Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Happy End Of 2011, Greg Phone, Negotiations, Drinking, KENNY B, Meat Arms, KIELEN KING, Lots Of Shenanigans, WE LOVE YOU ALL

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Long Drive, Rain, Sad News, LMN, Reason With Crazy People, Lover, Silk Stalkings, Baywatch Nights, Poppy, Proper Noises, Ungrateful Kids, Black iPhones Suck, Reverb, Octopi, My Tuggy, World Of Crazy, Sinead, Drug Counselor, Kindergarten Teacher, Fake Sword, Bad Food

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Back From Xmas, Kenny B Birthday, No Meat Arms, Holidays, Bremerton Adventures, Slanted Buildings, Naked Man Painting, Swill, UTFO Greatest Group Ever, Cougar Loose, Mountain Screamer, Spanx, Crazy Cat Lady, Keys, Sarah's Horror Story, The Gatekeeper, The Keymaster

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GUEST: WENDY LIEBMAN, Grinch, Free Bus Rides For All, Lunchable Debacle, Unfriended, Kenny B, Ebenezer Dylan, WENDY LIEBMAN, Tech Difficulties, XMAS Nerd Facts, Uncle, Shame Baby, Topless Coffee, Special Song

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Squatchez, Melrose Place, Poor Man's Guttenburg, White Xmas, Hat Posting, Bird Lady, The Wartz, World Of Crazy, Lesbian Vampire, Naked Rawring, Coke Changing Table, Terrible Story, Greg's Lounge Act, Applicants Need Apply

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Sarah Learns Something About Herself, Women's Bathrooms, Greg Angers Sarah, Food, Todds, Ball Talk, College Education, Coach Pays, Kim Jong Il Bowls 500, Romancing The Spammer Version 2, Is Greg Crazy?

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Back From Vegas, Searched, Metal Face, Metal Butt, Wanded, Hot Dogs, Great Flight, Annoying People, Dueling Banjo Stomach, Soliticing, Hooker Hair, Ball Talk, Bad Year For Kobe, Tebrew, SNL, Packers Practice, Nevada, French Candiens Hate English Speakers, Courtney Stodden Tweets

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GUEST: STEVE BYRNE, Sarah Is Going To Vegas, Own Agenda, How Much Booze, Flying, STEVE BYRNE, Gaping, Tours, Hockey, Playboy, USO, Audience Pooper, Strip Clubs, Ball Talk, Jamal Crawford, Evander Ray J, Tebowing, Bears Drugs, ECU Virtual Bowl, Top Ten Bowl Names

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Building Falling Down, Buttons, Checking Out, Vegas Dress, Muggings, Meatball, 5K, Those People, Beards, World Of Crazy, Silicon Injections, Light Saber Assault, Fraternity Survey, No Mr. Perfect, Angry Woman

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Stagnant Air, Scientist Greg, Sarah's Big Day, Batman Premiere, Subtitle Movies, Sarah Big Day, Ball Talk, Tebowing, 1-800-REALITY, Hoosier Hooters, Ukraine Prisons, South Park Quiz

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Woke Up By Attorney, My Name Isn't James, Old Timey Radio, Morning Shows, Jesus Christ Show, Country Eyes, Splinters, Airport Screenings, Vegas, Titanic Display, Ball Talk, Mr. Kardashian, Russian President, Tebow Mania, Cheating Saints, Memphis Messup, Jeter Gift Pack, Marathon Garbage Water

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Sarah Loves Arcade Fire, Crazy Weekend, Joey Greco, Confirmation, BAS Party, Skateboard Incident, AARON DURAN, Strip Clubs, Terrible Stories, Xmas Songs, Freeway, Kiefer

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Xmas In The NW, Sarah Traditions, Spray Tans, Portland's Snookie, Cougar, GUEST: MARK HENTY, aka Mark The Brit, UK Holidays, Worst UK Xmas Songs, What Makes A Knight, Boxing Day, Mark Speaks American, Return Of Romancing The Spammer

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GUEST: JON DORE, Press Buttons, BAS Party, John Lennon, Julian, Knocking On Wood, Reggae, Meat Arms, Hunting, Deep Posts, What Kind Of Bitch Is Sarah?, Ball Talk, Pujols, Lindsay Vonn, Un-Paralyzed, Poacher, Buffalo Teachers, Rick Perry, Drunken News, Sklars, Bridgetown, Pregnant Teens, Ottawa, Surgeries, NES, Jokes, Announcement

