushku, Compost, Marquette Song, Faeces, World Of Crazy, Hitman, Throwing Poop, Sexy Older Lady,

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Bad Teeth, Hilarity, Commercials, Methhead Party, KUFO Meeting, Biggest Loser Guys, Blazers, HR BLOCK, MICHAEL TIMBERS HISTORY, Ball Talk, Blazers Rule, Shaq Cop, MLS Tax Hike, Qatar Cloud, Jimmer Song, Ur Rawk Video Is Up

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Take Me Home Tonight, Mafia Stuff, Gavin Dog, How Much, Dollar Store Present, Doris, Ball Talk, Blazers Wizards, Duncan Out, Hockey Hit, McDonald Marathon, GREEN EARTH HOUSE CLEANING, Bonnie, C List Actor Rapper, Producer Credit, Stripping For Jesus, Funemployment Radio Is Hiring

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Top It Off, Sportlandia, Awkward Interviews, Yelling People, Courage Reunion, So Much Fun, No Boobs, Bizarre Dreams, AARON DURAN, Forgot, Practical Magic, Ball Talk, Blazers Up And Down, Ichiro Rules, Lincecum Food, Vasectomy Day, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Sheen Is Winning, Taco Bell Psycho, Little Bastards, Baby GaGa

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Very Excited, Courage Plan B Show, Voice Work, Rose Garden Pub Crawl, Insane, Kenny B Letter From Costa Rica, Ball Talk, Big Win, Crybaby, Royals, NFL Strike, HR BLOCK, Ice Cream Drugs, Chew Toy, Facebook Bigamy, Playing Vampire, Mullets In Love

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GUEST: JOHN MULANEY, Laughing, Shows, St Patrick's Day, Janga, Tech Fun, Bloody Noses, JOHN MULANEY, Helium Comedy, Ball Talk, Nowitzki, Arenas Money, Adrien, Sporting, Tournament, HR BLOCK, World Of Crazy, Condom Milk, Burning Hotel, Hairy Dolls, COURAGE MARCH 19TH AT PLAN B

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Man And Pizza, Tech Difficulties, Drunkeness Ensues, Butthole Monologues, Crazy Bitch Chester Huntington, HR BLOCK, Courage Samples Live In Studio

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Crazy Radio News, KUFO, Industry Stuff, Heritage, Beck, Ballroom Dancing, Ball Talk, Ref Sues Reporter, NFL Lockout, Def Jef, HR BLOCK, World Of Crazy, Sex Book, Gilbert, Smell Like Latex, Sniff My Knickers, Boy Urine

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Tech Issues, Blazers Media Day, Rudy LaMarcus, Silent Jason, HR BLOCK, Gavin aka Billy Bob Courage, Bus Stories, Ball Talk, Blazers, WNBA, Washington Law, Bob Knight Falls Asleep, March Madness, Swinger Etiquette

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Japan, Honesty, How To Seg, Etiquette At The Club, Greatest Craigs List Ad Ever, Computer Lover, Ball Talk, Press Release Out, Blazers Bobcats, Wallace, Rose, Tournament Of Champions, Homeless Champions, HR BLOCK, World Of Crazy, Sheen Show, Urine Bags

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Gaga Girl, 82nd Avenue, Gen-X Shopping, Sportlandia Tomorrow, Listener Emails, Falls City Folks, Soaking Attempt, Rick Emerson Talks Mormons, NCMO Sessions, New York, Ball Talk, 2011 TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS, HR BLOCK, Turbo-GPS, Meatloaf Quiz For Sarah, COURAGE AT PLAN B MARCH 19TH

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Bus, Trash Talking In Other Languages, Blazers Miami, Sportlandia Fans, Weird Text, Hershey, Poolside Snack Bar, Evan, Friends, Houseboy, Sarah Dream, Rick Foot Doctor, Greg Spaceship, HR BLOCK, Ball Talk, Cryers, Love, Stanford Cheaters, Professor, Magic, Sorrority Tests, Kielen, Space Pilots, Gregs New Black Roomate, Sheen Audio,

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Falls City, Hill People, Hillbillies, Wonderful Whites, Mountain Mama, Dirty Shelves, Jewell Poetry, Vanilla Ice Is Slick, Ball Talk, Blazers Orlando, K Love, LeBron Sued, Sheen Cuban, BYU Scandal, Bobby Knight, Chickensh*t, AUDIBLE, Interim Intern, Charlie Sheen

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Cut Eye And Bruised Arm, Wrestling, Fun Weekend, Blazers Practice, Wedding Dress Shopping, Scooter Back, Courage Ready, AARON DURAN From GEEK IN THE CITY, Kenny TV, Costa Rica Plot, Something Fun, 80s Cartoons, JEN LANE OF BARFLY FAME, New Orleans Rules, Ball Talk, Blazers Magic, Maimi Whiners, Jets Lawyer, Don King Tacos, World Of Crazy, Sheen Cutting, Warlocks, Cindy Lauper Rules, Baby Bump, Jen Lane Bar Fly Bus, GREATEST THING EVER

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What Happened, MICHAEL IAN BLACK interview, Kenny Is Out, Crazy Day, Ball Talk, Blazers, Albany Hockey Weed

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Clean Pipes, Missing Ride, Enrique, Tonight I'm Fing You, Parking Ticket, Problem Solving, Ball Talk, Blazers Win, NFL CBA, Lingeries, College Crimes, Old Men Beating Up Punks, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Butts Butts Butts, Filthy Shows, Farmer Issue, ROMANCING THE SPAMMER

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Local Dealer, PDX, Drug Dealers Like Greg, Water Aerobics, Old Pimp, Coffee, Kenny B, Conondrum, Payoff, Ball Talk, Blazers Ouch, Palmer, Congrats OSU, BYU, British, Aussie, Sad Good News, Cascadia, Sarah Is Mad At Greg, World Of Crazy WINNING, Co-Worker Letter, COURAGE!!!

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Exercise, Club Excursion, Bathroom Surprise, Stereotypes, Pimp, Charlie Sheen Is Amazing, Ultimate Warrior Vs Charlie Sheen, Ball Talk, New Blazer Player, Bibby Possible, Clippers Month, Soccer Owl, Seattle Miserable Sports, ROMANCING THE SPAMMER, World Of Crazy, Xtina Arrested, Sticky Boy, Saggy Bottoms

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Rain Rain Rain, Great Weekend, Sportlandia 2, Dancers, Vancouver, Dublin Down, Zombie Economics By Rick Emerson Commercial Shoot, Aaron Happy Birthday, Geek In The, Ball Talk, Blazers Wallace, Kobe Whine, Sacramento, Pistons Uprising, Rain Man Condoms, Naked Rower, Strip Clubs, ROMANCING THE SPAMMER Album, World Of Crazy, Boob Talk, Ice Cream, Wolf Girl

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