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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

A realization has come over Greg that he may in fact have gone...too far in the past with his pranks and is now SUPER self-conscious about it. Yet will not stop talking about them and making shocking confessions. SHOCKING! Yikes. In Ball Talk, predictions are made and we talk about our event on April 14th!

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Episode 1980 corresponds with the year of birth for one Sarah X Dylan. As such, she has demanded that Greg read her 'manifesto' of sorts, exclaiming her incredibly well adjusted life and accomplishments. It's.....hard for Greg to do. Also, in World of Crazy: New Best Friend Fight, Lying Liar. Ball Talk: MLB World Series Prediction.

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A strange encounter outside of Greg's house feeds his paranoia over the last few days, regarding the crows in his neighborhood. Are they watching him? Also, what would you do with a group of crows at your command? In World of Crazy: Peeps Beer, Donut Shoes, Helicopter, 4 Wheel Beer, Aware Squirrels.

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Sarah returns while in the middle of her current run of 'sickness'. She is asking Greg to do her dishes, which pushes the boundary of what one may ask someone to do, when they are sick. How far is too far? In World of Crazy: Not My Pants, Tree Marriage, Fries, Easter Bunny. In Ball Talk: Sister Jean vs. Grandma Mary. Special episode in the FER Supporters Club Archive, too!

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Our show has finally caught up to Greg, in that our episodes now number his birth year! That's a lot of episodes....and a lot of years. Sarah does her best to make him feel it, as we also discuss his increasing issue with drinking (juice). In WOC: Mr. Rogers Stamp, Leg Love, Jesus Steals Pizza, Stolen 96K. Ball Talk: TOC and Crying Fans. Don't forget the NEXT ADVENTURE Spring Warehouse Sale is this weekend!

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After all of this time, Sarah may finally be coming to the realization that her destiny of becoming a shut-in has arrived. The signs were all there, as Greg accurately points out. In World of Crazy: Clarissa Explains It All, Stolen Meat, Cheese Shampoo. Ball Talk: Tournament of Champions!

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An altercation on the drive to work, leaves Greg ready to make his case that it was clearly Car Number 3's fault. Also, he may actually know this person, which will make the finger incident all the more regrettable. In World of Crazy: Luck Yeah, Ketchup Slice, Cow Artist, Homer Simpson ID, Breakfast Sandwich. Huge thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE with their SPRING WAREHOUSE SALE!

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GUEST: Todd Armstrong. Greg is back after a day off and recovering from a paintball experience over the weekend. He was betrayed by a friend, harassed by 12 year-olds and may have a concussion...but it was awesome! Then Todd joins us to discuss his new show Jury Duty at Helium Comedy Club, what it's like being a new Dad and the Undertow Comedy Festival in Lincoln City!

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GUESTS: Steven Wilber and Jason Lamb. The recent gift of a sword to Greg may have gone to his head, as he now has an undeserved sense of entitlement. Also, Sarah wants to go to a Renfair and they need someone to take them. In WOC: Ethlete and Samurai Sword. We are then joined by Steven and Jason to talk about their new karaoke comedy event called Fake It Till You Make It! 

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An outing to compete in Paint Ball has Greg nervous about a winning strategy, confused about what he has to do and most of all....concerned about his "body" safety. In World of Crazy: Grandma Stinky, Beer and Chips Long Life, Hired Assassin. In Ball Talk: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS!

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The Street Yogurt incident of Winter '16 has come back into the fray, as Sarah's encounter with potential Street Water has Greg upset that she won't tell him where it is. A moral quandary is brought up, as to what to do. We also say goodbye to Stephen Hawking, an incredible mind. In World of Crazy: Pizza motivation, Pie Day, Tomato Can Attack, UFOs. Ball Talk: Tournament of Champions

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A small town Oregon tradition has Sarah aghast and Greg confused, since he's used to strange things. Racing Crabs is a past time and it's similar to a lot of strange festivals around the country. In World of Crazy: Chicken Nuggets, Drunk Bride, Forklift, Bacon Burger, Time Traveler. Ball Talk: Evan Turner, Tournament of Champions. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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Attempting to be a nice guy, may have backfired or Greg, upon dishing out a granola bar this morning to a woman talking to herself. We also recap our very interesting #tylerhenry experience at Chinook Winds. In World of Crazy: California Bill, Stolen Bras, Hamburger Mary's, Beaver Cheer. Ball Talk: Sherman, OSU Baseball, Tournament of Champions.

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Satan's School for Girls is the topic today, as Sarah recounts her latest obsession. Does it make sense? No. But it's highly entertaining. Also a new catchphrase is developed, that may be deleted forever. In World o Crazy: Instagram Doctor, Pancake Pants, Medical Meth, Drunk Amazon. In Ball Talk: The Tournament of Champions is open for business!

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Our friend has done the unthinkable and gifted Greg...a sword. It's changing his perspective on the world and we should all be afraid of hi accidentally cutting himself. Also we received tickets to a Psychic this weekend! Both Greg and Sarah are apprehensive, but excited about the show. Also, there is a need to form their own partnership to 'save' the people in line. In WOC: Laughing Alexa, Cake Dogs, Pizza Shoes. Ball Talk: Ichiro, Tournament of Champions.

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GUESTS: AUNTY DONNA. Sarah is entering her mid-years and is unabashedly a fan of matching track suits and powerwalking. This clearly means Greg needs to take charge, to find a way to profit. Then we are joined by Broden and Zachary from Aunty Donna. The Aussie comedy troupe is in Portland tonight and in a phone conversation with Greg, they tried to take him off course and break him with karate. In WOC: Alexa mocks us, Brewdog, Meddling Time Traveler.

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An employee of Greg's local grocery store seems to absolutely love everyone but him. Working through his options to change his mind, the actual truth is revealed. Also, did Sarah's favorite baristas quit because she was TOO friendly? In World of Crazy: 32 Year-old in Dorm, Cheesefest, Flippy Robot, Man Plane. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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It's a shameful day for Greg Nibler, as an inadvertent display of a loss of control, has left him reeling. How did he get to this point in his life? In World of Crazy: $1600 Uber Ride, KFC Gravy Blight, Twitter, Pretending To Be Asleep. Thanks so much and check out the FER Supporters Club!

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GUESTS: Jessa Reed & Aaron Woodall. The show begins with a discussion about how real life is now basically a Lifetime movie, or at least that's how Sarah views it. Plus, she may be planning to murder Greg and he's just uncovered it and most go on the run. Then Jessa and Aaron join us to talk about their awesome new show Mormon and The Meth-Head and all the other amazing things they do! They're hilarious and awesome.

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