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In A Nutshell Computers Suck, Snow, SOA, Dog Paintings, Pwn Toney, GUEST: KIELEN KING, Two Grumpies, Little, MCW, Ball Talk, MMA Robbery, Mind Reading Bike, Tebow Cosby

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Surprise!, Confrontations, Bikes Vs. Cars, Stop Signs, Rules Of The Road, Card Games, Short People, Gentle, Music Facts, Flow Rider, Courtney Twitter, Slippery Sleighs, Merry Christmas

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Show Full Of Completely NSFW Material!  GUEST: AARON DURAN, Santacon Recap, Ball Talk, Predictions, NCAA, Ndamukong, Suh, World Of Crazy, Courtney, Rosie O'Donnel, Terrible Stories

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Number 2, Greg Music, Mommy Love, Grannies, Kenny, Drag Show, Burning, Kim, Kookster, Kenny B Balls, GUESTS: STEVE AND KENDRA, Santacon Vet, Bus Ride, Four Fucks, Bananas, Santacon vs. Anticon, Cacophony Society, Brides, Fakes, FB Updates, Ball Talk, Pac-12, Red Sox Fans, Wet Biscuit, Bulldog Hype, Wet Biscuit, Predictions, Twitter, Nerd Facts

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GUEST: RHYS DARBY of FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS, King Of The Hill People, Scrambled Egg Lips, Bigfoot, Squatch Horders, D. Baldwin Twitter, Blessings, Psychic Stripper, RHYS DARBY, Monty Python, Gorp the Idiot, Flight Of The Conchords, Murray, Yes Man, Sideboob, Skogg, Sharky Death

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Eggs And Eggeaters, Classy Winter, Glasses Club, Butters And Glasses, Gym Locker Rooms, Ball Talk, WSU, Tressel, Peeing Kicker, Roy Rant, Brady Hater, Kenny Powers, World Of Crazy, Burrito, Thanksgiving Dinner, Faking It, Squirrel In Pants, Hooker Daughter, Live Frog, Sarah's Ringtone

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Allergies, Sickly, Tutu Winter, Healthy Wise, Bolo, Jean Claude, Football Shaped Eyes, Big Announcement, Time Cop, Ball Talk, Lindsey Vonn, Smoking And Running, Suh, Elbow, WFAN Mixup, Rhys, Glasses In The Rain, English Call, World Of Crazy, Conrad Murray, OSU Xmas Thieves, Ornament Stabbing, Invisible Baby

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It's Cold, Bremerton, Sarah's Bremelo Adventures, Greg In SD, Special Screaming Child, Fly Unzipped, AARON DURAN, Coastal Adventures, Kicked Out, Ball Talk, Oregon, Predictions, Colts Kid, Plaxico, Browns Rant, Turkey Eating, World Of Crazy, Blessed Twins

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The Day After Yesterday, Sarah Hates Greg, So Early, Porn On Flights, Ball Talk, Busty Wife, Civil War, Predictions, Fined In Pigs, Happy Thanksgiving!

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500 Episodes!  You guys are awesome, GUEST: AARON DURAN, We Answer All Your Questions And More!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

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GUEST: SCOTT DALLY, Yay Tech Problems, Thanks TEG, Where To Find Juggalos, J Love, Thanksgivings, St. Paul Rodeo, Bathroom Etiquette, Muppets Review, Muppetists, Ball Talk, UO, Victoria's Secret, Lee Corso, 8 Pounds, Redskins, Burn Ticketstands, Sending Tweets Bitch

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Day 5, Making Sarah Mad, Smells Like Bacon, Turkey vs. Pig, Bus Ride, Concerts, Scott H. Biram, Joe Buck, Devil, No Handers, Urinal Etiquette, Kenny GF, Listening, Twilight Talk, Ball Talk, U of O Hand Sign, Kevin Kolb Cheats, NCAA Money, Porn Codes, Kenny B Nerd Facts, Deaths, Diatribes,

