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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: SHANE MAUSS. Kenny B was with us today (although now he prefers to be called Kenneth which isn't going to happen) and we talked about what he's been up to, human-eating cats and the shack man, and Comedian/Educator Shane Mauss joined us to talk about Bridgetown Comedy Festival (tickets/passes here!), his podcast Here We Are, and the insane/fascinating world of psychedelic drugs - it's a trip. Have a great weekend all, and Bridgetown kicks off next week! Don't forget that FER Bingo Night is May 11th!

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Greg has decided it may be time for a change in the government of Portland's Transportation Dept. and feels he may be the right person for the job! However, Sarah is coming in hot, disputing his bold idea of giving everyone Snitch Tickets. In World of Crazy: Lobster Beer; Spoon Swallow; Robot Fight. In Ball Talk: The Draft. The FER Bingo Night is May 11th with BridgePort Brewing and Milagro Tequila! Also Bridgetown Comedy Festival coverage gets started tomorrow!

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Despite science pointing the opposite direction, Sarah will explain just what the hell "Mercury in Retrograde" means to people that believe in it. Greg is not one of those people. In Ball Talk: Beast Mode; Lillard obsessed; Old Man Popovich; Drama. World of Crazy: Hot Convict; Bad Book Store; Bud Ice; GOTG II. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and don't forget to get your tickets to BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL!

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A travesty was averted this morning when Greg forgot his phone for a couple of hours. What if he had missed a call from Marvel, asking him to be in a new Avengers movie!? Also, Sarah comes up with the title to her upcoming Alum. Such a crisis. In World of Crazy: Gumbo Spice, No Ice Cream, Clear Jeans, Dirty Jeans. Ball Talk: Blazers, PGA Snitches, Clemson. Proud to be partnering with BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, get your tix! Also, we announce the next FER BINGO night!

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The neighborhood Greg lives in, seems to be inundated with strange people that knock on his door. Is it a ring of meth heads looking to rob him, or is he in fact the weird one that is drawing them in? In World of Crazy: Creepy Presents; Xylophone; Hash Brown Golf Balls; Pizza Fight. Ball Talk: LeBron; Lonzo Ball; Warriors are good. 

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Greg is super excited about the new Star Wars world and what kind of world would you create if you could, Sopranos and super bad New Jersey accents, Taco Pizza is a thing, too much malt liquor, accidentally sending an embarrassing link, setting your underpants on fire is no way to go through life, Come on Marlins, and more - have a great weekend all! Also thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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Does a slice of cheese pizza count as actual pizza, or is just the base from which pizza is built? Is it delicious, or a waste? That is the main question of the day, as Greg and Sarah debate Portland Pizza Week. Also, in World of Crazy: Cheese Fire; Kiss A Kia; Chuck E Cheese; Old Lady Underpants. Ball Talk: A.H.; Milwaukee Bucks 

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After acquiring a Bow and Arrow, Greg is expanding on his plans to be a "Neighborhood Superhero" to stop the crime around his house. It's probably not a good idea. We also discuss 13 Reasons Why (no spoilers) and why it's important for people to check it out. In World of Crazy: Clear Coffee; Chip Shortage; Ear Biting. In Ball Talk: Gordon Stayward; Anti-Clippers song. Don't forget to go to our website and click on the Amazon link for all of your shopping needs!

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GUESTS: PDX BROADSIDES (Jessica and Christian). Romance was in the air last weekend, as Sarah may have found the love of her life. We discuss the ins and outs of her torrid affair of the heart and Greg of course tries to see how he can benefit from it. Then we are joined by the PDX BROADSIDES! They have a Kickstarter out or their new album, Trust Issues and give us a NSFW demonstration song (even though the album is SFW)! In WOC: April The Giraffe; Video Game Marriage; New Botox. Ball Talk: Marathon; NBA Playoffs; Toronto Maple Leafs. Thanks to WORTHY BREWING for being the great sponsors of our Green Room!

