Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Too Hot For Meth, Mind Boggled, Tutes, TIM RILEY NEWS, World Of Crazy, Big Dog Small Plane, NEXT ADVENTURE, BIKE GALLERY, Ball Talk, World Cup Country Song, SQUATCH WATCH, Science Facts, Allergies, Vapor

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GUEST: MIKE PHILLIPS, Greg Needs Makeup, 12 Year Old Shave, Tim Riley News, World Of Crazy, Gwar Bar, Vapor Food, Pink Parking, Scooter, Grandpa M, ASYLUM, D. LEONIDAS, MIKE, Neo Com, Fenbi, Bosnia, Red Cross, METRO PCS

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GUEST: TODD ARMSTRONG, Jake The Snake Roberts, Mr Snake Interview Practice, Tim Riley News, World Of Crazy, Boston Tickler, Snake Handler, NEXT ADVENTURE, TODD, Permanent Comedy, Scooters, Motorcycle Sidecars, Dope Magazine, Simone, Cinnamon, SQUARESPACE

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Losing To A 12-year-old, Sarah Compliment, RISK Ban, Roommate News, PDXEcoli Makes News, TIM RILEY, World Of Crazy, Hidden Cash, Crazy Yelly, Bremerton, Manzilian, Ball Talk, BIKE GALLERY, Scooter, Beards, METRO PCS

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E. Coli Is Gonna Get Ya, Sample Eater At Wedding, Tim Riley News, World Of Crazy, Suing Stripper, Substitute Teacher Therapy, F Cookies, NEXT ADVENTURE, Kayaking, Science Facts, What Is E. Coli

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Rent A Bed, Thank You FER Comedy Showcase, Don't Talk, Strange Guy, Haunted Room, TIM RILEY NEWS, World Of Crazy, Dolly Parton, Snake Massage, Psychic Boy, Ball Talk, Peyton Manning Arrest, Emrick Sounders, Heat Song, SQUARESPACE

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GUEST: KRISTINE LEVINE, Going Down, BIKE GALLERY CHALLENGE, Bad Shot, METRO PCS, Free Phone, Shame Games, Ball Talk, Johnny Cleveland, KRISTINE LEVINE, LEVINE LARGE, Famous In Welfare Line, Right On

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GUEST: BRI PRUETT, FER Comedy Showcase, Bike Gallery Bike Challenge Payoff, Metro PCS, Accidental Peeping, BRI PRUETT, Bri Is Awesome,, Tim Riley News, World Of Crazy, Florida With Trees, ATM Love, Houston Caught

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GUEST: TIM HAMMER, Congrats Oregon, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, San Francisco Sarah, Socks On A Plane, AARON DURAN, Awkward Bathroom, SQUARESPACE, TIM RILEY NEWS, TIM HAMMER, 4 Years Ago, One Liners, Tim Is Fantastic, Geek In The City

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GUEST: NARIKO OTT, On A Plane, Somewhere, NARIKO OTT, Words, Non-Sweaty, Getting Into Comedy, Shocking Admissions, KENNY B, The Other Story of Andy Dick, METRO PCS

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GUEST: AL MADRIGAL, Sunny San Diego, Airplane Rules Of Flying, AL MADRIGAL, Helium Comedy Club, Great Idea, Tim Riley News, World Of Crazy, Flatizza, Prom, Butts Make You Smart, METRO PCS, Mystery Pooper, SCIENCE FACTS, Feet, Bottom Smart

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Greg Is Mad At Christian Slater, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Waterskiing Villian,BIKE GALLERY, TIM RILEY NEWS, Ball Talk, Johnny Football Brown, Michael Sam Kiss, Cleveland Song, North Korea Travel App, WOC, Bonnie And Clyde Of Hip Hop, Santa Maria, Not Calamari, Toilet Snake, Houston

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GUESTS: ROB GLEESON, MERYL HATHAWAY, Bridgetown Recap, TIM RILEY NEWS, AARON DURAN, Emo Phillips, W. Kamau Bell, Horror Cons, RIOT, Rob and Meryl, FOX, SQUARESPACE, World Of Crazy, Dracula Castle, Human Feet, Bald Discount, STONE BROOKS

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GUESTS: W. KAMAU BELL, BARON VAUGHN, MYQ KAPLAN, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Craziness, New Negroes, Confused White People, SQUARESPACE, MYQ KAPLAN, What Do You Believe, KENNY B, Behind The Scenes Of Bridgetown, Happy Birthday Ace

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GUESTS: CARLY AQUILINO & ANDREW SCHULZ, The Lion Of Radio, NEW WEBSITE, Barkley, Blazers, Tony Parker French Rapper, World Of Crazy, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Houston Creeper, CARLY & ANDREW, Guy Code, Girl Code, Helium Comedy Club, Accents, Greg's Punchy Face, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Hat Guy, Awkward Bathroom Conversation, Evil-Sarah Heading To Work, Greg's List, BIKE GALLERY, Ball Talk, Blazers Spurs, Scandal Erupts,, World Of Crazy, Dentist Injection, Squatch Watch Squamish

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GUESTS: HARI KONDABOLU, ADAM PASI, Mother Tongue, Milk Pickup Line, Anti-Hot Summer, Mooney Park, Heart Will Go On, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY, HARI, New York, Waiting For 2042, NEXT ADVENTURE, ASYLUM, ADAM PASI, Emotional Man, Hilarious

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GUESTS: EMO PHILIPS, BARBARA HOLM, WHITNEY STREED, Middle Initial for Greg, Old Ladies Cutting, BARBARA & WHITNEY talk BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Secret Rivalry Nonexistent, Ball Talk Blazers, EMO PHILLIPS, Truly An Honor No Fibs, BIKE GALLERY

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GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, Slipper App, Specialized, Sarah On Her Feet, Ball Talk, Idiots, Kentucky Derby Facts and Back Stories, NATHAN BRANNON, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Baron Vaughns Show, Nathan Record Release, Portland Master, Nathan Is Awesome, SQUARESPACE

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GUESTS: SEAN JORDAN & KRISTINE LEVINE, Facebook Exclusions, Kenny B, Who Sent Google Alerts, Casual Peeping, SQUARESPACE, SEAN and KRISTINE, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Secret Cult, Peeping, Great Comedians, Kenny And The Juice, Peter In The Barn

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