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GUEST: HARLAND WILLIAMS, Ten Minutes To Promote, Stiller, Curb, Canadians, Rick Moranis, Ghostbusters, Working Up Nerds, Peppin, Dressup, HARLAND WILLIAMS, In Rut, Bird Calls, Robin Hood, National Geographic, Easter Island, Amazing, Sports Announcer, Shuttlecock, Donuts, Rushmore, Book, Superstar, Wow, Geek In The City

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Beautiful Day, Gym, More Nudity, Innappropriate, Sarah Neighbors, GUEST: MARK THE BRIT, Tinkers, Online Poker, English Terms, Tallyho, Ball Talk, English Off, MW3, Beast Of Blackjack, London Rippers, Power Gobbler, Mark Speaks American

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Ignorant, Christwire, Friends, Chatbox, Karoake, Psychic Stripper, World Of Crazy, Kat Von D, 19 times, Ryan Air Porn, Smuggling Weed, Losing Weight, Naked Man In Nut Tree, Ball Talk, Peyton Gone, Tebow Jesus, Favre, Andrews IPAD, Plane Bathrooms Are Dirty

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WE'RE LIVE!!, Tech Fun, Boink, Better With the Lights Off, AARON DURAN, Boobs, Swashbucklers Ball, Slippery Heels, Wedding, Gift Bearing, Listeners Worldwide, Rick Kills, KENNY B, Linsay Lohan, Balltalk, Stanford Cry, Bills, Rampage, Listener Calls, KOTK days, Occupy PDX, Nerd Facts, Tanooki, TUGGY, Bumpers, Lady Stalkers, Ricketsfest Rules

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GUEST: AISHA TYLER, Better Than Ever, Holy Clutch, AISHA INTERVIEW, Beer, Donuts, Girl On Guy Podcast, Penn State, Late Drinking, Tall Bikes, Hippies, Test Babies, Zombies, Occupy, Apple Whore, C Word, Talk Soup, Friends, Fear, Wifi, Helium, BIG JIM, Black Rhino, Kenny B, After Mist, Oprah, Scrotums Biting Mad, MONDAY WE ARE LIVE!

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LIVE STREAM STARTS MONDAY, I'm A Big Kid, Greg Is Sick, Fever Dreams, Not Allowed In Apartment, Skull Monster, 9 Deviled Eggs, Rules Of Buffets, BALL TALK, Penn State, Sarah Presents Portland and Oregon Facts, GENIES ROCKS

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LIVE STREAM STARTS MONDAY, Xmas Starts Early, Flip, Rick Emerson Kills People, Scary, Aisha Tyler Guest Announcement, On Hold Music, Impressions, Creepy, Ball Talk, DNA Tests, Racist Caddie, Kicked Out For Profanity, Munn, Brett Ratner, Murphy

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LIVE STREAM MONDAY NOVEMBER 14TH, Secret Song Revealed, Greg's Shame, Loving To Hate, Adam Sandlers Giant Joke, Ball Talk, Awkward, Boring Game Of Century, Cool Kicker, TO Warrant, Woke Up Gay, Twitter Change, Lifetime Magic, Duggars, Thom's Clips

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LIVE STREAM STARTS IN ONE WEEK, Welcoming You To The Show, GUEST: AARON DURAN, 2-Year Anniversary, Jack The Ripper, Bible Study, Cults, Benefits Of Greg And Aaron's Cults, Who To Join, Snakes, Helicopters, Join Us One Week From Today

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2 YEARS, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Finally Happening, Big Changes, KENNY B, Sickness Spreader, GUESTS: DAN CLARK AND JAIME KIRK FROM PDXYAR.ORG, Pirates, Red Goat and Dingo, Rum, Sailor Jerry, Theater Troupe, Beards, Duties, Wenches, Swashbucklers Ball, Jeggings, 10 People, M/I, Cloves, Unibrow, Kenny B's Nerd Facts, English Terms

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Get It Together, Cancel Account, Lifetime Or Megadeth, Remembering Through The Years, Gummy, Cyber Bully Message, Sweet Valley High, Brittany Daniel, Ball Talk, Texan Tattoo, Nickelback, NIU Beat Up Band, Serena Panic Room, World Of Crazy, Lohan Photoshop, Bieber Lovechild, Snooki Best Seller