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It's a day or remembrance for Sarah, as she embraces her inner "Rose" to dish out Titanic knowledge. How many times DID she see it in High School? Also, who knew there were so many conspiracy theories about it! We also cover Greg's dream of elephants and Samuel L. Jackson. In Ball Talk: Eli Manning trouble; Marshawn to Oakland; A Beer 1/2 Marathon; NBA prediction and a special Canadian Tribute. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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Sarah had a dream and it involved flashbacks of her days in radio. Stunts were a huge part of it, but nothing will ever top the cheesiness and stinkiness of Survive It and Drive It! In World of Crazy: Florida with Trees; Cheeseburger 8 year-old; Worst idea for a TV Show ever; Furry Convention. Ball Talk: SisQo speaks up. Big thank you to WORTHY BREWING!

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GUEST: AUGGIE SMITH. Greg has decided he needs to be more of a part of the neighborhood, but it's quite sure how to go about it. After uncovering an illegal Raw Milk ring, he's got to make the choice of whether to become a rat. Our friend Auggie Smith is in town, with his show at Curious Comedy Tonight! In World of Crazy: German Spill; Fake Massage; Anger Room. Big thanks to our friends at WORTHY BREWING, as well!

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There is a tale to be told about what happened to Sarah's nose, but the truth may not be the right one. Greg helps her workshop her story and how to come across as cooler than she might actually be. In World of Crazy: Peeps, Sky Pool, Scorpion Salad; Florida With Trees; Hit Your Own Button. Ball Talk: Marshawn; NHL Hockey Yoga; Prediction.

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GUEST: DAN WEBER. Sarah is on the verge of making a shocking decision regarding a new pet decision. Perhaps calling her cat lady was incorrect? We are also joined by Dan Weber! Dan's show, Reading The Bible With Dan is April 11th at Helium Comedy Club, where they'll tackle The Last Supper. He also shares a horrifying chicken story. In Ball Talk: Evan Turner hates White Condiments; Oregon State is good at baseball; 

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The great Wind Storm of 2017 is upon us in Portland (Windageddon? Blowpocalypse?) and the time has come to plan how we will take over our building in the event of an emergency! In World of Crazy: Beer Day; Disney Choke; Polar Bear Cleaning; Talking Dog. Ball Talk: Dog on Field; Women's Hockey; Lavar Ball; Tim Tebow; Munn Rodgers/

Big thanks to our awesome sponsor's NEXT ADVENTURE and WORTHY BREWING!

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In what he believes to be a Hollywood lock, Greg has come up with a concept for a new cinematic universe, full of origin stories, different characters and a new twist on the Holidays. In World of Crazy: Taco Squirrel; Wolverine; Trash; Abducted by Aliens. Ball Talk: Richard Sherman; Dustin Johnson; Jeopardy Question.

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There is a potential haunting in the Studio Building and Sarah is convinced that she knows what's going on. After visiting the Conspiracy Theory room at Labyrinth Escape Rooms yesterday with Geek in the City, we give a rundown on some very bizarre conspiracy theories online. #ThanksObama In WOC: Arizona Mystery Hole; California Mermaid; Stolen Summer Sausage. Birthday Rules.

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There is a new threat to your daily life, if you are a rice eater and Greg is here to clarify the horror that he found out! Also, he reads some ridiculous things before going to bed. Sarah has forgotten her phone and there is a strange guy that keeps approaching Greg's house to continue with the paranoia. In World of Crazy: April the Giraffe;; Taco Fight; Ranch Restaurant. Ball Talk; Tournament Of Champions Recap; Congrats Dwayne; Romo

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GUEST: TIM LEDWITH. The glorious land known as Felony Flats is alive and well in Portland, as Greg and Sarah had a particular encounter over the weekend. There is also some reminiscing of the former Methhead Neighbors. We are then joined by TIM LEDWITDH. Tim has an opportunity to guest on a very popular Judge's TV show and also has a comedy showcase coming up at HELIUM called LOOSE CANNONS! In Ball Talk: Nurkic, TOC Scandal, MLB Prediction. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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