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Cyber Bully, Extra Star, Tacky, High School Stories, Juggalove, TAJ aka CJ, Ball Talk, Cards, Big Bet, Bad Handshake, Peyton Strep, Vitali, Packers Anthem, Audible,  Zombie Worms, Telepathic Love, Face Balls, Shapeshifting Donkey

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Oops, A Very Special Commentary, GUESTS LISA AND BRIAN WOOD, Big-Ass Sandwiches, Wolf Masks, A Twitter Game, Famous And Poor, ALL AROUND AWESOMENESS

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This Is Halloween, Favorite Holidays, AARON DURAN, The Party, Clowning People, Dressing Like A Dead Girl, Greg's Funemployment Radio Promo, Rules Of Haunted Houses

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No Cure, Making Sacrifices, Scary, Sportlandia, Fright Town Rules, Haunted Houses, Bus Fights, Kudos Sir, GUESTS: JON and RACHEL aka VAN COUPLE, Jon Meyer, Rachel Sharkeye, VAN LIFE, Meeting, This Vans Rocking, Making Movies, They Rock, KENNY B, Nerd Facts Alchohol, GENIES, GENIESDIVISION.COM

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode483.mp3
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GUEST: HANNIBAL BURESS, Hot Dogs, Quandry, Goth Chicks, Juggalo Life, Neighbor Bomb, HANNIBAL BURESS, Juggalo Festival, SNL, A Week In The Life, Lorne, Conceptually Adventurous, Ball Talk, TO, All ALone, Cliff Harris, Angry Coach Discussion

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode482.mp3
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O Tannenbaum, Multi-linguist, Kelsey, Portal 2, Video Games, Sharkey And Pinchy, Greatest Text Ever, Politely Ask, Wolf Hood, Rules Of Furries, Halloween Costumes, Juggalo vs. Robert Smith, Rules Of Jugging, Lette, Kelsey's Favorite Video Games, Slang

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Great News, Lindsay, Excitement In The Air, Auditions, Pantomime Mixing, Fake Wife, Lindsay Father, Crazy Hitting Himself, World Of Crazy, Ryanair, Duct Tape Window, Wedding Objecction, TSA Note, Remains Found In Freezing, 26 Boxes Of Condoms

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Hair Talk, Colorist, Khalisi, AARON DURAN, La Brujeria Release Party, Creepy, Shuktada, MIGUEL, Tamales, Being Unemployed, Bikes, Moving Stories From Aaron, Hand Carts, Ball Talk, Meat Loaf Theme, Pujols, Fantasy Money, Groin Kick, BGSU Song, BUY COSTUMES

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode479.mp3
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Kenny's Obsession, Hugs, Dan Hill Doppleganger, Sportlandia, No Hiccups, Cameron Diaz Rant Courtesy Of Sarah, KENNY B, Sexual Harassment, Balls, Sarcasm, Greg And Nate, Roomate Nate, Secret Fantasies, Ball Talk Predictions, Greg Sarah Bet, Nerd Facts Torture Devices

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode478.mp3
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GUEST: TOM GREEN, Woo Woo, Juggalos, Costumes, TOM GREEN, Portland Shows, Scotland, Afghanistan, Speaking French, Occupy Portland, STand-up, Dogs, Live Show, Tweeting, Facebook, Juggalos, ICP, Tila Tequila, Hecklers, Old Stuff, Clubs, Stand-up

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode477.mp3
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GENIES CAFE, Tuggy Night, Roller Bladers, Guest TUGGY, Guest BIG J FROM GENIES CAFE, GENIESDIVISION.COM, Cocktails Morning Til Evening, Mimosa, Story Of J, Coffee Drink, Tall Bikes Suck, Blinkers People, Cucumber Vodka, Intervention, Protection From Women, Apple Whiskey, Topics, Lindsay Lohan, Cocktail Extraordinaire, Shitshow

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode476.mp3
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Blood, Apple Slicer Torture, Talons, White People Problems, Ball Talk, Drunk Soccer, Beer Prices, Sikh In The City, PODCASTAWARDS.COM, Harold Camping End Of World, Gen-X Quiz

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode475.mp3
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I'm Not Crazy, You're Crazy, Is Sharkie Dead, Sarah Picks Up Garbage, GUEST: AARON DURAN, Preggo Food, Zombie Food, Geography Quiz, Ouija Board Session, Halloween Costumes, Explanation, Ball Talk, Angry Coaches, Harbaugh, Schwartz, Payton, Kelly, World Of Crazy, Cupcake Throwing, Mr. Grinch Underwear, Man Amputation, Cancer Perfume, Special Ed Students, Rubber Sidewalks, Scissor Penis, Aaron Duran La Brujeria Issue 2

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GUESTS: SKLAR BROTHERS, Free Drinks, Kings Of, Greg Breaks Up With Girlfriend, KENNY B, Muted, Clacker Toys, Reptile Guy, Turtles, Snakes In The Room, SKLAR BROTHERS, Ball Talk, NCAA Football Predictions, Long Talk, Matt Brauner Interview, Sarah Presents, LISTENERS RAWK!!!!

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Fat, Excercise Routine, Creeping Stare, Angry Ladies, Oppress, Ball Talk, Tiger Dog, Booty Bus, Chiefs Cornhole, Own Packers, Marathon Cheater, Rally Squirrel, Throwing Hot Dogs, Rules To Relationships

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode472.mp3
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GUESTS: CHRISTINE LEVINE and BIG JIM, Bus People, Lady Yellers, Harrassing People, Telemarketing Genius, Guests Christine and Big Jim, Van Sex, Pornstore Stories, Dead Bodies, Getting To Know Customers, Comedy, Christian Comedians

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode471.mp3
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GUEST: SCOTT DALLY, Sarah's Seattle Trip, Behind The Scenes, Drive To Seattle, Road Rage Incident, Honking, Rules Of Greg, SCOTT DALLY, Why Hasn't He Been On, Revisiting, Duran Duran, Twin Peaks, Carnivale, American Horror Story, Buy, Podcast Awards

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Allergies, Wheezy Kid, Pricks, Hit 4 Times, Occupy Portland, Worst Bar Bathroom Story Ever, So Much Blood, Ball Talk, Cleansing, Al Davis, Tiger Hot Dog, NCAA Prediction Results, A&M Manure, Brewers Need Media Lessons, Sarah's Big Day

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode469.mp3
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Happy B-Day Sarah, NKOTB, Rought Time In Italy, Canadian, Sportlandia, Spanish Coffee, Big Ass Sandwhich, KENNY-B, Elvis Post-Coital, Hookers, How Much, Ball Cupper, Presents, Ball Talk, Predictions, I Just Blue Myself, World Of Crazy, Snakes In Vaginas

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode468.mp3
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GUEST: ANTHONY JESELNIK, All My Ladies, Geek In The City, Elvis Picture, Poem Time, Not Fat Just Smart, Ball Talk, 911, Hank Jr., World Of Crazy, Ashton, McNutt, Boning

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode467.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:52am PDT

GUESTS: TRES SHANNON from VOODOO DOUGHNUT, PORTLAND ELVIS, JEN LANE, JED AKER, Offbeat, Thanks, The DMV, Crackhead Schizophrenic, Occupy Portland, Direction, Insanity Occurs, Elvis Birthday, Hooker, Hot Tubs, Mayhem

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode466.mp3
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Flip You, Random Quotes, Kitchen Cleansing, Mold Lungs, Old Finds, Free Lapdance, Noises In The Night, Dog Problems, Kielen Call, Ball Talk, Superdome, Tasing Tractor, Hank Williams Jr., Skateboarding, Booty Lounge, World Of Crazy, Amanda Knox Denied

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode465.mp3
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Master Vs. King, Sharky Poster, AARON DURAN, Arrested Development, Dexter, Your List, Mark Curry Rocks, Knox Trial, Ball Talk, Mom Ruins Career On Facebook, Cincinnati Fan, Yankees Beer Vendor, Madonna, World Of Crazy, Masturbating In McDonalds, Boob Knife, Model Cannibal, Eyeballs, Birthdays

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode464.mp3
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Upstairs,, Hauntings, Sharky's Back, Repairs, KENNY B, Sharky Buddies, Kenny's Guest Juan, Learning Bad English, Learning Bad Spanish, Greg's Predictions, Sharky Is Back Damn It.

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode463.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:05pm PDT

GUEST: MARK CURRY, Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, Surreal, Editing, Podcasts, Oops, Mr. Cooper, In Living Color, Whitney Houston, Topics

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode462.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:27pm PDT

GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, Issue, Body Problems, You Go Girl, Teachers, Arrowheads, NATHAN BRANNON, Book Of Nathan, Toilet Covers, Nathan's Bag, Men Are Dirty, OCD, Being A Comedian, Nathan Is Awesome

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode461.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:20pm PDT

Faster Than Light, Stars, Pluto, Nip Slip, Tot Mom, Crazy In Air, Police Scanner, Shark Toys, 31 Years Old, Costumes, BUY COSTUMES.COM, Ball Talk, Best Wishes Arvydas, Brooklyn, Wrigley Food, Mistaken Identity, Mountain Boy, Bartman, Jacoby

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode460.mp3
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So Bitter, Angry Ladies, GUEST: AARON DURAN, Alanis, Taylor, Greg's New Girlfriend, Wedding Stories, Gaga, Big Heads, Shirts Off Party, Handful, Spray Tan Fiasco, Pounds Of Foot Flesh, New Courtney

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode459.mp3
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GUESTS: KEVIN MCDONALD and SCOTT THOMPSON FROM KIDS IN THE HALL, Sans Sarah, What's FER, Schnitzel, Chinese Kid, Random, Naked Leather, Heat Stroke, Brain Candy, Rodney, Milton's Penis, SC TV, Money Python, Movie Usher, Nude Security Guard, Canadian Walk Of MFame, MF Fox's Mom, Booed, Liberals, Fuzzhead

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode458.mp3
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What Level, Customer Service, REM Pics, Wedding Planning, Creepy Guy In Corner, KITH, Ball Talk, PAC-12, Red Sox Papers, Japan Goalkeepers, Turkey, Bees, World Of Crazy, Courtney Reality, Facebook Makeover, Porn Dwarf, Lohan Mom, Birth Control, PETA Sucks

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode457.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:54am PDT

Uplifting Song, Sarah Is Stressed, Greg Ruins A Story, Tacos, Hairball, Birdshot, GUEST: SHANROCK, Cheezit Controversy, BIG GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THURSDAY, KITH Talk, Syncing Periods, Charlie Sheen Roast, Amy Schumer Comments, Freaks And Geeks Trivia

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode456.mp3
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Greatest Day Ever, Congrats, Dave Attell Is The Greatest, Going Onstage, Backstage, Hanging With Eric, Centralia, Wedding Pictures, KIELEN KING, Geek In The City Awards, Thanks Jeff, Thank Everyone, Lord Of The Races, Food Ban, Locker Rooms, Nutfest, Congrats Pants, Duran Duran

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode455.mp3
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Crazy,, Bowling, Cornhole Awards, Toothpaste, Naked Old Men, Natural Musk, Sarah Has Good Gym, Never Nude, Meth Head Neighbors, Non-Emergency, Ball Talk, Duck Lips, Football Addiction, Predictions, BooYaa Awards, Birthdays, KENNY B AMAZING INTERVIEW

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode454.mp3
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GUEST: DAVE ATTELL, Nervousness, Behind The Scenes, Arrival, DAVE ATTELL, PDX, Smoking, Porn and everything incredible.  Dave Attell Rocks!, Get Tickets At

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode453.mp3
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GUEST: AARON DURAN, Crazy In PDX, Wedding Driving Greg Crazy, Boo Yah Awards, Thanks Nick, Spice Girls, Ronald Reagan Knife, Ball Talk, Serena Williams, Taser, Sarah Palin And Rice

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode452.mp3
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Dirt And Glitter, Sarah Models, Tin Man Wife, TB Recap, Boobs, World Of Crazy, Larger Women Study, Gordon Ramsay Porn Dwarf Dead In Badger Layer, Raw Meat, Bremerton Nudes, Eel Penis, Ball Talk, Atlanta Comments, Chargers Kicker, Cam Newton, Hamburger Slicer, National Error

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode451.mp3
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Discombobulated, Kenny Is Nuts, Congrats Jason And Jolleen, The Dalles, Curb Moment, Tugs Moments, Stripper Soup, Kielen From Geek In The City, Boo Yaa Awards This Saturday, Special Appearances, Facebook Dating, Kielen Karaoke

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode450.mp3
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Hot, Sarah Is Normal, Portland Apologizes, Blackouts, Data, Kenny B, Christwire, Uncomfortable Story, Aids And Dogs, High School Reunions, Kenny Is Calm, Nerd Facts With Kenny B, Random Facts, Ball Talk, One Ball, NFL Prediction, Sharky Poem

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode449.mp3
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GUEST: DAVID KOECHNER, So So Cool, Good Job Kenny B, Drugged, DAVID KOECHNER INTERVIEW, Wrist Herpes, Dirty Sheets, PDX, Family Man, Nibler, Second City, Improv, SNL, British Fops, 5 Kids, Gay?, Transcendent Man, Anchorman, Head Case, Todd Packer, Extract

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Have You Seen This, Great Audience, Coffee, Middle School Surprise, 90s Songs, Worst Or No, Ball Talk, Texas A&M SEC, Manning Out, Western Mo Good Guys, Flutie Daughter, World Of Crazy, Butt Slasher, Vampire Cruise, Time To Get To Work, Pants Fell Down, Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs Sword

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Popcorn And Chocolate Milk, New Diet, Bacholerette Party, Lincoln City, Casino, OSU Game, Ouch, Water Skiing, Face Full Of Lake, Big Guest Announcement, Ball Talk, OSU UO Games, Peyton Out, Vancouver Throws Blame, SPONSORS, Happy Bday Dan

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GUEST: ROY WOOD JR., Cool Guy, Sharky Returns, The Poll, Comments, Death?, Harsh Talk, Michael Jackson Impersonator, Lady Gaga, ROY WOOD JR. INTERVIEW,, A Poem From Sharky

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Insanity Of A Different Level, Eccentric, Switched At Birth, Sign Language, Bachelorette Party, Happy BDay World Of Crazy, Punching Bear, Toe Cutting, World's Heaviest Mother, Road Panties, Fake Boobs For 4, Ball Talk, 4 Robberies, LSU, Oldest College Kicker, Broadcasting Failure

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Not Hot, Kim Videos, Number Ones, Sharky Must Die, Helium Comedy Club Finals, Doggleganger, Ball Talk, A&M, Vikings, Snake In A Helmet, Streaker, Olympics 3D, World Of Crazy, Hot Juror, Flip Flop Attack, Pruning Eye, Sea Foam, Sex With Rafts

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True Lame, Seaside Adventures, Crawling On All Fours, Douche Bouncer, Eating A Lot, Love Runners, Finny And Sharky, Eating Paste, Crayons, Mrs. Dylan, Bad Mushrooms, Courtney Twitter Reading

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Reply All Sucks, HOOD TO COAST RECAP, Amazing, Tuggy Birthday!, Presents, Heat Exhaustion

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GUEST: MARIA BAMFORD, Stressed And Or Crazy, Excited, Hill People Abound, Lessons In Hillspeak, Get Yer Tags Yet, GUEST MARIA BAMFORD, Portland People, DJ Stories, Glove Box Cookies, All Around Amazing Lady!, Kenny B's Nerd Facts, Running Injuries

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H2C, Kind Letters From Listeners, Hot Topic Music, Metal Running, Ball Talk, Players Are Human, Speeding Left Turn, Gaddaffi Son, World Of Crazy, Will Smith, Stolen Goat, Flesh Melting Coke, Drunk Priest, Drunk American, Sex Crazed Loser, Flasher, Destruction Of The Earth

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Sopping Wet, Aquatic Workout, Mad Old Ladies, Hood To Coast Soon, Leg Hurts, Free Coffee, Heather History, Libya Uprising, World Of Crazy, Will Smith And Jada, Cauliflower Penis, Ball Talk, Moth Ear

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So Close, Terrifying Hill People, AARON DURAN, River People, Scary Music Themes, Worst Gift Ever, Weekend Shenanigans, Ball Talk, 49ers Raiders Fight, Hulk May Be Gay, Boo-Yah Awards

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GUEST: REGGIE WATTS, Beer And Water, Shin Splings, Sportlandia At OMSI, Video Games Retro Memories, Man Horse, Zelda, Metroid, Codes, Psalty Singing Song Book, REGGIE WATTS, Special Water, Portland, Hype, Anglophile, Nerds And Porn, Conan O'Brien, Kenny B's Nerd Facts, Memories, Nick

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Sarah's New Workout, Coffee Test, Dreams, Polar Bears, WORST Bear Story Ever, Methhead Rampage, Ball Talk, Mildly Incorrect, Cliff Harris Smoked It All, Vick Sucks, Feces Issues, SPONSORS, World Of Crazy, Gerard Pee, The Judge, Brain Amoebas, Childrens Lingerie, A&F, 500 Year Old Vampire, Amputation

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Movie Mistake, Stupid Cat, Portlandia, Hood To Coast, Woods, AARON DURAN, The Town, Affleck, Blake Hot, Conan The Barbarian, Video Game Store, LAN Parties, World Of Warcraft, New Intro From Mike, Quizzing Aaron, Star Trek, Sex In The City

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Sweat Shorts, Shiny Shorts, Strip Clubs, DQ Chick, Broken Toes, Ringtone Assesment, Coffee, Moon Textures, Salute Your Shorts, Donkey Lips In Mexico, Moon Vs. Brain, Thome Run, Mike Tyson, Vomit, Field Of Dreams, Dr. Phil Vs. Dr. Funke, Fake Baby Lady

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No More Issues, Coffee Bubbles, Sarah Theories, Taste And Aroma, Adult Soap Box Derby, Volcanoes, Mimosa Fail, Grog, Hilarity Ensues, Ball Talk, SEC, A&M Stinky, 3 Home Run Catches, Fired Carpenter, Rival School, Skier Peer, AUDIBLE, Jimmy Jokes, World Of Crazy, Darcelle, Janie Lane, Dating Sight, Blowup Doll, Urine Therapy

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Tech Issues Are Fun, BOBBY LEE INTERVIEW, Arm Stroking, Shocking Admissions, All Around Hilarity, Soap Box Derby, Beer Koozies, THANKS

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GUEST: SEBASTIAN MANISCALCO, Feelin GREAT, Sarah Could Not Smell Better, Ladies Love Cool Tugs, Thank You Lewis, SEBASTIAN MANISCALCO, Food Carts, Vince Vaughn, Stand-up In Middle East, Hypocondriach, Glider Destruction, Ball Talk, 29 Hour Swim, Retiring At 27, Kicked Off Kid, Hope Solo Nude, World Of Crazy, Butt Slasher, Wal-Mart Penis, Poop Thrower

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International, Half Of A Head, Haircut Day, Airport Goodbye, Half Wine Day, Tuggy, Special Guest From Japan Revan, Japan Treats, Ball Candy, Dried Fish, Dungeon Master, Job Promotion, Special Guests From Norway Kevin And Ingran, Norwegian Whiskey

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Wardrobe Malfunction, Crazy In The Air, Barney Frank Incident, Weird Stuff On Camera, Thanks Jess From Utah, New Intro Contest Submissions, Ball Talk, JoePa, Star Wars Giant Night, Neon Deion Sanders, World Of Crazy, Pink Pistol, Nude Sunbathing, The Noid, Breastfeeding In Public

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, Mall Chicken, Secret Mall Society, Barter System, Lloyd, Zombie Slayer, Adult Summercamp, Camping, Tree Fort, Tombstone Quotes, Ball Talk, Real Madrid Kid, Deer Antlers, Gotham Knights, Epic Mall Transformer Fight

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GUEST: DOM IRRERA, Kenny Good, Rickets, Greg Heather Cornhole Off, Pedometer, Rob Zombie, Slayer, DOM IRRERA INTERVIEW, Crazy Cat Lady, Sarah Is Broken, Millenium Falcon, Intro Submissions, Kenny's Nerd Facts, Corrections

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Languages, Sarah Is Crazy, Lincoln City Strippers, Sarah Says Talk Show, New Intros From Markus And Jonathon, Ball Talk, A-Rod, Boxer Problem, Wrong Carlsbad, Bikini Basketball, World Of Crazy, Road Kill, Krista Stodden, Medieval Axe, Starbucks Outlets, Poop Man, Butt Slasher

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GUEST: RICK EMERSON, Creepier, Burgerville, Running Shake, Cornholing, Challenge, Intro Contest, Mark And Brian, Rick Emerson, Fatter, Disturbing Videos, Who Is Creepier Contest, ZOMBIE ECONOMICS, Disturbing Stories

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